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That first night, Julie, Dave, and I

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My fiancee Julie and I had a summer long threesome arrangement before we got married. The whole thing was fantastic! e At first, we used to just fantasize about it a lot. It always got her off when I whispered what I'd like to see her do with another man. It was so cool, and so sexy!

I moved into a new rooming house after Julie and I had been together about six months. There was a guy there, living upstairs. One of our fantasies featured me moving into a new place: her and I then make friends with a new room-mate and have that threesome with him...maybe it would happen.

The guy living upstairs (Dave) turned out to be a real decent guy and was funny, always cracking jokes and giving us a chuckle. He worked nights in a skilled trades job, while looking for a house to buy so he could move his wife and kids to town. Julie and I used to pillow talk about him, her and me having sex together. We had a lot of orgasms over that idea.

The problem was: how do you go about asking somebody to join you in some unusual sexual behavior? I didn't want to seem weird or strange, so we didn't do anything until one day Julie came over wearing her usual tight blue jeans. Her tight round ass always looked great under soft denim. We walked into my room past Dave sitting in the dining room; I heard him say "Can I watch?" Before closing the door to my room, I turned and told him "I'll ask Julie and get back to you."

This was great; it might be the chance we were looking for. Wanting to be careful, we just whispered about it during our sex play, thinking and hoping that maybe it finally would happen. As we screwed, she and I agreed again that we would both like to try a threesome.

Later I approached Dave about it privately. I told him I wanted to see him cum in her mouth. The prospect of having sex with my cute young fiancee got him interested right away; he said he'd thought about it ever since Julie and I first looked at the room together. Anyway, he said he wanted to ask his buddy at work about it first. Once he did that he was ready! We planned to get together on Thursday.

About eight that evening Julie came over. She was very sexy in a long tangerine-colored dress with the cut up the middle. God! She wore a little make-up; with her black hair curled up tight, she sure looked good! High heels on too. With her legs looking fantastic in stockings, she was perfect, so sexy! I went wild tickling her bare thighs above the top of her stockings and feeling her soft pussy hairs exposed (she wasn't wearing panties). Holy shit!

Waiting for Dave to get home after his second shift job, I licked and licked her with those stockings still on her legs. I can't remember if she kept the dress on or not, but we ended up fucking until I was ready to cum. I put my cock in her mouth. "You're going to swallow Dave's cum tonight aren't you?" "Mm-hm" That was my girl talking giving me a thrill, and Dave hadn't even gotten home yet!

During sex we got really excited talking about what we hoped would happen with Dave that night. We waited for him, watched TV, drank a little, smoked a little, enjoyed the summer night breeze coming through the windows. Finally Dave pulled in the driveway; Julie went out to offer him a beer as he came in the back door. She must have been a real sexy sight, smiling down at him as he came up the steps. Dave came in, sat down in my room, and opened his beer. I sat in the other chair, between him and Julie. She sat on the corner of the bed to my right. The summer night breezed through the room, but didn't cool us off any.

The sex was on our minds, all three of us! Two guys hoping to have sex with this beautiful, sexy woman! Whew! My chest was tight with emotion. I could hardly breathe. Nobody seemed willing to look around or break the tension. Each one of us sort of focused on the TV, waiting. I got up and walked toward the door of my room, I said aloud, barely able to speak, "Is it going to happen?" I left for the kitchen. I heard Dave say something.

I stayed in the kitchen pacing for a few minutes with my heart in my throat! I was so riled up I started popping popcorn for something to do. The idea was to give Dave and Julie some time together by themselves. I was thinking they might work something out.

Sure enough, the next time I peeked in the room, there was Julie sitting on Dave's knee! Dave and her embraced; they were French kissing! The image shocked me at first. I pulled my head back from the crack in the door; but then I had to take another look, this was way too sexy.

One of her sexy legs was crossed over the other, looked real nice and toned sticking out the cut in her dress; I had never seen her legs look so good. Dave had his arms around Julie too, their lips moist and locked together, tongues joining and loving it! Her dress was pulled tight against her rib cage because she had her arms around Dave's neck. Damn, her body looked so good like that.

