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Titplay Trio To The Lake - Chapter 7

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The 3 were on their way to the lake, Jon driving, Lacey shotgun, Don in the back seat of course. Just as they got on the highway Don started to fall asleep because he didn't get much sleep the night before because he knew what they were going to be doing in the boat and in the lake and he was all wound up about it. Don knew they were going to have a good time together. Don was awoken buy a quick movement of the truck, opening his eyes he saw Lacey had her top unJone a little with no bra on and she was laughing and leaning towards Jon and her right hand could not be seen. Don knew at that time that she was giving Jon a blowjob or had her hand on his cock, stroking it.

Don said "Jon’t let me stop you" and Lacey had a come back of "you know we won't",just then she went down on Jon and Don could hear him starting to moan. This went on for about 5 minutes until Jon blew his cum all over Lacey tits, Lacey than looked back by Don who by this time had his shorts off stroking his cock as he had watched her head go up and down on Jon's manhood. Lacey said to Don that she should help him out, just then She crawled over the seat to the back by Don and started licking his swollen cock and rubbing his hairy balls lightly. After about 5 minutes Don couldn't take anymore, he was about to burst. Lacey took off her shorts and sat on Don facing him, she reached down between her legs, grabbed his cock and guided it to her waiting love basket.

As Don started to pump away and grab her soft round ass, Jon had moved the mirror so he could see what was going on in the back seat and he had a grin from ear to ear, Don saw this and knew he was enjoying watching his sexy wife bounce up and down on Don’s cock just as much as they were enjoying doing it. Don felt Lacey start to shiver and moan really loud, which made Don pump even faster and he reached down between them and rubbed her clit; man it was wet down there and neither had even cum yet. As soon as Don touched her clit she grabbed on to his head, pulled it close to her, putting it between her cum soaked tits and Don took a big breath. BINGO! She was orgasming, Don seeing her react this way made him explode inside of her.

After they finished Lacey collapsed on the seat next to Don. Don yells that was fucking awesome. Jon, while trying to keep the truck on the road just mumbles under his breath uh, uh. Lacey looked over the seat and saw that Jon had just spent himself all over his stomach, legs and now his spent dick. Apparently the sight of me riding Don was just to exciting to just watch and he had to take matters into his own hands!! We all at once started laughing hysterically.

After a short time they arrived to their destination of Big Cedar Lake. The launching of the boat followed the normal routine with the exception of the occasional rubbing up against one another. There were a few other people that were launching as well. The woman were looking down their noses at Lacey, wondering how or what was she going to do with two apparently horny old bastards. But at the same time the men were looking at both of guys, of course behind their wives back, with a smile and a look of how the hell can I join your party. The men would then looked at Lacey with that wish full, longing, and lustful look.

Lacey of course played along and while a few men where still watching us I walked past Jon and rubbed my hand across his already rock hard cock, and gave him a kiss on the check. she then turned to the men and smiled as she walked over to hang on to the boat. Don saw just how worked up that Lacey was making those guys and thought that he would help and play along. As she was bent over trying to get a hold of the boat rope Don walked up behind her and pretended to be doing her doggie style. While grinding his hard cock between her swimsuit covered ass checks as if he were looking for a hot, wet, place to dive into, he reaches around and starts playing with Lacey’s tits. All of this was happening as the woman of the other boaters were changing into their swim suits in the bathroom.

After watching all that was aspiring on the dock Jon quickly adjusted his very painful hard on, gave Lacey and Don a thumbs up and jumped into the truck to park it. While he was gone the other men were also adjusting themselves, trying to find the most comfortable position they could for their boners. Knowing that it was going to be a long day, just knowing what was going to be going on in the "Awesome Trouble II ". Maybe they could relive themselves ones they reached the swim area and were under the cover of the water, just fantasizing about all the fun those two lucky ass hole were going to have with that bountiful breasted babe!

After about two minutes Lacey and Don could see Jon sprinting down the boat launch. He sure as hell didn't want to miss anymore fun than he absolutely had to. Lacey of course had the boat already with the blowers, no not her blower, on. Jon jumped in and got the boat started. Don had also jumped in the boat by this time. Lacey began to walk the boat to the end of the dock. The boat reached the end of the dock and Lacey leaned over kneeling on the bow of the boat giving one last push from the dock with her foot. She was very slow to get off her knees due to the lustful looks she was getting. Don seeing an opportunity, didn't waste any time and walked up to the bow, dropped his swim trunks and pushed his hard cock deep into Lacey’s wanton mouth. She sucked it so fuck’en hard that he had to sit down before he fell down from the pleasure of it. Lacey was stroking Don’s soft balls with her hands, while Jon watched with eager enthusiasm, wondering when it would be his turn.

