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The Evolution of Swinging - Part Three

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My wife and I stared at the seemingly endless list of emails we had received in response to our ad looking for another male for a MFM threesome. At first I thought it had to be at least partly spam, but a quick scrolling down showed that pretty much every single piece of mail was indeed due to our ad.

My wife sat in a chair next to me and laughed.

"I guess we should start looking at some of them, huh?" she said.

We started going through them. As we had stated in our ad, anything without a clear face picture was immediately deleted. That became about every third email. We actually we able to get rid of almost 30% of the emails right away since they didn?t have pictures attached or embedded. Then we started reading the ones with pictures. Anything with only a cock shot we also deleted without responding. We had laid out ground rules and anyone who hadn?t read the entire ad and responded accordingly was out of luck.

After about two hours we had gotten through a lot, if not most of them. We had actually saved a good twenty emails... a higher total than I expect her to pick. At one point I went upstairs to get the digital camera while she looked at some emails. We uploaded the pictures I had taken of her the night before and saved them in a hidden folder. Even though the pictures were not nudes and our logon and files were password protected from the kids, we still were being ultra careful.

While we were going through the emails and uploading the pics, we received another 10 emails or so.

After we got through them all, we had roughly twenty-five guys she thought she might like to contact. She was going to think about it and we went to bed. Totally exhausted from the night before we had a quickie and were asleep within twenty minutes of turning the computer off.

Over the next three days another hundred emails poured in. Each night after the kids were asleep we?d go through them. Five nights after we posted the ad I went in and took it down. We had saved about forty emails and figured we?d be able to pick at least a few 'finalists' from there.

By that weekend we had whittled the number down to fifteen. We then send a response to those fifteen guys and sent a few pictures of my wife. We also included contact screen names on both yahoo and AOL. To keep what we were doing as secret as possible, we decided to use fake names to start. She would be Alicia and I would be David.

It didn?t take long to start hearing from them. In fact, the same night we sent out our responses we wound up talking to five of the guys online. The following night we talked to another six.

By Sunday we had heard back and managed to chat with almost every guy we had responded to. For the next two weeks we chatted online with them all until my wife was finally ready to pick a few to call on the phone. The first guy she decided to call was named Jason. He lived a little far away (about 40 minutes) and we knew we should stick to more local guys, but she really liked his pictures and the way he talked online. Plus he was 24 years old and she was excited at the idea of being with a guy eleven years younger than her. Jason gave us his phone number and I handed my cell over to my wife.

She chatted with him on the phone for a good half hour and at the end they agreed the three of us would meet in person the following weekend. After they hung up, she choose one more, a guy named Matt, and we called him too. Matt was twenty-eight years old and was only 10 minutes away from us. He was also available to meet the next night. Surprisingly, my wife agreed to meet Matt first and we asked her sister to baby sit for us.

The next night we settled on a diner about 15 minutes away and two towns over. Matt actually was already there when we arrived. He was tall (about 6 foot), very well built, clean-shaven with blue eyes and short dirty blonde hair. Even though he had talked to her on the phone and had seen her picture, it was very obvious to me that Matt was much relived that my wife was real and was as hot as she is.

Let me take a moment to describe her, as I haven?t done so yet. My wife (going under the name of Alicia for our little swinger adventure) is about 5' 7 ½", with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and C-cup breasts. She is slender but not extremely skinny with curves in all the right places. While she is in her mid thirties, he face is that of a girl in her mid-twenties. She worked out a few times a week; enough to keep her body is good shape and keep the kind of figure that earned her admiring glances from men in stores and restaurants.

We traded introductions and went into the diner and got a table. We chatted with Matt for a good half hour before we finally broached the subject of sex. Talking in low voices we discussed what we wanted and the fact we had never done anything thing like this before. Matt told us he had been in one threesome before. Him and his college room-mate would occasionally share his room mates girlfriend. He hadn?t done it in about six years he said. We talked about sex for a little while and at one point Matt excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Despite the fact that we had agreed that the first meeting out be a meet and greet only. I decided to take a chance and I asked my wife is she wanted to go get a room.

"How about we get out of her and find a bar so I can get a drink and we?ll take it from there?" She answered.

