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Threes Company

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My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. She is a really cute 5’ 1” 110lb little blond bombshell of Italian/Irish descent. About 10 years ago our lives changed forever as a result of an unbelievable evening with my best friend who was visiting us from out of town. My wife had always thought he was really cute and likened him to Tom Cruise only taller and more muscular. He was married to a ladies high fashion apparel executive. On the last day of his visit he and I had been doing the guy bonding thing touring about the town, telling lies and stopping for drinks along the way. Upon returning home late in the afternoon my wife who had been at work all day was well on the way to finishing her 2nd martini and none too happy that she had been waiting for us for over an hour. After a futile attempt to apologize for our tardiness my friend and I quickly changed clothes and the 3 of us loaded up in our SUV to go to dinner. On the way to dinner my friend who was building a house back home asked if we could stop and take a quick look inside of an almost finished new home in our neighborhood. My wife begrudgingly agreed saying only lets make it quick because she was hungry and ready for another drink. We entered the house and while my friend was upstairs I jokingly asked my wife to show me her tits knowing full well she would not but not knowing my friend had heard my request. This might be a good time to mention that my wife was a good catholic girl who not only didn’t show me her tits but if looks could have killed would have ended the evening right then and there. The 3 of us then loaded back into the SUV and were proceeding to dinner when my friend who was riding shotgun next to me got a shit eating grin on his face and turned to the back seat and asked my wife if she was going to show him her tits. She got beat red and shot back of course not! He continued to badger her to the point that she finally said fine show me yours first assuming that would shut him up for good. To both our surprises instead of opening his shirt he unzipped his pants and whipped out his rock hard 5”cock. To say the least I was surprised by his actions and of course my wife was in absolute shock trying to think of some alternative but to show him her tits. Of course he would settle for nothing less and began to accuse of her not keeping her word. Indignant as hell she reluctantly pulled up her sweater and showed him her nice set of 34c tits but of course still had her bra securely in place. He immediately cried foul again and coerced her into flipping her bra up giving him a quick glimpse of her nearly 2” areolas and bullet hard nipples as we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. Not another word more was said as we got out of the vehicle and entered the eating establishment and took our seats at our table. I immediately summoned the waiter to order a round of drinks. Several rounds later and after finishing dinner my friend excused himself to use the men’s room. My wife leaned over with the oddest look on her face and whispered to me that my friend had unzipped his pants several minutes earlier and placed her hand on his cock which was already hard under the tablecloth. As if that wasn’t bold enough he was rubbing her thigh and pussy through her jeans as well. She said she was so stunned she didn’t know what to do. We were all pretty smashed by then and I told her I didn’t believe her but if she was having fun to go ahead and enjoy herself. Upon his return I took my turn in the men’s room lingering a little longer than normal as I pondered what she had said. Upon returning to the table I could tell by the dazed look on her face that indeed she was having fun and that it was probably time to leave before it got out of hand so to speak. She excused herself to visit the ladies room as we were walking out of the door. I took this opportunity to ask my friend if he was having a good time. He smiled broadly and said “Definitely” and then asked about my wife and myself. Before I could answer my wife reappeared and we piled back into our SUV. Once again my friend was riding shot gun only this time with my wife sitting on the console with her arms around both of our necks as we entered onto the freeway. I was concentrating extremely hard on my driving due to my slightly impaired state and the late hour. Once again my friend turns to my wife whose tits are almost in his face at this point and asks her to show him her tits. Unlike earlier she eagerly lifted her sweater and gave us both a close up shot of her great tits. She cupped them in her hands as he began to first lick and then suck them tenderly causing her eyes to rollback in her head as her body tensed. Now feeling like he was on a roll my friend said show me your bush. I winced as I knew he had just reached the end of the road with this request and that she would never consider showing him her bush but to my surprise she shot back no way until you show me yours again. He was all too happy to oblige of course and with his cock in hand demanded to see her bush as stroked his now very hard tool. In one fluid motion she slipped out of her jeans and fell into the backseat spread eagle. Her furry natural bush was in plain view as I checked the rearview mirror in my own now very excited state. My friend literally dove into the backseat with his mouth planting squarely on her bush. She went absolutely crazy…moaning and writhing out of control while kneading her own tits and pinching her nipples for the first time ever to my knowledge. I was hard as a rock myself as I stroked my 8”cock through my jeans. I was trying to drive and watch not doing a very good job at either. I noticed an 18 wheeler pacing our vehicle so that he could watch the action as well. He gave me the thumbs up as I almost missed our exit with all of the excitement. I didn’t want the show to stop but we were pulling into the driveway so I asked my friend to stop for fear that my wife would cum once and be done for the night as had been her custom over the years. Needless to say the sexual tension could have been cut with a knife as we quickly collected ourselves and walked in to relieve the baby sitter. My wife suggested that my friend and I take the boys to rent a movie so that they would go to bed upstairs. We quickly agreed and headed to the rental store. Once the boys were inside my friend asked me if I was ok and how far did I want this to go with my wife. My answer was that I was fine but that it would be my wife’s decision as to how far it went if any further at all. I should say at this point that my wife and I had a pretty typical 20 year marriage at that time including a mediocre sex life. Getting back to the story we returned home and the kids ran upstairs with their movie. My wife still dressed in her sweater and jeans motioned my friend and I into our downstairs master bedroom. I had never seen such lust in her eyes as she shut the door behind us. Needless to say we were all naked in a flash and my wife was for the first time in her life with another man other than myself. Our friend was quite experienced as it turned out and literally took control of the situation as he kissed, licked and sucked all over her body for over 2 hours. I was in total disbelief as he broke their initial kiss and he rolled over into the 69 position on top of him. His tongue was a blur as it moved between her pussy and her ass bringing her wave after wave of orgasms. My wife’s single orgasm myth was shattered as she came at least a dozen times. Never the selfish type she eagerly devoured my friends cock bringing him off several times but unwilling to let him penetrate her with his cock. He was all but begging as he humped and ground on her naked body but she was adamant about drawing the line with penetration. His stamina was unbelievable. His cock may have been little but it was mighty never getting soft even after multiple orgasms which were being unbelievably expertly administered by my very conservative little wife. The coffee table talk was slightly awkward the next morning as we all struggled with our hang over’s and feelings of embarrassment. My friend had a mid morning flight out which proved to be a blessing since none of us really knew what to say about the events of the prior evening. I drove him to the airport and thanked him for the time of my life promising to fill him in once my wife and I had time to discuss things. Much to my surprise this unexpected evening ultimately opened the door to a new lifestyle for my wife and I over the last few years. Perhaps in a follow-up story I will share our trip to visit my friend so that my wife could finally complete the “deal” and experience her first “strange” penetration with my friends cock.

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