Surprisingly enough Don cam very fast and very hard all over Lacey’s new swim suit. I got off my knees and trying as hard as she could she looked like she was fucking pissed off. Both Don and Jon looked at her then at each other and back to her. By this time I'm yelling “Stop this fucking boat I need to get in and clean Don’s cock snot off my suit“. Don is saying over and over that he is sorry that he got her new suit all dirty, thinking the last thing he wanted was to piss her off and end his day of fun. Again the guys were just staring at her and each other, as were some fisherman who were in the area who had witnessed the whole event. When Jon and Don turned to look at Lacey she had already taken her suit off and was leaning over the fDont railing trying to clean it off in the water, naked with her tits hanging down and her bare ass up in the air much to the delight of the near by fishermen.

Jon looked at Don and said “I thought that she was just going to jump in the water and clean off“. While they were talking amongst themselves Lacey turned and smiled at them and started laughing hysterically. The guys both joined in on the laughter. Jon looks and Don and noticing how bent over the side she was and how far apart her legs were, Jon says "Don take the wheel I'm going to show her a thing or two". Jon then stands up and drops his swim trunks and walks up behind Lacey and shoves his hot throttle into her safe harbor. She was very surprised at the sudden invasion but was also immediately hot and horny, nothing else mattered, not even the fishermen staring in amazement. Jon was pumping like there was never going to be another opportunity to impale his wife in this matter. He had a hold of her hips and his balls were slapping against her ass checks as he fucked her hard. Don watching in awe shut down the motor and threw in the anchor so that his hands were free to stroke himself.

Jon was fucking the hell out of her like she had never felt before. He reached around and was softly yet firmly stroking her swollen love bud. How a man could be so fucking rough and forceful fucking her but not forget to please her too by being so gentle with my love bud was fucking incredible to Lacey. While getting a good public fucking with their friend in the boat, Lacey thought to herself “I have the best of everything in my husband. Yes I said HUSBAND not lover, one night stand, or an affair. I'm sooooooo fucking satisfied that I found this Love Stallion and he is allllllll mine forever”!

It was a good thing that Don had steered them to the quiet side of the Island and dropped anchor. It was a great idea to hide their activities just a bit from the nosey lake goers because Jon was loving humping his wife like he was an animal, responding to the scent of her wet womanhood. He was like a horse in heat and was making all kinds of noises as he worked his flesh piston in and out of her well lubricated cylinder hole till he was ready to unleash another heated up cum. And when he did cum he moaned loudly, So loudly he sounded like a bear riding out that first cum after hibernating all winter long.

After his ass cheeks flexed out the last of the sticky nectar from his cock, he kept himself pressed tightly against Lacey's ass to hold his softening and shrinking cock into her pussy while still thumbing her clit. Don wobbled over to them and sat next to where Lacey was kneeling on the seat and said "God women, you look hot on your knees with your tits hanging over the edge of the boat". Lacey turned her head to smile at Don and just as she did she let go herself, orgasming, getting some sexual release. Her smile to Don allowed a sensual groan from between her teeth as Jon’s thumb pushed her button just right. Just at that moment Don reached under her and between her legs and using the palm of his hand he pressed on and massaged her pubic mound, just above where Jon’s thumb was working her clit. Lacey hung her head down and shook it back and forth as she pushed herself back onto Jon, riding her orgasm to the very end. She then pushed Jon’s and Don's hands away because the sensation was unbearable.

Having Jon’s hand pushed away was his queue and he pulled out of her tight wetness with a pop while Lacey was still allowing her tits, and now her arms to dangle off the edge of the boat as she was still feeling the effects of her own orgasm. Having been the second to cum inside her, plus the fact that she managed to get good and wet both times, Jon’s cock was slick, covered with the mix of juices. He was looking at his cock and at the beautiful sight of Lacey's spread ass cheeks. Don looked at Jon and Jon at him, they both smiled that dirty "Ah hah" look at each other and Jon laid his cock between Lacey's ass cheeks. Then Jon pressed them together over his cock and humped her ass crack to help wipe some of the heavy sex cocktail off of his slippery cock. Lacey said "Oh ya, use me then make me your clean up doll" in a fake mean tone as she worked her hips and ass to help Jon in what I was doing. Don spoke up saying "Shhhhhhshhh, he's just practicing for when he and I both tittyfuck you later". They all giggled at that.

After a few minutes, boat traffic was picking up, Jon reluctantly pulled his cock from between Lacey's cheeks and she got up from her knees, lay down on the floor between the fDont seats, her feet on either side of the bow cushions. "Get the hose, I need to rinse" was what she said. So as soon as Jon had the anchor back in the boat Don got the shower from the fDont and instead of giving it to her, he did some clean up. He knelt between her spread thighs and while Jon was navigating the boat over to the normal anchoring spot, Don used the shower and his hand to gently clean and flush Lacey's "Love basket". Jon took his time getting to the swim area because he was enjoying the show, it was obvious Don was enjoying taking care of the issue and it was very clear Lacey was enjoying being cleaned.