Julie told me later that when I walked out of the room Dave smiled at her and patted his knee, so she got up and went over there. He said "You don't have to do this you know." When he said that,she told me it made her want to do it all the more! When they started kissing, Dave unbuttoned the front of her dress, and his hands went immediately inside and all over her tits; she loved his manly palms hungrily feeling her soft breasts and tender nipples .


I stayed in the kitchen and paced some more, looking back in on Julie and Dave sometimes, seeing them lip-locked and wrapped up in each other. I got to watch her helping Dave remove her dress; they were doing it all by feel, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open against his.

The next time I looked in, Dave was still in the chair, and Julie was on her knees; his cock was in her mouth! I saw that! Her eyes were closed and she was rolling her head in a way to push in the head of his cock and bulge out one cheek, then the other. I quietly went in a couple times to look close while she lustfully sucked on Dave's cock. My heart nearly burst watching that. Soft brown eyes closed as she gave Dave a great blow job, her beautiful long lashes damp on her glowing white face. I knew her tongue would be licking him, tasting him.

She told me later that while she sucked on his cock, she felt "Where is Ward?" and "I can't believe I'm doing this!" Exciting moments for both of us. Julie was really blowing this guy, pretty much a stranger. I got to see my fiancee suck another man's cock! It was amazing! Dave loved it too: imagine coming home from work, sipping a beer while a sexy girl ten years younger sucked your cock, her fiance watching the whole thing.

While I was back in the kitchen again, Dave stood up and walked Julie to the bed; she went along thinking "I guess he wants to fuck me." Lying on her back, bare naked except for her lacy bra, stockings, and high-heeled shoes, her legs open, Dave got on the bed between her thighs, and Julie helped him slip his stiff cock in where it ought to be. She was surprised at how aroused she was: "God I'm wet." She still wondered, "Where is Ward?" For Julie it was just nice to fuck Dave, a handsome guy with a good stiff cock. I liked that she barely knew him and was doing it all.

Dave was rock-hard and getting close to cumming; Julie sense it and whispered in his ear, "I want you to cum in my mouth." He said he couldn't "hold out much longer," then pulled his cock out of her and held himself up as she went down on the bed to get him in her mouth. He sprayed his huge load of cum into her. She told me later she was THRILLED to feel and taste his cum in her mouth. It was then that she remembered why it was she was doing this in the first place: the man, the spray, the taste of his cum! She told me it's like a "cumsicle," meaning the fluid spread over the entire shaft as she sucked and licked it clean.

I was in the kitchen during that part. The next time I looked in on them Dave had recovered his hard-on and was on his back, Julie straddled his hips on all fours above him, stroking her pussy up and down on his cock. Dave and Julie were both having a great fuck! Julie looked over at me as I opened the door; she gave me a nervous smile, and continued stroking her pussy up and down on that stiff cock. I went in and closed the door. Julie took my cock into her mouth right away when I went to the side of the bed. Of course I was rock-hard at that point! My sweetheart, my fiancee Julie, was sucking and fucking two guys tonight. What a hot, sexy chick she was! Whew... I touched her soft back. I stroked her as's. She pulled herself off Dave's cock and went onto her back, looking up at me as I got on my knees between her sexy thighs. I put my hard cock into that soft warm pussy of hers. By then Dave was standing at the side of the bed where I had been earlier. He stroked his hard co'ck as I fucked Julie.

He stroked and stroked. Julie laid there and enjoyed the two of us lusting after her, the two of us stroking and poking her. Her eyes closed for a minute and suddenly, while I was fucking her, Dave shot a drop of cum over Julie's face; it caught in her hair. I said "He's cumming!". Julie opened her eyes, raised her head up and took Dave's cock into her mouth; he sprayed the rest of his cum into her. Holy shit, that is just what I had see Julie swallow another man's semen!

After that I was pretty tired, had to get up early the next morning; Dave went to bed upstairs and Julie and I hit the hay in my room. I got up at four and went to work. When I got home later I found Julie's note on the table near my bed: "Ward, after you left this morning I went up to Dave's room. We fucked. Love, Julie" Wow, that was great. Woo hoo! I loved it, will write about that next time if you want.

Our menage-a-trois continued for several months that summer...we loved it!

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