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The Drywall Specialist

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Note: This story happened to one of my best friends and I?ve been trying for quite some time to get him to put it on paper. Finally he did for me. I did nothing to change the story but did try to correct some of the spelling. Another thing, the woman in this story, Sandy, is one of the hottest people I?ve ever seen. He really under states her beauty but let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing about her that isn?t perfect. All that coming from a guy that went to college at a school with 50,000 students should give you an idea that I?ve seen both sides of the spectrum and she is absolutely stunning. Anyway, enjoy the story.

I?m a single guy living in a fairly rural area. Women have always come and gone for me so I?m still single today and I?m quickly approaching thirty years old. My family gives me a lot of grief about turning into an old, rich bachelor but I take it all with a grain of salt. The right one has never crossed my path. I work as a mechanic in a local diesel shop. It?s a satisfying job and I like my boss and the people I work with. There are six mechanics, two parts guys, and a couple of gophers to help with clean up and whatever else needs doing. I had been working for this place for a couple of years when we hired a new mechanic named Jason. He was around my age and we ended up being pretty good friends. We played golf together on Thursdays and generally hung around each other when we weren?t working. When he came to work for us, he was in the midst of getting married to a long time girl friend. In fact, he had only been there about three months when he got married. His bride was a nice looking little gal named Sandy. She was short, petite, and about as feisty (mouthy) as girls get. That alone would have been enough to send her packing as far as marriage material for me but something about her was so damned attractive. It was not hard to imagine her in the sack. She just had one of those personalities that indicated she could take you on in anything you threw at her. She had a nice little ass that protruded out from her back just inviting what would dare. Sandy had a decent set of tits for a small gal, which she would flaunt constantly. She would come out with Jason and I after our golf outings and she would talk about anything the guys would. She made me blush on more than one occasion in her graphic details of sexual encounters. I just wasn?t used to this coming from a woman.

Jason and Sandy purchased a house about six months after they were married. It was located on the edge of town in a quiet neighborhood. They got a heck of a deal on it but it needed a fair amount of work. Jason bought with the idea he would do most of the work himself to save money. It wasn?t long after buying the house that he got wind from someone that I had done drywall work while in college. I had decided when I got done with college that I would never do it again. It was backbreaking work that paid too little. Well, after a few beers and a guilt trip, Jason had me agreeing to ?help? him drywall two rooms in his house. I was not excited about it to say the least but I was helping out a friend and that was the only reason. Jason told me that he would pay me in favors. I told him to call the electric company and see if they took favors in trade for their bill and we had a good laugh.

