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The Third Wheel

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Just a quick story about something that happened nearly a year ago. My wife and I are pretty adventurous sexually and have tried various forms of swinging but nothing consistent. We sorta go with the flow. So one night we had invited a friend that she works with over to our house to hang out with us for a few drinks. We really weren't planning anything sexual but he just seemed like he could use a pick-me-up and we had nothing else going on. We had planned to invite another girl over but she canceled. So the three of us sat around talking and drinking wine and having a fun time. After a while, we got to playing our Wii. So he started bragging about how good he is at Mario Kart. My wife and I were both pretty good and we let him know and my wife asked if he wanted to bet on it.

"What do want to bet?" he asked.

"I don't care what we bet," she said. "You're the one who is going to have to pay!"

He asked me and we started a little discussion about money and other things. My wife finally got up and said she had to go to the bathroom but she will go with whatever we decide. While she was gone, I basically broke it down for him...

"Look dude, my wife is horny as hell right now. I don't know when the last time you got some was, but if you play your cards right tonight, we could have some fun."

"And you're OK with that or what?" he asked.

"Hey, I'm always down for some crazy sex fun! We could both get action. She would love that! Follow my lead."

So when she walked back in and asked "so what are we betting?"

"Head" I said.

"Huh? You mean like the loser gives head?"

"Yep. We decided it would be you verses him. Straight up. Loser gives head until the other cums. I told him he better get his tongue ready!"

She immediately looked excited and ready. "Let's do this" she said.

"OK, I'm the ref" I said and I got it all ready. "4 games. Overall winner gets to have the other's tongue until they cum!"

Game one went to my wife. Game two went to him. Game three went to him. Game four was almost over when I realized that she had no way of pulling this off. He had it. Sure enough, he wins fairly easily.

"Looks like you better get your tongue ready girl!" he said.

My wife just licked her lips and said "Let's see what you got"

To make the longer story a little shorter...

She pulled out his cock and licked the head. He was pretty small compared to me so she was easily able to deep throat it which she can't do to me. She was enjoying her time... licking it up and down slowly, licking the balls, and licking down to his anus while stroking him. He was holding the back of head tightly as he sat on the couch, his head whipped back, eyes shut tight.

She started picking up the pace after a few minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I positioned her so that she was on her side, his cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy. I had one leg hoisted up near my head and was feverishly thrusting into her wetness.

Then came the surprise of the night. He began moaning that he was cumming. She mumbled for him to cum in her mouth. He mumbled something about he had a big load so be ready. With that, he starting thrusting into her mouth and it was obvious he was cumming. One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Finally she let him out of her mouth's grip and out flowed an avalanche of cum. Meanwhile he shot his fourth and fifth loads onto her face while she jerked him. 6th load halfway into her gaping mouth. 7th load onto her cheeks and hair. I'd never actually see someone cum so much. an 8th load dripped out and the a 9th. She finally took the head back into her mouth and swallowed what she could.

I had seen and felt enough and jerked my few loads into her mouth. Then we all collapsed on the couch for a while. Eventually she got up to clean herself off. I asked our friend if his shot was normal and he said he did that all the time. I asked if he could do it again and he said yes. So when she came back, I had a new plan. I had him put on a condom and I told him he could fuck her wet pussy doggy style and I wanted to be underneath to see the action. And then he could cum all over her ass and pussy. Of course he agreed and so did she.

When she came back we got into again real fast. Next thing I knew, I found myself under my wife in a 69 position with this dude about to stick his dick in her pussy right over my face. Even though his dick was maybe 6 total inches, his balls were huge and used it well. I watched him wiggle into her wet pussy and began pumping hard. His balls were hanging on the tip of my nose so I decided to lean back a little and lick them (which was part of the reason I wanted to try this position in the first place). As I did, he got faster and harder. Finally after only a few minutes, he pulled out, whipped the condom off, and began shooting another massive load. The first shot hit her right in the pussy and bounced onto my face, the second did the same. The next few got slightly less direct and dripped down her pussy. Finally after about 8 shots, he backed away and I began furiously licking my wife clean. I've cleaned up cum before but never this much! My wife started shaking and I could feel her orgasm over my body. Eventually, she ended up turning around and kissing me to taste more of his cum.

Needless to say, that night was etched in my memory. He hasn't been back since (he has a girlfriend now). But I'm sure one day we'll have meeting number two.

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