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The Chronicles of Being Randy pt 3 MMF

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This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innosluts.My name is Randy and I've been married to my lovey wife Brittany for about four years. I met Brittany who at the time was 20 yrs old while I was 28. My wife is blonde and about 5ft 6 in tall. She has 38 DD and long slender legs with an ass to match. We have a 18 month old daughter. We have only engaged in soft swinging a couple of times early in our marriage while on vacations to Hedo and such. So she's never had any cock but mine since we've been married. This particular week an old roommate and college buddy of mine was in town on a business trip. I invited him to go out with us Friday night before he had to leave town. Grandma was going to keep the little one so we could go out and paint the town red. After dinner we all went out clubbing. Now my wife loves to dance and she definitely knows how. After she tires me out I love to watch her continue to dance with other women. And she never fails to put on a good show. Her moves are so sensual that she could have been a dancer. Tonight though she had my bud, Jerry to dance with. We had all been doing shots and drinking heavily except for me being the designated driver. Brittany had been gyrating and grinding like she always does especially when the alcohol takes over. She was playfully rubbing against Jerry out on the dance floor. He set down a couple of times to tell me how incredibly sexy my wife was. The bulge in his pants told the story better than he could. At the end of the night I invited Jerry to stay the night being our house was much closer than his hotel. He agreed to follow us home. On the way home Brittany fell asleep and like I sometimes do; I unbuttoned the top button of her painted on jeans. I put my hand down the front,not having to worry about panties as she never wears any and slipped my finger into the crevice of her slit to find a wet and ready pussy. She has always had a easily juiced cunt. I proceeded to rub her clit until she started a low moaning and then quickly removed my hand before she would wake up.

When we arrived home with Jerry in tow Brittany stumbled through the door mumbling she had to pee. She was already pulling her top off half way through the living room. I waited for Jerry and told him to have a seat in the living room while I made sure the guest room was in order. When I came back down Jerry was holding my wife's top and peering into our bedroom. As I came up from behind him he hurriedly turn away and made some feeble excuse about finding Brittany's blouse on the floor. A quick glance into the bedroom reveled my wife's jeans laying on the floor and she was passed out completely naked and barely on the bed. One leg hanging off the bed and almost touching the floor. I then asked him if he though Brittany was hot. "Yyyes," he stammered. " I asked him if he remembered Jeannie. His eyes got really wide as he nodded affirmatively. Jeannie was a girlfriend of his back when we were roomies. One night we all went out drinking and to make a long story short he had shared her with me. "I never properly thanked you for that night." I stated. "What?" he replied. "Well, would you like to fuck my wife?" I asked."I know you think she's hot." "Incredibly, but..." he replied. "Listen when she's passed out like that and I start fucking her, she'll start moaning as she wakes up and then wants you to fuck her until she cums." I said. "Take her from behind and if you're worried about her turning around and seeing you. She likes to have the hair on the back of her head pulled as she takes it doggie style so you can control her from discovering it's you. After she cums she pretty much passes back out and she'll never know it wasn't me. And she has the juiciest pussy I ever known," I explained. Jerry didn't have to be told twice. He unbuckled his belt and took off his underwear revealing a hefty erect 8 inch cock. From the "Jeannie" episode I knew our tools were about the same although I think I have a little more girth. Brittany would never be able to tell the difference. Jerry proceeded to straddle the one leg that was hanging off the bed. He gently pulled her towards him a little. The light from the bathroom was perfectly illuminating that side of the bed so I could see everything. Jerry took his cock and was rubbing it up and down her wet lips. My wife always shaves her pussy except for a little triangular patch right above her clit. Her cunt is perfectly symmetrical and when aroused her clit swells up to about the size of the tip of your index finger. Jerry started pushing his cock into her slowly and gently. As his rhythm started picking up the pace I could hear a barely audible moan from my wife. As the moaning got louder I noticed her other leg start moving around to position it off the bed like the other one. Jerry moved his leg outside of it and was straddling hers. This gave me a bird's eye view of him fucking Brittany.Both her legs