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The Diversion

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Liz loved the way her calves felt doing exercise, she told me as the finished another set of calf

raises the bar across her shoulder as she worked out. I loved the way her muscles moved and was becoming

quite arouses as she worked out.

While I usually preferred to workout with my teammates Liz preferred the rather expensive weight

set-up she had at home. I watched the cute O her mouth made as she exhaled concentrating on the lift. I

thought all the times she had let me hilt my cock in there and felt the blood flow to my groin.

Liz is a cheerleader for our junior college football team while I was starting point guard for a basket

ball team, Her season had been over for while, and mine was about to wind up with a final game to

determine our division champion. We would be playing our archrival in a couple days. We were deep into

the Midwest, and the school was small, but I still wanted to win.

While I was thinking about this Liz striped off her baggy gray shorts, revealing nothing underneath

but a tiny pubic patch, and pale skin. The rest of her was tan but she told me she liked to go to the tanning

booth to masturbate with her hands in her pants, said it was a warm relaxing feeling. She told everybody she

tanned so much to help fight off the winter blahs; I guess a warm clit rub would.

She turned and walked towards the bathroom.

?Nice ass.? I said.

?I really, actually truly wish I had a dime for every time you said that.? She grinned at me.

? I would be so rich I wouldn?t need college.? She said leaning in to turn on the shower.

? Well it?s true every time.? I watched the curve of her hips as she leaned in to adjust the water

temperature, and followed her into the bathroom.

?Join me?? She said turning to me and undoing her sports bra. He tits were full and her nipples

were hard from the air and the work out.

I checked my watch. ? Coach called a team meeting for this afternoon.? I said.

She smiled a little half grin and ran her hand down to her clit teasing. ?Suit yourself.?

?Wish I could.? I laughed.

?Allyson is coming over in while anyway.? She shrugged. Allyson was s friend of Liz?s who had a

crush on her and was sexually open to just about anything. I had been around when they had done things as

tame as watching soap opera?s on separate couches. And I had also been around when they had dome things

as wild as try out giant purple dildos on each other.

Allyson is smart and made no bones about the fact, that?s he was going to marry for money and fuck

for pleasure on the side. She didn?t mind being the side dish to Liz?s and mine quality time.

?Want me to film it?? She slid her hand up my shorts and gently squeezed my balls.

?If Allyson wants to.? I leaned into her and slid my hand down to the crack of her ass spread her

cheeks slightly and grazed her asshole and labia with my fingers.

?You know I like it better when you tell me about it anyway.?

?That?s true. You do love the naughty talk.? She giggled and pulling my tank top aside slightly

bit my nipple lightly.

?But I have to go figure out how we can beat that prick Tommy Paston.? I said looking at my

watch again.

?The point guard that went to Cass High?? She asked.

?Yeah. Why? You know that prick??

?He was a senior and I was a freshman when he took me to his prom.? She said.

I got real quite for a moment. All through my high school and college career there was one

guy I just hadn?t been able to outdo at anything. Basketball, baseball, track, if that cocky jackass was on the

other team my team always lost.

?He was Ok, in the sack, but you got the felling he always wished there were mirrors there so

he could watch himself. He was a little rough, dick was pretty nice though. ?

She stopped herself when she saw my face, normally her exploits don?t bother me even if

they happen now, but this one stung little and she recognized the pain in my look.

?You OK??

?He?s been my rival for a long time and I?ve never been able to outmatch him at anything. You

know I don?t have many hang-ups about fucking, but..?

?James,? she said grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her to kiss me, open mouth and hard ?There are quite a few things you outmatch him in.?

?Also,? she said bending over the sink, turning her ass towards me, she turned her head

?you got the girl? her hand then picked up some lube off the sink and smeared all over her pussy.

Without saying or doing anything else I pulled down my shorts and stuck my cock all the way in her

cunt. I pounded my cock into her over and over again; I felt her muscles contract around me as she came,

and I kept up the same frantic pace slamming my hips hard against her ass, the sound of our bodies

smacking got to me, I hilted myself in her with a final thrust and shot jism deep into her, she came again as

she felt me let go.

?That was nice.? She said turning to give a gentle kiss. I loved fucking her cause we almost always

came together.

