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The Dressing Room Part IV

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The Dressing Room Part IV By now you should have read Parts 1, 2 & 3 enjoy Part IV.

I left the door open to my room so I could see Karen when she came in. It was worth it, she was dressed so hot and showing lots of tits again. For sure she had more nerve than I did, and I'm guess I'm really glad about that. She must have changed in the car, there was no way she wore that outfit to work. She was wearing a thin silk button shirt that was over half open, no bra, and a long scarf that was suppose to hide her practically exposed nipples that were showing right thru her top anyway. Her skirt must be new I thought, it was shorter than any I'd ever seen.

God she was so hot. As she approached the door, I watched as she flipped one end of the scarf over her shoulder, completely exposing her right tit. My mom was not to be out done, she was wearing only a thin silky robe with no buttons. It had a tie at the waist and with one tug she was standing before you nude.

Not that she was very covered with it tied. You could see practically all of her breast when she made any kind of movement. There was no way they were going to make it to dinner. My mom met Karen at the door, and as soon as the door was closed they were all over each other.

Kissing and clawing at each other?s bodies. God they were going at it really much harder than I expected.

I think they'd made themselves horny thinking about this moment. I made noise as I came down the stairs, and they separated either to be polite or for air, I'm not sure.

My mom handed Karen a glass of wine she had already poured, and they were doing some cooling off, at least until I got out of the house. I hugged Karen and kissed her fully on the mouth, and made sure to make it long and wet, sort of a reminder to my mom that we were still sharing. I think my mom was perfectly okay with the arrangement, and that was even more of a turn on for me. After I was outside I couldn't resist and I looked back thru the glass along side the door. Karen moved toward my mom without any hesitation. She was going to be the aggressor this time I watched as she reached for the tie on my mom's robe and gave it a firm pull, then tossing it across the room. She moved closer and started fondling my mom's tits, while my mom leaned down and started kissing her and I knew dinner was going to wait.

Part Four When Patty and I arrived at the theater our somewhat shy, reluctant Jakki, and her friend Lina were waiting for us.

They were really nice and it was going to be fun watching a movie with them sitting much closer.

Lina was like Karen, she was unpredictable and kept you a little off balance. She was funny and really cute, it made you wonder how she and Karen would get along. We went to the same seat as before except this time Patty and Lina were seated next to each other, without the two empty seats between them.

Jakki was seated on the other side of Lina and being the quiet one and not wanting to be the center of attention, she was okay with that.

I'm sure she preferred Lina be the center of attention.

The movie was a bit different this time. This one had some guys in it and they were performing on each other, but not for very long. The story was about three young women that rented a beach house in Corona Del Mar, and the opening scene was about them watching some gay guys next door. It didn't last long, and since all of us are bi we were all getting a little turned on anyway. I looked over and Jakki had her arm around Lina, and her hand was resting on Lina's breast.

Patty put her hand on the inside of my thigh and I was heating up fast. Maybe seeing Karen go after my mom the way she did had me turned on more than a little.

We were all four wearing dresses or skirts, as was almost every woman in the theater. It was so sexy and anything was likely to happen tonight. I turned toward Patty and she kissed me, as passionately as you could ever imagine. I was kissing her back and wasting no time, as she kissed me I was eagerly going after her tits, and started opening her top. God she got turned on really fast, and she was sliding her hand right up my leg to touch me.

I looked over to see Jakki kissing Lina, and she was being much more the aggressive this time, which I'm sure Lina was enjoying.

I put my hand between Patty's legs and she opened her legs for me, as she slid forward on the seat. I made an instant decision, I was going to take her right now.

Karen definitely had turned me on the way she went after my mom, so I was more than aroused. Patty was not wearing any panties and I got on my knees. I wanted her and God she was so wonderful. I loved how she could respond so fast. Seems like she was hot, almost all the time.

I looked over to see Jakki coming down to the floor next to me. She was going to do Lina right along side me. Patty and Lina both had their legs spread and I think the touching of their legs was turning them on to each other. I looked up just as they turned to face each other and started kissing. Lina was after Patty's tits and I understood that. They were so near perfect, anyone would like to touch or suck them. God they were really going after each other. They were so hot for each other I could hardly believe it. Jakki's thigh was against mine and the heat was pouring into my body from her. I put my hand on the inside of Lina's leg and started to slide it up to her pussy.

