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The Rain

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The rain started to come down. We had an idea it would, one of the quick, but wet, April showers that sometimes hit the Golden State of California.

Still some 150 miles short of our final destination and close to 9.30 in the evening, I decided it was time to pull over and find a hotel/motel for the night. No point in riding in the rain for the next 2 or 3 hours. No point in getting thoroughly soaked.

?We?ll stop somewhere? I yelled at you over my shoulder, as the rain increased, hitting me full in the face. I felt you tucking in behind me, trying to keep dry and as warm as possible, the leather jackets preventing the rain from soaking, but our jeans were now getting drenched wet through. Cars were still racing past us on the Freeway, kicking up water. It was getting too dangerous to continue for much longer.

The sign showed that there was accommodations available, gas and food too, at the next 2 exits. I hate those signs, I always take the wrong exits, but this time, I chose right as I saw the neon light for a motel in the not too far distance.

As we pulled off of the freeway onto the small town road, passing one or two bars, a burger bar, the rain easing, but still falling as we rode to the Motel ,pulling into the marked bays for parking I looked around as I turned off the roaring engine.

Standing, I let you off, looked at you and smiled. ?Bit wet honey? I asked with a laugh, a laugh that you returned with a poke of the tongue.

After unstrapping the T-Bag from the rack, we went into the small, but dry Managers Office. I swear his eyes almost left his sockets as he saw you remove the wet jacket. No wonder really, that I have to admit for what greeted those eyes of his was the sight of you in a bikini top. It was certainly warm enough for one when we left, that and the vest. I saw you smile as his eyes stared. I guess that you were feeling horny again, even though not more than 2 hours ago, we had pulled off into a rest stop, found a secluded part and sat at a picnic table. It was there you looked around to see who was close by, not that it would have worried you though. You saw that the coast was clear, well, nearly ? just one or two trucks about 40 yards away. You stood up, unbuckled your belt, pulled down the zipper to your jeans and then peeled them off. I just looked, licked my lips, I knew what you wanted.

?Lick me baby? were the words you spoke, confirming my thoughts of knowing what you wanted, as you sat down, parting your thighs, tugging the thong to one side to show me the pussy that I loved to both lick and fuck.

Getting to my knees, my fingers parted your freshly shaved pussy lips, my tongue darted out, stabbing at your erect clit before sliding up and down, tasting the wetness. I felt you lay back against the table, heard your moans as my tongue slid inside your wetness, licking, lapping at the juices that were forming, licking your clit, pressing hard on it with my tongue, then driving two fingers into your pussy as the speed of my tongue increased. I looked up at you, your hands were all over your tits as you slipped the bikini up off of them, your fingers gripping, tugging and pulling on your hard nipples.

Concentrating on your clit with my tongue as my two fingers drove in and out of your tight pussy, the juices beginning to flow as I heard the scream escaping your mouth. Greedily, I licked your pussy, lapping at the juices of your orgasm until I felt your body subside.

Pulling away, I watched you slip the cups to the bikini over your breasts and then watched as you dressed again. I just smiled, I smiled at the knowledge that, yet again, my tongue brought you to an orgasm.

?Just the one night, yes? I answered the clerk as I filled in the required form and then took the key from his hand, seeing his eyes were, yet again, upon your tits. I saw that wicked smile, the smile that told me that you knew he was looking. Such a slut, such a GOOD slut.

Inside the room, basic but comfortable, a nice sized bed, clean showers and bathroom and a television that worked I unpacked the toiletries from the T Bag, dry tops and more importantly, dry jeans.

The shower was indeed nice and warm and so was your body as I slammed you against the tiled wall, pressing your tits to the tiles as I spanked your receptive ass, watching it turn into a warm shade of pink. My cock was throbbing as I slipped a finger inside your pussy as my right hand came crashing down again on your bare ass.

?Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck your slut? you moaned as I moved behind you, grabbing your hips and with one thrust, sunk my cock deep into your pussy, the water cascading over our bodies. Your scream was deafening as I slammed in and out of you, as I felt your muscles grasp my cock, squeezing hard as your came. Relentlessly, I slammed harder and deeper, fucking you the way you liked to be fucked?hard.

Feeling that I was about to cum, I pulled out, grabbed your hair and growled at you. ?Get on your knees?. Pulling you down, my cock level with your face. ?Stroke me, make me cum ? Was all I said and then I sighed has I felt your fingers closing around my cock. I moaned as your hand worked up and down my cock, your fingers stroking and cupping my shaved balls. Unable to hold back any longer, my thighs shaking as I felt my balls emptying all over your face and tits.

Sated, we dried off and relaxed on the bed as we watched the news and the weather forecast. It was pleasing to see that it was as I thought, just a passing through shower and tomorrow promised more sunshine, as did the weekend, making the rally perfect.

