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Tom and katie part 2

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Katie and Tom (my old boyfriend from high school and his new wife) had moved back to town and while the boys Her Tom and my Patrick) were off playing golf for a few days Katie and I spent some time together which ended up with us have a Bi sexual encounter (The first time for me to give pleasure to another woman) She sort of seduced me but I liked what happened so?Let?s just say I was passively pleased by the whole experience. Getting out of her bed upon completion of out tryst is where we pick up the story. ?Let?s get another glass of wine and get back into the hot tub? she said as we were still breathing heavily after having given each other a rather fine version of 69.

I accepted and so we were sipping wine in the hot tub at her house when she said ?Wait till we tell the guys what we did?. ?NO!? I shouted, we could not let my husband (Patrick) know about this. But Katie told me that she wasn?t about to keep it from her Tom and he would tell Patrick sooner or later. I protested that he couldn?t do that under any circumstances. Katie smiled and told me that if she wanted something she usually could bribe Tom with a blow job while he watched a porno movie sitting in his favorite chair. But when I asked if she would do this for me she smiled again and said ?I?m not the one going to give him the blow job, you are?.

We had had enough to drink that I joined in on the laugh and we joked about it for a few minutes then got down to relaxing till we couldn?t feel our toes. We sat and talked till the second bottle of wine was gone and then Katie took my hand leading me up to the bedroom again where I was invited to cuddle up with her and call it a night. My Gosh it was 11:30 PM already. Next morning I found myself alone in bed Katie was brushing her teeth in the adjoining master bath. ?Here?s and extra toothbrush? she said between strokes so we stood there side by side naked in front of the mirror brushing our teeth. I noticed her looking me over, we both had like figures but my breasts were a little larger than hers. I then found myself checking her out too. We both rinsed and dried off out mouths when she spun me around toward her and placing her hand behind my neck pulled me into a long wet soft kiss. ?Last night was wonderful, thank you? she whispered. ?Yes, yes it was? I replied.

Katie hopped back onto the bed and patted the mattress for me to join her. I sat on the edge twisting half around to fall onto an elbow but left one leg dr*ped off the side. ?Come closer? she beckoned. So I spun around and moved closer. She began moving my hair away from my face, slid over closer to me and kissed me again. As our lips softly parted I whispered ?This is not like me to be with a woman, but it?s very, and I do mean very nice?. She told me she was glad to have me for a friend and lover.

We spent the day dancing around the subject of bi-sexuality, sex toys, masturbation, threesomes and swinging. Most of the time she was telling me about how the lifestyle had impacted her feelings, her sexual awareness, the multi-layered enrichments it gave to the relationship she and Tom had together as a couple. I often wondered if Patrick and I would feel the same way and wouldn?t it be great if it did. But I was fearful that Patrick might not understand and how would I tell him that we should look into wife swapping.

Saturday night I spent back at my house thinking about all that had happened. What was I to do? I called Katie and told her I needed more time to think about telling Patrick anything when she reminded me of how I could keep Tom silent. When I said that I thought she was just joking she assured me that she wasn?t joking and further directed me to be at her house Monday night right after work for when Tom would get home. What had I gotten myself into? I had sex with a woman while my husband was out of town and now I was expected to give her husband a blow job to keep him from talking about it. I couldn?t find another way out and I didn?t have guts to face Patrick with all this yet so I told her I?d be there for when Tom got home.

Katie was all giggles and laughing at my nervousness while we waited for Tom?s car to pull in the driveway. She gave me a glass of wine and kept telling me to relax, that everything was going to be fine. Just as I got settled down and determined to go through with it. We heard the car door slam in the driveway. In walked Tom, getting a peck kiss as he came through the doorway passing Katie then across the kitchen over to me for a little ?Hello Hug? and a peck of a kiss on the cheek, ?What a nice surprise, two women waiting for me? he said. ?Honey, this gets better? Katie spoke up, ?We need a favor from you, well that is Di needs a favor from you?.

Katie relayed the events of the weekend as if it were a matter of fact that all was fine for us to have had sex while he was out of town. I was still surprised with how well Tom understood and accepted that it was a natural thing for Katie and I to have a sexual relationship. ?So what?s the favor?? Tom asked. Katie explained that I didn?t want Patrick to know anything just yet and that his silence was key to keeping the secret from Patrick. She went on the remind him that when she wanted something that the usual price was a BJ in the big chair in the den. Tom laughed and said that would be fine with him adding ?You got a deal!? Then Katie told him ?I?m not the one wanting you to keep the secret, Honey, Di is, and she?s offering the BJ? ?OOOOHH I seeeeee!? said Tom as he took my hand leading me to the den.