?That helped a lot but now I have to go to my meeting.? I laughed ? Enjoy Allyson, ? was my

parting shot.

The meeting with the coach was depressing. We watched video of Tommy in action, he could play

ball he had Brad Pitt good looks and the grace of Orlando Bloom. The coach asked me if I thought I could

keep up playing defense against him, and I had to reluctantly admit I couldn?t.

?That?s ok.? He said trying to give me a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

After the meeting I called Liz. ?Allyson is still here,? she said. I could hear Allyson giggling a little

in the background.

?She says it would be great if you could come by.? Then I heard Liz moan and Allyson giggle some


I was still in a funk about Tommy, but I headed over.

I will admit to being a little jaded but the scene that greeted me when I walked in the door got my

cock hard instantly.

Liz was on the couch with her legs spread wide, blue eyes shiny and glazed over with pleasure.

Allyson was naked on her knees in front of her ass in the air. Long brown hair framing Allyson?s shapely

Well-muscled back. Liz?s hands were done in front of Allyson?s face, and I knew from experience she was

holding her own lips wide open.

What man wouldn?t get hard finding two college cheerleaders engaged in


I stripped and moved around the couch so I could shove my cock into Liz?s throat. One of her

A favorite thing when we are sixty-ninning is to nearly choke on my cock as she gets off. I figured the same

rules would apply when someone else was eating her pussy. The way she moaned and wrapped her lips

around the head of my cock told me I guessed right.

She deep-throated me as she was in the throws of climax, and I nearly came in her mouth.

I almost lost it again when Allyson turned her face up from Liz?s cunt and said. ? Fuck me.? I could see her

face glisten from Liz?s juices. She turned her ass toward me as she threw a pillow down on the floor and

put her head on it.

?It?s already really wet.? Liz giggled from the couch. I didn?t have long to ponder how much cunt

eating Liz had down because I was distracted by Allyson?s firm ass sliding toward me with my cock in her


?Fuck yes.? She moaned. Allyson was always vocal from start to finish.

Liz reached down and grabbed a hunk of Allyson?s hair ?Fuck that cock you slut, fuck that fucking


The aggression and the vocal stimulation was too much for Allyson.

?SHIT yehayeas.? She screamed as she came. That was too much for me and I shot cum all over her

ass and back as I pulled out.

Liz came off the couch and began to smear my cum in and around Allyson?s asshole. She used it

as lube to slide her middle finger all the way in without preamble.

?All day she?s talked about getting dick in her ass.? She leaned towards me and whispered as she

continued finger-fucking Allyson?s asshole. I aimed my now hardening dick at Allyson?s brown little hole.

I was still a little soft and having some trouble when Liz looked at me leaned down, took her finger out of

Allyson?s ass use both hands to spread her cheeks and began to rim her ass.

?Tongue that hole bitch.? Allyson moaned over her shoulder, the sight of Liz?s tongue darting in an

out of Allyson?s ass, combined with her unleashing her inner porn-star did the trick. I was rock hard again.

I put the head of my dick in her ass and waited letting her control the depth and momentum.

?That feels so fucking good.? Allyson whisper-moaned. Liz started to kiss me she smelled and

tasted like Allyson, and I fought off the urge to plunge my cock as hard as I could into Allyson?s tight hole.

?Fuck me now hard.? she creamed and slid her butt he rest of the way down my cock, almost as

soon she reached the end she started to come. I?m not super long but I am very thick and I was always

amazed at how much Allyson liked it when I filled up her asshole with my cock.

She started to buck against me as I started to fuck her. Fuck that ass, fuck that as fuck that ass.? She

said over and over, as I started to use my hips to drive my dick into her ass over and over. I finally released

my cum as I thrust it deep into her hole, and when she felt it she responded with a ?Fuck yes? and an

orgasm. She slid up next to me when my cock released from her ass, and whispered ? Thank you, ?

stopping for a moment to nibble on my ear.

When we has showered and were all laying around the living room channel surfing, they asked me

what was bothering me, because I was more quite then normal. I explained about Tommy and my meeting

with the coach.

