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The Club

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We had arrnged with Alice and Sara to go to this new Club with them this evening. T my wife was busy getting ready as the door bell rang.

I went to answer it and there stood Alice tall and trim dressed in a skin tight yellow floral chiffon dress, her nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, sexy, almost slutty makeup. Her feet encased in sexy wrap around the ankle strappy high heels.

As she entered her daughter Sara followed, as usual she took your breath away. Beautiful tanned face, thick sexy lips, long waist length brown hair. It was hard not to notice her 36dd's straining her pink tank top, below a not too short brown ruffled mini showing lots of full rounded bronzed thighs. The whole oufit capped with knee high soft brown leather boots.

While I fixed drinks T came into the room, she was wearing a long flowing dress, the cleavage went to below her waist. I could see the sides of her breasts as she moved over to hug and kiss our friends.

I could hardly keep my eyes on the road as we drove to the club, Sara sat up front with me to give directions. Leaving Alice and T in the back, I would occasionally steal a glance at them kissing and fondling each other. Sara did not help either with her skirt bunched up and playing with herself on the way.

I did manage to get us there in one piece, no help from them and their distractions. We walked up to the club and were greeted by a man at the door, who asked to see Alice,s membership ID. Once inside we were ushered to a private booth in the corner overlooking a small stage. The room was pretty full, probably 20 or so tables and booths with various couples, foursomes and one larger group.

The next thing of notice were the waiters and waitresses, first they were all great looking. Then their outfits, the men wore choker collars with large d rings, a large belt at their waist and sandals. But what really got your attention was the chain that ran between nipple rings, and then down to their pierced cocks. The women were similarly dressed, only their chains first ran from tits down to belly button rings and then down to their pussies. And their sandals were sexy strappy high heels.

We were taken off guard, Alice And Sara explained a client of theirs a woman had introduced them to this club some weeks back. She was well pleased with the job they had done and wanted to reward them, so she bought them membership here. Sara said it also allowed the woman a little extra pleasure of getting into their pussies too.

Soon a group of servers came to our table and asked us to pick a couple of them to wait on us. We settled on a petite oriental girl, my wife knows how much I like them. Then the ladies picked out a large very muscled black guy, but only after much touching and squeezing.

Our 2 servers took our drink and appetizer orders and left us. The ladies started talking about the black guy and what they wanted to do with him. Alice leaned over and said to my wife I think we have got him turned on. Looking down at my rock hard cock pushing and straining at my pants. Alice reached over and gently pushed on Sara's shoulder, without hesitation she slid under the table as Alice and my wife released my cock from my pants.

Sara had just slid her warm wet mouth down my shaft as the servers returned. After they set down our drinks and food, The girl asked if we wanted her to take over, so Sara could come up and enjoy the food. I said why not, and asked the guy to join her under the table. That way we could all get some licking. As we enjoyed our food and drinks the girl and guy licked and sucked us under the table. After about 10 to 20 minutes they crawled out and took our main course orders. By this time I am on the verge of cumming, my wife I know had already come once, but I don't know from which ones tongue lapping.

A tall blonde woman comes to our table and introduces herself as the manager, and asks us how everything is. She is drop dead gorgeous, she has on a dress with cleavage that scoops below her massive breasts, it is bright red satin flowing in loose folds down to her knees. Her fully exposed breasts are pierced with large gold hoops. As she turns we can see the back of the dress is cut above her waist exposing her wonderful round heart shaped ass. My wife explains that our waitress left me in ball bursting pain, ready to explode.

After having several words with another woman, she tell me we must not leave our guests that way.She invites me down to the stage, the room is now applauding as they see her lead me up on stage. A platform covered in cushions is in the middle, she strips off then undresses me. An attendant walks on stage and hands her two leashes which she attaches to her nipple rings then drapes back over her shoulders. She takes a small bottle of oil from the attendant and lubes my rock hard dick. She then gets on all fours, and over her shoulder yells out FUCK MY ASS. I move in quickly squat behind her and ease in my cock, she shoves her ass back hard. The audience is now chanting FUCK HER ASS, as I plow into that gorgeous blonde's asshole. Pulling on the two leashes connected to her tits with each forward thrust. I proceed to ride her ass like a horse, she has done this before, probably many times, and enjoys my pulling on her nipples with the makeshift reins.

I am almost ready to cum, she senses this and motions to someone, led by a leash our oriental server is led on stage. The woman leading her pulls her to the back of the stage, and pushes her to her knees by the blondes ass facing the audience. The blonde squirms out from beneath me, she pushes my cock to the girls mouth and tells me to fuck her. She holds her head as I fuck that beautiful face, the other girl I now feel behind me she is on her knees licking at my back door. This does it I eject spurt after spurt of hot gooey cum into the girls mouth, filling her to overflowing. The cum dribbles down her chin where the blonde catches it in her hand, and bring it to the other girls hand to lick clean.

