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The Taste of Love 2

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I help you stand and we slip your shirt off over your head. I reach around behind you and release the snaps on your bra, pulling the straps down your shoulders, off your arms, and dropping it to the floor beside us. Your breasts are like two smooth, round mounds high up on your chest tipped with puckered pink nipples. I move my hands up to caress them and feel your nipples harden almost immediately beneath my touch. Caressing you, I run my hands gently underneath the swell of each breast, my thumbs rubbing firmly back and forth over your nipples. You gasp and sigh with renewed pleasure.

You unbutton each button, beginning at the top. I keep my hands on your breasts, stroking and exciting the nipples with the tips of my fingers. You slide the shirt off my shoulders and it lands at our feet. Carefully, you bring your mouth to my chest and start to lick my nipples with your tongue. A shiver goes through me as the sensations of pleasure are incredible. First one, then the other, you caress with the palm of your hand and then your mouth. Instinctively, you make little circles around each one with your wet tongue. After a little while I reluctantly pull your mouth away from my chest. I have other plans for your mouth.

You put your hands on the waistband of my jeans and unsnap them. You pull the zipper down, struggling a little at the bottom. Pulling down my jeans, you reveal my white briefs which keep my erect cock from springing out. You get down on your knees to pull the jeans off my feet, then you start to get up. You hesitate an instant, then, with one hand, begin to run your hand up and down over my prick. Carefully at first, then with more confidence and pressure, you caress my hard, throbbing cock through the cotton covering of my underwear with your hand, running your fingers the full length up and down. A small spot of wetness has already appeared where the tip of my cock presses out against the cotton material.

I step my feet out to the sides a little more, opening up the area between my legs, and you let your fingers slip under my balls, gently fondling their roundness. Your hands ride up behind me, feeling the contours of my ass, then down and underneath, the palm of your hand cupping and holding my balls.

You grasp the waistband of my briefs and pull my underwear briefs off, rolling them down my legs and lifting each of my feet to slip them off completely. My cock stands hard and erect, pulsing slightly, jutting out from my loins. I am so aroused by our earlier encounter that my cock feels like an iron spike, so hard, so much in need of release.

As you kneel on the floor in front of me, my loins are even with your face, and you reach up with both hands and gently slide your fingers over my stalk, from head to balls. Your palms lightly skim over the velvety softness of my sex shaft, eagerly caressing me. You don?t hesitate at all?you seem to want to make me feel good as I had done to you. Your fingers fold around my shaft and begin to lightly stroke up and down.

As you hold and caress by cock, I hope you are ready for the next step.

Without hesitation you bring your face up very close to my prick and slide the tip of your pink tongue along the bottom length of it, from balls to tip, then back down again. Back and forth, up and down, your sweet mouth and tongue caress the length of my prick, never once stopping. The sensations are incredible, and I look down and marvel at what you are doing to me.

You must have learned something from watching those porno films because, after another minute, you tilt my stiff shaft down with your left hand and, when you get to the head, open your lips and slide my erection into your mouth.

?Mmmm ? God, you?re good,?

You take the first half of my prick into your mouth experimentally. Your lips close tightly around my shaft and I can feel your tongue move over and around the head, licking at the sensitive tip. Slowly, you pull your head back, holding my shaft in your hands and caressing my cock with your lips as it slides out of your mouth. You find that the taste and feel of cock sucking isn?t at all distasteful?as a matter of fact, it feels really sexy, and the warm, tickling wetness begins to flow between your legs.

Your mouth, again, closes over the tip, sliding the length partially into your mouth. You look up into my face with my cock half way down your throat and smile. Slowly, you move your head up and down on my stalk, the hot, juicy wetness from your mouth makes my cock slippery.

I put my hands on the side of your sweet face, guiding the movement of your head, showing how to stimulate my prick with your mouth. The action of your tongue as you lick and suck my shaft I don?t show you. You seem to know how to do that naturally.

You bring up a hand and start to jack me off, mouth and hand moving as one. You take my cock out of your mouth, holding it in your hand and running your tongue up and down each side, then bottom to top, adding more wetness. But, you always return to the head and engulf my length with your sweet mouth, letting about half it?s length slide deep inside. Up and down your head bobs, your hand slipping up and down in time with your mouth, skimming lightly over the skin of my cock.

I stand above you and watch, admiring the incredibly sexy view of you on your knees in front of me, my cock slowly moving in and out of your mouth. Your firm, round ass sticks out; what a beautiful sight. I lean over and run my hands over your firm breasts, brushing across your erect nipples with my fingers, then gently rolling them between my finger tips.

Although your mouth is full of my cock, I feel you make a little moan of pleasure as I play with your titties for a moment. Standing up straight again, I put my hands on your bare shoulders and caress the skin on your back as your head slowly moves back and forth, your lips slithering over my cock.

Your mouth feels like a warm, moist sock completely enveloping my prick. I can feel the movement of your delightful tongue lick around the tip, following the contours and ridges of the head as you eagerly suck my cock. I close my eyes and let the powerful erotic sensations warm my body, and already I can feel the building tension in my balls that threatens to explode any moment now.

?I want you to cum,? I hear you say below me, ?I want to see you cum like they do in those porno movies. I want to see you spurt your sweet cum on me.?

You let my prick slip out of your mouth, although your hand keeps up it?s motion on my shaft. You use just the right amount of pressure as your fingers skim lightly up and down over the sensitive surface. The pleasure is so intense and I am so aroused by what you are doing I can barely stand.

You release me for a moment and I sit down on the edge of the couch, my knees wide apart, my prick standing straight up into the air, balls slung underneath. Immediately, you move to me still on your knees, getting between my spread legs and placing your hungry wet mouth over my cock again. Your head moves up and down at a faster pace, your hands now playing with my balls, rolling them in your right hand. My balls are so wet from the juices of your mouth, and the fingers of your left hand are again sliding up and down with your mouth, jacking me off. I look down and watch my prick move in and out of your little mouth, feeling the movement of your tongue on the head of my cock as you bring me closer to that point of pleasurable release.

?You can cum,? she says. ?Don?t hold back; I want you to ? I want you to cum in my mouth.?

I groan again as I gaze at you. I am so horny from earlier taking your panties off and eating your pussy that I know I will explode soon. You pause for a moment and looked up at me, a lewd grin on your face.

I feel the contraction in my balls an instant before my body tenses and my cock erupts like a volcano. The first spurt of thick, salty cream seems to take you by surprise, but you calmly accept the rest. I can feel you swallowing each shot and I hope you will get used to it. You actually seem to enjoy the sensation (if not the taste), and I can feel you using your tongue to clean off the last dribbles coming out of the cum hole.

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