When Jakki felt my hand, she pulled her mouth away from Lina for a second and I put my fingers in her mouth, she started to suck. I continued kissing and sucking Patty, but she was so much into Lina, I don't think she knew it was me. I took my mouth away from her and while Jakki was still sucking my fingers, I brought my hand to my mouth, and Jakki came along with it. We started kissing, not tenderly, not timid, but very passionately, and she was on fire, I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth. She was biting and sucking my tongue so much I was a bit scared. My god she was ready, and I wanted her I wanted to be closer to her. I wanted to experience the scent of her pussy. I wanted to feel the lips of her pussy in my mouth, I wanted to taste her juices.

I knew then I was going to suck her. I took her by the hand and brought her up to the seat. With her now sitting in my seat next to Patty, I went right to her big gorgeous tits. God, they were really big and so firm for such large tits.

I sucked and kissed them and felt the nipples harden in my mouth as I sucked, she had really large nipples and you got a complete mouth full as you sucked them.

It was incredibly wonderful and I was in no hurry to move on, but after several minutes, I felt movement from Patty. I looked over and she was going to suck Lina, she was down on the floor, on her knees in front of her. I watched as she raised Lina's skirt and moved her mouth to take her. She was so beautiful sucking her and everyone was okay with it, so now I knew I was definitely going to taste Jakki, and have no regrets.

Jakki took my face in her hands and started kissing me. I told her I wanted to taste her and she said, oh god, please, I've wanted you to do that since I first saw you. I laid in bed and did myself last night while thinking about you. Please, I am so ready for you, so wet, and I really want you to do it. She pushed me down toward her pussy and at the same time pushed her hips all the way to the front of the seat.

I thought to myself is this the same hesitant person from last night. I licked and kissed her incredibly wet pussy, I sucked and licked all the juices that poured from her pussy. I teased her, the juices kept flowing, and her lips kept swelling, filling my mouth with pussy.

I was licking and swallowing her sweet nectar. No matter what I did, it was all just wonderful with her.

She fucked back, with every effort I made, she fucked back, she was fucking my mouth and making a lot of noise doing it. Hopefully, everyone in the theater was busy and making their own noise. I didn't care, she had a sweet fragrant pussy that you wanted to keep sucking. Within a few minutes though, I got her clit between my lips and started to hum, she went crazy. I felt her tense and push her hips forward. She was cumming, and she kept cumming. It was as wonderful as it could possible be, she held me there and her body continued to quiver with multiple orgasms. She was finished. I got what I wanted, a virgin, and it left me feeling so completely gratified. I sat in the seat next to her and we continued kissing and playing throughout the rest of the movie. Patty and Lina were not slowing down, Lina was enthralled with Patty's tits and Patty was feeding them to her. This whole evening was another new experience for me, and maybe for all of us.

Patty had finished feeding Lina her tits and they were more relaxed now. Strange, but I think we all got what we wanted, and it was probably not what any of us expected. What an evening. After the movie we said our goodbyes and we all traded phone numbers. There was one condition, we agreed not to call anyone about getting together unless all four of us were going to be present. As much as I loved Jakki's tits, and would love to play with them some more, I agreed.

Patty was quite as we started our drive back to her house, and I ask her if she was okay. She said yes, I'm really great, except I'm concerned that you might be upset with me. That was a surprise, and I ask her why she thought that. She said, we had a date, but with Lina sitting next to her, she got turned on to her and she decided she wanted to have her and she felt like she had abandoned me. I was actually relieved and had to laugh a little. I said Patty, I was dying to get my hands and lips on Jakki's big gorgeous tits, and I was willing to leave you for them. She moved over and started hugging me, and said then you are okay with this evening. I said, Patty I had a great time, and if you did too, then I'm really happy. We decided to call Jakki and Lina to see if they were okay with what happened. They'd just finished the same discussion we'd just had, and they were fine with the evening. They were hoping to see us the next week, and we agreed.

