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The Incubus (A sort of Romantic Story)

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It was late one night, and of course I was home. So I finally decided to email this gentleman I heard on my favorite morning radio show. To my surprise, he responded back. It just went on from there. We had some interesting conversations back and forth in emails, questions about each other and such. After he sent me his photo, I was just more intrigued by him. I guess one can say, he's ''my type'', but I know I'm not his. It's all in the tattoos, piercings, etc. He's a very handsome man, good body, lovely eyes...Eyes that have plenty to tell. Now I had not spoken to him, like on the phone or anything, but his words expressed in email seemed almost true. I also kind of thought that we had some things in common, I just wondered how much more we had in common.

It was now Friday, I just returned home from a night out with friends, I had a bit too much to drink, thus making me kind of a bit more aroused that I already was. My pc was on so I checked email and such. I saw that my email pal was on, so I sent a message. Again the emails were back and forth. He told me he was reading my story, "Masquerade" and he was turned on by it. I was deeply flattered by what he said. He said he could imagine my mouth on him, as I was doing to the man in my story....boy how I wish that could happen. The thoughts swam in my mind, and I so knew what my dreams would be that night. He needed to get some sleep, and so did I. Well I would try, since I have insomnia. So he said goodnight to me, and off to slumber he went.

I finally went to sleep after taking a "Special Pill", since sadly that is the only thing that can help me sleep. I kept thinking about him, and the photo he sent me of his wonderfully nice thick cock. It was an instant turn on when I saw it, so I was already wet before going to bed. So I was there laying in bed my ethereal gothic music was on, some beautifully haunting tunes relaxed me. My eyes closed, and I laid there stretching my legs out, running my hands down them at the same time, giving them a slight rub. My fingers made their way down between my slick wetness. I was a bit shocked to see how wet I was, which was more than I had expected. So of course I started could I not. I was rubbing my clit, which was already swollen, it would not take me long to climax. So to add to the excitement, I whipped out my nice silver bullet vibrator and placed it slightly above my clit. I moaned in a heavy breath, it just felt too damn good at this point. Of course nothing like the Sybian which I tried the previous weekend. But for now, it had to do...and it did. I came twice, and had quite the wet mess beneath me, I felt like I was laying in a puddle. Of course it only happens when I squirt and I obviously did. But I wearily got up, removed the towel, and wiped myself off, then went back to bed.

I was startled a bit...I felt two hands grasp my ankles not too tight, but firmly enough. I looked down towards the foot of my bed, and only saw a figure under my blanket. The hands moved up my legs, towards my thighs...up to the source of my wetness. I felt this figure's weight on the bed, as he crawled his way up my body. I could very well tell this person was a male, indeed. He pushed my legs further apart, and I felt a hot tongue lick the wet smoothness of my outer lips, teasing me only for a minute. My head was nestled in my pillow, eyes closed again, I felt him come up on top of me from under the blanket. He put his hand under my neck and held it up slightly, exposing my the pale flesh of the throat...he began kissing along the side of it. I felt sharp pains into my skin that made me moan, arching my back, pressing my cool skin against his warm and hard body. Hmmm he's like me, has the sharp canines in place. He moved the length of my black satin gown up and to the side, I felt the tip of his cock teasing me, as it slid up and down my wetness. He as well was nicely shaven...everywhere. He finally eased his way into my tightness with his long, thick cock. He started thrusting, at a slow gentle pace, plunging deeply every so often, filling me up with this manhood. His mouth was on my pierced nipples....good lord, how this turned me on. He knew very well what I wanted, and he gave me what I wanted. His own fangs pulled at my nipple while his tongue flickered, circling around the piercing, then he just sucked my nipple, taking it all into his mouth giving it more attention. Our mouths found each other again, as did our tongues. I sucked his into my mouth and played with it, giving it little bites and sucks. He must of liked it, as I felt him get rock hard as he started thrusting faster now.

I ran my nails through his hair, clutching it at near the base of his neck. I then pulled his head to the side, exposing his taught throat. My other hand was on his back, nails digging into him as well...his thrusts slowed again, however they were getting hard and penetrating me deeper. I slowly licked his throat and gave it hard sucking like kisses on it as well. I bit down into his skin...and clawed my nails down his back...I could feel his all his desires pouring into me. How exquisite he tasted, I thought to myself. He growled lowly as he gave me a few last hard thrusts into my sopping wetness.