Matt was back a few minutes later and we told him our plan to get a drink and see what happened after that. He was into it. He knew a bar only a few minutes down the line and we left the diner and followed him to it. Inside we ordered a few drinks and talked some more about sex. I could tell my wife was a mixture of excited and nervous. I felt the same way. After two drinks I knew it was time to make a decision? one more drink would be too much for my wife. I looked at her and asked "So, what would you like to do? Should we head home?"

She looked at me, then looked at Matt.

"Do you want to get a room and see how it goes?" She asked us both. "I?m not saying we?ll go all the way, but we can try it and see where it takes us."

Matt smiled and said that sounded great. He got up to settle the tab and my wife looked and me with a nervous grin.

"You ready for this?" I asked her.

"We?ll find out won?t we?" she replied.

Twenty minutes later found us in the doorway of a Holiday Inn. Matt insisted on paying for the room and went to the front desk to get it. He came back and told us the room number and he went up alone. We waited a few minutes and followed up.

Inside the room, my wife sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a nice green button up blouse. We all chatted for a few minutes. It was obvious no one knew where to start. Deciding to take point, I moved from the chair I was on to the bed next to her and kissed her. We kissed for a minute and I undid just the top button of her blouse. I then sat back and told her "Why don?t you thank Matt for the drinks and the room?"

She giggled and looked down. She later told me her heart was racing at full speed. The last time she had kissed someone other than me in a passionate way was all the way back in high school during a spin the bottle game when she was 17. Eighteen years later, she was about to kiss someone else. She lifted her head and put a hand on Matt?s chest. He learned in and they started to kiss... hesitatingly at first, then a little more strongly. She moved a little closer and his hand went to her arms, then down it to touch one of her breast gentle. She broke the kiss and gasped. She looked at his hand and giggled again. He took his hand off of her chest but she told him to put it back on. He did. She kissed him again and he began to gently squeeze her breast. She moved away for a moment and pulled me close and kissed me. She moved her lips to my ear and whispered to me.

?I am so fucking scared.? She said softly and giggled again.

Before I could say anything, she moved back to Matt and started kissing him again. Her hands started moving over his chest and arms and she moved a hand down to his stomach. He got bold and started undoing the buttons on her blouse until they were all opened and her bra was visible. She let him pull the blouse out from being tucked in her jeans and take it all the way off. When he moved to unclasp the bra however, she stopped him.

"Not yet, ok?" she told him.

Matt smiled and nodded. They kissed for a few more minutes and I realized while watching it that I felt weird. I wasn?t jealous at all. I knew she was going to go home with me. However, it was a little bit of a shock I guess seeing her do this. It wasn?t too much of a shock though that it didn?t turn me on. My cock was stiff as a board inside my jeans.

My wife moved her hands down to his lap. After a slight hesitation, she started to rub his cock through his pants. He reached down himself and undid his belt. She took the cue and unhooked the jeans clasp and pulled the zipper down. Then she let go and laid back. Matt hovered above her and reached out and undid the clasp on her jeans. She looked at me and motioned for me to come over. I did and kissed her and then moved down, took a hold on her pant legs and before she could say anything, I pulled her jeans right off.

"Oh My God." Matt sighed. "Alicia, you are so fucking beautiful."

What an understatement. Lying on her back in only her bra and panties, my wife was a scorching sight. My cock was so hard and tight inside on own jeans that I was almost in pain.

Matt got on his knees and pulled his pants down. He was wearing a dark pair of boxer shorts. He wriggled out of his jeans and got back on his knees next to her. I kicked off my shoes and got on my knees on the other side. She reached out and undid my belt and opened my jeans as well. I stood up and took them off. She turned her head towards Matt and reached out and very slowly reached inside his boxer shots, took a hold of his cock and pulled it out. She was staring at it looking mesmerized. It was the first cock besides my own she had ever held in her hand. She stroked him a few times and pulled him down to her and began kissing him again. While she did this, her other arm reached out and took a hold of my cock through my underwear. She pulled them down and started slowing stroking me. After a few minutes I pulled back, afraid I was going to cum.