Patty told me Karen's father was going to be home for the week-end, and he was going to take Karen shopping for a car. They felt with school starting she would not be able to work and go to school without a car.

It was going to be a surprise for Karen and I was not to say anything to her, and I was not to invite her to do anything either, because her dad wanted to go early Saturday morning. No problem, I said, I still have her mother. Patty laughed and it was amazing how much fun we had, considering she was my friend's mother. When we got to Patty's home there was no hesitation. We went straight into her bedroom, and I was going to have her. Fully unclothed, exposed on the bed and for the whole night if we could last. I spun her around and dropped to my knees. I put my head under her skirt and started to suck. She was as wet as Jakki had been. With all her time with Lina, it had left her more than ready and I was willing to accomodate her. While I sucked and licked her, she undressed. I stood to remove my clothes, she pushed me onto the bed and went right after my begging, wet pussy. God, it was going to be a full, exciting night.

Saturday afternoon Karen called to tell me she had a car and invited me over to see it. It was a couple of hours before I got there and her father met me at the door. He was a quite man, but very friendly and was extremely nice, I really liked him. He told me Patty had gone to the mall and Karen was in her room, so I could go on in. He never made me uncomfortable, but I'd seen him several times looking at my tits, and I liked it. He was absolutely checking me out when he got a chance, and I think I had no problem with it.

I went into Karen's room and she was lying nude, face down on her bed. She was lying on a pillow which was under her hips and it looked like she may have been rubbing herself on it when she fell asleep. She was still holding the towel from her shower. God! She was beautiful, that perfectly gorgeous ass, so erotic and exciting, sticking up for me, and with her legs spread apart, she was very inviting. I stood adoring her ass for a minute, and remembering what my boy friend did to me once. It was something I never would have thought of in my life, but he drove me crazy when he did it to me. I loved it so much, I wanted to do it to Karen. She was sound asleep, and not going to have a chance to object. She was really beautiful lying there with that perfect little ass sticking up. With those gorgeous full cheeks to be kissed, and I was selfish enough to not care that she was tired.

She was so tempting and I was getting very turned on looking at her. I wanted to kiss her ass, and I was going to do it. I put my purse down and moved to the end of the bed, she never moved. I slowly moved in between her wide open legs and gently placed one hand on each cheek and spread them apart.

I started to kiss her ass. She squirmed a bit at first, but she liked it, and she was not going to object. I gently kissed her at first while continuing to hold her cheeks with both hands and I moved my lips and tongue all over. I slid my tongue along her ass.

She raised her butt up to meet my mouth. It was something I never thought of doing, but the way she was responding, she must really like it. So I definitely was not going to stop. I probed and licked her for several minutes.

She was raising herself up to my mouth, she was pushing the weight of her entire body back against my mouth, wanting more and I wanted to please her. She raised herself up on her knees, her face was still on the towel, but her ass was all the way up she pushed hard against my mouth. I was up on my knees behind her and getting all of her pussy and ass. When my mouth got to her ass she pushed harder against my mouth and there was no mistaken she wanted it kissed or licked.

She was really pushing herself against my mouth, harder and harder she pushed and squirmed grinding herself against my lips and tongue.

I sucked and licked her until the juices were flowing from my pussy. My God, I was so turned on my pussy was screaming for attention. I was hot for something, anything. It was unbelievable how turned on I was, and it was because she was this excited with what I was doing to her. I raised my skirt and got fingers in my pussy. I knew I could cum so fast, this would only take a few more minutes. I was really into myself when I heard a noise, and I stopped and waited.

Nothing, I didn't panic, but went back to sucking and teasing Karen's ass and pussy. It could only be Karen's mom or Dad, and they won't come in without knocking. I slowed my sucking and waited for more sounds, but there was not any. Then all of a sudden, I felt hands on my butt, I tensed, oh my God! I waited, I felt a hand moving my thong to one side and a finger joining mine in my pussy.

It was not Patty's hand, so it could only be Karen's dad, and he obviously was going to join in. It was only a minute and I felt his cock replace his finger.

