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The Very Friendly Real Estate Agency

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About a month after "working" for Ruth and Harry at their weekend "party" (which is their way of saying "orgy"), and meeting Cindy and Jeff and some of their other friends, Harry suggested that I drop by their real estate office. He said that they could use some clerical help, if I were interested. I said, "Like the last time you hired me to tend bar at your party, just so you could fuck my brains out?". He said, "No, No! This is legit., well, mostly. I mean, we are the Very Friendly Real Estate Agency. But we really could use some extra help. Our receptionist/secretary is learning to do sales, and sometimes she goes with Ruth or myself when we show a listing. We need someone to cover for her when she does. It could lead to a full time sales position for her". It turned out that the receptionist was my new old friend Cindy, from Ruth and Harry's sex party. The "position" turned out to be several positions, most of them I already knew and had nothing to do with office work.

I spent a couple of days learning the office routine with Cindy. I wasn't surprised or disappointed to find that part of the routine was having sex when ever possible, with who ever were around. That included any customer that was willing. Now I knew why they called it the Very Friendly Real Estate Agency.

The first day I was there two, drop dead gorgeous ladies came into the office. One was a red head, the other a blond. Harry told me that they were selling some property through us. He introduced them to me, and then escorted them into his private office. Cindy said, "Check this out". She flipped on a TV monitor and VCR on her desk. The camera was positioned to show Harry's desk and most of his office, including an oversized sofa across from the door. The two ladies, having been in the office many times, didn't waste any time. They were both shedding their cloths before the office door was closed, and Harry was right with them. When they got to the sofa, Harry sat down and both women knelt in front of him and started licking and sucking his balls and dick. The blond moved around so that Harry could reach her pussy, which he promptly started rubbing and finger fucking.

About this time Cindy pushed a button on the monitor, and the camera zoomed in for a close up. I asked Cindy if the women knew that they were being taped. She said that they did, and we would give them a copy of it when they left. She also said that Ruth's office had an identical set up.

Meanwhile, back in Harry's office things were really starting to heat up. The ladies were now on the sofa. Both were on their backs, with the redhead on top of the blond. Harry was just starting to fuck the redhead. After a few strokes in her, he took his dick out, and slid it into the blond. He went back and forth like this for a while. The girls were really getting into it. It looked like they came at least twice each. Pretty soon Cindy and I could see that Harry was about to shoot his load. He was in the blond when he blasted off. Since Cindy and I had both screwed Harry many times, we knew that he was good for at least eight or ten good heavy squirts. Cindy said, "This is neat, watch". I did, and it was cool. Right in the middle of shooting off in the blond, he pulled out and stuck it into the redhead and let her have a few blasts. Then he pulled out of her and let the last few squirts land on the redhead?s tits and belly. When he was through, the two girls got into a 69 position and started lapping each other?s cunts. When they were done doing that, the three of them just kind of collapsed on the sofa. Cindy rewound the tape, popped it out of the VCR and asked me to take it into Harry's office, and put it into the VCR hooked to his big screen TV. She suggested that I might offer to help Harry get cleaned up. I delivered the tape, hit the play button, then went over to Harry, got down on my knees and started licking cum and pussy juice off his dick, balls, and inner thighs. While I was doing this, I felt a hand slide up my leg and under my loose fitting mini skirt. The hand then started to rub my pussy. I spread my legs a bit to give it better access. As soon as I did that, the hand spread my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit and slid a couple of fingers into my honey hole. It wasn't long before I was creaming all over that hand, and It wasn't long after that, that I had a real good orgasm, and clamped my legs tight around that hand. When I was through cumming, I turned around and found that the hand belonged to the blond. I smiled, squeezed her tit, and gave her a tongue-probing kiss to thank her, then went back to Cindy's desk. The two women left about twenty minuets after that. When they did, they just smiled at Cindy and myself and said, "See you in a week or so".

Not every customer that came in was ready to jump into the sack. Most of them had no idea just how friendly we could really be, but there were enough to keep things real interesting. And of course when things got slow, we just fucked among our selves.

