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The Party I'll Never Forget

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It was a hot steamy Saturday night and I was itching to get out. I had a rough week at work and needed to do some well deserved partying. A girlfriend called and said there was a party tonight at a friends house and asked if I wanted to go. I jumped on the opportunity. I dressed in a short skirt, a light top, and my 4? heels. I was ready to go. When we got to the house, there were couples and singles partying heavy. Everyone was drinking beer or mixed drinks. I started drinking to get caught up with the rest of the crowd. After a while, I was feeling no pain and had a nice buzz. My friend introduced me to some people. I was talking and joking with them and having a good time.

Around midnight the crowd started to thin. By this time, I was getting pretty of drunk. I was talking with a couple guys and they asked if I wanted to take a couple shots of tequila. I figured what the hell and said ok. We went back to one of the bedrooms where he said he kept the bottle with shot glasses. After a couple of shots, my body was feeling a pleasant numbness.

Then one of the guys came up behind me and put his arms around me and was squeezing my tits while kissing my neck. This startled me because it was totally unexpected. I pushed his arms apart instinctively and moved away saying I wasn?t interested in this right now. He said sure your not and quickly grabbed me again and pulled me on the bed. I was trying to push him away but he was too strong. I saw his friend go to the door and lock it. He told me to be quiet and relax and everything would be ok. He said I looked very sexy and that he and his friend just wanted to have some fun.

We laid still for a minute and I settled down a bit. He then started to give me a kiss as he unbuttoned my top. He got three buttons undone and slid his hand inside my blouse, cupping my breast through my bra. Then he slid his hand up and pulled the bra strap loose from my shoulder, pulling the bra down and closing his hand over my large bare tit. With an effort, I tore my mouth away from his. "No," I groaned. He slid his lips down between my breasts, then over onto the exposed tit. He closed his lips on my nipple and sucked it into his mouth. I put my hands on his head, trying to push on him. Gradually, the pushing subsided, and I just lay there, letting him suck my tit. It sent a jolt of pleasure through me and I accidentally let out a moan.

He could hear my heavy ragged breathing, but I was doing nothing which would either encourage him or discourage him. Continuing to suck my tit, he slid his hand down the outside of my leg. He slid his hand in between my knees and began to slide it back up the inside of my leg, pushing my skirt up with it. I knew I should probably keep objecting but I didn?t. I wasn?t ready to just give in either. I made no move to stop him until he got almost to my crotch, when I clamped her legs together tighter. Undaunted, he, simply slid his hand up over my front onto my stomach. It felt good and I was starting to get hot. I was still trying to figure out what I should do. I knew these men wanted to fuck me but I wasn?t sure I was ready.

I told him that I really needed to find my friend so she doesn?t leave without me. He said don?t worry. I will give you a ride home if she leaves as he kept moving his hand towards my pussy. My body was getting turned on but I didn?t want him to know. I just laid there with my legs together and arms at my side. When he reached the waist of my bikini panties, he slid his hand down inside the waistband and slowly slid it down toward my pussy. I held my legs together but I didn?t know how much willpower I had left. He kept trying to pry his hand between my legs while he sucked and lightly bit my nipple. I still wasn?t giving in and held my legs together.

He gently worked a finger down into the top of my crack, finding my clit. He could feel how juicy I was. My body was responding and he knew it. And my clit was standing up stiff and proud. He worked it with his fingers and he felt my legs gradually relaxing. I still wasn?t giving in though and held my legs together. He worked his hand down farther between my legs, gradually sliding his finger down deeper and deeper into my crack. Finally, he had the tip of his finger at my cunthole, and he gently stirred the fingertip around. I was really wet now. He pushed the finger deeper and deeper into my pussy, until he had it buried all the way in my cunt. After fingering me for some time, he pulled his finger out of me and slid his hand back up to the waist of my panties. He began to pull them down, inching them down over my hips. I put my hand on my waist band to try and hold them up. He persisted in pulling them down and I eventually gave way. I was not helping him, but I wasn't resisting him any more either.

It was almost like I was trying to pretend that he wasn't doing it. Finally, he got them down far enough that he could slide them down the rest of the way, and by twisting slightly, he got them over my bare feet and completely off. He then slid his hand back up between my legs and began to finger fuck me again. He slowly slid down my body, continuing to work his finger slowly in and out of my pussy. He kissed my leg, gently nibbling and kissing his way down the inside of my thigh. Slowly, he kissed his way up between my thighs until he was nuzzling against my crotch. He glanced up at my face and noted that I still had my eyes tightly shut, but my face was deeply flushed and my was breathing heavily. He flicked out his tongue, quickly licking the very tip of my clitty. I jerked involuntarily and groaned. He flicked my clit again, then began to run his tongue around and around it. I began to moan a little louder and spread my legs a little, giving him more ready access to my pussy. He continued to lick my clit as my pussy became more and more juicy around his pumping finger. He pulled his finger out and licked up and down my slit, tasting my sweet juices. He stuck his tongue as far up the entrance of my pussy as he could, swirling it around and around in the opening. Licking his way back up my slit to my clit, he slid his finger back up into my hole. Again, he swirled his tongue around and around my clit. It began to swell, getting larger and larger as his tongue swirled around and around it and his finger probed deeply in my cunt hole. Suddenly, he took my clit between his lips and began to suck on it, flicking the tip with his tongue as he sucked. I let out a shriek and my pelvis began to jerk as I shoved my pussy hard against his mouth and his probing finger. I jerked spasmodically, moaning and groaning. He pulled his finger out of my pussy and raised up and looked at me. I laid still, my eyes still closed, as though I were trying to pretend that it had not happened.