were still a few inches off the hardwood floor. As she started grinding her ass back toward Jerry both of her feet finally touched the floor. Although he was taking it nice and slow he was driving all of his cock deep inside her juicy cunt. Her moans were getting louder and louder when I heard her say, "Faster baby. Make me cum." Jerry reached his hand forward behind her head I guess in case she decided to look around. She must have sensed his hand because she then told him,"Yes! Pull my hair and fuck me hard!" Jerry grabbed her hair and pulling her head back started to pound her hard. The loud slapping of thigh and ass echoed through out the bedroom. Intermixed with my wife demanding, "Fuck me hard and deep!" Here was another man fucking the shit out of my wife right before my eyes and her in total ecstasy. I was rock hard and incredibly turned on. And so was she, her cunt was responding to his every pile driving thrust. I could have jump on the bed and shoved my cock in her mouth and I'm sure she could have care less that some stranger was pounding away in her juicy hot little pussy. At that point she was a pure unadulterated fuck slut. Soon I heard that familiar guttural sound followed by Brittany professing, " I'm going to cum!" I didn't tell Jerry that my wife a gusher. I was curious to see if just anyones' cock could bring her to orgasm. "Yes, yes, yesssss." she screamed. While she was shrieking and groaning I heard the splattering of her cum hitting the hardwood floor. Jerry was frozen with shock. I knew he was feeling the warmth of her gusher running over the length of his hard cock. I could see it running down his sack and dripping on the floor. For what seemed like an eternity she continued to hose him down with her female ejaculate. Brittany finally finished cumming. The silence was broken as my wife said, "Come on, Baby. cum in my pussy." Jerry started fucking for all that he was worth. My wife's feet came off the floor to be lifted to her toes as Jerry pounded her with a new sense of urgency. "That's it baby, fill me up." she cooed. Suddenly Jerry slammed his rod deep in her cunt lifting her feet completely off the floor. I heard a whimpering grunt as he started shooting his hot load into the depths of her womb. "Yes, your cum is so hot." she cried out. Jerry unloaded for a while then a couple of quick stokes and he plunged again deep into her cunt shoving her further onto the bed.He drew all the way back and plunged again and again all the time pouring hot seed into my wife devouring cunt. After about 10 seconds of cumming he slammed her hard one last time. I could see his ass cheeks clinching presumably pouring a final few squirts of gism into well lubricated womb. After a few seconds he pulled out and quickly returned to the bedroom door where I had been watching. While putting on his pants he muttered something like, "that was unbelievable." He seemed a little embarrassed and said he was going to go back to his hotel. I told him in was okay if he wanted to spend the night but he insisted he needed to leave.

After Jerry left I returned to the bedroom and got a towel to dry my wife's cum off the floor. She had curled up in a fetal position in the middle of the bed. As I was wiping up, my eyes were level with her behind. Her legs were together but the top one was position a little forward of the bottom one exposing her well fucked crack.. The light from the bathroom illuminated her backside and I was staring straight at her freshly fucked pussy. Her inner virginal lips were still slightly engorged and protruding out. The whole area was slick and glistening with sex dew. And right next to her tight anal sphincter at the lower end of her crack seeped an ever growing spot of white man juice. I was mesmerized as Jerry's cum slowly leaked out of my wife's cunt. The little white spot of goo just kept getting bigger and bigger until a big glob of it broke off and trickled down to her thigh. I threw the wet towel toward the bathroom and quickly moved around to lay next to her and put my mouth on one of her eraser like nipples and started sucking. After a bit she started purring, "hmmm." I rolled her on to her back and started on her other nipple. It stiffen almost immediately and her purring got louder. I looked down and saw her long legs starting to spread. That's one of the things I love about her if she receives anything pleasurable her legs seem to unconsciously spread, that and the fact she can cum and gush multiple times. I quickly moved between them still sucking on her sweet nipples. I reached down and positioned my thick 8 inch cock at the entrance of her love tunnel. With a single thrust I drove all 8 inches into her slick cum filled cunt. "Ohhhh, she groaned." "Baby your CUNT is so wet." I cried. "It should be, you filled me up with the biggest load I could ever remember." she retorted. Jerry's load I thought to myself. When I make love to my wife I say pussy but when I'm going to flat out shag her I use the term cunt. Brittany knew she was going to be fucked hard. I started pounding her cum filled cunt