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The Massage

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We had given my daughter and her boyfriend a couples massage package at a local spa as a Christmas present. K--always seemed too busy to schedule an appointment and M-- ended up using the entire package for herself. I had teased K-- several times about loosing out on the gift and jokingly offered to make it up by giving him a massage myself. My massages are usually for my husband, but I have often provided somewhat ther*peutic treatment for Monika after strenuous athletic events over the years.

Earlier this week K-- had overexerted himself playing basketball with friends and for several days appeared somewhat sore. M-- asked if I would give K-- a massage to relieve his aches. Feeling that it wasa little odd to give her boyfriend a massage I replied that she should learn and encouraged her to give it a try.

M--'s attempt at treating K--'s stressed muscles must have left a lot to be desired as last night she asked me to help her with K--. I gave in thinking that I could show her some simple techniques and leave the rest to her. I told her to get things ready including some hot massage oil and that I would find them after cleaning up in the kitchen.

Entering M--'s room, I found K-- face down on the bed with towels across his rear and shoulders, and M-- sitting in a chair beside the bed reading through a massage instruction book. This seemed alittle weird but figured what the heck, she probably needed my help. Taking the book from M--, I told her to pay attention.

I moved the towel from his shoulders to his lower back and rubbed some massage oil onto my hands. Starting at his neck I massaged his upper back and shoulders, moving then to his neck and arms. Feeling tense muscles, I really worked his arms and shoulders. After ten minutes he was beginning to loosen up. As I moved from his neck to the sides and top of his head he really began to relax and feel better.

Back to his shoulders, I worked down his back, removing the upper towel. As I worked to his waist and moved the lower towel a bit, I realized that he wasn’t wearing any shorts. Not wanting to appear flustered I rubbed more oil on my hands and continued to work the muscles in his lower back and upper buttocks.

Moving toward his feet, I fully streatched his toes and arches working each foot and ankle before applying more oil and tackling the still tense muscles in his legs. His leg muscles were relaxing as I worked on his knees and thighs. Figuring it was now or never, I removed the remaining towel exposing his bare ass. Trying to act like a professional, I continued to work his thighs and buttocks. He spread his legs ever so slightly as I kneaded his ass cheeks. Winking at M--, I told K-- that he had a beautiful ass but he really should start shaving his balls! The tips of my fingers lightly brushed his ballsack and he flinched, instinctively raising his ass and spreading his legs just a bit. Laying a towel back across his butt, I gently rolled him over to continue to work his legs, being careful to keep a towel covering his now partially erect cock.

Working on his legs as he lay on his back, M-- and I both noticed that his cock continued to rise under the towel. M-- giggled and teased K-- about getting and erection in front of me. He replied that he couldn't help it and I assured him that many men got aroused while receiving a good massage. I finished his legs and moved to his chest and shoulders. As I stood beside him, the towel slipped, exposing his full manhood. Without flinching, I covered him and continued what had now become somewhat sensual stroking of his chest and arms.

Working down his abdomen I removed the towel and massaged his thighs, brushing my arm against what I now saw was a solid eight inches. Oiling my hands again, I cupped his balls and grasp the base of his shaft. None of us said anything as I slowly stroked the beautiful young cock pulsing in my hands. I could no longer resist and placed my tongue just above his balls and slowly licked all the way to the tip.

As I engulfed the head and shaft with my lips, M-- had moved to him and was kissing his forehead. I pulled off of his cock and began to lick his nutsack. As I felt him begin to tense I moved back to the head to capture the flow and suck down the hot load.

As I wiped my lips and stepped toward the door, my legs were weak and my head was spinning. I had to leave before I really lost control!

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