She leads me back to our table amid applause, I look around me and see various servers on their knees giving blowjobs and pussy lickings to their customers. Back at our table Alice is up on the table on her back while my wife is eating her. Sara is beside her getting eaten out by the black server. The blonde gets to her knees and starts working on my wifes ass wile she continues with Alice.

I sit down and watch the action, getting my strength back from my previous great ass fuck of the blonde. After a couple of minutes the oriental girl comes back, and sits beside me stroking my limp cock back to action.

The blonde beauty leaves the ministrations on my wifes ass, and gets up and leaves. A few minutes later she comes back with several servers. They move the table out of the booth, the blonde then tells us to pick out 2 or 3 people each. I am real happy with the oriental girl and keep her, then I choose the blonde manager and a short white guy with a long thin prick.

Alice picks two well endowed white guys, sits one in the booth, bends over him and sucks him in then has the other guy enter her pussy from behind. Which is nicely wet and ready, thanks to my wifes tongue.

Next my wife bends over the seat next to Alice, positions a big black guy behind her with a nicely lubed up cock and has him enter her ass. To spur him on she has a tall slim dark haired girl strap on a dildo and fuck his ass.

Next Sara, she picks the two biggest cocks, one the black server from earlier who she positions on the floor on his back. She straddles him and sinks her wet cunt down on his big black cock. As she leans forward she has the other guy, who it turns out is the first ones older brother enter her ass. They both proceed to alternate in and out double fucking Alice's beautiful daughter.

I have the blonde and the Oriental girl get on their knees and I have me and my guy fuck their mouths, while we watch the fucking going on in front of us.

Sara is the first to go off, the double penetration sends her over the edge, her violent spasming orgasm pushes the guys over the top, and they erupt into her ass and cunt. As they pull out cum spills out of her two stretched ravaged holes.

Next is my wife, the guy is pushed on by the dildo in his ass. Before he can cum, my wife turns around and takes his cock fresh from her ass into her mouth. She has the girl reach round and play with his balls. in seconds he is erupting in her mouth. I can see her shaking through orgasm as she plays with her own pussy, while swallowing his cum. There is nothing that sends her over the top more than an ass flavored cock fresh from her butt.

Next is Alice the guy in her cunt cums first, filling it to overflowing. She has them switch and cleans off the guys cock fresh from her pussy, while the other guy now continues the pounding of her cunt. She is now having small orgasm after orgasm. Sara steps over and pulls the guys cock out of her mom's cunt and positions it at her ass. One swift hard slap across his ass and it is buried to the hilt in Alice's back door. Alice lets out a little yelp more in suprise than pain, and proceeds to reach between her legs playing with his balls and urging him on.

Sara leans in to the guy urging him on, telling him to fuck her mom's ass. That did it and both Alice and the guy came together, as he pulled out cum ran down her legs.

This level of fucking had brought my cock to full attention. I positioned the blonde sitting on the booth, legs spread, I got on my knees and proceeded to lick her from cunt to asshole. The oriental girl got under me arms wrapped around me and lifted her mouth to my cock and proceeded to lick up and down my shaft and balls. In this position I had her use her hands to spread my cheeks so the guy could slip his wet stiff cock in my tight ass. Oh yes this was great, it was hard to tell which felt better.

After a while I repositioned the oriental girl on her knees in front of the blonde, while she ate her out I alternated between the oriental girls ass and cunt. Still with the cock in my ass, after a while I had the guy pull out of my ass and move his cock to the blonde's mouth. I was almost ready to cum now and I pulled out of the the little oriental girl, I positoned myself on the other side of the blonde. She now had two cocks pressing against her lips, she took turns licking one then the other, as we got closer we took turns fucking her mouth. Then I held her head still and we both pushed our cocks together into that now overstretched warm wet mouth, we pushed harder and faster our cocks rubbing together. The other girl reached behind us pushing a finger up our asses, making us explode into her mouth, filling it with loads of warm white gooey cum. We pulled out she lay there mouth open, cum bubbling over her tongue.

Sara and her mom scrambled to lick the cum from her mouth. Alice brought a mouthful to my wife pulling her head back by a handfull of hair and letting it dribble down from her mouth into my wife's upturned open waiting mouth. Sara meanwhile continued licking the blonde manager until her mouth was totally cleaned out.

We left a little later, promising the staff we would be back soon. I am sure they will be happy to see us again after the size tip that Alice insisted on leaving, saying we were her guests.

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