I pushed him off me. He laid back down on the bed as I knelt next to him. I licked the remnants of clawing him off my hand and fingers, lapping up every bit. I reached for my handcuffs which were connected to a strong rope, in turn the rope was bound around the black bar of my head board. I was trying to distract him, thus my mouth was on his neck again. I quickly cuffed his wrists and strung them up towards the headboard. I made my way down to his cock. I wanted it badly...I wanted to taste him, feel the hardness and heat, feel it down my throat, deeply. I just wanted him all. His legs were open, and slid between them, My long raven tresses were lightly floating down his chest, across his stomach. My fingers playing idly on his sides, I leant down and slid his cock in my mouth. Swirling the tip of it with my tongue, then slowly sliding it down deep into my throat. I heard him moan again, but he was fighting to free himself of the cuffs. Methinks he didn't like it too much, but too bad. I didn't want him touching me, just yet. He squirmed and wiggled about on my bed as I licked him up and down from the shaft all the back up to the tip. Gliding my fangs along each time as well, giving long firm licks to his hard thickness, I took him down my throat again, my hand at the base of his shaft, grasping it but gliding it up and down as my mouth did. I licked along his length again, my fingers rubbing around the base then across the top of his moist head. I could taste the bit of slight liquid that came out...however I wanted more. I backed off a bit, I didn't want him to cum just yet. I was teasing him for a while, licking his stomach, back up to his chest. Playing with his nipple ring, using my own fangs on it like he did with me earlier. His hardness was still in my hand. I manipulated him all the while, my nails lightly scraped over his taught sac. He moaned a bit louder this time, that my clit throb....what can I say, I like to hear a vocal man.

I went back down on him, wanting to make him cum. I picked up the speed and rhythm in what I was doing. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. I still wanted to savour him and every last drop. His hips were rising as he had himself in my mouth almost like he was fucking my mouth. I was at his side still, licking, sucking and deep throating him. I wanted him to feel how wet I was. I'm sure he noticed, but perhaps he could sense it as well. I released him from the cuffs, and went back to sucking him. I felt his hand come up my thigh, which was slowing the stream of wetness that came from my pussy. He'd move his hand away a few times, perhaps he was tasting me. His fingers made their way to the source of the wetness. I felt his palm cup my shaved lips, he started stroking and rubbing them. One finger slid into me, then another....I could hear my wetness as he moved them in and out slowly, then slightly faster. This was driving me nuts, but I wanted more of him, I wanted him to cum badly. He was so close....he fingered me faster, two inside me and the other two rubbing my clit. He was working me sooooo good. I suddenly came again. With his fingers inside me, hitting that "spot" and my swollen clit getting the attention, it was no wonder that I came again....and then again. I "squirted" onto his fingers, the noise of my wetness was now more apparent. The mysterious gent took his free hand and was stroking himself as my mouth was on him. My lips wrapped around his head, again my tongue flickered and pressed against him. He was going to cum, I started to taste the thick saltiness of his juice...but he wasn't ready just yet. As he stroked himself I Iicked the underneath side of the shaft, then down to his smooth sac. Taking them into my mouth one by one, then both at the same time. I heard him moaning again, louder, he didn't want me to stop, and I wouldn't. I placed my hand on his chest, it was nice and moist, I dragged my nails down him again...although this time he gave me a little growl. What a turn on for me. My tongue and mouth was everywhere, licking and sucking him in again. He was lips were around the head of his cock again, he grew harder and harder each passing second. I taste him again...he was cumming in my mouth. Little spurts came out at first, then it was more he was filling my mouth, and I was swallowing what he was giving. There was more. The hot liquid gushed into my mouth, flowing down my throat. He was sweating some more, his large cock was still hard...and still giving me little squirts now....but I took it all in. How sweet it was. I was wiping my mouth, licking off the left overs he gave me. I glanced down at him and smiled, licking my fangs. He kind of gave me a little smirk as he checked out the wounds I gave him. He took my wrist and playfully nipped at the inside of it, then bit down. A chill came over me, and sent my nipples hard, which gave a tiny bit of pain to my barbells.

I was about to say something to him when my television timer went off, I could hear Bugs Bunny's evil laughter as he taunted Yosemite Sam. As I opened my eyes I noticed the Gent wasn't there. I looked around, even called his name. The outside light was peeking through my window, I looked at my clock and it was after 7am...I was confused for a moment as I laid there yet again in a very damp spot. I sighed and whispered to myself, "So mote it be..."

It was just a dream.....

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