?Isn?t Roy Keeler their off-guard?? Allyson asked. It took a minute to think about it, cause I was

surprised by Allyson?s sports savvy.

?Yeah. That?s right.? I said ?Why??

?Divide and conquer. You really want to win right?? Allyson asked.

?Divide and conquer.? Liz said catching on to what Allyson was thinking, and they both started to


They had a plan, who can argue with two naked girls.

After making sure they really wanted to go trough with my only stipulation was some back-up, the

three of us agreed, that Allyson?s big black bouncer friend Tori would fill that slot nicely. He was a former

pro-wrestler sidelined by a knee injury.

The morning of the game Tommy Paston?s team was having a light practice at our school which

played into the plot nicely. The coach had giving me a master key to all the schools door, he was grooming

me for his staff and wanted me to have access to the facilities, weight room, computer lab, shit a student

athlete might need.

Allyson and Liz were dressed their cheerleader outfits, the red and gold of our school comprising

there tops and short skirts. They flounced across the gym to where Tommy?s team was casually lobbing

balls at the basket. Allyson immediately walked up to Tommy. ?Your Tommy Paston .? She had left her

cell phone on and dialed to mine so I could hear what she said.

?I saw you on TV.? She was almost batting her eyelashes and I wondered if she was laying it on to

thick, leaning over and touching him as she talked.

Behind him I could see Liz talking to the other players, they were making a little circle of droll and

testosterone around her.

?Follow me.? Allyson reached down and toughed his ball through his shorts. He smiled at her.

?Don?t think so,? He said ?we have a game to play in a while.? He flashed her his movie star grin.

?Fucking go with her man.? Roy Keeler spoke up, razing Tommy as Liz whispered something in

his ear.

? I don?t know this girl.? Tommy said, but his objections were losing steam as he saw the scorn

of his teammates.

?Fucking chickenshit.?

?Ass is ass, pussy is pussy.? There were several taunts of this nature hurled Tommy?s way.

A look crossed his face. ?All right you want to fuck you little slut I?m ready.?

She took his hand and began walking in my general direction, the first part of our plan was

starting to work. Allyson led him into the nearby room was he soundproofed, aerobic/ ballet room. There

were mirrors on the wall, and a ballet bar.

?Why here?? Tommy asked as Allyson half hugged half kissed him to the ballet bar.

?Like to see myself fuck.? As if to prove the point she bent over her ass toward the mirror, lifted

up her skirt to reveal her bare ass underneath.

I could see from my hiding spot the bulge in Tommy?s pants growing.

?Come help me.? Allyson said putting her hands on the bottom of her shirt and started to lift

Tommy helped her out of it and ran his hands along the side of her tits, and gently grazed the tips of her

nipples with his palms. She began backing him towards the ballet bar with her boobs. When he was against

the wall, she slid his shirt off. He ran her hands form the top of his shorts up his chest, and down along his arm.

He was completely going with the flow, when she put his hand in the waiting cuff on the ballet bar

and clicked it shut.

?What the hell.? His face flashed real anger and I almost darted out of my hiding place.

?Relax baby.? She said and slid down his shorts and jock revealing what looked like at least

seven inch fairly thick hard-on. I saw Allyson?s tongue dart around the head of Tommy?s dick and I started

to wonder if she was lost in the moment, and had forgotten why we were there, the noises she was making

were starting to get me hard.

Then as his arm was resting against the bar, Allyson snapped the other cuff shut. He put up no

resistance this time as Allyson deep-throated his dick. Then she stood up and started to put on her top.

He looked confused.

?Your teammates think you?re a prick.? She said stepping back into her skirt

?Fucking cunt.? He yelled and the wall shook some as he strained against the bar. His biceps

bulged and the effort was good but he couldn?t get away. His cock went limp.

?And so do I.? Allyson kept going. ? This is a soundproof room jackass.? She smiled and dialed

her cell. She grinned and held it up to Tommy?s ear.

? It?s for you.? She laughed, and I heard Liz?s voice on the other end.

?Tommy, I promised your teammates that if they kept their mouths shut and went along with this

they would all get to fuck me. They jumped at the chance to bang one of your exes?

?Were going to fuck the shit out of her.? I heard Roy laughing on the phone.

