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The Massage, couples, oral

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The Massage

"I shouldn't of asked you to come, Sarah. I've had so much work to do and really been working nonstop for days. I wanted to see you but I'm so tired...if I lay down I'll probably just fall asleep."

I smile and nod at you and say,"That's alright...If you fall asleep, we'll fuck next time. There is something I can do to help you relax, help take your mind off of work."

Maybe I should just leave and let you sleep but I had been thinking about seeing you for a long time and after driving in to the hotel, I don't just want to turn around and go home still wiggle horny, still wanting to feel your body next to mine, and your cock pounding my pussy. No...I think I can convince you that you still have a enough energy to fuck me.

I take your hand and lead you to the bed. I lay you down on the bed and arrange the pillows behind your head so you can see me. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I lift my leg, pull up my pant leg, and slowly unzip my boots and let them drop to the floor. I stand next to the bed and with your eyes watching everything I slowly start taking my clothes off, starting with my jeans. I look you in the eye as I undo the buttons and then wiggle my ass out of my tight jeans leaving me standing in front of you, wearing a white button down shirt and a lacy hot pink thong. I look down at my hands as I slowly begin to unbutton my shirt, making sure it falls open to reveal my matching bra and cleavage. Teasingly, I hold the shirt closed and turn around, letting you see my ass in the thong. Smiling wickedly at you over my shoulder, I let the shirt drop. Still watching you, I reach back, undo the hooks of my bra, and slide it off my shoulders. I hook my fingers into the side of my panties and bend over while slowly pulling them down over my ass, giving you a peek at my smoothly shaved pussy.

I crawl across the bed toward you, and climb up on top of you, straddling your body. I bend down slowly and softly kiss you. You put one hand behind my head, pulling me tighter against you but I stop kissing you, shake my head no and put your hands back by your side.

"But, I think I've found some energy."

I laugh and shake my head again and say,"Not nearly enough"

I unbutton your shirt, cuffs first then down your chest with you helping me remove it. I lean forward and rub my bare breasts against your body and my hands across your shoulders and down your arms. I sit back up and lift one of your hands to my mouth and suck on your finger just like it was your cock while still running my other hand across your chest.

I slide my bare ass down your body until I sit astride your thighs. I rub your hard cork through your pants and then undo the button and unzip you. You lift your ass and I pull both your pants and shorts completely off. Then I get off the bed leaving you and your hard on laying there.

You watch me cross the room and get something from my bag. I come back, sit on the side of the bed, and show you a bottle of massage oil. I run my fingers down your chest, your stomach, your hips, completely ignoring your huge hard on. I continue down the outside of your legs and back up on the inside of your thighs. I do this a few times, each time I get near your cock, you thrust your hips just a little, your body asking me to touch you. When you don't expect it I wrap my hand around your cock and bring my mouth down, and slowly run my mouth down and back up. letting you watch your cock slowly disappear in my mouth.

I stop, " roll over"

"aw..come on"

"no...Roll Over."

You do as I say. I climb up and sit my bare pussy on your ass.

"just close your eyes and relax."

I take my bottle of oil and pour some in my hand. I rub the oil in my hands until it warms and start softly spreading it across your back and down your arms, stopping to add more oil as I need it. When your back and arms are covered in oil, I bend down and and rub my bare breasts against your back covering my chest in oil, then lifting up slightly until only my nipples touch your back. I move my hard nipples around your back letting you feel them tracing against you.

I slide down your body, rubbing more oil on each of your legs occasionally letting my breasts rub gently against your thighs. I straddle one leg and letting my shaved pussy slip up one leg then down the other. I do that a couple times, then I straddle both legs and pour the cold oil across your ass cheeks making sure plenty of it runs down your crack and making you tense up from the shock of the cold oil splashing on your ass.

"don't worry...I'll warm that up."

I slide my pussy up, covering it with the oil on your ass. I spread the oil across your ass with my pussy and start gringing my clit against your ass cheek, slowly at first. I slide my pussy up your back, bringing more oil with it and still grinding my pussy against you. Up and down your body rubbing my clit against you and massaging the oil into your skin.

The feel of my clit, covered in oil, rubbing on your body turns me on and I moan as I move on your body. i bring my wet pussy back to your ass and grind it hard against your ass cheek, driving my clit into you, until I cum, moaning loudly and my body trembling on top of you.

After I come, I roll you over. And start again. You watch my oil covered body, as I warm the oil in my hand, rub it into your body, working my way from your shoulders down to your feet but still avoiding your cock.

When your entire body except your cock has been covered in oil and massaged. You see me look at your hard on and watch as I take it in my oil covered hand and slowly start to stroke it. Again I take your dick in my mouth and slowly swallow you, coming back up and stopping, leaving just the head in my mouth. I slightly suck making a vaccuum, tugging at you cock inside my mouth.

I only do that a few times before I stop and still holding your cock in my hand, I climb up on you with my ass toward your face and position your cock at the opening of my pussy. I let my ass drop down, and you watch as your cock is buried deep inside my pussy. You put your hands on my hips and watch my ass bounce up and down on your cock. You start driving my ass down harder and faster on your rock hard cock, moaning with pleasure. I feel you're close to cumming, so I fight against your hands and pull my body off your cock. I quickly move to the side and cup your balls with one hand, grip your dick with the other, and swallow your oil and pussy juice covered dick. This time, I don't tease you but stroke your shaft with my hand and bring my mouth up and down as fast as I can, wanting you to cum in my mouth. You tense your body and moan louder as I work on your cock until you grap my hair with your hands, pulling my mouth down tight on your dick and I feel your cock spasm, as you explode in my mouth.

Now, you truely have no energy left.

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