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The Dance, Fiction 3 way, Newbies

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There they were, sitting in the parking lot. Chip was getting out a "surprise" that he had told her back in the Hotel he had prepared for her. He reached into a small leather bag and pulled out a glass flask. "It's a little magic", he said with a smile.

Darlene and Chip had been married for 22 years. They had three kids, all mostly grown, and in the spring time of their Fifty's they were both trim and active and quite in love with each other, still. They were adventuresome in bed and enjoyed sex games and role playing. Sometimes they would make a date, she as a call girl, he as an out of town visitor-all through email and with different names. They would meet in a bar or an airport or a different city even and spend the next 2 or 3 days fucking like strangers. Darlene would make $1,000 or more with these little games.

Now they were sitting in the parking lot. They were going to go for the first time to a Swing/Sex club. Not to have sex with anyone other than each other-but to watch and maybe, just maybe be watched. Darlene was not especially attracted to this fantasy and had many a time made it clear to Chip over the weeks leading up to this night that, under no circumstances was she going to "do another guy". She did not have that one in her sex fantasy bag. But the idea of a dance floor with other highly sexed couples was titillating to her, and she knew that Chip really wanted to take in the sights and sounds.

Since Darlene was nervous and simply said, "To take the edge off".

"Thanks. Don't mind if I do", Darlene snickered and took the shot glass to her lips.

"Let's go", he said, opening the car door and coming around for her, opening her door.

Darlene was dressed for the theme of the night. "LBDNP". Little Black Dress, No Panties. She had taken care to get a very very close waxing three days earlier and as she slid out of the car she deliberately let her treasure be glimpsed by a couple just walking by on their way to the club. "You're a bad girl", Chip said. "You hope so"...she replied with a sultrily smirk.

In the club they settled in a small booth and just took in the scene. After a few minutes sipping their wine and watching the couples mix and mingle on the dance floor, an attractive woman in her mid forties approached the table. "Darlene and Chip?"

Joyce was their guide for the club and proceeded to take them on their required tour. You've seen the bar and dance area, so let's peek into the pool room and the club room. As they walked through the club, looking at the various nooks and spaces for couples and groups to meet, greet, and fondle, Chip took great pleasure in walking behind Darlene. His attention was split between the hot little dress that just covered her perfect ass and watching the other men and some women who stopped to glance at his wife. He was hard already.

Darlene knew she was being appreciated. She could feel a simmering sexual tension in every room they stopped in. Although she was surprised that as they moved from room to room and into the showers and Jacuzzi room, she was not confronted with naked fat asses or bald men having sex in some position that she would just as soon as not see. Instead there were lots of couples cuddling or stroking or kissing. Giggles and laughter preceded them through out the club.

And then Joyce took them to the PLAY Room. This was where Darlene's imagination of a Swing Club was validated. There were only 4 couples in the room and they were mostly in states of dress still, but there was SEX happening. Slow, wet kisses and sucking. One woman was fully dressed but had mounted herself on the lap of a man who was reclined on a mat. As she was slowing lifting herself up and down on his cock, he was caressing the breasts of the women next to them. The women lay close enough to the fucking couple to be touched, but had enough space for a man to straddle her chest while she suck on his cock.

"In this room, especially, but like any place in the club, "NO MEANS NO", Joyce announced.

At that Joyce turned to Darlene and Chip and smiled. "Enjoy yourself", and was off.

Darlene was a little at a loss. The music was playing from some distance away, the sounds of people having their quiet slow sex filtered into here senses, the lighting was low, like the front of her dress and then she realized, "Oh shit, the shot was kicking in". She was able to just stare at a woman's mouth wrapped around a hard cock and not think...just watch. She did not know how long they had been standing but all of a sudden Chip whispered in her ear.

"I'm really hard and I would love to fuck you right now".

"Mmmmmm" was all Darlene felt like saying.

Chip leads her to a low bed in a corner of the room, two beds away from the other couples. He helped her down to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and then knelt down in front of her. In moments her breasts were out of her dress and her nipples were in Chips mouth. He ran his hands up and down her back, kneading her muscles tenderly, squeezing her ass cheeks and now and then his hand would come around and cup one or the other breast and squeeze gently while a hot tongue would flick and lick the nipple until it was as hard as he was.

Darlene pulled Chip down and around onto the bed and in a swift and knowing way had is hard cock out and in her mouth in just a few movements. She was on the soft padded carpeted floor, on her knees, sucking his cock slow and hard. She swallowed the meat into her mouth and slowly pulled up with her lips tightly locked around his shaft. Her little black dress was over her hips. Her ass was presented to the other couples and her naked pick pussy was smiling at them all.