?Okay, come on, it?s beer time? I said to you as I spanked your tits and twisted your hard nipples. ?But first baby? I said with a smile as I moved down the bed, opened your thighs and then those beautiful pussy lips with my tongue. You moaned as my tongue, for the second time that afternoon/night slid up and down your pussy, slipping inside and then onto your clit. The juices began to flow and my tongue followed them down, licking every inch, down to your ass, my tongue still licking and tasting those juices. Slipping a finger into your pussy, coating it, making it slick as my tongue stabbed your ass, preparing it for my finger.

As I slid the finger into your ass, my tongue slid into your pussy. Moving my finger in and out as my tongue lapped and licked deep until I felt your body shaking and the moans escaping your throat as you came again. I still needed more and more I got as my tongue continued licking you, as my finger kept fucking your ass. Driving both deep inside you, the tongue greedily lapping at your lips and stabbing, flicking your clit until you couldn?t hold back any longer. Grabbing my hair, you thrust you hips upwards, grinding your pussy onto my mouth and then slammed down to drive my finger deep into your ass as you let out a scream in the throes of an orgasm.

Twenty minutes later, we were dressed and ready to have a beer. ?I do like that top honey? I said as I saw you looking at which to wear that night. That top, one of my favorites, hid nothing being semi transparent and thin too, but suitably covered with the vest. There was NO doubt in my mind that you were in one of THOSE moods. A mood that literally oozed ?I want fucking over and over again?. How I loved those moods. How I loved it when you wanted nothing more than being fucked, licked and spanked and by more the merrier. Yes, this was one of those moods and I had the feeling that you would be ?searching? for another cock tonight, another cock to slam into your pussy, another tongue to lick you, another pair of hands to grab and massage your tits and another pair of hands to spank your ass. I wondered who would be the result of the ?search?.

The bar, some 400 yards away wasn?t too busy. I don?t like a bar that is too busy, have to wait too long to get beers; this was about right, just 8 or 9 in there, at the moment anyway.

It took only three drinks for you to seek the ?search?. It just happened that he walked in as we ordered the third round of drinks from the rather pimply woman behind the bar. I watched your reactions as he walked over. I smiled to myself; I knew he would seem to be suitable, the right age and alone. I judged his age to be a few years older than me, in his mid to late 50?s.

?Clever man? I thought to myself as he sat two stools to your left with me on your right, even though there were stools to my right, he chose to sit closer to you. Sensible man.

During the next couple of beers, well, beers for me, you had switched to the Bloody Marys, yet another sign to me that you wanted or even craved some additional fun tonight. (Did it worry me? Nope. I loved it, I loved to watch you being licked and fucked. I loved to watch as another cock penetrated, slammed and drove deep into your pussy. I loved to watch you being spoilt and having fun.) During those next couple of drinks, it was noticeable that he was paying some attention to us, to you. Who could blame him for staring at your tits? Who could blame you for making sure that he could see more of those tits? Not me, that?s for sure. I just loved the way you parted the leather vest to show him your semi transparent top and the fact that you were braless underneath.

I thought it might have been time to kind of drag him into the conversation and it wasn?t that hard to do it either, too easy, as he started the chat.

?Bikers?? he asked as he looked over at me and then his eyes, once again, dropping to the show you were giving him. Naturally, I replied to his question and that is when he told us that he too had been a biker for many years, but a divorce had cost him his ride. We chatted about bikes and things like that and I felt that you were getting just a little excited, maybe it was the way you squeezed my thigh, maybe it was the way you parted the vest a little more, maybe it was because it was because he moved to the stool next to you? Maybe all three? It mattered not to me, all that did matter was that you felt horny and maybe wanted to feel his cock in your hand, mouth and pussy.

The chat went on, a few laughs which enabled you to put your hand upon his knee. I smiled as I saw his knee move to touch yours. A sign, he was testing the waters. I was pleased, he too no doubt, that you didn?t move your knee away. Yes, I knew then, that later on, he would be slamming his hard cock into your pussy. I knew then you would be cumming all over his cock and balls, all over his face as he licked your wet pussy. I knew then that his hands and mouth would be all over those magnificent tits of your, pulling, sucking, tugging your nipples. I had a feeling that you knew that too, maybe that?s why you were looking a little flushed and very excited.

I have no clue how it started, but one of us mentioned the word ?tits?. I think it was during a chat about the rallies and tittie lane, but upon that word, that?s when I reached up and cupped your right breast and bounced it up and down, bringing laughter and merriment.

