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The Inquisitor (Chapter 37) (The Princess distracts Queen with lust as the plot is hatched)

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As the sun slipped lower in the sky, the Inquisitor made haste from the tournament grounds. The fields were some distance away from the castle and the light was fading fast. His robes flew about him as he hurried along. People in the crowd made way for him as he passed, whispers of "Lord High Executioner", "fiend" and "Gods protect us" swirling about.

He paid them no heed, but carried on along his single-minded course. With each step, the sun sank lower and lower in the evening sky. His mind raced and willed his feet faster, but he dared not run. Too obvious a display would bring suspicion, and he could not afford a mistake.

After what seemed an eternity, he entered through the portcullis gate and into the courtyard. He mounted the stairs two at a time, guards gave unreturned salute as he passed. At last he reached the upper walk, and made for the tunnel running through the golden tower.

- - -

As the Queen looked on, the princess attended to the armour of Lord Tymrill, and the in turn the two champions. Each piece of plate and mail she took off and laid very carefully in precise stacks, careful not to cause even the slightest scratch. At last all three men stood in the tunics and animal furs, as she'd seen them in their camp. She preferred their rugged clothes to the bright and shining armour, and dazzled each with the sweetest smile.

As for the men, though they had been promised a worthy prize, each felt a bit awkward as they allowed her to undress them before the Queen. But the princess paid them extra care and attention, putting each at ease.

At last, she began to undress herself. She undid her lacings very slowly, allowing her hands and fingertips to run across her body, to softly touch her breasts and nipples through their fine gown. Out came a lacing, followed by another, until her breasts hung free of their confinement. Slow, slow she arched her shoulders back, and her gown slipped from them, sliding down her smooth skin in a delicious rustle of fabric. There, before the chieftain and his champions, before the Queen, before anyone who chose to gaze up toward the Queen's viewing balcony above the tournament field, the princess stood naked in the gathering cool. As she felt her nipples harden in the chill air, she watched as the sun at last slipped past the tallest tree, and down below the horizon. Casting a quick glance, she desperately relieved to find the Queen gave the sun no heed, but instead filled her eyes with the sight of the princess and her beautiful body.

- - -

Within the tunnel passageway, the Inquisitor noted an eerie change to the runes and ribbons which scrolled and spiraled throughout the walls, ceiling and floor. To his eyes, they appeared almost alive. They coursed with a strange golden light, like a pulse running through veins and arteries. As he watched, he discerned this pulsing was in fact the last rays of the sun, their light and heat coursing through the golden ribbons like a current. They flowed from the direction of the setting sun, under his feet, over his head, all around. He watched the light and followed its course.

As the sun was only the tiniest speck of crimson dancing above the western treetops, a thin beam of light, dazzlingly bright, shot through a tiny chink in the stonework of a western battlement. So bright was the beam, that the Inquisitor nearly dove out of its path as it blazed through the tunnel, shining directly upon a single point in the far wall of the courtyard below. Only a moment it remained, and then the sun slipped below the trees and the eerie glowing, pulsing light was gone.

All pretense of subterfuge abandoned, the Inquisitor raced across the battlement, down the stone stairs, to the very spot where the ray of sun had alighted.

- - -

True to her word, as the sun went down, the princess began to pleasure the men assembled in the Queen's balcony. As each stood before her and the Queen, looking back and forth with rather befuddled looks upon their faces, the princess sank down to her knees before Lord Tymrill.

From beneath his finely woven tunic, she withdrew his manhood. She looked up at him as she did so, giving him a sad pout as she found him unprepared. Even soft, it lay heavy in her hand, a meaty snake. She began to gently squeeze and play with it, stroking it gently until it stood out hard and strong. His member throbbed, bouncing before her face.

The Queen looked on as the princess opened wide her soft lips, and drew his massive cock into her mouth. It was warm and alive on her tongue as she slid her mouth along its girth. She opened wide her throat, taking him to the hilt before slowly withdrawing from it, her tongue sliding along its underside and up over its bulbous head.

The great chieftain let out a low moan as she sucked him. She took his cock into her mouth again and again, slathering it with her tongue, until it was raging hard. Satisfied it had reached its potential, the princess did the same for the two champions.

Though their members were no equal to their lord's, she coaxed each man until he stood out hard as steel. She noted with pleasure their moans of satisfaction, her eyes at times catching the Queen's, who looked on eagerly. With her mouth and hands and tongues, she pleasured each man in turn, going from one to the next, at times taking two cocks into her slippery mouth. But she would not allow them to give over to the pleasure. When she sensed one was growing close, she abandoned his pikestaff and serviced another.