like a mad man. The room was filled with skin slapping,grunts and groans, and sexually squishing sounds of two adults fucking like it was the end of the world. I was so turned on and I started to get that old familiar feeling of cum boiling up from the depths of my lions.She knew I was close and she wasn't that far behind herself. "Baby I'm almost there. I want you to cum in my cunt again." she panted. I told her that I {Jerry that is} had already dump a load there and that I was going to cum in her mouth. I quicken my pace and then started to pull my cock out. "Nooooo!!" she screamed. She actually tried to wrap her legs around my ass to keep me in. I clamored up to her face grabbed some hair and shoved that cum covered bad boy half way down her throat. I was feeding her a cocktail of hers, mine, and Jerry's cum. With one hand she grabbed the base of my cock and started stroking it while at the same time sucking for all that she was worth. Don't let it be said that my wife doesn't know how to suck cock.I noticed her free hand go down to her wanting pussy and her middle finger disappear into her slit and the rest of her hand frigging her clit like a perv in a XXX show. That sight cause me to let loose with one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever experience. I shot load after load of hot cum against the back of her throat. She swallowed it like a pro and only slightly gagged as I shoved my cock a little too deep into her sweet mouth. As my spasms were winding down I heard a muffled voice state, "I'mmm cummming." She raised her legs up to her chest and proceeded to send a shower of cumspray to the end of the bed. Nobody gushes like my Brittany. After she finally finished she gave my cock a big squeeze and licked the last drop of gism from the tip of my dick and rolled over pulling the covers over her body.

I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and went out to the patio to smoke a cig and play back what had just happened. At Hedo I remembered how turn on I got watching my wife eating another women's pussy and then fucking her afterwards. But this was totally different. Watching Brittany take another man's cock up her tight little cunt and she loving every minute of it. It was turning me on like nothing ever had. My bad boy was already back at attention just thinking about it. I put out my butt and headed back to the bedroom. Damn she was already asleep. The combination of booze and sexual exhaustion had taken their toil. I took the covers off her and she was laying face down and spread eagle. Her ass was sticking straight up in the air and her ass crack was slick with cum and sex. I spread one of her ass cheeks and her cum covered brown button looked lustfully inviting. I got some lube out of the bathroom. I poured some on my right hand and spread her cheeks with the other. I gentle inserted my lubed up pinky into that tight little orifice. She instinctively tighten her sphincter around my small digit.I waited for her to relax. It seemed amazing to me that anything that watertight could take anything in much bigger then a thumb much less something the size of my thick 8 inch mansnake. But tonight that tight little hole was going to take it both in and out. She relaxed a little and I poured some more lube down my hand and worked a good deal of it into her ass. I then proceeded to oil up my cock and then straddled her ass without touching her. Once again spreading her ass cheeks with my left hand, I grabbed the base of my cock and positioned it at the entrance of her tightest hole. I gently push my German helmet against her brown button. It was giving in ever so reluctantly and as my thick 1 1/2 inch head popped through as her sphincter clamped down tight. Her whole body tensed up and her head even rose up off the pillows ever so slightly. I stop and waited until her spasm subsided. I felt her O ring relax and I push again ever so gently. After inserting about half of my cock in her tight little ass I started a nice slow rhythm of in and out. I was mesmerized by her ass skin clinging to and wrapped around my cock as I withdrew and her button swelling up as the ridges of the head of my dick tugged at her O ring. And then all of it plunging back inside her on the down stroke. In her pre awake state she soon started moaning, no not moaning this was more like groaning. I increased my pace in frequency and depth. The groaning got louder I shoved harder and she gasped, "Uugghhhh!" She tried to move her ass down and away from my assault. I thought to myself there is a headboard in front of her, I was on top of her, and she was already impaled with my cock inside her backdoor. This hot little bitch wasn't going anywhere. "Oh honey, I'm so tired and you know how sore I get when you ass fuck me." she pleaded. "OK, baby I'll try to cum quick." I responded. "Can you ugh! cum three times ugh! in one night?" she asked. Her speech was interrupted with moments of discomfort as I plowed her backside. Little did she know that this was only going to be my second time tonight as Jerry had the honor of