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The Middle East

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When I lived in the Middle East namely Dubai, it was my first experince of another culture. I loved every minute of it altho was mindful that you could get into a lot of trouble stepping out of line. Like going anywhere near Arab women was a no no. Many wore the black dress you associate with the Muslim women and all you could see sometimes were their eyes and then sometimes they wore a veil, so you couldnt see those either.

One night I was walking home and an Arab pulled up beside me in his car a big flashy saloon, with black out windows. He got out and started talking to me all very friendly but I couldnt help thinking where this was going. I thought it best not to upset him by being dismissive, so I chatted back but kind of motioned that I was going home. He moved closer and told me that he didnt want to offend but that he and his wife were not like other Arabs they like discreet fun. I must have been looking at him in a confused way because he then looked round to see no one was there on the dark street and opened the back door of the car. and beckoned me to look in side. Sitting on the back seat was a muslim women dressed head to toe in black, only her eyes were showing. He then said something in Arabic and she pulled this dress open to reveal that she only had a pair of tiny little panties on, stockings and suspenders a lacy black bra and quite frankly a hell of a body. The head dress was then also opened to show a young woman maybe mid to late 20's very attractive with long black hair.

She smiled at me and I looked up at him as he closed the door over slightly in case she could be seen from the windows on the street. He asked me what I though, I told him she was beautiful, and he went on to say they had been driving around and wanted to experience having sex with a foreigner. They couldnt find people in their own culture and felt it best to get a westerner to join them.

I didnt know what to think. I had been in a number of 3 somes and even a little bit of bi action, mostly touching tho. in the past but never quite in these circumstances. I didnt want to think this was a set up, as he seemed genuine and she was fucking lovely, so my cock go the better of me and I took up their offer. I got in the car at first against everything my brain told me to do, and as soon as he drove away she disrobed on the back seat and took my hand and placed in on her breast, under her bra. She was looking in to the rear view mirror ans smiling at her husband, who found a dark spot in a back street and pulled over. He turned round and said something to her and she smiled again and leaned over me started to undo my belt and button fly. He told me to relax as she was a great cock sucker. She pulled my cock out of my pants and stroked the 8" to life. She then leant over and pushed her tongue into my mouth whilst gripping my cock hard and pulling back on it slowly. When she broke away I could see he had pulled his cock out in the front seat and was stroking it. It was fucking huge. I was once told that allot of Arab guys are well hung. Well this one definately was. He must have been about 11" or maybe even 12" long and as thick as my wrist. She put her head into my lap and took me into her mouth. He mouth was hot and she sucked me hard, he head almost immediately finding a fast rythm bobbing up and down. Fuck it felt good. He was right she was good. I watched as she took as much in her mouth as she could andf then pulled off my cock now wet with her saliva. She looked over at him and said something in Arabic, I didnt need to ask for the translation.

"She wants you inside her" He said.

I was thinking I will be a bit of a disapointment after him, the size he was. but he turned around and said that we should go to their house where there is more room.

A short drive which inloved her sucking me some more and me fingering her wet shaved hole, we stopped and got out rushing into a palacial house. Once inside she took me by the had to the front room which was decked out in expensive looking furnture which included 4 large couches. She laid back onto the couch and pulled her panties off down her smooth brown legs and ran a finger up her wet slit, and beckoned me over. I started to lick and suck on her pussy lips the found her clit and ran my tongue round it slowley teasing her before she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it closer into her. She said something in Arabic to me, I didnt know what she said but did know what she wanted and begand to lick and suck the clit hard and fast.

She responded moments later by crying out and shook violently as she came, yanking my head away as she shuddered.

The husband then came into the room looked at us and smiled. He disrobed and his mamoth cock stood out proudly in front of him. I told him he had a hell of a cock and he thanked me and said that she loved it in her pussy, but couldnt get it in her ass and this is where I would come in so to speak.

He laid down on the settee and pulled her manfully on top of him. Taking his length in her hand she guided it into her. Looking I didnt see how she would fit this huge member into her but she did and slid down as far as she could, her head thrown back as she clearly enjoyed it. She slid up and down on his coating his pole with her jiuces and looked over me and spoke to me. Once again I didnt need a translation I knew what she wanted and I knelt behind her. Took hold of my hard cock and slid inch by inch into her ass. She was tight and screamed out, and he told me she wants it hard, to fuck her hard. I could feel his length in her as I slowly started to slid all I had inside he tight asshole. I gripped her hips and drove it a, the way hard like she wanted. It would appear she did know at least 2 words of English " Fuck me" she screamed and I banged into her as hard and fast. I could feel his po,le moving in and out of her at the same time. She seemed to cum quite a few times in the 5-10 minutes we fucked her holes. I was close to cumming and annouced was cumming and he told me to cum in her mouth. I pulled out of her and sshe sat up on his cock and dutifully opened her mouth and I shot my wad into her throat. She had cum running over her chin as she looked at him and licked it off my cock. This was enough to send him over the edge and he pulled her off him and stood over her stroking his poe o\into her mouth. A huge ammount of cum flew over her cheek before she caught the second lot in her mouth and swallowed all he had.

He asked if I needed a shower which I did, and directed me to a huge bathroom. I got into the shower and was just about finished, whent he both of them came in and he asked me if I needed help. She seemed willing to assist and soaped me down, paying close attention to my cock and balls. Moving behind me she washed my back and ran a finger down the crack of my ass and pushed a finger into me. This is something I had done to me before, and she took the other hand and gripped my cock , and started to stroke me pushing another finger into me. The sensation was great. The husband stood in front of me his cock once again growing harder and he took my hand and laced it onto his length. Without question I started to stroke his cock till it was fully erect. His wife watching as she stroked me her fingers pushed inside me. I had a feeling that I had toyed with before, that I wanted to see what it was like to suck a cock and bent over and took the head into my mouth. She also came and knelt next to me and helped by licking his shaft and his balls. In what seemed like a minute i got my first taste of cum as he shot over my tongue and then over her face. getting up she finished me off by hand which didnt take long and we ended the shower....I was taken back home later and paid them a few visit before I left each more wild that the last....

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