?And the best part,? Allyson said putting the phone down next to Tommy?s feet ?is you?ll get to

hear everything.?

We left the room closing the door.

We got to the visiting locker room just as Liz was finishing her speech to the team. ? My friend

here will help some.? She said pointing at Allyson.

Allyson knew her cue and lay face up on the bench in middle of the lockers, her skirt bunched

high around her thighs showing her naked cunt to the crowd.

Then lifted up her skirt to show her tan lines and eased herself onto Allyson?s face.

?Ground rules. What I say goes.? She said letting out a little moan as Allyson worked

her clit over with her tongue. ?You violate this one whole things over and Allyson and I scream rape.?

She ground her hips over Allyson?s face to take some of the sting out of the words.

? She may occasional stoke, or suck to help, but this chain-bang is mostly about me,? to emphasize

her point she took off her top baring her bare firm tits.

?Now,.. ? she stopped a little short here as Allyson must have been doing something really talented

with her mouth.

?When I bend over this bench and lift my skirt begin to fuck me.? She stayed like that for a minute

enjoying the view of the naked athletes, and the semi-hard cocks. ?If any one wants out, wives, girlfriend or

whatever reasons you don?t want to be involved now is the time to go.? Liz said and stood raising herself

off Allyson?s face. Three or four guys left, leaving about six to eight cocks for Liz to take.

Liz turned, bent over the end of the bench and pulled her skirt over her as cheeks.

The first guy to step up was the team?s center, the biggest man on the team. He was listed at 6?8?

and although Liz isn?t super short, he still had to bend his knees at an awkward angle to get to get his cock

in her cunt. He was black and built thick but his cock was long and skinny, he was managing to put the head

of it by sheer length, but not much more. It was too much of an angle and after a few strokes Liz called over

her shoulder. ?Next.?

?Will finish later,? she said looking at the first man. The following man in line was white, wiry

and small 6? even I guessed. His cock was long and skinny except for the head. It looked look an angry

mushroom exploding from a fleshy stem. He put his cock in as hard and as fast as he could and began to

fuck Liz at a frantic pace. It took him less then a minute to come, but with his speedy hips he got Liz off

twice. She screamed ?Fuck Yes.? and he came pulling out shooting cum onto her back and butt.

The next guy in line was a medium built black man with a long thick dick but I was having

trouble watching because Allyson had started playing with my cock, she was also drooling and moaning as

she watched the action.

Long and thick dabbled his tool in and out of Liz?s cunt, paying and wallowing letting her know it

was there. I could see the muscles twitch in her back as he finally slammed it all the way into her pussy.

Then without waning he slammed it in hard again.

?Ho shit yes.? Liz screamed. That was too much for Allyson and she turned her ass towards me,

putting her palms on the floors we could still watch the action while we fucked.

?You like that.? Long and thick said, grabbing a handful of Liz?s hair.

?Yes. Yes, I fucking love it.? She primal screamed in orgasm. He gave her hair one final tug

toward him, pulling her onto his cock as his muscles convulsed and he came into her.

The next guy was 6?7 sinewy white guy, but he was having some of the same problems as the first

guy that had tried to fuck Liz, his knees bent at an awkward angle.

Then the two guys right by Liz got an idea, the picked her up while she was still half-ass doggie

style position, held her in mid air and rammed her onto his long skinny dick. He pumped forward while they

pushed her back. This was too much for him and he finished in what seemed like two long slow strokes.

They kept her up in the air suspended by human ropes as the another man stepped up, he was an

average size white guy with and average size cock, but his cock wasn?t all the way hard.

Then he leaned down and started to tongue Liz?s asshole. Allyson excited by this new burst of

action bumped hard against my hips and nearly made me lose it. His cock grew rock hard while he tongued

her sweaty ass.

The men holding Liz got a little tired and lowered until she was in true doggie-style at the long end of

the bench. His ass was bubble shaped and looked powerful, as he drove his dick into Liz over and over.

?Can I thumb you ass?? He asked Liz stopping while his dick was completely hilted in her.

?Yes.? She groaned.

With his thumb in her asshole, and his he gave three more solid stroked and then shot so much jism

into her you could almost hear it splash out.

