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Tom and Katie are back in town Part One

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The ex-boyfriend Tom and his new wife Katie moved back to out home town a few months earlier and we started seeing each other as couples soon thereafter. Katie and I didn?t hit it off right away since I knew her husband in high school and we had dated way back then. She was always a little cold toward me. The guys (her Tom and my Patrick) were best of buddies right out of the gate, playing golf and going to the local watering hole together. I didn?t seem to get her trust till one weekend when the men took off for a golf outing from Friday till Sunday.

We had planned to get together Friday after work, she was trying to be nice and I was determined to get that chip off her shoulder, especially since our guys were such good friends and we would be seeing one another on a regular basis. She was just going to have to get over the fact that I did it a hundred years ago with her husband. That was then and this is now.

We met for a happy hour beverage at a place named for TGIF. You know the place. Oddly enough we both ordered chilled white wine. Right away I laid it out about how I felt and she came back with the fact that she thought I was the one being stand-offish?a moment later we were laughing. Just how dumb could we both have been, making it all up in our minds instead of getting it off our chests. It seems she didn?t think anything about her husband and I from high school, but that she thought I was doing it with him on the side lately. I assured her that he was in good shape and looking hot but that I had not done anything with him since high school.

Katie explained that she and her hubby had a good relationship but when she asked him about me that he would clam up. But I about dropped my teeth when she added, ?That?s just not like him. If he wanted to have sex with you, all he had to do was ask?. I caught my breath and came back with ?You mean it would be alright for your husband and I to have sex? ?You?d be okay with that?? Is that what you?re telling me??. ?My dear we have an open marriage? she said.

I was floored; I didn?t know what to say; then a flash of having Tom naked in my arms again came over me. I shook it off as best I could, took a big gulp of wine and asked for her to go on. She told me of them swapping wives, having threesomes with other women, threesomes with other men and even taking pictures of each other with others while having sex. I was shocked to say the least but I now think that that we her intention at the time she told me. Since I didn?t run for the door she kept on explaining that she and Tom had talked about approaching Patrick and I to join them in the open lifestyle. She went on about what it was like and what it felt like and how it had an effect on their relationship in a positive way. Meanwhile I was thinking that Patrick might not go for this idea, especially me and another man getting it on.

Next think we knew the appetizers were gone and happy hour was about to end so we retired to her house. Once there she popped the cork on a bottle of chilled white wine and we got into some more intimate details of open relationships and swinging. I was all ears and getting hotter as the conversation got racier. Katie stood up went to the fridge pulled out another bottle of wife and offered to open it and get in the hot tub. I agreed to the wine and a little coaxing later we were standing next to the hot tub in a screened in gazebo off the back deck.

Katie explained that they didn?t allow bathing suits in the tub because the soap and chemicals in the suits would throw off the PH balance in the tub as she stripped down to naked and stepped into the water. I told myself, What the Hey, and got undressed to join her s the bubbles were turned on. It was really nice laying back to enjoy the movement of the water over my body. Katie told me to just relax and enjoy myself. Then she told me to close my eye and lay back and do exactly what I was told to do?but no matter what I was to keep my eyes closed. I felt so good I agreed, shut my eyes and laid back. She took my foot in both hands and massaged it. I thought I had gone to heaven. Then the other foot and I new it was heaven. Then she placed the bottom of my foot firmly right up into her crotch while she massaged my calf and knee. I was getting the idea that this attention was not just for my benefit. Then she took the other foot, this time carefully placing it between the lips of her pussy then immediately rubbed the calf.

Next she lowered my foot, moved beside me pulled my leg over hers and rubbed the thigh. Soon she relocated to the other side to do the same on my other thigh. ?Keep your eyes closed? she said as she now moved over me, spread my legs apart to place her knee between them and kissed me gently on the lips. I laid back and welcomed her advance, which is to say that I did not resist. She rubbed my shoulders as the kiss became kissing and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Both hands stopped at my breasts when I realized my arms were around her holding her bracing myself as I started pushing my crotch onto her leg. She moved to the other side of me wrapping her arm behind my neck and placing her other hand gently where he knee just left. My hand moved down her arm to her elbow as her fingers softly touched my lower lips and waiting clit.

In a husky sexy voice I heard her say ?If you?re ready to come with me upstairs to bed we can finish what we?ve started here?. I opened my eyes and said ?Yes?. We were out of the tub grabbed towels to dry off while we scurried to the bedroom upstairs like a couple of school girls being bad when the parents were away. On the way to the bedroom I had a mental flashback of the one and only time I had been seduced by one of the other cheerleaders in high school. We had kissed and touched each other but I didn?t go down on her back then, I only let her go down on me. This time I would be expected to perform. That made things even more exciting for me, if that was possible.

Katie threw the bedspread off and into the corner, pulled down the blanket and sheets exposing our playground. I was pushed onto the bed where we giggled when I bounced on my back like on a trampoline. But as soon as the bouncing stopped Katie was over me in an opposite direction and I knew we were about to get into some serious 69. Her leg went over me and I was face to face with her pussy. I felt her spread my lips with her fingers, her hot breath was panting onto my pussy followed by her tongue slowly licking every inch of me down there. I held her tight around her waist and hips and started kissing all over her love channel. When she took my clit into her mouth and started flicking it with her tongue I rooted my nose in between her lips to work my tongue into her slit, licking all the while till I found her clit and began to suck it like I liked my sucked. She followed the lead and gave me exactly what I was giving her.

Soon she began sucking my clit, then flicking it with a light tongue followed by a long slow lick down my crack to my hole where she would stick her tongue into me then out then a slow lick back up to my clit and do it again. I kept on the clit of hers with faster and harder strokes turning my head from side to side as I wanted to give her an orgasm. My attention to her was soon to be overwhelmed by my orgasm which came as a gush of pleasure and wave of uncontrollable excitement made my body pulse, pushing my pussy to her face in time with her tongue first fast then slow then fast again. I got some awareness back even though it was a climax to end all climaxes for me and I tried to give as good I was getting. I reached around her legs to spread her pussy lips wider, I plunged two fingers of one had into her vagina, my middle finger on the other hand found her anus and slowly worked its way into her as my mouth sucked her clit with a feverish pitch. She came! I had done it, I had eaten pussy for the first time and I liked it.

We relaxed side by side while we caught our breath. The she got to find a couple of Tom?s shirts, ?Let?s get another glass of wine and get back into the hot tub? she said. I accepted and we sipping and smiling about having found each other. I got scared to my toenails when she said ?Wait till we tell the guys what we did?. ?NO!? I shouted, we could not let my husband know about this. But Katie told me that she wasn?t about to keep it from her Tom and he would tell sooner or later. I protested that he couldn?t do that under any circumstances. Katie smiled and told me that if she wanted something she usually could bribe him with a blow job while he watched a porno flick sitting in his favorite chair. But when I asked if she would do this for me she smiled again and said ?I?m not going to give him the blow job, you are?.

Part Two is about the blow job and what happened thereafter

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