Slowly his rigid cock entered my now dripping, hungry, wet pussy. Within less than a minute of my hearing the first noise he was fucking me, and now I wondered how long he had been watching. To be so ready he must have been watching for at least a few minutes. He was rock hard, but he was so gentle with his stroking, I was sure Karen didn't even knew he was in the room. I was taking long swipes with my tongue across Karen's pussy and ass. She was moaning so loud she couldn't hear her dads balls gently slapping against me. He was quietly pounding me for only a couple on minutes and then he pushed forward and held himself in me. He was all the way in, but with me on my knees it was easy to take him.

I felt it, a huge squirt of cum and then another, and another, my god he shot eight or nine times in me before he was finished. He pulled out and quietly left the room. I had to be sure, so I turned to look, and saw him just before he closed the door. I finished sucking Karen's pussy and let her lie back down on the bed. I stood to go into the bathroom and I felt all the cum running down my legs. After I cleaned myself and went back in to see Karen, she was either sound asleep or a good faker. Well so much for a ride in her new car. I wanted to see her dad anyway. I went directly over to where he was sitting. I walked over to him, leaned over to kiss fully on the mouth, not a friendly father daughter kiss, but one full of lust and hunger. I Gave him more tongue than he could handle, I sucked his lips and tongue. I wanted to be sure he was motivated to come after me. I stopped for a minute, smiled at him and said I wasn't finished, so you owe me. I smiled a little more and he relaxed. He said, okay, but it would have to be another time, because Patty was in the driveway. I went out to see if she needed help with anything, but no, she had not been shopping, she had been called to teach a Saturday class. We went in the kitchen and she prepared a snack and drinks for us to have while we waited for Karen to wake up. Karen's dad came in to say he was going to check on his truck. He has to park his big truck some place other than home, because it is so big the neighbors don't like it. As he drove away Patty leaned over and kissed me, she said, there is something I have to tell you. Okay, I said, and she went on to tell me she knew her husband wanted to have sex with me. She said, he told her he thought I was one of the prettiest and most exciting young women he'd ever seen. When I said that doesn't mean he wants me. Yes it does, she said, I know him, and he wants to fuck you. I want him to fuck you. As a favor to me, please, will you let him have you. Can you try to do that for me and not tell him I know anything about it. Let him seduce you if that's what you want.

Patty said, as much as I enjoy you, I want him to enjoy you too. I told her I would absolutely make myself available for him to have me, and I would the first chance I got. Karen came in from her nap and joined us for snacks. The three of us never talked to each other about sex or anything we ever did. It just kept all due respect in place.

After visiting for a few more minutes Karen and I took off in her new car and she was absolutely deliriously happy. She loved her new CD player and she had it loaded with her favorite music. As soon as we were finished playing with all the buttons and switches, she said I have to tell you something, and I want you to know that I'm okay with it. She said, first of all, thank you for what you did to me. That was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced, I loved it so much, and I just couldn't get enough, and someday I want to do that to you.

She said, but that's not what I want to tell you. I know what my father did and I don't know if I'm supposed to apologize for him or what. I'm sorry she said, she was so concerned, but I quickly pointed out to her I loved it. Once I was passed being startled by his unexpected approach, it was great having him enter me while having her in my mouth. She was much relieved and said I could do whatever I wanted with him. I said, thanks, I leaned over and kissed her.

She was really happy about it, and I think secretly happy for her father too. After what we did to Pony Guy, she knew there was a chance her Dad was going to get his brains fucked out.

When Karen and I got back to her house, she went directly to her room, and Patty and I sat in the kitchen talking. Patty had Karen's work schedule in her hands and was planning, you could see it in her eyes. She was planning something. She said if you want, Karen is working tomorrow night. I can make myself busy at the club, and you can come over here and do what ever you want.

Meaning fuck her husband, and I loved the idea. He really had me primed for more and the sooner the better for me. I quickly agreed and ask again if she was sure this was okay with her. She said this is my gift to him and I will tell him after he's had you.

Thursday is his birthday, but he is leaving day after tomorrow and will be gone for a week. So when he calls me, I am going to let him give me all the details until he gets hard and can do himself while he's diving. He loves phone sex and this will be so excellent. He owed me and he knew it, so if I was to show up he would know what I wanted. This was about sex, pure sex nothing more. We agreed on the following night at six, I would arrive soon after Patty left and that way he would for sure be there and not off checking on his truck or buying food for his trip.