A few of the guys as they had finished had left to clean up.

?Can you roll over?? The shortest man on the team asked. He was 5?7.

?Like to see your tits please.? Allyson laughed a little when he said this and I could her pussy

contract around my cock.

?Polite little fucker.? She whispered over her shoulder.

Liz obliged rolled over and striped off her top, she was now totally naked on the hard wood bench

with semi-hard and hard cocks surrounding her. She reached up and started to fondle the dark scrotum of the first man who had tried to fuck her. She pinched her nipple of her right breast with thumb and finger of

her other hand, putting on a show for the boob-man currently fucking her.

It almost distracted him too much to fuck her pussy, as he looked at her tits wide-eyed..

?Can he sit on your face?? Wiry fucker in front asked pointing at the man whose ball sack Liz was


?Yeah.? Liz said and guided his scrotum over her waiting mouth. It only took a second and he

scooted up and Liz started to rim him. The blood flowed back to his dick and it looked like a dark long thin

balloon inflating.

The wiry man fucking Liz watched her face disappear into the man?s ass and shot his cum all over

her belly and tits.

?The last two get to fuck me and blowjobs.? Liz announced

?What?? You didn?t suck my dick. What the hell?? And various other angry rumblings came from

the few spent guys still hanging around to watch.

Liz scooted the big black man forward and took as much of his cock down her throat, that she

could at the angle. She didn?t have much of a gag reflex but the angle was weird.

The last man in line was already pumping away furiously at her pussy. A lanky black 6?footer

who was all lean muscle.

?Switch.? Liz yelled.

As the two men went to the opposite ends of Liz a guy who had been standing there stroking off

came all over her tits.

Liz took the cum drenched cock all the way into her mouth immediately. A moan leaked out her

lips around it as the big black man in front began to pound in earnest. Thirty seconds of intense pounding

was about all it took, you could almost see his body shrivel as the energy leaked out him with his orgasm.

I felt Allyson?s cunt contract around my prick as she came over and over watching. The man

pumping away at Liz?s mouth let go, and you could see her neck muscles working as she swallowed semen.

As they fished I shot my cum into Allyson?s vagina, and Liz immediately started to get dressed..

?Well, that was almost good.? She said shrugging into her top.

?Almost?? Three or four of the guys said at the same time.

Allyson walked back over to the group with me and at the same time Tori made an appearance

from the other side of the room. While this team was not made up of small men, none came close to

matching Tori?s size.

After we were all dressed we started walking toward the home teams locker room, I wondered why.

?What?s up?? I asked and even though I was sure it was my imagination, I could almost hear Liz?s

pussy sloshing with cum.

?That was the divide and conquer part. No we bring some unity to the home team.? Allyson said

as we entered the locker room.

?Listen up.? Allyson said to my teammates who were in various states of undress, preparing for

the light afternoon practice.

Liz took off her top, baring her boobs to get everyone?s attention.

?She,? Allyson said pinching one Liz?s right nipple, ?just fucked the other team.?

?What the hell, can you believe this shit..? and many other mutterings came from the group.

?My cunt is drenched with cum, and I?m going to sit on my friends face, and suck as many as you

as I can.? Allyson striped off all her clothes and lay back down on then bench. Liz made a show of lifting

her skirt showing her bare ass, and then lowering herself down, straddling Allyson?s waiting face.

? I only let them use my cunt and mouth.? She jerked a thumb toward the other locker room.

?But because he said you guys would love it,? she pointed the same thumb at me. ? For you I?m going to be

three hole whore.? She said this last part absolutely fucking Allyson?s face with her cunt, grinding her hips

back and forth

She lifted herself off Allyson?s face, and said ?You three get on the bench.? She pointed to three men

in front of her, and took off her skirt and top. She got down on her knees in front of the, bench where the

naked men now were sitting. One of my teammates kindly bunched up several towels and made sort of a

mat for her knees.

Then she lowered her mouth to the hard waiting cock in the middle. I notice the three men on the

bench made reverse Oreo. Liz was sucking on the short squat black dick in the middle, deep throating it,

and she a white marker shaped dick in her right hand. An average size white cock in her left.

