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The Weekend

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Weekend or week-end: n. 1. The period of time from Friday night, or Saturday to Monday morning. Usually a time for rest and recreation. v. To spend the weekend?.

Weekends are typically the time when working people spend time relaxing from the stresses of the typical doldrums of the work-week. Most normal people piddle in the yard, wash the car or barbecue. Maybe they spend their recreational time outdoors, at a lake or even socializing with others from work. Thank goodness we?re not normal people. This particular weekend was so out of the normal? it comes with a warning.


Our plan was simple? ?have fun, be safe, and last but not least?. Get nasty!? We decided to go to Ventura. It?s relatively close, there are a lot of clubs, and anonymity is certain. We reserved our suite at the Hilton made love, had dinner, took a nice cuddly nap, and got ready for the ?weekend?. We decided on a club that was close by. In fact it was in the same building. I went down before you. I saddled up to the bar in a spot where I could have unobstructed view through the reflection in the huge bar mirror. I ordered up a couple of Millers, watched a little sports on the wall mounted TV, and waited. I figured you?d stroll on in and be happy that I?d thought of you by ordering up a brew. I kept glancing into the mirror awaiting your arrival. When you finally came down I was instantly struck by your dress. It was a long dress. It flowed with you like a liquid shadow. I was beaming in anticipation. I reached over to get your drink so I could hand it to you? but you walked right on by. You had your eyes fixed on a table on the other side of the room. I was a bit startled, or stunned I?m not sure which, when you walked past, but then you glanced back at me and nodded for me to sit back down at the bar. I thought, ?Oh. She must be getting something to bring back from over there? to here?. So I sat back down with our pair of Millers. You sat down at the little round table with 2 chairs, and smiled at me in that seductive sultry way you do? and I knowingly settled in for the evening. I knew at that point, that I had a pair of beers, and I?d better get to work on the first one, because the second would be warming up soon.

The Barmaid casually stopped by your table within about 20 seconds, which is of course the sign of a well-trained server. She must have asked what you wanted, and of course you already knew, because she was off in less than 5 seconds with a scribbled note on her napkin. When she came back you had a Rum and Coke, full of jagged Ice Cubes. You perused the room and settled into your one-ness with your drink. It wasn?t long before a guy came up to the table, and just sat down like he owned the place. You smiled and said something to him and the both of you chuckled. I thought ?Wow. This guy must have the best line in the house! I?ve never seen anyone work that quick?. Soon he had his own drink, you had yours and I was onto my second and watching you through the reflection over the bar. The look that you had given me (You know? the seductive, sultry one) was now firmly fixed on him. He obviously noticed and moved his chair a little closer so he could talk more intimately. (That?s always been a mystery to me how that can happen, but sure enough, it does. The place is packed!) I see his hand reach for yours, and you comply. You smile at him, in that sly smile you keep hidden for the right moments. He?s probably boring the Hell out of you, but you go along for the ride because you?re getting a kick out of what you?re doing to me. My temperature has been rising and I have to order another Miller. You see me in the reflection of the mirror as you lean into his space. Your eyes are fixed on me like a cat watching its prey. You whisper something to him, then kiss his neck. He wastes no time. His hand is now rubbing your leg through the dress, and he can feel those magnificent legs. The stockings are held up with garters, and he notices them. Now it?s he who needs another drink. I watch him as he gains the attention of the Hostess, who obediently sends over the Barmaid. He is more than a bit flushed?, as are you. As he turns back to you, he says something that makes you laugh, and I revel in your beauty. Watching you laugh is ?one? of my most favorite things. You pull your chair even with his so you can drive him (and me!) even crazier. I watch your hand as it wraps around his arm and I notice you brush against his chest and rub his nipple for just a couple of seconds. Not really long enough to be noticed by anyone except someone who was really watching. He leans over and kisses you on the lips. You return his advance with the softest, warmest pair of lips he has ever felt. His arm comes up from the table and embraces you like a clamp. He can now sense that he?s in for a bumpy ride. (So to speak) After a few minutes of petting, and kissing you get up from the table and excuse yourself to the Ladies room, I suppose. I look back the other direction through the mirror and await your next appearance in ?The Pane on the Left?. And of course you don?t disappoint. I see that yes, you did go to the restroom, I can only assume? to mop up a bit. When you come out, you glance at me through the mirror, and give a sly wink. I smile. As you pass me, you drop something at my side. A piece of paper. I reach over to pick it up just as you sit back down at your table. I don?t read it right away. Instead I watch you settle in with your new ?Buddy?. Once you?re settled back into his grasp, I see you hand him something. It?s your Thong! I?m even more confused than before. Finally I realize. ?This isn?t a new buddy! She wouldn?t walk around without Panties for a guy she just met! She knows this guy!? I look at the note? ?Go to the Room? it says. As I finish reading it I think ? Hell I don?t want to go to the room. I don?t want to miss this for nuthin.? Then it occurs to me? I?d better hurry!