?They do look nice? he said as he watched my hand cupping. ?They are nice friend? I responded as I just lifted your top to show him a brief glance. Only a brief one, for we didn?t want to get jailed for indecent exposure! I gave your nipple a quick, but hard, tweak making you jump a little and then moan as you felt the delight of the pain. I saw you close your eyes as I gave your nipple another tug and again, heard the low moan escaping your throat as I covered you up again.

Three more beers each went by and it was getting close to closing time. ?We need a liquor store to take something back to the Motel? I said as I saw the time drawing to midnight.

?The garage sells beer and wine? he responded, his voice a little shaky. I could see his mind ticking over, racing. I think he was thinking if this was to be the end, or just the beginning.

We used the ?code word?. One of the two, Red for No, Green for Yes. Waiting until he went to the bathroom I looked at you and smiled.

?What color baby?? I asked as my hand fell upon your lap and moved up to your pussy area where my fingers pressed into it.

?Green baby? you whispered as you felt my fingers digging and pressing into your, no doubt, very wet pussy. ?Sure?? I asked just to make sure. You smiled and nodded. ?Very sure?.

He returned and we finished off the drinks, bade farewell to the bar tender and made our way over the street to the all night garage. 2 12 packs and we were on our way back to the Motel, you walking in the middle of us, the vest wide open, the cool air upon your hard nipples. I could almost sense your excitement and read your thoughts, thoughts of getting double fucked, double licked, hands and mouths all over your tits and pussy. I had the feeling that you were ready to party and fuck.

In the room, we opened the beers and all three of us sat on the bed. It was quiet, even though we were talking and laughing, it was as if all three of us were waiting for something to happen, for someone to make a move. I knew that he knew something was going to happen. That was obvious, judging by the growth in his jeans.

?Fuck, it?s warm in here? I said as I took off my vest and then drained the remainder of the MGD before excusing myself to go to the bathroom. How pleased I was when I returned to see that you too had removed your vest and was laying back, resting against the headboard. Our eyes met, they smiled at each other.

?See what?s on the tv hon? you said to me as I joined you two back on the bed and taking your lead, laid back on the headboard. I did check and hit the HBO channels, secretly hoping for an R Rated film with sex in it. I found it and just in time too as we saw the screen showing a man sucking on a woman?s nipple. ?Oh, we can?t watch this!? I said with a burst of laughter. ?Don?t you fucking dare turn it off? you said laughing and digging me in the ribs. I laughed and playfully gave your left nipple a tweak as we watched him undressing her, baring her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was more interested in looking at your nipples than those upon the screen. ?I like that? you said as we saw his tongue running over her tits. I smiled and felt you wriggle a little as the thoughts of us two sucking your tits must have come into your mind. ?Oh I know that!? was all I said as I boldly lifted up the semi see-through top and lowered a tongue on to your nipple.

Almost immediately, your hands reached left and right to fall upon two hard cocks, giving each one a squeeze as he took your other nipple into his mouth. I took that as my cue to undress you as I moved to your jean zip and button. You never moved, his mouth and tongue kept your eyes closed. I pulled off your jeans and then your thong, exposing your nakedness, your freshly shaved pussy. I moved inside your thighs, lowering my mouth to that sweet tasting pussy. You shook as my tongue glided up and down your lips, up and down your slit, stabbing at your clit and then taking it into my mouth, sucking hard on it. I looked up to see you unzipping his jeans an then reach inside to pull out his cock, his hard, solid throbbing cock. He took that chance to slip off his jeans to reveal no underwear, just a solid cock and heavy balls, balls that you now cupped in your hand as you grasped his cock, bringing it to your mouth. I watched as your tongue darted out, licking the head, gliding up and down the shaft. My tongue continued to lick at your pussy and I was getting ready for your first of many orgasms that night to erupt. I didn?t have to wait too long. The Combination of my tongue as now the tip of his cock in your mouth, your legs shook and I tasted the leaking juices. Eagerly lapping every drop as I looked up at your mouth taking a little more of his big thick cock, as your hands played and rolled his balls, taking just a little more into your mouth, bringing the teachings we had done into being. Almost as an expert, I watched you start to move your head up and down, sucking at the same time, your eyes closed as you enjoyed feeling the power of his cock in your mouth, enjoying the feeling of the hard shaft moving in and out of your mouth.