Every now and then, though, things got real interesting. About two weeks after I started there, a group of four guys and a woman came in. They said that they were with a local church and were looking for a building to rent or buy in their neighborhood for the church to use for things like choir practice and social events. Cindy and I were alone at the office that day. We looked at each other with the same expression on our face. BORING! Boy, were we ever wrong. Cindy gave them the basic paperwork to fill out, and the five of them sat down at a table we have in the outer office and started working. Soon, one of the guys, a well built, handsome stud that looked to be in his late twenties, got up and came over by Cindy's desk and started talking to us. Before long he asked just how friendly our agency really was. That's all the urging Cindy needed. She got up and walked around her desk, with a shit eating grin on her face, took his arm and pushed one of her tits into him and said, "We can be as friendly as the customer wants, or will let us be". He smiled at her and said, as he cupped her other tit in his hand, "Even this friendly?" "Even friendlier" she said as she groped his crouch. I walked around to his other side, took the other arm and followed Cindy's example, leaning into him and reaching for his balls, I said, "That goes for everyone that works here, from our bosses, Ruth and Harry, right down to me, the part time receptionist. ?But what about your friends over there at the table? Are they as friendly as you?" "You bet", he said. "We represent the Church of Eternal Lust. Paula, over there is our choir mistress. She does some of her best singing when she is getting laid". Cindy's smile was getting bigger. "Really", Cindy said. "Why don't you go get the redhead over there and the three of us will go into the bosses office and I'll show you how well I can sing". He looked at her and said, "Are you serious"? She nodded. He smiled. Then he went over to his friends and said something to them that Cindy and I couldn't hear. They all turned and looked at us with approving smiles, as the redhead got up and followed his friend over. Cindy led them into Ruth's office and closed the door.

That left the other two guys and Paula at the table. They looked at me and smiled. I figured three to one was pretty good odds, so I went over to the table, asked how they were doing, as I leaned in and put an arm around one of the guys and Paula. They looked at each other, then at me and said that they were having some trouble and could I join them. I said, "Sure" and started to pull up a chair. The guy that I had put my arm around said his name was Jim, and there was no need to use a chair. He offered me his lap. Looked good to me. Things were going the way that I had hoped that they would. I sat on his lap, facing Paula, and his right hand went around me to "point at the paper work" and more then casually brushed my tit as it did. His left hand ended up on my thigh at the hem of my skirt. I promptly moved his hand on my leg. First downward past the hem of my skirt, then back up and under it so that it was about half way between where the skirt had ended and my pussy. I stopped there, turned my face to him and said that I bet he knew the rest of the route himself. Then I gave him a quick kiss and turned back to face Paula, who had been watching and smiling the whole time. By this time Jim's right hand had forsaken the paperwork for my tit. His left hand was cupping my pussy and starting to rub it. I adjusted my legs to give him better access. Paula said, "So, you really are a very friendly real estate agency. I think we are going to get along just fine". While she was saying this I noticed that the other guy at the table, who was sitting on the other side of Paula from me, so they were both kind of facing me, had his hands full of Paula's tits, tweeking her nipples, making them into hard little points, that were trying to push their way through the thin fabric of Paula's blouse. I also noticed that I was getting juiced up real good as fingers parted my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit. I also felt the bulge of his cock pressing against my ass. I was tempted to just pull his cock out and let him fuck me right there, but Ruth and Harry did have rules about doing that kind of stuff in the outer office. There were too many windows that faced the street. I couldn't take him into Harry's office, because either Cindy or I had to be in the outer office at all times in case someone came in or the phone rang. Reluctantly, I leaned back against him, put my hand on his and said, "Listen, if you keep that up I'll end up fucking you right here and as much fun as that is sure to be, it could get me fired, so I'm going to have to ask you to stop, for now." He sighed and said, "OK, but I'm going to hold you to the "for now" part of your request." I thanked him, slowly and reluctantly got up from his lap, went over to Cindy's desk and flipped on the monitor for Ruth's office.