At last the men were howling for release. She abandoned their members and got to her feet. She stood naked and proud before them, looking down with pleasure as their cocks bobbed up and down from the throbbings.

She laid one of the long furs belonging to Lord Tymrill down lengthwise one the planks of the balcony. To the Champion of the Sword, she bade him lie down on his back. As if under a spell, he could not get down quickly enough, nearly falling over himself to get there. She noted again as she straddled him that it was the very same guard from their ride back to the castle. She remembered the maid going down on his raging erection in the forest, and smiled to herself.

As he lay on his back at the feet of the wicked Queen, the princess guided his cock into her. It slid smoothly inside, its girth filling her deliciously. She rode him as he thrusted up into her, getting her juices flowing, until his cock made slippery noises as her entered her again and again. She felt her arousal build as he fucked her.

With the swordsman's cock deep inside her sex, she then bade the Champion of the Lance to come 'round behind her. As she rode up and down on the man below her, she slowed, and he needed no instruction. She felt the head of his raging cock against her puckered ass. Slowly and intently, he entered her from behind.

The princess came at once as he slid his cock into her ass, as the man below her drove his own cock deeper into her sex. She felt her desire grow as the men began to pump away. Though they did not slam themselves into her, their great cocks filled her up, even more than she had first imagined.

"Oooh!" she moaned as they penetrated her both behind and before. "yes, my lords! Fill me... give them to me!"

As she rode their cocks, she fixed her eyes upon the Queen's. The Queen's face was hungry and her mouth was open and wet, her tongue sliding along her supple lips. The princess could see her nipples were rock hard under her bodice, standing out, two erect points beneath the shimmering cloth.

"Oh they're fucking me, my Queen." She moaned. "Oh... fucking me so good!" As the princess watched, the Queen grasped the folds of her gown, drawing it up slowly inch by inch. The princess knew the Queen would not be able to resist having her fingers play as she watched the men drill into her.

The man behind began to plunge himself deeper into her backside, and a new wave of pleasure overtook the princess. Grasping the cock of the mighty chieftain, she pulled his cock to her mouth and began sucking it again. Before, behind, in her mouth, cocks filled her every opening. Their hands played with her hanging breasts, pulled her hair, spanked her cheeks.

When the princess caught sight of the Queen, she saw her playing and fingering herself as she watched the men ravage her. They began to fuck her harder, she taking Lord Tymrill's cock to its hilt again and again, the men below and above sliding into her, into her, into her, again and again. She felt the man behind her grow harder still as he slammed her from behind. All at once, he gave over, cumming again and again into her rear.

"Oooh!" she cried. "It's so hot! Oh... so hot in my ass, mistress!" As she watched, another finger disappeared into the Queen. He fucked her ass until he had none left to give, at last withdrawing, sliding down to sit panting beside them. It was not long before the man below her could take no more, releasing into her.

"Yes!" she wailed. "You give me it! Fill me with it!" The princess rocked down on his cock again and again as his hot sperm shot out. The princess did not worry a child may spring from his issued; she had drank down the last of the dram her maid had given her n the night they visited the outlander's camp. As she took his climaxing cock, another finger disappeared, sinking deep into the Queen. Her sex shone with wetness in the twilight.

At last, all that was left was the mighty bear, the chieftain Tymrill. His cock was blue steal in her mouth, her face buried against his stomach as his fingers entwined in her flowing dark locks. Again and again she drew him in and let him out, her hand sliding along its shaft, her other attending his balls.

Over and over she swallowed his giant cock, her jaw and mouth sore from it. But still she continued, sucking hard, licking soft, her tongue exploring his opening with it point. This proved the final straw, as his cock jerked against her probing tongue, hot seed spurting across it and into her waiting mouth. He came again and again as she milked his cock to it's very last.

As he withdrew from her, the Queen's hand shot out quick as a flash, roughly grasping the princess by her arm. She dragged the princess close to her, so close her face was almost touching her own.

"Give it to me, my love!" she growled. The princess opened her mouth to the Queen's tongue, and kissed her long and deep, She felt the Queen's impossibly long tongue probe her mouth, seeking out the very last drop of the great chieftain.

When at last it was done, they all were still for a very long. They regained their breath as faint stars began to emerge in the night sky.

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