pouring his seed into this hot slut's cunt to begin the evening's festivities. Yes, a slut I say. I loved my wife dearly but she has always been a slut in the bedroom. Her response to a strange cock earlier this evening only verifies that fact. My wife loves fucking and any cock will do. Those of you out there know how nice it is to have as they say; a lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Don't hate me because I have an 8 inch thick cock, hate me because I have an incredibly beautiful slut for a wife. "Help me out here you little slut tramp." I shouted. My wife knew what I meant by that statement and as I pulled her up on her knees she started saying, " I love how full I feel when you shove that big cock in my tight ass. Doesn't my ass feel tight honey." "Spread your ass for me, baby." I ordered. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass for me. "I want you to give me every inch of your cock in my tight ass," she pleaded.The words were good but her tone was false, of course having 6 or 7 inches of thick tube steak attacking your tight little backside would take an Academy Award performance. "Are you close?" she was begging. "I probably would have already cum if you had your face buried in some sweet young pussy." I retorted. "Whose pussy would you like me to eat while you're fucking the shit out of me?" she inquired. " Some young virgin cunt." I snapped. " How about Gail the babysitter?" she asked. Hearing that I drove all 8 inch into her tight backdoor highway shoving her against the headboard. "Aaagghhh!" she gasped. "So you would like me to eat out that hot cheerleader's pussy while you fuck me doggie style." My wife knew how to turn me on and she could tell by how I was pounding her ass that she was on the right tract. She continued, " I bet she is still a virgin. And she never had her SWEET, YOUNG, VIRGIN cunt eaten by another girl before.{My pace quicken with each word} Once I finish eating her sweet pussy she'll never go any where else for it ever again. First I'd let my tongue gently slid up and down the entire length of her wet viginal lips. Then when her cunt gets nice and juicy I'd slip my tongue inside and taste her sweetness." I then noticed Brittany reach one of her hands down underneath her and felt her insert some fingers in her sopping cunt. She then looked back at me and putting her dripping fingers in her mouth said, "Oh baby her pussy taste so sweet." She then return her fingers to her cunt and started frigging herself. I could feel her fingers through the thin membrane that separated her womb and ass. Her tone of voice had definitely changed from one of groaning to moaning as she purred, "I'm going to eat her so good until she pours her sweet cum in my mouth. I'm going to savor every drop." She started finger fucking herself faster and faster. "Oh baby her pussy is so wet." she said. "I think Gail's close to cumming." My hot slut wife was getting turned on fantasizing about eating an 18 year olds' cunt while her husband was pounding her ass. "I want you both to cum in me. Gail in my mouth and you in my tight little ass." she panted. Well her ass may never be as tight as it was due to the fact that I was slamming it as if it were her cunt. "I think Gail's going to cum." she gasped. She was frigging herself like a madman. "She's cumming. I'm cummmmmming." she shrieked. I felt the warmth of her gush as she squirted all over my balls. Her anal sphincter clamped down on my thick shaft. I immediately felt that old feeling rising up from the base of my cock. I slammed all 8 inches up to the hilt into that defenseless tight bung hole and let loose the biggest stream of man juice ever. "Aaarrrggghhh!" she screamed. I pulled back and thrust again and again pouring more cum into the depths of her ass each time. "Ohh, ohh," she squeled..7, 8, 9 times and my cock continue to squirt gism into her hole, It felt like I shot close to a quart of man goo. Finally one last thrust which shoved her flat against the bed with me collapsing on top of her. Everything was strangely quiet except for both of our heavy breathings. My cock was still spasming in her butt. Brittany spoke first saying, "That was incredible." "Un, uh." I grunted. "You know you came in everyone of my orifices tonight," she stated. "It's called hitting the trifecta in horse racing," I responded. "and your last orgasm tells me you miss eating pussy" "I was so turned on by the thought of eating out Gail and you were too judging by the amount of cum for the third time tonight that you unloaded in my ass," she said. "Yeah, I think that's the most I've ever cum." I professed. "No, I think you came more in my cunt the first time tonight." she stated. Jerry, you little wife fucker, I mused to myself. I started to pull my slightly flaccid cock out of her ass but Brittany wanted me to leave it in as she gently squeezed it with her O ring, Brittany is a flat out slut, her response to Jerry's dick proves that point but she is the most amazing woman I have ever known. I love my wife.

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