Our starting point guard a 5?11 black man with nearly Olympic caliber speed, got down on his

knees and began to fuck her like he would never fuck again. It was the bang-bang-bang, of a powerful

machine gun as his hips slammed against hers each time he drove into her. I wondered if she had been

fucked so much she couldn?t feel it, but then she took the cock in the middle down her mouth as far as she

could, and screamed-moaned around it, as the man behind her finished growling into his orgasm.

I wondered where Allyson was as I could feel my cock growing again, and then found her next to

me, naked rubbing her clit with one hand, running a small camcorder with the other.

I could see the hand print on Liz?s hips where Speedy had been fucking her. She took the black cock

in the middle out her mouth and began to suck on the dicks, to the left and right of her face.

After making sure she had each one down her throat a few times she went back, to the black cock

in the middle. The return to his cock was it for him.

?Suck my fucking cum.? He yelled as he shot his wad into Liz?s mouth.

He cunt didn?t go empty for long either, Juan Gonzales had found his way back their, and our nearly

6?10 forward was dabbling his long tool in and out of Liz?s box..

The man in Liz?s right hand grabbed a handful of her hair, and his ass came off the bench as he

moved her mouth just in time to get most of his cum with her lips.

?Eat that you nasty girl.? He stood up and moved his fading erection in and out of Liz?s mouth.

I laughed as I noticed the next guy to sit down on the bench had the exact same shape and size cock of the

previous guy, only black.

Juan behind her, was taking long slow strokes making sure he stopped when he got the whole

length of his cock in her.

Liz moaned as he did about the fifth stoke coming again, and the white guy in her right hand shot

cum all over her hair and shoulders.

Another of my teammates went to sit down and Liz said ?Time to change it up a little guys.?

She took a few courtesy sucks on all the cocks in front of her to ease their pain.

Allyson said , ?Hold this.? and handed me the camcorder. She went to her purse and dug around

until she found a bottle of flavored lubricant. It was buttered rum, I recognized the smell from Liz?s house.

?Come on over here guys she said.? The eight guys that were left formed sort of a circle around

her. Allyson began to rub and smear oily lube all over the hard and semi-hard dicks of the remaining men.

Liz walked up behind me, and wrapped her arms around me, putting her bright red freshly painted nails on

my cock.

?Having a good time?? She whispered from behind me. Then I felt that hand she lifted off my cock

spread my as cheeks, and probe my hole a little.

Allyson as she was lubing cock was also managing to work in a little nipple biting and licking.

?Not bad.? I said as my dick grew harder.

?OK, Allyson switch me places.? Liz called out.

She moved some towels and got down on her knees where, Allyson had previously stood.

She was now the center of a cock ring, they bumped against the side of her cheeks and he back or her

head . She put two back in her hands and began sucking on Juan, the man who had been fucking her when

she stood up. The reinsertion of his prick into something moist was too much and he pulled shooting cum

all over Liz?s face, the power of his wad nearly caused to shoot into his teammates, that were behind Liz.

?Aww man, ? and some other good-natured jests of disgust followed.

But they all stopped as Jon Redstone stepped up. He was the back up center for our team an

American Indian. who stood 6?6. Everyone hushed a little as they looked at the enormous size of the prick

he was holding for Liz?s mouth to take. The head of it was as thick as a coke can, and it was more then a

coke bottle in length. Liz immediately tried to cram it in her mouth, and the cock puffed out her cheeks

making her look for a moment like a sluttish chipmunk.

She tried to move down his shaft without much luck, there was just too much of him.

?Lay down here.? She said taking the cock out her mouth and indicating the towels on the floor.

The other men stood back. Jon lay on the floor his dick waiting and wet, and Liz facing him

straddled him putting the huge red head in her cunt.

?HOfuckyes.? She yelled on came her body convulsing as she slid down his pole.

Jon to his credit was patient and didn?t move at all while Liz worked on fucking him.

?Holy shit,? I heard Allyson say next to me and she move so she could get a better angle with the


His cock was so big I wondered for a moment how Jon?s brain functioned with blood flowing to

that thing. Some of the guys had backed off to watch and a few were even stoking their cocks on the bench

as Liz was fucking Jon.