Soon Darlene shifted to a position that allowed her to view the room better. Turning around so as to face Chips cock, she slowly positioned herself so that she was kneeling/sitting over Chips face. In this position she could raise and lower her moistening cunt thus getting just the right amount of lips and tongue. She place her dress down so that Chips head was tented in material and he had nothing to focus on but the rise and fall of her lips to his and the sounds of the people around him.

Darlene was lost in the pleasures of this space. The wine was doing its job, keeping her from thinking, quieting her talk. She rocked for what could have been 5 minutes, ten minutes, one minute...who knows. Eyes closed, Eyes opened. Rocking her pussy on Chips mouth, her wetness filling her and making her pussy feel like marshmallow. When she next opened her eyes, she fixed on a woman who was matching Darlene's movement inch for inch, but rather riding a face, this woman was riding a cock. Darlene and the other woman locked onto each other's dreamy and half closed eyes and rocked. Rock and Lift, Rock and lift, Rock and lift, settle down and grind slowly. Rock and unison. Darlene felt flushed and incredibly turned on and need Chips cock in her NOW!

But before she could move the other woman slid off her cock and slowly approached Darlene with a warm dreamy smile.

She was in her early fifties and look to Darlene like the actress Meg Tilly. Dark hair and round and womanly. She had on most of her little black dress, but her breasts were out. As she knelt down at the side of the bed, she said with a coy smile, "You seem to be having such fun, but I can't help but notice this poor boy with no one to play with".

At that point Darlene became aware of what had been in front of her all along, Chips thick hard throbbing cock. Darlene slowly and temporarily came up from her pussy daze and got excited with the picture and anticipation of Chip, tented in her dress, totally lost in her pussy and all of a sudden his cock being worked...and obviously not by Darlene.

"We are playing just with each other tonight", Darlene murmured dreamily, "So no fucking". And then she smiled at the dark haired woman in front of her.

Darlene watch as the woman slowly brought her mouth down to Chips cock. Watching this made Darlene's pussy gush with juice in time with the woman sliding her lips down Chips dick in time with Chip being bombarded with a mouth unlike he had ever felt in time with Darlene grinding her wet pussy down on his mouth and his throat feeling the hot cunt juice just flowing down him. Chip moaned a steady stream of just plan animal noises for minutes. Darlene had not heard him like that and feeling his mouth while she watch another woman's mouth work Chip's engorged penis rocked and aroused her.

As the woman worked Chips cock faster and faster, Darlene pressed down harder and harder on Chips face, and felt the fucking that his tongue was giving her marshmallow pussy.

Darlene lost all track of time and positions. More couples entered the room and many more just stood at the doorway and watched everyone, at times hugging and kissing their partner as they watch the goings on.

The need and desire for a fucking reached its climax and Darlene slid forward onto Chips wet red cock, raised herself up and planted his meat squarely inside her. She screamed "yes" as she landed down on hard on his hips again and again. She was lost in the fucking and screams of women around her and she felt her groin growing tight and full and hot. Then she became aware of her tits and the soft wet mouth sucking and licking her as she bounced up and down on her cock. Chips blow job Angle was massaging Darlene's breasts and kissing and licking her neck.

At first and for just a moment, Darlene started to come out of her marshmallow trance. but she caught herself and made a conscious decision to allow this experiment. After all, she was still keeping to her goal and desire; she was not having sex with another man.

Slowly the other woman started to push Darlene back, just as Chip reached up to support her on her way down. Darlene was laying on top of Chip now, her back on his chest, her little black dress still on around her waste. Her legs straddled to the outside of Chip's, she lay there open and exposed to the gazing people. She became aware that the room had 15 or more couples in various positions and combinations of penetrations. The room was full of moans and squeaks and screams and then there was a deep guttural screaming that filled the room. It took Darlene a second to come back from her explosion to realize she was the one screaming. As she laid on Chip he pumped his cock fast and deep up into her while their playmate covered Darlene's pussy and Chips cock with her mouth. Darlene could only feel cock penetrating her and tongue licking and lips sucking lips and cock pounding up and in and then their playmate zeroed in on Darlene's clit and began to suck just as Chip groaned out "Oh my god I'm coming".

Darlene's head exploded. She felt the hot cum filling her up as her clit was masterfully suckled. As fast as Chips cum pulsed out, the soft wet mouth that surrounded Darlene's exploding pussy suck and lick and suckled. Darlene came and screamed for 2 minutes.

Chip and Darlene found each other back in the bar after both taking showers and rinsing off.

"Where's your friend?" Chip asked teasingly. Thought you might be in the shower a lot longer.

"Mmmmmmm" "She isn't my friend", Darlene stated stiffly. "She was doing you first and I think YOU are the reason she came over in the first place".

"Well I know I didn't invite her take my cock in her mouth, that would have been on YOUR watch", Chip chuckled while handing Darlene a glass of wine.

