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The Blue Room Ch 1

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The club was dark and smoky, strewn randomly with small round tables where men reclined in various states of arousal. The writhing bodies on stage moved frantically to the driving beat pouring from the sound system. I smiled at the realization that aside from the dancers, I was the only woman present.

The old Abercrombie & Fitch hat I wore kept my hair away from my face as well as shadowed my striking emerald eyes. Low-slung blue jeans hugged my hips suggestively and my 38D breasts were barely contained in a scant, white baby tee. My entire body was tanned and toned to perfection, thanks to hours a week at the gym.

Let me digress for a moment. I've been married for nearly five years to a wonderful, loving man, but for the last year, our sex life has seriously waned. Love-making is nearly non-existent, and I'd already worn out two impossibly expensive vibrators. And, as of late, fantasies of being with someone else, man or woman, have crowded my thoughts. Perhaps I could seduce an older man, wiser in the arts of pleasure, or a beautiful, confidant woman who would willingly plunge her face into my sex; tantalizingly tender, yet insatiable. In any case, to say the least, I needed a good fucking. Thus the trip to the club.

I reasoned that any man in this sex-haven would no doubt be looking for a little action on the side. From my vantage point, I could see several wedding rings glinting in the light thrown by the flashing strobes. Interesting. I watched one such married gentleman receive a lap dance from a very well-endowed stripper. She gyrated shamelessly against the bulge in the customer's lap, licking her lips seductively as he pinched her hardening nipples. This club obviously had no rules about touching. The dancer turned and rubbed her ass on his crotch, then reached back and guided his hand to her asshole. She arched back in ecstasy as he probed her, then gripping his knees, proceeded to cum all over his lap. I felt my pussy contract as I watched her unzip her customer's fly, pull out his lovely cock and artfully blow him until he came, shuddering and groaning. Delicious.

Suddenly, the sound of Pink's "You Make Me Sick" reverberating out of the speakers drew my attention back to the stage. A tall, lanky young thing strutted out, dragging her toes as she walked. She danced like a caged panther, her eyes hot and passionate. She wore a tiny, satiny red thong that clearly outlined her nether-lips and a lace-up red leather bustiere that accentuated her full, pale breasts. Her long red hair was straight and shiny, her blue eues sparkled with barely contained lust. Her body glistened under the lights as she thrust her hips lewdly, then gripping her hair, yanked her head to one side. With her free hand she teased her thinly clad cunt. Tauntingly, she unlaced the bustiere then wriggled her shoulders until it fell, hitting the stage with a soft plop.

Unlike the other dancers, she wore no shoes, and her beautiful toenails were painted a deep red. God, how I'd love to lavish my attention on those adorable digits. I continued to watch her with avid interest as she finished her set. For some reason, I could not tear my eyes away from her act of simulated sex. She left the stage to a smattering of applause and wolf whistles. I was absolutely intrigued.

The rest of the night slipped by uneventfully as I watched for HER to return to the stage. Alas, she did not. It was nearly closing when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was her, standing beside me, one eyebrow cocked jauntily, a perfectly manicured hand resting on one hip.

"Hi." she greeted me huskily. She had a voice like liquid sex, smooth and sultry with a slight touch of a southern accent. "You enjoy the shows?" I could only nod stupidly, my lips suddenly frozen shut, unwilling to allow me some measure of intelligence. I cursed myself silently.

"Your name" she murmered.

"Heather, yours?" (FINALLY, I had a voice!)

"Emma." She chuckled softly as though aware of my predicament.

"Care for a private dance?" Emma was whispering in my ear, her warm sweet breath caressing my earlobe. I leaned towards her slightly, enjoying the rush of moisture to my pussy lips at her nearness.

"Isn't it nearly closing time?" I queried, thinking again, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

"I was thinking of an after hours party. I'm half owner of the club," she countered, smiling wickedly. I stared at her openmouthed. That would explain her absence from the stage for the remainder of the evening.