I went into the room and tried to figure out where to go. Do I just sit in the chair and read? Do I hide in the closet? The Bathroom? Do I get into bed? I finally decide, I?ll crack the door, and wait inside. Good thing I made a decision, because as I settled inside, I heard the key?.

The door opens and I can see you in the mirror, slip through the door with a key in one hand and ?Buddy? in the other. Your buddy has smiles for miles (and of course, a hand on your ass). He?s looking around the room a little tentative, like he?s waiting for a Jack-In-the Box to jump out at him. He says, ?You sure this is gonna be alright?? I hear you say ?Yeah, but I thought he?d be here by now. I left him a note.? That was my cue I supposed, and reached for the handle on the toilet, and gave it a push. As I came out of the bathroom, I got my first non-reflective view of you and he, arms around one another gripped with a passion that must surely lead to something naughty. You open your eyes and see me, and I watch your hand slide down his shoulder, around his chest and give his nipple a squeeze. He says, ?Sounds like he got your message.? He turned around to see me, (and assess his options, I?m sure). I reached out to shake his hand. ?Randy.? I said. ?Tyrone? he replied, and we shook. Small talk is always one of those things people do when they have no idea what else to do, and we engage in a bit of it as you slip into the bathroom.

He?s an Economics teacher downtown and as it turns out, worked in construction before he finished school. He says that?s what kept him in school actually. He didn?t want to run a jackhammer all of his life. His dad had worked for a large company, worked long hours for little pay, and had somehow gotten Tyrone a job his first summer out of High School. By June 19th, he?d applied for classes at the local Junior College, and worked his way to ?Piling it Higher and Deeper?, with a Major in Economics.

I was about to ask him what he thought about the current position of the Federal Reserve, when you opened the bathroom door and struck a match to a candle. We both turned to see you standing in the doorway. Those legs. Adorned with nothing but stockings, ?Fuck Me? pumps and your bra, you sauntered out of the doorway and over to my chair. You put the candle on the table, shut off the light and said ?What do you think about this position??, as you knelt in front of me. Somehow the Fed had a whole lot less appeal. You ran your hands from my knees to my belt slowly, never taking your eyes off of mine. I felt the swelling instantly. So did Tyrone. He adjusted himself accordingly. In what seemed like a split second, you had me out, and in your mouth. I could feel myself get rock hard inside your warm wet lips. Tyrone was transfixed on your behind. He pulled your thong out of his pocket, and held them close to his face. He sniffed them first, then inhaled deeply while he readjusted himself again. You looked up, sucked your way from the tip of me and said, ?How rude. I almost forgot we have a guest.? Tyrone pulled the panties quickly away from his face and put his hand back down at his side, where he could slip them back into his pocket. ?Why don?t you come over here with me Baby.? You walked over to the edge of the bed and took off your bra. It was one of those that has the hook in the front, so when you unhook it, your breasts almost introduce themselves. Tyrone had some adjusting to do on his way over, but he made it. (I suppose they didn?t teach grace in Economics class.) You sat down on the edge of the bed and unbuttoned his fly. Dockers don?t really have a lot of substance, when you unzipped them, they pretty much fell to the floor. Tyrone took off his shirt while you treated our guest to the beginning of an exquisite blowjob. He had obviously done his share of hard work, he was ripped. I suppose the gym was not something he had only just heard of. It looked as though he had a well used lifetime membership.