He took his hand from my legs and undid his belt. I heard him unzip his pants. He pulled down his pants and I felt his cock rub against my leg. His cock felt big and hard. I knew it was now or never if I was going to try and stop this but I laid there defenseless. The alcohol was taking a toll on my mind. He then moved one of his legs between mine and his weight pushed my legs apart. He moved his other leg between mine and now he was on top of me and started sucking and biting my nipples. His body was between my legs and my pussy was now open and available to him. He lowered himself onto me, letting his dick slide up between my legs. I lay with my legs straight out, slightly spread. He quickly brought his cock up to my slit spreading my legs further. I was now going to feel this man?s hard cock inside me. ? He?s going to fuck me.? I thought. I knew I didn't have the will to resist him. He was taking my body.

He slid his hard cock up and down in my crack a few times then he reached down and took one leg in each hand. He pulled them both up, spreading them wide. I felt his cock head at the entrance of my pussy hole . I felt the end of his prick move into the mouth of my cunt, then on up a little farther. Then he strongly pushed forward into me. I could feel shaft of his dick sliding up into the hot wet heat of my pussy. Withdrawing about halfway, he raised up on his elbows and then quickly thrust forward again, sinking the full length of it in my pussy! My eyes popped wide open! I gasped! His hard cock was now filling my pussy. I could feel his large cock pulsing deep inside my body. He had taken me with his cock and it felt great. He withdrew it until only the head was in me, then slowly slid forward again. As it sank in me, inch by inch, I started to relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling. My head was spinning with the pleasure of feeling his huge hard cock deep in my body. Trembling with hot desire, I now wanted him to fuck me. My body had now totally given in to his will and cock. He pulled out and then thrust his cock into me hard. He stopped with it buried up to the balls in me. "How do you like that?" he smiled at me. "Wow, I didn't know they made them that big," I gasped. "Do you want it now?" he asked. "Yess," I hissed at him. "Fuck me with that thing." he smiled and slowly withdrew, then thrust forward again. He began to fuck me, gently at first, then more and more vigorously. The walls of my pussy clasping tightly around his dick. I was gasping and moaning, tossing my head from side to side as he screwed me. He was raised up on his arms now, supporting himself on his hands as he banged his dick in and out of me. I had my legs pulled way up and spread as far as I could get them as I took every thrust to the hilt. I put my hands on his ass trying to pull him into me as deep as possible. He kept thrusting his cock into me harder and harder. I was now his. I loved the way his cock was fucking me. I loved what he was doing to me. His thrust were so powerful. He was bringing me towards a great orgasm with his cock.

Then he stopped and pulled out. I said, ? Don?t stop, please don?t stop, fuck me, please fuck me.? I put up no resistance as he began to take off the rest of my clothes. I was now completely naked in front of these two men and I wanted his cock back inside me. He said, ? Before you didn?t want any of this and now you don?t want me to stop.? ? Yes, I want you, I want you to fuck me. I will do what you want.? I said. I couldn?t help myself. My body was so hot with lust I just wanted these men to take me. To fuck me. To make me cum. I was now theirs to use as they wanted and they knew it. He laid on the bed and told me to suck his cock. I went down and took his cock into my mouth. As I sucked his cock, he was moaning and telling me what a great cock sucker I was. He put his hands behind my head and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. His cock was rock hard and I could taste his pre-cum. I kept sliding my mouth up and down his shaft taking him deeper and deeper into my throat. He moaned, ? I knew when I saw you that you would be a hot slut in bed. It just took you some time to warm up.? I could tell he was close to cuming because his cock was leaking a lot of pre-cum into my mouth and I loved it.

He told me he wanted me on top of him. I moved up his body and positioned myself over his cock. I slowly lowered myself on to his cock. As it started to slide into me it felt so good. I lowered myself completely on his cock. I held still for a moment feeling his hardness deep inside me. He started pinching my nipples as I began to fuck him. My body was electrified again. I started humping him harder trying to get his cock deeper and deeper inside me. Then his friend got onto the bed naked and kneeled by my face. I instantly took his cock into my mouth. I was now sucking and fucking these two men and I loved it. After a while, the friend moved away and moved behind me. He pushed my back lightly moving me forward. Then he took a finger and began to lube my backend. He then slid a finger in me finger fucking my A hole. I felt him move behind me and put his cock head at my ass. I held still and he pushed forward and his cock penetrated my ass. He moved slowly letting me adjust to him. Then he was completely in my ass. Oh, it felt so good. My body felt so full with both these men?s cocks taking me. They both began fucking my pussy and ass simultaneously. The sensation was unbelievable. My body was completely overwhelmed with pleasure as I was building an intense orgasm. Then my body convulsed and shook with a gigantic rush. I was experiencing a massive orgasm. I was moaning and screaming with the shock waves moving through me. They continued to fuck me harder and harder trying to have their own orgasm?s. I could feel their cock swelling as they were close to coming. Then almost at the same time I felt both of them explode their hot cum into me. The feeling was indescribable feeling their hot cum pulsing into my pussy and ass. This sent me over the edge again. My body shook with another huge orgasm. I think I saw stars and almost blacked out. They then pulled out from me and laid me back. I had their cum leaking out of both my pussy and ass. I felt so comfortably numb. These two men gave me a fucking like I never had before and I loved it. We fell asleep.

The next morning when we woke I couldn?t believe I was so horny. I fucked them both again. It was great. We showered and they drove me home. Before they left, I gave them my number knowing that when these two hunks called on me again I would be their willing slut.

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