When I got to Karen's house I knocked, but got no answer. I tried the door and it was unlocked. I let myself in and went looking for my next fuck. He was in the shower, and that was his standard practice. He always showered at night when he had an early morning trip. I mean early, he would leave at 2 or 3 am, but when we were finished with the evening he may not be able to leave so early the next day. I removed all my clothes and stepped into the shower behind him. He was not startled at first, because he said, I thought you were Patty. I just smiled a little pay back. This was going to wreck my hair, but I was going to suck him until he was hard. I wanted to feel his nice, clean, cock grow in my mouth. I love that feeling so much. I reached for it and he didn't hold back. He was not concerned about being caught by Patty. I guess good judgement disapears with a stiff dick. I quickly got on my knees and took his still limp cock in my mouth. The gently spray of water from the shower only made it more exciting. I sucked him all the way into my mouth and then let it slide out slowly until only the head was in my mouth and he was growing fast. I wanted the knob to expand in my mouth and it was. It was getting really big. His cock was not so big, but this knob was amazing, it was nice, and it was a wonderful big mouth full. I rolled my tongue and lips all over it, but only for a few minutes. He was not going to cum, not yet, not until he was inside me. I wanted a proper fucking, and I was going to get it. I stood up and said to him I want the fucking you owe me. I remembered what Patty said to me. He wanted to fuck me, so he was going to get his wish. He was going to fuck me now. We got out of the shower and toweled each other until we were so filled with lust for each other we couldn't stand any more. I moved to the bed and sat on the edge to take his cock in my mouth one more time. I loved how it filled my mouth and as I sucked, I was thinking how it would fill my cunt.

After a few minutes, he said I want to taste you before I fuck you. He pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me back on the bed. I open my legs and invited him to do what ever he wanted. He went down on his knees and started to kiss my feet. He kissed my feet and sucked my toes. He gently slide his lips up my calves to my thighs. He slowly moved his lips across my eager pussy and down the other leg all the way to my toes. He then placed both hands inside my thighs and opened my legs a little more, he moved his mouth to cover my pussy. Oh my god, he knew how to suck, and I'm sure Patty had something to do with that. He licked and sucked me until I was begging him to fuck me. My pussy had been sucked and licked, but now, I wanted to be fucked. He stood and stroked his cock as looked down at me. I ask him to fuck me, plesase I said, I want the fucking you owe me. He continued stroking his cock, the knob swelling and growing. It was beautiful and he moved it toward my opening, I was ready, the juices were flowing from me and knew I could take it. He placed the knob at my opening and gently started to push. God he was so big, bigger than I remembered when he was in me before. He pushed the knob in and waited a minute for my pussy to accept him. It felt like he was still growing while he was inside me. He pushed and I was pushing back. He gently stroked me and I raised my hips to meet his every stroke. It was incredible how gentle and slowly he was fucking me. Deep, all the way in and he was a perfect fit, not to long, but nice and thick. With the that magnificent big knob I was getting a fucking to behold. I loved it and he started to pick up the tempo. He was staring to pound me and I was ready. I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under my ass. He was really driving the cock to me and I was fucking him back with every thrust. He said you are so beautiful when you're getting fucked, you love taking the cock, don't you? He was pounding me and in only a few minutes I was cumming, oh god I was cumming, again and again. It was amazing, I had been fucked.

Now it was time for his cumming. No, I thought, I quickly shoved him back and sat up to take his cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste him cum and he was very willing. Almost as soon as I got the knob in my mouth there was squirt and another and another. I was drowning in his cum, this man had more cum than anyone I'd ever met, and I loved it. He must have shot more than a half dozen big squirts in my throat, but I didn't choke. I swallowed it all, and then licked him clean. I had been fucked and fed, what more could I want. I was exhausted, then he sort of unexpectedly laid down on top of me. He proceeded to rain the most wonderful and tender kisses all over my mouth and face. He was such a kind man, and now he was content, he had what he wanted, he had been fucked by me.

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