"Yeah, s-sure," I stammered weakly, my heart pounding furiously at her proposal. "I'd love it." I felt myself blushing as Emma looked me up and down slowly, her gaze pausing on my full lips.

"Meet me in the Blue Room after closing. Brian, my bouncer, will show you where it is." I nodded dumbly and sat back in my chair, my muscles unclenching slowly and making my body feel like jelly. My fantasy was soon to be realized and I have given no thought whatsoever to my loving husband.

When the club close, I followed Brian to a large, plush back room. Aptly named, the floor and ceiling were midnight blue and the latter inlaid with beautiful crystals just below the surface, giving the appearance of a night sky. The walls were all mirrored, and a queen size bed was in one corner, covered in satins and silks in all shades of blue. In the opposite corner stood a large brocade upholstered chair. The bouncer indicated I should sit with a smug grin. I sat and waited, but not for long.

Emma appeared within 10 minutes. She came striding through the door, a long satin robe swishing around her ankles. Underneath she wore nothing, and my throat constricted as I surveyed her, once again, in all her glory. She stood silently, letting me look my fill, her large dusky pink nipples hardening and turning a deep shade of crimson. My breath caught in my throat as I saw her hips roll unconsciously as her arousal became apparent. Her long, toned legs seemed to go on forever, and her flat stomach sported an adorable belly button and tiny gold ring. Her pussy however, was the most intriguing and delectable part of her. I could see her full outer lips, puffy and pale pink, and other than a tiny trimmed heart above them, she was wonderfully smooth. I had never seen another woman naked before, and I felt my entire body flush with rampant desire. What an amazing creature!

Emma dropped her thin robe from her shoulders and walked slowly toward me, her head held high with pride at her obvious beauty. The sway of her hips mesmerized me as she drew closer to where I sat. Soft music began drifting from hidden speakers and the lights dimmed. How did she DO that? That thought quickly left my head as she began to dance. Slowly she writhed and twisted, her supple body taunting me at every turn. She turned her back to me and bent at the waist, her full breasts heavy and beautiful. She winked at me from between her legs and slowly reached up to slide one finger into her already wet snatch. She teased herself for a few moments while I watched in absolute rapture. She straightened and turned toward me, licking the juices from her fingers, savoring herself like a cat in heat.

She beckoned me to my feet and circled me lazily, reaching out a hand to stroke my hair, my left breast, my buttocks. She stood behind me and pressed up against my back fully, reaching around to encircle my waist. I stood quietly, enjoying the sexual tension. She waited a few minutes until I ground my ass softly into her. I felt her nipples rub against my soft cotton shirt as her deft fingers reached down to unsnap my jeans. Slowly, maddeningly, she lowered the zipper, taking her time with the seduction. I sensed her surprise as she reached one small hand into my jeans to find no panties. Her surprise was short-lived as she reached lower to find my smooth pussy lips,. devoid of any vestige of hair. She stroked my outer lips, nibbling gently on my earlobe and neck as she played me like a fine-tuned instrument. My breathing deepened as I felt her stroke up and down again, not entering me and completely avoiding my clit. When she stopped, I moaned, willing her to continue. I had been so close, but Emma had other ideas.

Smiling, she turned me toward her and pulled encouragingly at the bottom of my shirt. I lifted my arms, obliging her as she pulled it swiftly over my head. My hat was knocked off in the process and my long hair tumbled down around my shoulders. I blew a stray strand out of my face impatiently as Emma moved to my jeans, lowering them fluidly to my ankles. She glanced pointedly at my shoes and I hastely stepped out of them so my jeans could be removed completely. I stood there nude, feeling the first niggling doubts. I knew absolutely nothing about this woman. Incensed, I dismissed that thought as she led me toward the bed. She pushed me gently onto the bed, and motioned for me to lie down. I complied, loving the feel of the satiny sheets against my skin.