Cindy had the guys in the middle of the room, right where she knew the camera was facing. The red head was on his back on the floor; Cindy had impaled her twat on his cock and was letting the other guy fuck her up the ass. I called Paula and the two guys over to the desk to check it out. They said, "Now that is friendly". The guy that had been groping Paula's tits said, "But there is still one hole that could be filled." I told him to go ahead in and fill it if he wanted to. Cindy would be glad to let him. He headed for Ruth's office door. In seconds he had his pants off and was pushing is cock at Cindy's face. She took one glance at him and then grabbed his dick and stuffed it into her mouth. As we watched, the three guys brought Cindy off, and then they unloaded into her pussy, ass and mouth. Paula said that she was amazed that they didn't take longer since all four of the men had fucked her just before they came to our office. "You just got fucked by these four guys" I said. "Yes. That's why I'm surprised that they didn't take longer. I think my feelings are hurt. They never come back that quick for me!" While we were watching Cindy and talking, Paula, Jim, and me, all started feeling each other up. After all, we were all horny to start with, then watching Cindy take on the other three guys just made it have to happen. Soon after, Cindy and the three guys came out of Ruth's office. I told Cindy that now I needed to use the office with Paula and Jim. She smiled knowingly. Paula told the other three that they needed to finish the paperwork. Before long Paula and I were in a 69 position in the center of Ruth's office floor. We were going at it real good, both of us moaning and rocking with the feeling of having our pussies lapped and nibbled and sucked. Meanwhile, Jim found the petroleum jelly that Ruth keeps handy, and smeared some on my ass hole. He also made sure that I was lubed up inside by shoving a couple of digits as far up my ass as he could. This just added to the great feeling I was getting from Paula eating me out, and made me even hornier. I knew that it wasn't going to be long before I would cum all over Paula's face. After screwing his fingers into me for a few minuets, Jim finally replaced them with his cock. Even with all the lube and the fact that I ass fuck a lot, it was still a good firm fit. I thought it would be, after feeling his cock press against me earlier. It felt great. As soon as he started stroking back there, I started cumming on Paula. That set her off and she started to squirt pussy juice in my face. I had heard of women that squirt when they cum, but this was the first one that I ever met. It was a new experience for me, and I loved it, but then I love all, or at least most, new sexual experiences. Jim kept pounding my ass hole, while Paula and I kept working over each other?s pussies, and making each other cum. I decided that it was a good thing that I was not on the bottom; otherwise I might have drowned from all the juice she was shooting my way. Finally I felt Jim tense up and start to unload in my ass. As always, it was a nice warm friendly feeling. Even though he had just fucked Paula less then an hour before, he still came on as strong as guys that haven't done it for several hours, or even days. Although, I don't meet to many men that go less then a day, especially since I went to that first "party" at Ruth and Harry's.

Ruth and Harry came back shortly after Paula, Jim and I finished contributing to the stain on Ruth's carpet. Introductions were made all around, then the seven of them went into Harry's office to talk business. Cindy and I turned on the camera in Harry's office and checked out just what kind of business they were doing. For the first twenty minuets or so it looked like straight real estate stuff. After that things started to warm up. Ruth moved in on the four guys, and Harry and Paula started getting real cozy. Ruth ended up getting gang banged by Jim and his friends. Paula sucked on Harry's cock for a while, then they changed positions so Harry could have a little box lunch. Then they did a little sixty nine. Before they were done they had fucked in every position they could get into; her on top, him on top, doggie style, both standing with her against a wall, sitting in a chair, and a few more too hard to describe. Later, after Paula and crew had left, Harry said that we all might have to start going to church. Well, that's something to think about.

A few days later a tall, good looking, man and a stunning red headed woman came into the office. He was dressed in light weight, light colored slacks that made it very plain that he wasn't wearing underwear, and very plain that he was well equipped in the manhood department. His shirt was a short sleeve, button front cotton dress shirt and he had left the top three button undone. She was wearing a lightweight one piece, zipper front shorts/jumpsuit that was unzipped almost to her naval. She didn't have on a bra, but her large tits stood firm, and her nipples pushed at the front of her outfit. Between his crouch and her "I want to be sucked" nipples, I wanted to know who this couple was, very badly. She introduced the man as Pastor Manie Longsquirts, from the Church of Eternal Lust, and she was Lotta Cooms, his personal assistant. She said that Paula had come back to them with a favorable report about our agency, and that they needed to talk to the broker about one of the properties that Paula had been shown. I told them that both Ruth and Harry were with other customers at the moment, but shouldn't be long, if they would care to wait. They said that that would be fine. I buzzed Ruth and told her that they were waiting, then I started chatting with them. Lotta told me that Paula had explained in great detail just how friendly our agency was, so Pastor Longsquirts just had to meet us, and was sure that their church could reach an agreement with us about a property. I said, "I'm glad to hear that, Miss Cooms". She said, "Just call me Lotta, or Lotta Cums. That's what people that I've had sex with call me". "And that's every one of us men in the congregation, and about half of the women too", said the Pastor. "Really, Pastor", says I, "Does that mean, Lotta, that you cum a lot, or that you cum every time you have sex?" "Both", the Pastor replied. "Oh, and we're very informal at our church, so just call me Manie, or Many, which is what my wife and all the rest of the women I have known call me".