Jason remodeled the kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom himself during the first winter. I helped with some of the electrical and plumbing but these rooms did not need any drywall work so I was relieved. Sandy was always there helping where she could and making racy cracks to embarrass me. I began to find her irresistible. She was so comfortable in her own skin to be around another man. Some women seem like they can?t wait for it to end when a different man is around but she seemed to like the attention and bantering that went on. When spring arrived, they decided to take care of the other two bedrooms on the main floor. I knew they would both have to be rocked and was dreading it. Jason talked with me at work and told me they were going to start removing the old stuff during the week so when I got there, I could just start installing. That sounded good to me because removing old drywall is the only thing worse than installing new. I pulled into their driveway at about eight in the morning and started hauling supplies to the back bedroom. Jason gave me a hand and before we knew it, we had it ready to start rocking. Much to my delight, we roughed in the first room in about three hours. We were setting up to do the second when Jason?s beeper went off. We all have to rotate being on call over the weekends at the shop. We are broke off into teams of two and each team rotates weekends. With six mechanics, it ends up that we are on call every third. The nearby coal mines occasionally will call us into the mines on weekends to take care of things their maintenance guys can?t handle. It usually burns up the rest of the day when we get called out and Jason seemed pissed. In fact, he seemed a little more pissed than usual. He apologized to me and told me I could quit if I wanted. I told him I would have the room rocked by myself in a few hours and to go ahead. He apologized again and went back into the main part of the house to tell Sandy. I couldn?t hear it but I could tell they were having a hush-hush conversation that lasted quite awhile. I heard him go out the door and I was left with a big pile of sheet rock. I worked for a half-hour before I heard Sandy come in the room behind where I was standing on the ladder. Now, up until this point, I hadn?t seen Sandy or talked to her since I got there that morning. I looked down off my ladder and what I saw made me quiver, wow did she looked good. She had short shorts on with a cut off tank top with no bra. She looked like something on the Snap On posters we have around the shop. I made a bit of small talk with her and she told me to let her know if I needed any help. I said I would and off she went. Throughout the afternoon, she would repeatedly come into the room to chat and ask questions about what I was doing. I could hardly take a long look at her because she would catch my glances and with her disposition, I knew she?d call me on it. After the second room was roughed in, I went back and mudded both rooms which doesn?t take long. I hauled my things out to the truck and headed into the house to tell Sandy I was leaving and to let her know I would come by tomorrow afternoon and take care of some of the finer mudding details. I glanced around the living room for her and was beginning to think she had bailed when I heard her call for me from her bedroom. I went down the hallway and entered their bedroom. She was sitting on the end of the bed with a smile on her face and looking like she was trying to find the words. She finally said, ?Jason and I talked and agreed on a return favor for you.? I stood there with a blank look on my face because I wasn?t sure what the hell she was talking about. She finally blurted out in a frustrated tone ?we want you to fuck me!? I think my cock popped my zipper when she said the word ?fuck?. She said, ?he wanted to be here to watch but you know how it goes, a guy had to take care of his business first. So, here we are, I?d like for you to cash in your favor today seeing as how I?ve been looking forward to this for about three months. And if you didn?t pick up on the signals I was giving you today, well, I?m not sure your made of the same things all other men are made of.? I kind of stumbled and stammered something out about screwing my friend?s wife and she told me again that this was actually his idea and she couldn?t have been more thrilled with the suggestion. I was still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing when she said to me in a devilish tone, ?why don?t you step over here so I can see what we have to work with.? I took two steps forward and she unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly. I knew by the tension that was already on my cock that as soon as the fly was down, my cock was going to pop out and it did. She looked up into my eyes after she had wrapped her small hand around the shaft of my dick and said, ?I?m going to have a fucking blast with this.? I watched her put the head of my dick into her mouth and practice some skills she knew about sucking dick. Wow, my head was a bit light before she had my dick out of my pants but I felt like I was going to pass out now. This kind of shit just did not happen to me and here I was, my rock hard dick filling my best friend?s wife?s mouth. I was still apprehensive but she was quickly sucking that out of me. She licked and sucked me for a few minutes before pulling off and saying, ?How rude of me to let you stand there with nothing to do.? She stood up and gave me a wet kiss. She had spit all over her mouth from the assault she had given my cock. She quickly pulled off her short shirt and freed those beautiful tits. She pulled my shirt, pants, and underwear the rest of the way off. She then wiggled out of her shorts and sat back on the bed. She grabbed hold of my cock again but before she went back to sucking it she looked up and said, ?Just so you know, we have to use a condom.? I quickly agreed and her mouth was as quick to get back to work. She continued to suck me for five more minutes before she pulled off and slowly stroked me while looking into my eyes. She piped up, ?I have an idea.? She stood up, went over to their large closet and started digging. I couldn?t see what she was after but it didn?t matter. She could have been making a plutonium sandwich and I still would not have pulled my eyes off of her body. Her ass especially stood out. I swear to you that it looked like something on the centerfold of Playboy. My god she was beautiful. When I pulled my eyes from her body, I noticed she was setting up the video camera onto a tripod. She told me to lay on the bed where I would be fucking her so she could center everything in. I did as I was told and she got it all working. She hit