Matt was now on top of her and was grinding his cock into her panties in a dry hump and they kissed wildly. She started to moan and one of her legs snaked around and wrapped around Matt?s back. Her bra was still on but was slightly askew. One of her nipples poked out. Matt moved a hand down and touched her pussy through her panties. I could see she was wet. She stared rubbing her on top of her panties and then slipped a finger in. She gasped and her body jerked, almost violently. She put her hand on his chest and gently pushed him up. He got off of her and gave her a little space.

She sat up. Matt had removed his boxers and was now only wearing a t-shirt. His cock was pointed up at attention. He looked roughly the same size as me (at just over 7 inches) but was a little thicker. My wife looked at Matt and sighed.

"I don?t think I?m ready to have sex tonight." She said. "I?m sorry. This is all so new... and as much as it's exciting and fun... it's a little much for my first time."

"It?s ok Alicia." He assured her. "No rush. Do you want to stop now?"

She hesitated but then reached out and took hold of his cock.

"Not yet." She said. "I need to take care of you first."

She instructed Matt to lie down on his back. She then sat between his open knees facing him and started to slowly jerk him off.

She turned her head to me. "C?mon over here baby." She said. "Stand up next to me."

I did as I was told. She continued to jerk Matt off and leaned forward to bring her mouth to my cock. She wrapped her lips around it and started to suck on it.

I heard Matt sigh "yeah..." He was loving the sight of her giving me head. She pulled back and bent down and licked the outside of Matt?s shaft. She didn?t put it in her mouth, but she closed her lips on the shaft itself for a moment then ran her tongue up and down the shaft and his foreskin. She sped up her stroking and leaned in to Matt?s chest and started kissing his chest. That was all Matt needed.

"Oh YEAH! FUCK YEAH!" he shouted. He started to spurt cum up in the air. I jumped back to avoid any friendly fire. My wife pumped his cock with both hands to squeeze every drop out of him. His cum went all over her hands and arms.

When he was done he let out a long satisfied sigh. She got off her knees and came over to me. She kissed me and took my cock in her hands. I could tell she was dying to have me fuck her but she didn?t want to do that in front of Matt after she said she wasn?t ready. Matt seemed to read her mind.

"I?m cool if you want him to fuck you." he said. "I won?t take offense."

She smiled at him and pushed me down. She looked at me and got on top. She didn?t put me into her and hovered right above it.

"I don?t think I?ll make it very long." I told her. I was tremendously loaded and ready to shoot. She nodded at me.

Matt got up and got on his knees behind her and reached around to cup her breasts. She slid back a little and leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. Matt was still hard and he rubbed his cock against the back of her panties. From the angle I was at, it looked like he was fucking her. I just was able to warn her I was cumming. She got her face back just enough to keep from getting a mouthful, but I came all over her chest and bra. Matt, looking over her shoulder, cheered.

My wife laughed and jumped up and ran to the bathroom. A second later she threw two towels out to us and closed the door. A second later we heard the shower go on.

When she came out of the bathroom we were fully dressed and she was wrapped in a towel. She picked up her clothes kissed me then kissed Matt and went back into the bathroom.

"Dude." Matt told me. "You are such a lucky guy. She?s fucking amazing."

"Thanks, I know." I replied, grinning.

A few minutes later she was out of the bathroom dressed. She had her bra in her hand.

"Thanks for soaking this for me." She said teasing me.

She when over to Matt and kissed him.

"Do I get to see you again?" he asked.

"Yes." she said. "We?re busy next weekend but maybe the one after that?"

?Sounds perfect.?

We walked out of the hotel with her in between us. She kissed him again at his car and him and I shook hands.

He pulled away and she looked at me.

"Oh. My. GOD." She laughed. "That was SO fucking wild."

We got into the car and drove towards home.

"You better be ready when we get home to take care of me." She teased. "I was the only one who didn?t get to cum in there."

I nodded and laughed. "No problem babe."

She settled back and closed her eyes. I was trying to drive with my eyes on the road but it was hard not to look at her.

Her eyes still closed she must have known I was looking at her.

"So... next week is Jason." She said. "And I think this warm up was enough to get me ready. Cause I am fucking him next week."

Oh God... if only the next week would go fast.

To be continued...

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