We were sitting at the outer office table while we talked. Manie was in the middle, Lotta on his right, and me on his left. As we talked he started stroking my leg with one hand, and Lotta's with the other. I instinctively moved my legs further apart, and noticed that Lotta did the same. Lotta also started stroking his right thigh, so I started on the left. We were getting each other pretty worked up when Ruth came out of her office with the customer that she had been with. When that person left, I introduced her to Lotta and Pastor Manie Longsquirts. Manie gave Ruth the once over, two or three times, then leered wickedly at her. Ruth, having checked out Manie also, leered back. After hearing who he was, and where he was from, Ruth turned on the charm. She stepped up close to greet him, but just close enough so that her tits were barely touching his chest, then proceeded to move around just enough to let him feel how hard her nipples were. Manie took a deep breath, and then suggested that he and she should discuss the properties alone in her office. Ruth readily agreed. They headed off to Ruth's office, hip to hip, with their arms around each other, though Manie's was higher then her waist, and reached further around so that he was cupping her tit in his hand.

Lotta and I continued to sit at the table and talk, but now we were facing each other, sitting very close together. My right leg was between her legs, and she had her leg between mine. As we talked, we drew our chairs as close together as we could, and then slid forward in them until our knees were against the others crouch. Soon we were rubbing each others pussies with our knees. I hefted her tits and told her that she was lucky to have such large firm knockers. We leaned toward each other and kissed passionately, tongues dueling in our dark wet oral cavities. We were obviously getting along well; too well for the outer office. I told Lotta about the rules, and we each reluctantly backed off.

I invited her over to the receptionist desk, and flipped on the monitor for Harry's office. He had been showing properties to a couple that I judged to be in their sixties, so I expected to see an ordinary business meeting. What Lotta and I saw was a sixty year old lady straddling Harry's lap, bouncing up and down to beat the band. Harry was hanging onto her tits, which were hanging out of her dress. Her husband was busy taking pictures of them with a digital camera. Then he went to his chair by the desk and started signing papers to close the sale, completely ignoring the two of them. Sometimes you just never know.

Then I flipped to the monitor for Ruth's office, and Lotta and I weren't surprised to see Ruth and Manie getting it on. They were both naked; she was bent over her desk to give him a clear shot at her from the back. He was fucking her doggie style, and really pounding her hard. She was holding onto the edge of her desk so her mams were dangling below her and swinging back and forth with each of his fuck strokes. Now and then, he would reach up and grab them, hanging onto them as if for leverage while he slammed his tool into her pussy. Lotta said, "Now you will see why all of us women call him Many, not Manie, Longsquirts". I watched with curiosity as he banged Ruth, who apparently had several orgasms before he was ready to shoot. After a while it was obvious that Manie was about to unload in Ruth's pussy. He started unloading, and after about the sixth or seventh shot, I mentioned that he had real staying power. Lotta said that he wasn't half done, and that is how he got his nickname of Many. Lotta was right. Many just kept pumping away. He must have shoot at least two dozen times all together. If I thought Harry was good, this guy was awesome.

Lotta said that the name Longsquirt was not his real name, but was descriptive of his ability. "Out in the open each one of those squirts would go five or six feet across the room. On Sunday morning, before church, Paula and the other women in the choir take turns sucking is dick until he is ready to let go. Then he blesses them by cumming all over their chest and tits before they put on their choir robes. They sit through the whole service with his cum drying on their tits, and as it dries it glues their robes to their bodies"

I heard the door to Harry's office open, so I flipped Ruth's monitor to standby. Harry escorted the older couple out and saw them to the door, saying it was a real pleasure doing business with them. Once they had passed the receptionist desk, I immediately flipped Ruth's monitor back on.

Harry headed toward us, and I could see Lotta getting nervous about him seeing what was going on in Ruth's office. I told her, "Relax, this is common stuff. Besides, you just saw what was happening in his office". I introduced her, and Many, via the monitor. As we watched, we told him all about Many, and how long he had apparently been shooting off in Ruth. We estimated eighteen to twenty times by now. Then we saw him pull out of Ruth, she turned around quickly, taking a hit of jizz across her back and side as Many continued to pump. Many backed up a step or two, so he was now about three feet away. He stroked his tool and pointed it at Ruth. She took about another six shots on the face, tits and belly from where he stood. By the time he finished, the cum was running down Ruth in little rivulets. They talked a second, then she hit the intercom button and asked me to please send Lotta in. We had a pretty good idea why. Harry answered her and said that he could stay out front if I was needed also. Ruth didn't hesitate. Lotta and I both headed for her office. I heard Lotta finish unzipping her one piece before we even got to the door. We were barely through before she shucked off the top and was stepping out of the shorts. I had worn a loose fitting silk pull over blouse that clung to my body and kept my nipples taught all the time. I was out of that just as quick as Lotta was out of her one piece.