He stood with his back to the chair, told Katie to get the Entertainment Center ready and kissed me to get the mood set. Katie was busy with the TV equipment behind me as Tom unbuttoned my blouse removed it followed by my bra. Katie pulled the dr*pes closed and set the lights in the room with the dimmer. I looked at the TV and there was a homemade porno flick of a white girl with a black, well hung male. The woman had just stopped sucking his cock and they were repositioning to have intercourse when Katie said ?Recognize anyone?? I looked closer, it was Katie. I watched the movie for a short time but Tom told me it was time to get started.

Tom kicked off his shoes, pulled his pants down and off followed by his underwear and sat in the chair. Katie brought a couple of throw pillows over to drop at Tom?s feet and I was directed to kneel before him. Tom?s cock was about two inches bigger than I remembered in high school. We dated and had some back seat playtime in the old days. I spread my elbows wide atop his thighs gripping the base of his shaft in one hand and stroking his balls with the fingers of the other hand and in my mouth he went. I sucked on him moving my mouth up and down on his cock, then kiss the sides all the way down to his balls where I?d nibble his sack then up the other side of that beautiful cock stopping to licking the tender area just under the head and then drop my mouth down over it again and again.

I looked up at Tom?s face from time to time sometimes he was smiling back at me other times his head was laid back and he was moaning. I could hear Katie cheering me on with what to do and how Tom liked this and that in order to get him off. I did everything I heard and threw in a little extra tongue action whenever he started to moan. He exploded into my mouth. I continued with my action but slowed down slightly as his pulsations subsided then sucked one big last one followed by a load pop when I pulled my mouth off the end of his cock.

?I believe that?s one blow job? I said all proud of myself. ?And we have a deal right?? Tom assured me that he would stand silent about Katie and I having sex. I then turned to Katie as I was standing up to find her giggling again with a digital camera in her hand. ?What are you up to?? I blurted out. Katie told me they liked to keep little mementoes of encounters. ?Don?t worry it?s just for us and our best friends to share? I protested that no one could ever see that movie. Then Katie said ?Well I guess you have another favor to ask?? I asked ?What do you mean?? She went on to explain that I gave a BJ to Tom for his silence and she hade a price for keeping the movie private saying ?I want Patrick all to myself or I want the two of you to swing with Tom and I, all night, this Saturday night?

I wondered if there was ever any end to this; on one hand I didn?t know how to break the news of my bi-sexual encounter with Katie; on the other I wanted to experience swinging with Patrick but I didn?t know how he?d feel about it; another voice told me to just let Katie have Patrick and maybe it would be done with; WHAT AM I TO DO?

Katie felt my dilemma adding, that she and Tom could get Patrick to go along with swinging with them if I would. ?How? I asked. ?We have our ways? she replied. I put my bra and blouse back on as Katie and I sat at the counter in the kitchen. She explained what I was to do when I got home and how we would set up for the evening of Patrick?s seduction. I was to ask questions about how he felt about bi-sexual women and was he intimidated by women having casual sex with each other, recreational sex and how it compared to making love, had he ever had thought about other men having sex with me, did he ever think about having sex with other women. She then gave me the answers that she thought might come back from Patrick.

I went home to find Patrick and get the questions started and I figured what better time than just after a roll in the hay so that night Patrick got very very lucky. Much to my surprise most of his honesty in answering the questions was exactly as Katie had predicted. He wasn?t intimidated by women with women in fact he thought it was a huge ?turn on?; he related that recreational sex was getting some for paying for the movie and making love is what you do with your wife; he had thoughts about other women and what they might be like in the sack; but the biggest surprise was that he had thought of me with other men, that the very thought of it was a ?turn on? and had even thought about mentioning it but thought I was a little to prudish to consider a threesome or foursome.

Next morning the phone lines were a buzzin? between my house and Katie?s. Katie told me that the next step was to mention to Patrick the she and Tom invited us over for Saturday night but when we were alone this past weekend, she had mentioned that they were into swinging. Then I was to ask Patrick how he felt about that.

Every night that week the subject came up again. What if they want to swing, what would we do or not do, How did we feel about it, How would we deal with it afterward if we had sex with another couple????? We agreed that we wouldn?t start anything but if they did we would go along with it. We each would have an enjoyable sexual experience with the partner and what pleased both parties. We wanted to have everything happen in the same room in full view of each other. We would come home together no matter what. We would not let it have a negative effect on our relationship.

Saturday night came around. I walked out to find Patrick watching TV and drinking a beer in the den. I was in a pair of black panties and high heels only holding my sexy black dress on a hanger. ?Is this alright?? I asked from the hall way. ?That looks hot Honey? he replied. So I took it of the hanger and put it on straightening it saying ?I?m ready lets go? I knew his mind was racing about the fact that I didn?t wear a bra, my cleavage was a little overexposed and I only had on a slinky dress, a pair of high heels and a pair of panties. ?Planning on giving tom and heart attack?? he quipped. I winked and said ?Maybe?

Part 3 finds us at the front door at Tom & Katie?s. Won?t you follow along?

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