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The experiment

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Well to start let me say that my wife and i enjoy the swinging atmosphere. We have never swapped with another couple but love to watch and be watched. We have played our sex life to our limits or so i thought. As i got older like Many others i read stories, saw video of bi and gay performers having fun and said hey, what ever turns you on, never thought it would be me. then i started thinking as i was reading stories, am i missing out on some fun. About 2 yrs ago i started dirty talking with my wife doing sex and brought up the topic of bi fun, and what her thoughts were. She said with all that we have done together, she wouldnt judge me or think any different of me. so i told her i was gonna start and talk to others about the topic. Most advised watching some bi or gay porn and see if that turned us on as a couple. It did me and wife was ok with it but didnt drive her mad.

then another year went by as i lost my nerve to act on anything and would still watch videos on the net or read the occasional story. but i lost my job and had to move and seperate from my wife as she was to stay behind and sell the home. While i was gone i started talking to bi men on swingers sites that we belong to. Alot of them are idiots, but there was a really nice guy that talked to me for over a yr on and off, never pushy and loved the pics of my wife on the site. I told my wife everything and she would ask some questions about the guy and what he looked like ect. Well I told her the next step after porn would be web cam and she was fine with it. So the one night this guy and i hooked up on a web cam and put on a great show for each other, it was pretty wild and i called my wife and told her all about it again asked some questions and was fine

Then our house sold and we bought a new home in another state and still talking to the same guy and others. One afternoon the urge struck me to meet and we didnt have kids and the house was ours. so i talked to my wife and asked if we could invite him over. she was alittle hessitant but also not feeling well that day. she said fine and go ahead so I did.

well lets see as i remember it lol, he came over and introduced himself and we invited him, we mad the usual small talk and got to know one another and he was very truthful in his responces. He told us how he got started and loved being on the bi side. We recanted the converstations over the year and had a drink. with the wife not feeling well she really didnt want to play but i worked up my nerve and said to her, if i dont get a chance to try somthing now, with the kids not being home, then i never will. She said go for it.

So i said to our guest that my problem has always been letting go to enjoy somthing, i am always looking for the angle and too up tight. I would like to experience somthing. He said he was on a limited time schedule and we had already talked most of his time away, but what did i have in mind? I asked him if he would just play with me a little to see if i liked it and would he stop if i asked him to. He replied sure. So with my wife sitting in a chair on the other side of the living room i pulled my pants and underware down and exposed my member to the room. It was not hard as i was very nervous.

Our guest quietly got down on his knees in front of where i had sat and gently started rubbing me and feeling me. My wife was watching her tv show but started to take interest ( i am slowly getting hard as i am reliving this) Anyway he rubed and stroked and foundled my balls but i was so nervous i wasnt getting hard, but it felt nice. Then with out warning his head went down and started sucking me. taken by surprise and not knowing if my wife would get upset as this was not discussed, i nervously looked over at her, mean while his head was bobing up and down on my member, she just smiled and sayed lay back close your eyes and enjoy. As i followed her instructions and closed my eyes i found myself getting harder and harder. my new male buddy was providing a great experience for me to remember. My wife would look over from time to time and watch his head bob and it got me more excited that she was starting to take interest. Then the tingling started deep in my balls as he started sucking and bobbing faster. as i work my way to release, i warned him. As i didnt think it polite to just cum in his mouth. but to both my wife and my surprise, he didnt stop or remove my cock from his mouth. Instead he start sucking harder and faster untill..........ohhhhhhhhhhh yes i came in his mouth and he sucked every drop down and raised his head with a smile and said aaaaahhhhhhhhh you have a nice thick cock. thats the kind i like to suck.

he then said thank you and i thanked him for the experience that he had shared with my wife and i and he left.

After words my wife started asking questions .... how was it, did you like it ect. I answered the questions honestly and then asked her the same. She said it was very hot to watch and she really liked seeing it. the next thing i know we were fucking hard and fast every nite the rest of the week. the next time we ran into our friend on line my wife (who has never done this) put on a cam show with me and i fucked her on the camera while his camera showed him stroking his meat.

I must say over all i really enjoyed the experience but it is like a drug, once you try it you will crave more;

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