Jon mentioned they were close to dropping anchor again so Don and Lacey finished and by the time Jon threw the anchor everyone had their suits on. As Jon was in the water setting anchors, Don was busy pouring the first drinks of the day. Lacey looked at the cell phone for a time check and as Jon climbed back into the boat they all sat on the back of the boat. Don then made a toast, holding their glasses up high Don said "Here's to Good friends, good times, great tits and awesome sex". They all touched their glasses together and took a drink. The Lacey said, "Do you realize that it's only 8:45am and I have had both your cocks in my mouth, and had both of them inside my kitty, drained them both of cum and turned on a bunch of strangers at the boat launch and in the water near the dock?" "I've been sopping wet all morning, orgasmed over Don's cock while he thumbed me in the back seat of the Suburban and over Jon's cock while he tickled my magic button with his hand while my boobs were hanging over the edge of the boat. What a day". Jon’s response was quick and sure, "Yup baby, all that and it's not even 9:00 yet. Just think, we have another 9 hours, a big lake and lots of strangers”. “Oh my fucking gosh it's only 9:00 a.m.!” “What the hell I will never be able to walk tomorrow if you two sex dogs keep this up” is how Lacey responded to Jon’s announcement.

They all just laid back and enjoyed their drinks that cabana boy Don made for them. Lacey took the bottle of warm sun tan lotion and walked sexily over to Jon. She asked him if he would like some hot smooth lotion rubbed all over his body. He said that he would rather have her love juices all over him instead but for now sun tan lotion will have to do. “We would hate to have to end all of our fun just because of some sun burn“ he added. Lacey slowly rubbed the lotion all over Jon's chest while she straddled his lap. While she carefully made sure that she didn't miss any spot on his chest, he started rubbing his hands up and down her back. His hand slowly worked his way down to her already hot, wet womanhood. He just grinned a mischievous smile as he slowly stroked her outer pussy lips. He looked at her with want in his eyes, pleading for her to lay down in the bottom of the boat so he could just smell how much she wanted him. Of course when could she ever say no to the love of her life?

Don's mouth was just hanging open as he watched the whole event unfold as if he were a dragonfly on the steering wheel. Slowly Jon reached up to take down her swimsuit. She helped in whatever way that she could do get out of her confining suit. Once she was laying there naked Jon started by slowly working his way from kissing her like we were the only two in the whole world. Lacey used her hands and toes to work Jon's trucks down his legs. Finally she was able to set him free, his cock springing to life yet again! He acted like she just let a caged animal out. But as for now he was anything but animalistic, at least not yet.

Slowly and carefully he worked his way down her stomach. Lacey turned her head to the side and noticed Don watching intently with a smile on his face. Lacey smiled back at Don as she noticed he had his hand down his pants obviously stroking himself. Lacey turned back to Jon and he had a bottle of peachy orange lotion that he was rubbing over her tits. Lacey asked what is this wonderful smelling lotion. She was told that it is a new edible lotion that also has sunscreen in it. Just for those horny boating sex pots. The flavor was wild berry and boy was it making Jon a wild man! Up to this point Jon had been just savoring every moment as he went. He got to his breaking point and wanted everything and wanted it now. Sensing his need rising Lacey told him to bring that hard cock up so she could suck him hard and slow.

He did not have to be asked twice, he turned around and gave her a mouthful of hard dick. He then fell over and dove his face into her pussy. He very firmly but softly licked lips. He asked Lacey "What do you want"? Of course she couldn't answer because she had a mouth full of hot cock. Instead she used her hands and parted her lips giving him full access to her clit. That was all the encouragement that she needed to give him. He stroked her with his wet hard tongue while he fucked her wet pussy deep with his two fingers. Lacey so didn't want to cum but he just played her so well that she had no choice but to go with the flow. And oh what a fucking incredible ride it was.

Jon abruptly took his hard cock out of her mouth, turned around and shoved it into her hot, wet pussy. He said “I'm sorry Dear but I just want to fuck you and fuck you hard“. “Next time we can take it slow.” She told him “Shut the hell up and just FUCK the hell out of me and take whatever you want“.

Some moments later with Jon laying between her legs, he slowly lifts his head and looks over to Don and says "Hey man I'm so sorry that we left you out on that one". Don replied “What the hell are you talking about, I fucking cam three times just watching the two of you. I wish the hell that I had some of that sexual freedom and excitement with the love of my life“.

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