?I need fucking more.? Liz coming again growled to the remaining men, as she rested on Jon?s cock,

they re-formed part of the cock circle around her face, fucking her mouth, while she pumped her hands up

and down .

?I need more fucking dick. Someone fuck my ass. Please fuck my asshole.? She whined into the

group begging to be more full of dick then she was now.

Sam Smith a lanky white 6?footer with a slightly larger then average dick, got down between Jon?s

knees and behind Liz. He put the head of his cock against her asshole for a minute then feeling how relaxed

it was slid it a little further in.

She bucked against him. ? That?s it. Slam my fucking ass, come on fuck my hole.? She screamed and

came again on top of Jon?s dick. Then she slid a cock in front of her as far as could down her mouth.

The visual of that and the cock rubbing against him through Liz was too much for Jon and he began

to buck his hips. Sam Stone behind Liz with his cock in her ass, grabbed her waist and tried to hold on, Liz

getting the fucking of her life wrapped her lips around the cock in her mouth and refused to let go..

?Nasty fucking whore.? Jon Redstone yelled, and nearly shot Liz off his cock with the force of his

orgasm. The man who was in Liz?s mouth couldn?t hold on. ?Eat that fucking jizz.? He screamed and shot

his wad into Liz?s mouth. Sam Stone who had been riding Liz?s asshole through all this simply growled

?O fuck yes.? And collapsed as he finished into Liz?s asshole.

Redstone got up and Jim Lee, a short thick white man moved to take his place when Liz said ?Let me

move a little.

She let Jim get flat on his back, and she turned around so her ass pointed at his face. Then she

worked her asshole onto his waiting cock. The few of us left could see Liz?s pussy empty and stretched

wide from Redstone?s cock.

Steve Mazer, 6?2 with coco colored skin, being of mixed decent. asked me.

?You wanna do that cunt together?? And grabbed my cock to encourage me along.

He was flexible, so he stood while I sort of layed on my side, we put our dick right alongside each other and slid them into Liz?s empty cunt at the same time.

?Shit yes, yes fuck yes, more dick I need more fucking dick, someone fuck my nasty mouth.? She

screamed coming again as we three fucked her from the bottom.

Lyle Muldoon the last man there who hadn?t fucked her came over and sort of straddled the cluster-

fuck to put his cock in Liz?s mouth. He was a 6?2 redhead and his prick was thick and surrounded by red

bush. This put his ass right in Steve?s face.

?You fucking eat my asshole Steve, you fucking ass-eater.? Lyle obviously knew Steve from before

because Steve began to tongue fuck the ass in front of him, trying desperately to rim it while Lyle fucked

Liz?s mouth.

The stimulation on front and back worked quickly on Lyle and he came sounding like an angry bear,

spewing his wad all over all of us n the bottom we all felt his come keep raining down, like it would never


Lyle turned around as soon as he finished and sort of half-heartedly fucked Steve?s mouth while his

cock grew limp.

Jim the man on bottom in Liz?s asshole began to buck wildly and Steve and I could feel his cock

spurting cum into Liz?s ass via our cocks in her cunt.

?Feels so fucking good.? Steve said and I wasn?t sure if he was talking about cock or cunt or this point,

but he drove his dick sliding against mine and I could feel his prick harden and release fluids into Liz all

over my cock.

That left me and I knew what I wanted, while the other guys were moving to get showered, I lowered

my sweaty ass and balls onto Liz?s face. She spread my cheeks wide with her hands and began to tongue

fuck my asshole.

?That?s my nasty slut, that?s my nasty girl, I moved a little so I could also dip my cum soaked cock into

her mouth. Then I put my asshole back on her face and Allyson moved to stoke me off.

I came harder then I ever had before, splashing jizz all over Allyson and Liz, it felt like there wasn?t a

place where my cum didn?t paint them.

We lay there for a minute then Liz announced, ?You guys are the best fucks in the world.? She

screamed to my team while she dressed.

?And when you win,? Allyson said to my teammates, ?then you get to all that again, only to both

of us this time.?

We laughed and cleaned up.

We won the game 110-60.

The coach said he never remembered a team ever gelling like that at the last minute.

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