By now Many and Ruth were both leaning against her office desk, half facing each other and having a tongue duel. The cum was dripping out of Ruth's twat and onto the carpet, creating a small puddle. Lotta was on her knees and between Ruth's legs in a heartbeat, lapping up all that she could. I headed for Many, and was soon licking the residue of his cum and Ruth's juices off of his thighs, balls, and dick. Many and Ruth were still lip locked. I finished my clean up job, and was surprised and pleased to see that his cock was already starting to come back to life. I let him go for the moment, stood up and started licking his cum off of Ruth's tit, taking the nipple into my mouth and sucking hard on it to make sure that I had gotten every thing off of it that I could. They parted a bit so that I could get to her cleavage and other nipple, which I eagerly did, licking up all of his cum, swallowing it greedily. In the mean time, I could hear Lotta making slurping noises in Ruth's bush. Between what I was doing to her nipples and tits, and Lotta lapping her cunt, it was starting to get Ruth hot again, but then it never takes much to get Ruth hot.

Many, in the meantime, had found the zipper in the back of my skirt, and had finished getting me naked. He then stepped in close behind me, while I had been sucking on Ruth's nipples, and had pressed his hardening cock into the crack of my ass, which seemed to make it grow even faster. He also reached around me and started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. My pussy had been wet all the time I had been watching the monitor in the other room. Now it was positively dripping. I wanted that cock in my cunt, squirting all that cum deep inside of me. He started dry fucking the crack of my ass while he played with my tits. I couldn't stand it any longer. Ruth and Lotta would have to get along with out me. I turned around and lifted my leg up high, letting his cock slide into my crouch. He picked me up, and I rapped my legs around his waist as he settled me down on the tip of that wonderful cock. I slid slowly down it until it was buried deep in my honey hole and I felt his pubic hair tickle my clit. He walked me over to the office sofa, each step setting off little fireworks in my belly. He lowered me gently to the sofa and proceeded to screw me out of my mind. His stroking seemed to last forever, having just barley finished fucking Ruth, it took even longer for him to climax then it normally would. I didn't care. I enjoyed every stroke of it. I don't know how many times I came. When he did go over the edge, it was like nothing I had experienced before. I've had long dicks (Cindy's husband, Jeff, has a fifteen incher, and I had every inch of it the first time he screwed me), fat dicks, blow jobs, ass fucked, pussy fucked (sometimes all three at once), and gang banged, but for the same cock to shoot off in me as many times as he did was almost overwhelming. Almost, but not quite. When he was done, he kissed me and got off of me. Before I could move, Ruth was between my legs sucking his cum out of my box. Soon Lotta took over while Ruth and Many actually got down to real estate business. Lotta and I totally ignored them, and were soon in the sixty nine position eating each others cunts. She soon had me cumming again, and I had her doing the same. She didn't squirt like Paula. It was more like a dam broke. Her cum ran in a steady stream onto my face and into my mouth. This time I was on the bottom, and had to swallow hard and fast to keep up with her.

Before long, Harry had joined us. He said that Cindy was back and taking care of things out front. That meant she was watching us on the monitor, and finger fucking herself. He quickly sized up the situation and soon was on his knees behind Lotta, with his meat in her pussy. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but his fuck strokes made Lotta cum even harder, making it impossible for me to lap up all of her juices, and even though I did the best I could, a lot was spilled on the leather sofa.

That all took place about three months ago. A lot has happened since then. Tom and I are regulars at Ruth and Harry's monthly sex parties at their place. I still work (and play) at the real estate office. Ruth and Harry are talking about replacing all the video cameras with web cams, and starting a porno web site on the Internet. Goodness knows there will be plenty of material to offer. And, oh yes, The Church of Eternal Lust did rent a building from us, that just happened to be next to their church. Harry said that in order to protect our investment, we would have to start attending services on a regular basis. So now the six of us, Ruth and Harry, Cindy and her husband Jeff, and me and my man Tom, all go to church quite often. But that is a whole other story.

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