She walked swiftly to the headboard and I heard a tiny "whur" as she pushed a button and hidden cupboards slid open to reveal lotions, oils, candles and various and sundry sex toys. Emma extracted one particularly interesting looking 16" dildo with knobs and bumps at both ends. Inside the clear heads of each end appeared to be dozens of pearls, ranging in size from very tiny to some the size of a dime. My eyes widened as I realized that it was intended solely for lesbian and gay use, seeing as both partners could enjoy the luscious sensations it most obviously produced. The thing was probably 2" across and I relished the thought of being filled with it while Emma used to other end. I wondered how we would accomplish it.

Emma lowered herself onto the bed beside me and began to stroke my pussy again. I moaned encouragingly and turned my head toward her, my tongue snaking out to playfully swipe her lips. In an instant I found myself in full on lip-lock, her tongue sparring with mine. She groaned into my mouth and moved closer to me. Capturing my hand, she drew it impatiently down to her now dripping cunt, nudging my fingers into her sex. Wholeheartedly I plunged two fingers into her, then three. She humped my hand expressively and I kissed her harder, our full breasts sensitive and crushing against each other. We breathlessly used each for what seemed like hours, grunting and moaning in time with the slurping noises emanating from our pussies.

With a gasp, Emma broke the kiss, and moved her way down my stomach, stopping briefly to circle my naval with her tongue. I giggled as she moved lower, her tongue now making little stabbing motions in and out of my slit, like a tiny dick. I tossed my head back and forth as exquisite sensations washed over me.

Slowly, a finger was inserted into my, circling, twisting, exploring. My body felt like a huge fireball, burning with uncontrollable lust and desire. Just as I was about to explode into a mind blowing orgasm, Emma moved away. I whimpered in protest. (Thus far, words had seems unnecessary.) She placed a finger over my lips, heavy with the fragrance of my cunt and I suckled them greedily. Her mouth closed over one nipple and tugged diligently, lovingly. Her teeth abraded it gently and she sucked hard once more and moved away. By now, I was absolutely aching for release. It wasn't long in coming.

Emma reached for the dildo, and wetting it with her lovely pink tongue, she kneeled over me and slowly inserted it into me. I closed my eyes as the bumps and knobs caressed my inner walls. She moved it in and out of me briefly, then climbed over me until she was straddling my hips. Bending the dildo at it's flesh like middle, she pointed the end unoccupied by my pussy toward her sopping hole. She lowered herself onto the dildo, impaling herself on it until it was nearly buried in her lovely folds. Then, squeezing the middle firmly, the dildo began to vibrate. Indescribable pleasure was now being poured into both our holes.

Emma braced her hands on the bed near my shoulders and began to "ride" me. As she thrust herself on the dildo, it was alternately pushed deep inside me. She moved faster and I matched her thrust for thrust, thrashing wildly under her and biting her nipples ruthlessly as I neared orgasm,.

"Cum for me Heather," Emma begged, her face flushed and contorted with pleasure. Her pleading was all it took to push me over the edge into the abyss. I pulled her to me and bit her shoulder as my pussy contracted hard and fast around the dildo. I sensed her cumming shortly after as her body shook against mine and I felt her juices running down onto my pussy lips. Wave after wave of sensation washed over me until our motions slowed and our heartbeats gradually returned to normal.

We held each other for long, silent minutes, kissing, stroking, and exploring gently. I shook my head in amazement at what had transpired between us. "Emma." I began quietly.

"No," she countered. "There is no reason to talk. Just come back tomorrow night." I smiled at this odd beginning of a new friendship, affair, whatever. "There's plenty of time for talk."

Later, as we dressed slowly, I thought I saw a shadow move behind one of the mirrors. Nonsense, we were alone. I dismissed the suspicion firmly. But as we walked out of the Blue Room, arm in arm, I came into solid contact with a warm, and very aroused, male body. Thinking it was Brian, having heard our lovemaking, I looked up to apologize and met the familiar gaze of my husband.

"Oh God." I gasped.

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