record and walked around to the front of the camera and started speaking to the camera like she was talking to her husband. She said, ?Hi sweety! You are out working your ass off right now and both of us wish you could be here to share this. I want you to know that he had deep concerns for you and your friendship but I rest assured him that this was all cool with all of us. You told me it was my decision to use a condom and I decided to use one just to be safe. I decided to record this so you could enjoy it as much as we are going to. Now, I want you to sit back, stroke your cock if you need to and watch your little wife get the fucking of her life by your good friend of yours.? She leaned really close to the camera and said in a low tone, ?Honey, he?s huge!? She turned back to me and approached the bed. I moved up and out of the way and she lay down flat on the bed. I began to kiss her and suck on her marvelous tits. I slid down and parted her legs and slowly began to lick and suck her beautiful pussy. It became obvious that she was hamming it up for the camera but all was cool with me. She was talking to it like she was talking to Jason, ?oh fuck honey, he?s gonna make me cum baby, before he ever gets that fat cock in me, he?s gonna make me come, ohhhhh!? As I had been since the start, I was still apprehensive and skiddish. She finally was too worked up to go any longer. She gripped my hair and said, ?ok baby, now you guide that fat rod of your into this honey hole before I explode!? I mentioned the condom and she replied that she was way past the point of giving a fuck about the condom and to get my cock inside her. I quickly performed the task at hand and in a second had the head of my cock spreading the lips of her pussy. I slowly sank into her wet warmth. All the while, she was moaning and talking to the camera like Jason was in the corner of the room. She said, ?oh baby, you know how I like cock inside me. Now you get to watch this hired cock stretch your wife?s pussy to it?s limit and I?ve decided that his cum is far too precious to be pumped into a rubber. I want it in me.? She was saying all this in between breaths and squealing because by this time I was in full swing fucking. She had her legs wrapped around me and her heels were digging into my ass cheeks. Her eyes were squinting and her breathing was far to erratic to be yapping at the camera now. My cock had not been inside her for two minutes when she had the hardest orgasm I?ve ever seen a chick have. She had a hold of my arms so tight they actually hurt. I stopped stroking and held still while her pussy convulsed and squeezed my cock. I let her come down off of it before resuming fucking. When she returned to orbit, she was even nastier than before she left. Now she turned her verbal shit to me. She was twisting and pulling my nipples and saying, ?you made me cum stud. You think that pussy wrapped around your cock is tight enough to do the same to you? You think you have enough cum inside you to fill me baby? I licked your balls, stud, I know your full and ready. Shoot my belly full sweetie! Give me you cum, oh, oh, oh!? By this time she was heading into outer space again in orgasm and I wasn?t far behind. Within ten seconds, I was stroking full blast, her arms hooked behind mine and fucking her as hard as I could. About the time she started to scream things I didn?t understand, I started to fill her womb with my seed. Jet after jet of cum pumped out of the end of my cock into this vixen. To this day, I have never came harder than I did inside of Sandy. She had just hit all the right spots and made this the most erotic thing that had ever happened. Well, after the ?big bang? was over and we could both breath again, she once again too control and gave me some instructions. With my cock still lodged in her, she gave me a sloppy kiss and told me to pull out and let her clean my cock off. She told me that after that was done, to take the camera off of it?s tripod and find the zoom button. Once the zoom was working, to bring the camera over here. So, after slowly dislodging my cock from her, I crawled up and let her clean all the cum off of me. She slowly licked up and down my shaft all the while playing with my ass hole. When she was done, I retrieved that camera from the stand and brought it over to the bed. She had turned sideways on the bed as she lay down spread eagle, hands holding her pussy lips apart. She said, ?I want you to stand there and zoom in real tight on my pussy.? I did as I was told. I zoomed in so that her pussy filled the entire view finder. She was slowly encircling her clit as she started to speak, ?honey, I had so much fun fucking another cock. You were right, I think I do need more than one to keep my fire out. But, shall we see how much fun he had?? She started to spread her lower pussy lips and milking her cock and out oozed huge gob of my cum. ? Oh baby, look at all that cum, he really liked my pussy and so did his large cock. I?m glad he had that much cum for me because I?m going to fuck him again and with that monster in my pussy, were gonna need all the lube we can get, fuck baby, you think your wife?s pussy seen enough? Fuck no Jason, I need a lot of cock baby and you know it! Oh, oh, oh!!!? By this time she was rubbing her clit and it was more than I could take. I put the camera back on the stand, walked over to the bed and easily slid my cock into her slopping pussy. Ten minutes later, we had both cum again. Sandy sucked and fucked me all afternoon. Finally, around supper time, Sandy walked me to the door and told me she wanted more tomorrow. I kissed her and told her I?d be back.

The next morning became more and more awkward the more I thought about it. I showed up around ten and knocked on the door. I was greeted by Jason who had the biggest smile on his face of anyone I had ever seen. Still a bit reluctant, I was closely watching his actions. He was truly elated. He said, ?Dude! That was some of the hottest shit I have ever seen. I have never been as horny as I was when I finished watching that video.? I then learned that he himself had fucked Sandy for two hours the following evening. Without pulling my hands out of my pockets to count fingers, I counted how many hours of sex this woman had the day before. Clearly, this was no ordinary woman. She was some sort of machine or something. Well, long story short, Sandy and Jason asked me to move in with them to keep the ?fire? put out. I did just that shortly there after and still live with them today. It is totally cool for me to date or fuck anyone I like but part of the deal is that when Sandy is horny, she has to be ?taken care of? and Jason and I do just that.

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