He stood patiently on the left side of the bed. She sat on the right side somewhat preoccupied. When she was ready, she turned and crawled across the expanse of the bed like a predator, a leopard perhaps. Her supple skin giving way to the shoulder blades in a slow rhythmic motion. Her eyes fixed on her prey, her husbands rigid vertical cock. At first she teased him. Just licking lightly, then pulling away, eyes transfixed on his hardness. Then, she changed her focus and locked eyes with the green eyes of her lover. Her hungry gaze said but one thing. ?I can see your ?up? for this? and I hope you?ve had your vitamins?. With that, she engulfed him. His green eyes rolled back closed, his head continued the motion and rolled backward in ecstasy, his hands holding her head. Her hair, like her mouth, so soft. Her intensity, like his cock, so hard.

When he was able to re-open his eyes and focus on her magnificent body, he honed his sights on her ass. The two perfect crescents rising above her sloping back. This was his favorite part of her. She knew this and arched her back even more, raising her ass even higher. Rising like a Phoenix from her moons, Tyrone?s face came up from that zone of perfection. His gaze like hers before him, was intense. He couldn?t take his eyes away from her wetness. He had tasted her, now he had to have her.

As he stood behind her, Angie spread her knees, signaling her readiness. Tyrone read her well. He held her hips with his roughened hands, and moved his manhood closer to her waiting pussy. Randy could only imagine what he could not clearly see. He imagined Tyrone?s thick black cock slowly parting her moist lips. The tip of his throbbing head, followed millimeter by millimeter of his hard thick shaft. He was gentle, slow and deliberate. She, offering so little resistance, let Tyrone enter her. As he reached his limit, she paused with her mouth, but squeezed hungrily with her thighs. When the man began to retreat, as slow as the assault, Randy could see her juices shining on Tyrone?s member. Glistening ebony, hard as a diamond. She took her lover with a voracity becoming of her leopardness. Sliding her mouth all the way over him, then back, over and over again. Her hips were rocking in fast pace unison with every one of Tyrone?s thrusting assaults. He slapped her ass hard. The stinging sensation sent a chill through her, but it was a good chill. She let out a moan knowing there would soon be handprint on her right cheek. She wanted more.

She could tell Randy was just about to explode, so she slid her mouth off of his cock, looked up at him with half mast eyes and winked at him. She looked back over her shoulder to see Tyrone?s fierce intensity. This sent even more chills through her. She knew she had the power, and loved it. She gave a mighty grunt as she backed into him and said ?Gimme that cock. Give it to me hard!? With that, Tyrone slammed it home along with another loud slap of his hand on her ass.

?I want to get on top now? she said. ?I want to sit on your cock.? Tyrone obligingly consented. He pulled out of her and laid his head on the pillows at the head of the bed. Angie saw his glistening cock, and just had to suck it. She took him into her mouth and sucked all of her juices off of him. ?Damn, she?s good? Tyrone said as he rolled his eyes shut. Randy just grinned. He knew exactly how good she was.

With that, she slid herself up to Tyrone?s chest, and put her knees on the either side of his waist. Randy stood behind her, taking in the beauty of her ass. Her pussy lips parted slightly, clit protruding like a hard tongue from between a pouty mouth. She lightly let her pussy lips slide up and down his shaft, barely perceptible, but enough to drive him wild. She was so wet, and her clit was so incredibly swollen. She started to doubt who she was teasing more, Tyrone, Randy or herself. She knew Randy was watching from behind, and she knew he was hard as a rock. She also knew this wouldn?t take long. Angie loves having the head of a rock hard cock rub her clit. She slid up and back on him feeling the head of his cock rub against her swollen clit. She leaned down next to his face. She could feel his breath against her, and she kissed him with a gentle open mouth kiss that melts men like butter. She kept sliding her wet clit on him slowly riding his cock until she exploded. She came with such a rush of hot cum that it completely saturated his cock. His balls were drenched, and he damn near lost his load, right along with her. Her tongue was lashing at his, sucking his lip with a fever pitch. They both went to some nether place. Neither seeing nor hearing anything but the pulse of their sex.