My tongue went back to work on you, flicking your clit as I slid a finger into you, moving it in deep and then rotating it around inside you. My tongue moved up and down your wet slit, taking a lip into my mouth, sucking hard upon it as my finger slid effortlessly in and out until I felt your pussy muscles contracting. Eagerly, again, I tasted your flowing juices, the orgasm making you suck harder and harder on his cock, taking him as deep as you could without gagging, enjoying the feeling of him fucking your mouth, enjoying his fingers roughly tugging and pulling on your nipples, moans and groans escaping your throat. His own groans told me he was close. ?Cum over her tits? I told him. He pulled his cock out of your mouth, taking the shaft in his hand, aiming the tip at your tits, watching you pushing them together. We watched him give himself a few quick strokes and then watched as he shot his cum all over your tits. He continued to cum all over them, hitting each nipple, covering them then wiping the tip of his cock over your tits and nipples, spreading his cum more. I watched as you took his cock in your hand, I watched you squeeze the shaft and then bring the head of his cock to each nipple in turn as if you were trying to get every drop from him.

My tongue went back into your pussy as your hands rubbed the cum into your skin and then taking his cock again into your lips, sucking greedily on him. It was as if you wanted to keep him hard, as if you needed him hard again. I saw the signs, I knew what you wanted and needed and it wasn?t a nice and gentle fucking.

?She needs a good hard slam fucking? I announced as I roughly slammed two fingers into your wet pussy, bringing a mild scream from your lips.

Grabbing your hair, pulling you up and I growled. ?Get on your knees slut? and without giving you a chance to reply, I pulled you up and forced you on all fours. As soon as I had you there, I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on your ass. I smiled as I saw you wince, I smiled again as the second spank came crashing down. Forcing your head onto the bed, gripping your hair, I continued to spank you, turning your ass red, handprints covering each inch of your ass.

He sat there, holding his cock, stroking it as he watched my hand come crashing down onto your ass, over and over again. Tugging your hair, as if I was forcing you to watch him stroking his semi hard cock I said ?This bitch wants to be fucked hard and deep, she wants her cunt raping, she wants her wet cunt to be fucked deep and hard? as my hand came crashing down again and then sliding it underneath your body, bringing it up to spank your pussy.

?What do you want slut?? I growled as I spanked your pussy lips. I heard your muffled reply, but not loud enough as I growled again ?Tell us you slut, what do you want, tell us that you want your pussy fucked?

?Please, please fuck my slutty pussy baby, please fuck me hard and deep, fuck your slut?.

With that, I stood up, brought my hand crashing down on your ass and then undid my jeans. Stepping out of them and my boxers, I got onto the bed behind you. Roughly grabbing your hips and without any finesse, I drove my cock deep into your pussy, deep all the way to the hilt. I drove in and out of your pussy, giving you no mercy, just slam fucking you as hard as I could. My balls slapping against your ass with every thrust. Reaching under you to grab your tits, pulling you back up and against me. Your backward thrusts matching my forward thrusts as my hands massaged, grabbed and pulled on your tits and nipples, squeezing them hard.

I watched him moving, his hand stroking, his cock once again solid, jutting out like a masterpiece. I watched as he moved closer to you and then slip the tip into your mouth again. I heard your throaty moan as you took him into your mouth. The sight was so erotic and watching his cock moving in and out I was unable to hold back and groaned as I felt my balls erupting, sending a stream of cum into your pussy. I stayed buried deep inside you, emptying my balls deep inside you and then slowly pulled out of you.

?Fuck her? I said to him as I moved off the bed, he took my place, I took his place. Waiting until his cock plunged deep and hard into your pussy, watching the reaction on your face as you felt him roughly slamming into you, seeing your eyes close and you clenching your teeth, biting your bottom lips as his cock slammed in and out. I got onto me knees, grabbed your hair and taking my cock in my hand, I began to rub the wet head all over your face and then against your mouth. Eagerly, you opened your lips and took me inside. I sighed as I felt your warm mouth begin to suck on me.

?Yes, go on, fuck the bitch harder? I said to him as you took as much of me inside your mouth as you could. It didn?t take him long, not long at all to empty himself, to cum, deep inside your pussy. As he did, I felt you shaking, I knew that you too were cumming. I pulled out my cock as you screamed in the throes of your orgasm.

I watched his cock sliding in and out as he came in you, I watched him hold his cock deep, pumping his seed into you. Then I watched him pull out and virtually collapse on the bed, totally spent. As we all were, totally spent and you totally well and truly fucked.

We all lay down on the bed, you in the middle, our hands running over your body, each of us rubbing fingers over your tits and nipples and then his hand moved down to your pussy, his fingers slipped deftly inside you and brought you off once again.

Sleep came easily, so easily but I enjoyed waking up just as much. Sounds, noises brought me awake, sounds of sex, of a cock invading a pussy. I opened my eyes, I smiled as I saw you sitting on top of our guest. I saw his hands on your tits as you bounced up and down on his hard cock. I just lay there, looking and smiling. I was happy that you were having fun, happy that you were enjoying getting fucked in the morning and even happier when I heard you cumming for the first time that day.

Yes, I was happy for you baby, very happy.

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