They had been there only an hour and half had they had experience such explosive orgasms that they both wondered if it just wasn't time to say " what we came for, lets' go back to the hotel and fall into each other's sex!"

But it wasn't even 10 o'clock and while they were clearly the entertainment for most of the couples around them, they felt like it should be someone else's' turn for awhile. Chip would ask Darlene to dance every slow dance so he could let her feel that he as hard...again. They would sip their wines and chat with couples who would either chat for chatting sake or chat to use it as a chance to say how much they loved watching Darlene orgasm or chat to see if it might lead to something more.

"We are REALLY just playing with each other tonight" Darlene would say when the random invitation came to join a couple or two in the "group" room. "But Thanks-maybe some other time".

"Some other time" Chip quipped.

"Shut up and take me on the dance floor" Darlene lightly snapped.

After 10 o'clock, the dress code goes away. The dance floor was now occupied by women and men clothed, unclothed, wrapped in towels, and a few in costumes.

By Eleven o'clock the dance floor was half as crowed and the play rooms were twice as crowded as when Chip and Darlene had their moment of "wild abandonment".

As they slowly dance and ground their pelvises into each other, Darlene felt the wine start to take her to a dream place. The music pulsed as she sway in Chips arms and looked up now and then opening her mouth for him to enter her with his hot full tongue.

After such a simmering and tingling encounter she was startled to hear her name spoken by a voice behind her. "Darlene?"

She turned her body slightly to look over her shoulder and found her self looking into the eyes of her truly only zippless fuck of her life, Tio.

"Tio! Oh my god," she sputtered pulling away slightly from chips embrace but still clutching to his hand. "What are you doing ..." She stopped herself from asking the obvious.

"This is my wife, Lei; you may remember her from when we met in Las Vegas at the Sales conference".

Tio, put his arms around a petite oriental woman who smiled and shake Darlene's and Chips hands. "Yes, I remember you" Lei said with a wide and genuine smile.

Tio and his wife were wrapped in towels. They had just spent time in the Jacuzzi and had come out for a drink and a dance.

Chip knew about Tio. He thought it was Darlene's sexiest stories and would make her tell him every year or so the details of how they met in New Your City at a conference on the first day. By the Second night they were fucking their brains out thinking that the next day they would be on separate planes. By the Third night she was in San Francisco seeing the sights and sounds by day and sucking Tio's cock by night.

And then it was over.

The three of them (Tio, Lei and Darlene) had bumped into each other at another conference years later, but Darlene had just met Chip and Tio was in love with Lei so the encounter was professional and void of reminiscing.

"May I have this dance?" Tio asked Darlene.

Darlene may just as well have been shock by an electric current. She jumped a little and began to stammer an excuse when Chip said, " I think that is a great idea. You guys have some catching up to do. Lei, can I get you that drink you were looking for?"

At that Chip patted Darlene's little ass in her little black dress and proceeded to take Lei to a both and get her a drink".

Tio took Darlene in his arms and pulled her in if 23 years had been last month. She felt awkward and silly and she found herself talking in her head a mile a minute. "What? What did you say?" Darlene asked, startled out of her thoughts.

"You look incredible. You look delicious. Just like the last time we were together, in my shower, in San Francisco. Remember?"

Darlene had to decide if she was going to pull back now or go where this night would take her. She was scared and excited and looking for Chip and she was wet.

Chip was talking to Lei and looked up at her from across the room. He gave her a subtle but long look and smiled ever so slightly. He then slowly turned his had that was casually dr*ped behind the chair and gave her a thumbs up and blew her a little kiss.

"JERK!" She thought. That was not what she wanted as input at this crucial time.

They were dancing to a romantic ballad by Sting. This song was one of many that Darlene had under her play list "BED" on her Ipod.

"Can I kiss you?"

Darlene took a very long time to answer. They danced slowly together to the earth tones of Sting. He ran his left hand slowly up and down her back and took his right hand and softly massaged the back of her neck, under her long hair. "He remembered my spots", she dreamily mused.

After the end of one song and half way through the next Darlene looked up and said, "Yes. I would like you to kiss me". Only it wasn't said like an acknowledgement of his question. This was more of an edict. The acoustic version of Layla started to play with Eric Clapton's seducing message and Darlene was listening to Eric.

The decision had been made.

They took their time moving from the dance floor, kissing and gently rubbing their bodies against each other. Him getting hard under his towel, her feeling the dreamy whirl of the wine and her wet treasure beginning to pulse. As they moved towards a corner of the room Darlene gently pressed Tio against the wall. They were between an outcropping of wall and a tall potted plant. They were in view of people, but not the center of attention. Darlene lowered to her knees, gently hiking up her dress above her hips, undid Tio's towel and was looking at his gorgeous brown, uncut, and quite throbbing cock.

