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The Meeting

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The night was dark. The sounds of the forest awakened her senses. She is sitting there waiting in the darkness.

The smell of the damp leaves fills her senses. The night is her cover.

She is sad, waiting for her lover to come. Where is he? Is he coming?

The wind gently caress' her hair, sending shivers down her back, provoking memories of her love. The sounds of the night comfort her.

She is anxious, yet knows she must be patient.

He has come many times before. Tonight should be no different.

She leans against a tree, feeling the roughness on her skin.

She is there, waiting, contemplating the events of the evening.

In the distance she can hear the sound of dogs.

Far away, yet this brings a message of her "loves" coming presence. Her heart starts to pound knowing that he will soon be there. Her flowing gown tickles her legs as she tries to let her eyes adjust as she is looking for him.

Waiting, she knows that her heart needs him and her body is yearning for his touch. She hears the sound of leaves crackling, coming closer and closer.

She tries to control her emotions, not wanting him to realize the joy that he brings to her, just with the site of him.

Closer, closer the sounds come. Her skin reddens with the anticipation of his touch.

Her nipples harden and the very thought of him.

Her loins ache. He comes yet closer and closer.

She can make out a figure in the near distance. A dark, tall figure. Is that my "love"? Has he come for me?

A voice comes from the darkness "Hello".

She shutters at the sound. The sounds of the night muffle his words.

Why isn?t he coming to her? What is he doing?

The figure again says "Hello My Love?" In a quivering voice, she answers "Hello Love".

She wants to run to him, but can not move, as this will let him know the way that she feels.

He asks her" Love, please do not look at me.

Close your eyes as I will not come near to you if you look".

Oh no, why does he do this to her, she needs to see him, to touch him, to hold him. As he requests, she closes her eyes.

The smells, sounds and feelings envelop her body.

The footsteps are coming closer, closer.

It is taking everything in her power to keep her eyes shut.

Closer, closer he comes. Please eyes do not open, stay shut, she thinks to herself. *sigh*

She then feels a hand against her chin.

A soft voice says, "My love, I am going to put something across your eyes.

Do not move, do not resist."

Her instincts tell her to open them. Yet her yearning tells her to keep them shut.

The wind kisses her body. Her breasts are aching for his touch.

Listening to his request, she keeps them closed.

Her breath is quickening. She feels a soft fabric against her face, around her eyes.

She squeezes her eyes shut tighter, tighter.

He pulls her from against the trees and ties the fabric in the back of her head. Relief, she can open them now.

Yet she can not see. She can smell his scent, she can feel his presence.

A rough hand touches the side of her face.

Slowly from the temple to the chin. Rubbing, caressing.

Deeply she sighs and starts to say a word.

His finger touches her lips and quiets her. He says, "Tonight you shall be mine.

No words."

She is lost in the thought of him touching her.

She can feel the wetness starting between her legs.

Her breath quickens more.

Breathing deeper with every thought of him.

He gently strokes her hair.

Taking his time. She wants to lunge at him, yet she knows not to.

She throws her head back and enjoys.

His hand slowly trails the side of her face towards her breast.

Oh my god, the touch, "his touch".

She can feel the heat of his breath closer to her neck.

The hand slowly going down her body.

Her breasts rise to meet his hand.

He gently rubs through the gown.

The nipples becoming ever harder at his touch.

He gently kisses her neck.

Sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

The ache in her pussy is steadily increasing.

Her breasts are aching.

She thinks "Please touch them. Please take me".

He gently raises her gown and lightly touches her thigh.

Up, up, up...farther towards her pussy, stopping just shy of the wetness.

He pushes his body against her.

She can feel his hardness against her thigh.

Oh please take me, do not tease me anymore.

Moans escape her throat. He gently lifts the gown over her head.

Exposing her body to the elements, to his touch.

He she tries to cover her nakedness, but her lightly grabs her wrists and stops her.

The leaves are the music of the evening.

She can hear each one as her senses become keen.

He runs his hands across her body once more, and then pushes her down towards the ground.

She is scared, excited.

The feel of the rough leaves against her knees let her know that this is not a dream.

She can feel his hand on the back of her head.

She is not sure what to do. What is that? That softness against her lips.

Is that his cock? She instinctively opens her mouth for him.

She can taste the sweetness of his pre-cum in her throat.

She gently slides her mouth up and down his cock.

Taking care to feel every inch of it.

His hand guides her head. Up down, up down.

Deeper he thrusts his cock into her mouth.

Her pussy is soaking.

She can feel the juice starting to run down her legs.

His moans fill her ears.

She is doing well for her love.

He suddenly pulls his cock from her mouth.

She is shocked.

He pulls her hands up so that she stands.

He turns her around and places her hands on the tree.

The roughness again excites her.

Oh no, what is he doing.

This has never been like this before. *sigh*

She can feel his hand trailing down the small of her back towards her ass.

Her legs open farther as if they have a mind of their own.

His hand gets closer to the crack of her ass.

Gently he goes down farther, farther.

She can feel his fingers on her pussy.

The wetness running down his hand.

One finger inside...She moans louder.

In out, in out...2 fingers....Breaths are quickening.

He rubs the juice on her asshole.

Lubricating the small opening.

She is lost in a world that she can not explain.

The feel of his hand by her ass is exhilarating.

He gently inserts a finger into her asshole.

Deep breath, moans are uncontrollable. In and out the finger goes.

Quicker, harder. Why doesn?t she stop him?

What is her body doing? This feels good, damn it.

She spreads her legs a little wider to accept his fingers deeper.

He withdrawals his finger slowly.

OMG why did he do that? What is wrong?

She then feels something hard against her cheeks.

Not that. Oh Yes "that".

His cock is against her cheeks, slowly parting them.

She can feel the head of his cock against her hole.

Deep breaths, a sudden gentle thrust and her asshole is filled with him.

Gently her fucks her.

She wants him deeper.

Harder, she screams in her mind. Her breasts, oh no they are hurting against the roughness of the tree.

The thought leaves her mind that fast.

Harder he fucks her ass.

She rises to her tiptoes so that he can get a better angle.

Harder, deeper, faster.....

Moaning so loud that it is deafening.

Screams of pleasure fill her throat.

She can feel his cock faster, faster, ?NO, please doesn?t stop".

She knows he is close. No not yet, please not yet.

His thrusts are faster. She can hear his moans, feel his hot breath.

He moans louder. His cock is ready to explode.

She rocks against him.

Meeting each thrust with her own.

He grabs the back of her hair.

Pulling tightly. No, not yet, she thinks.

Please No.....She knows that he is coming.

Short, deep jabs at her ass. *sigh* She meets each one again.

It?s over....No not yet damn it, not yet.

He slowly withdrawals his cock from her ass.

She can feel the cum running down the back of her legs.

Gently rubbing her ass with his hand.

Touching her very spirit with each stroke.

He softly whispers "Do not move. Stay against the tree." She listens as she hopes not to displease him.

She can hear movement behind her. What is he doing? What is that?!

The sounds are going away from her.

What does she do? "Don?t move", his voice echoes in her head.

The rustle of the leaves are getting farther away.

Where did he go? Is he coming back?

Finally she turns and removes the cloth from her eyes.

In the distance she can see a dark figure retreating.

She yells to him "My Love where are you going?" There is no answer. She is confused.

She gathers her gown and sobs.

Wait!! What is that I hear?

The rustling of the leaves, the sound of the dogs once again.

He returns to her.

I knew he would be back.

She can make out a figure coming towards her from another part of the woods.

Oh my god, who is that?

She then hears a familiar voice "Hello Love, sorry I am late".

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