Angie slid forward on Tyrone, and backed her pussy up to where she could feel his head throbbing at her, and slowly slid down on him, letting him fill her with his hardness. It was like she swallowed him inch by inch with her pussy. Tyrone let out a moan as her hot wet pussy ate him. Randy could see Tyrone?s cock disappear slowly out of sight, burying every bit of itself in Angie. Randy stroked himself with his right hand, while he slid his lubricated left middle finger into her ass. Angie lifted her ass up so he could have unimpeded access. He could feel Tyrone?s cock, sliding in and out just on the other side of that thin membrane. Randy slid another finger in, loosening Angie?s ass and creating even more sensation for Tyrone?s throbbing cock. Tyrone was helpless against Angie?s powers. She had a vice grip pussy and all this extra sensation was almost more than he could take. Randy slid up behind Angie and eased his cock up to her ass, and parted her with his head. She could feel him knocking on her door, and she wanted to let him in. She lifted herself ever so slightly, and relaxed her grip on Tyrone so she could have those 2 cocks in her at the same time.

Randy eased in slowly, carefully giving her only a fraction of himself at a time, letting her dictate what she could take. His hands were on her waist, caressing her and holding her tightly at the same time. He could feel Tyrone?s cock, mindfully moving inside her. She opened up more, taking more of Randy with each breath. She?d relax, letting him enter, then take some on her own until soon, she had all that Randy could give. She slid up onto Tyrone, and back onto Randy, moving more and more aggressively with each stroke. ?Fuck me with both of those big hard cocks? she cried. Her clit was swollen to maximum expanse. Her juices flowed like high tide. She had them both, and she loved it. She had complete control of her muscles. When she?d squeeze, they both respond with a mighty thrust. Her breath was heavy, squeals of pleasure burst from her lips as she came with a shudder. First she?d inhale deeply then exhale with a growl. The heat of the passion was bolstered by the nastiness of the night.

Randy came next. He pulled out of her after she had growled her leopard growl, and shot cum clear up to her shoulder blade. The next spasm spread over the middle of her back like warm syrup. Randy then laid his cock in the crack of her beautiful ass, slid up and back in that crease and let the cum shoot right up the middle of her back, then let it run back down the crack. Tyrone was next. He groaned a major groan and lifted her right up off of the bed. She hung on like a bull rider as he shot his load deep into her. ?Come on? she said, ?Fuck me with that Big Hard Cock!? That gave him even more energy. He wrapped his arms around her waist, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her onto him with all his strength, giving her that final push with his hips, shoving his cock as far as he could, cum shooting deep inside her pussy.

She collapsed onto his chest like a marathon runner at the end of twenty six miles. Every breath he took lifted her little body like it was a feather pillow. She was spent, out of breath, and fully sated. Her hair was that of a ?Fully Fucked? woman. She kissed on Tyrone for a few seconds, then rolled over to Randy and kissed him passionately. She gently eased Randy onto his back while she was sucking on his lower lip. She broke from his lips and backed away slightly. ?Where ya goin??? he thought as she headed up to the headboard. She then presented him her wet pussy ?Cock-Tail?. She was sensitive. Her swollen clit and open pussy lips fucked almost into submission, were glistening with cum for him to lick. He licked the swollen clit gently, healing her with the tip of his tongue, tasting her wetness, their wetness. Tyrone joined Angie at the headboard and they kissed, while Randy petted the leopards pussy with his tongue.

AC/DC has a song with lyrics that in part are ?I want to go to Heaven, with three in a bed.? Fitting after this night. I don?t know if it was heaven, but they went somewhere. After showers and another drink courtesy of room service, they slept. The final thought of the night on the way to slumber was?

Weekend or week-end: n. 1. The period of time from Friday night, or Saturday to Monday morning. Usually a time for rest and recreation. v. To spend the weekend?.

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