Tio was Italian. Not like second or fifth or 12th generation Italian. He was Italian, accent and all. His olive skin was still smooth and his runner's body had not changed much in all these years. His black hair and mustache were white, but his eyes and body were immediately familiar. And his cock was just as thick and caramel brown as she had remembered. And just as sweet.

After sucking slowly and more and more forcefully there in the room, Darlene could feel the wetness in her pussy. She could feel her lips thickening and she was determined to suck off Tio right there and then so that she would not have to confront her next thought.

She could feel him gathering up his excitement. As she cupped her hands around his ass she could feel his cheeks flexing and pumping with the rhythm of her mouth and hand strokes. She could taste his pre-cum, sweet and soft and exciting to her clit.

Layla, you've got me on my knees.

Layla, I'm begging, darling please.

Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.

She heard him groan now with head stroke. She sucked on his balls while twisting her hand on his wet thick cock and he groaned even louder. She knew he would be hers in minutes.

He reached down and stopped her and pulled her up.

"Oh no, Please don't do this" Darlene said to her self.

"I want you. I want to fuck you again." This time Darlene did not immediately say, " We are only playing with each other". Instead she took a deep breath and quivered every so slightly. Her pussy was thick and wet and this was just from sucking him. She wanted to put his cock deep insider her as well, but she didn't like the possibilities that could follow.

She glanced around the room now, "where was Chip?" she thought to herself.

Then she saw him. He had moved to another part of the room about 50 feet away, where he could see the entire show that she put on. He was by himself, no Lei. Darlene looked at him and his only response was to smile and nod.

She turned to Tio and said, "Condoms!"

There was no foreplay needed. Their bodies were ready for each other. They went into the same room Darlene and Chip had fucked in earlier and taking one of the low beds, Darlene threw herself on her back, raised up her hips and her legs and he plunged his sheathed cock all the way in and deep. Darlene was so wet that there was no startle or discomfort, the entrance of his first thrust was smooth and wet and explosive to her groin as if it were his 100dreth thrust. She groaned out loud, repeating "My God, My God". He braced himself over her and rode her hips, pulling her up and down off the bed with each inward thrust. He kissed her breasts and pinched her nipples first with one hand and then with another. She looked up and saw Tio's sweating torso, his eyes staring into hers and then his eyes closing as he would slow grind against her clit.

Tio pulled out of Darlene and she rolled over onto her knees. As he entered her he reached around and found the hood of her clit. Softly rolling the skin of her outer lips over her clit he began to slowly message her mound as he enter and exited her thick and pulsing pussy.

It was then that Darlene became more aware of the bodies around her and she realized that next to them was Chip. Darlene had no idea how long he had been there. Had he followed them in from the beginning?

Chip was naked, as was Darlene, as was Tio. Chip was laying a foot away or so and propping himself up with one arm while his other hand stroked his own cock. Darlene immediately reached over and as Tio pushed is cock into her wet fuck hole, she would stroke Chip's cock to the same rhythm.

Tio mixed Darlene's fucking masterfully with slow grinding peppered with quick thrusts. This seemed to go on for hours as Darlene shut her eyes and felt the sex all around her.

Then Tio found his rhythm that Darlene knew would take them both to orgasm. Slow by not to slow, A little deeper each time. Not too fast. Hand on her mound, pressing and messaging her clit.

Darlene knew she would cum and she wanted it to be with a cock at each end. She pulled Chip around so that his cock was squarely in front of her and she began to suck. She lost herself in the cocks that were taking her. In her mouth, Chip felt soft and rock hard at the same time. Tio was filling her with his cock and she knew from his groans and thrusting that he would explode soon. She could feel her own pussy begin that pre-cum, almost cramping, she tighten down on Tio's cock, She tightened down and suck Chips cock-devouring it with abandon and animal passion and Chip exploded in her mouth and down her throat and she slid his cock deeper into her mouth, feeling the hot cum run into her. And she started screaming as Chip's hips raised and quivered with each gushing of his cum.

Darlene had never screamed like this. She was out of control, she could not pull back now anymore than if she had jumped off a cliff. She was just going.

With her mouth full of cumming cock she screamed and screamed as her orgasm shot up her back to her head and then back down to her toes. Her convulsing pussy sent Tio into a blasting organism and she felt the hot cum, even in the condom, fill her swollen pussy. This sent another wave of orgasms through her body. She felt like a she was a giant wire with electricity charging through her body. Chips orgasms were filling her up and sending her orgasms into Tio who filled her body with his cream, sending her orgasms up into Chips still undulating cock, which she suck down-sending her into another wave of orgasms.

They came that way, back and forth for minutes before falling exhausted onto the bed.

Darlene heard Bruce Springsteen playing in background and realized it had been in her basic awareness during her climax. "I'm on Fire".

At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head Only you can cool my desire I'm on fire Darlene thought dizzily and dreamy, "Mmmmm, I like to fuck to this song."


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