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Tess Is Curious

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I was looking at some other web sites just now and ran on some really hot pics of interracial sex, white women and black men. I was reminded of Tess in the early days of our affair and how she slowly opened up to some of her fantasies that she had had for a long time. One day I asked her while we were in bed and a little tippsy, what would you do if you could do absolutly anything, anything at all. She thought a while and turned red. Well, I am not sure how you will react to this but...she stopped. No never mind she said. What is it I asked her. Well, I have had, no, I can't tell you. I got another wine cooler for both of us and we sipped them down as she was still thinking it over. Remember Dear I told her, I asked so I cannot hold anything against you you know. I have done a lot of things so there is no taboo territory for this. Are you sure she asked me? Yes, dear, Kissing her on the nipples making her squirm. Okay then, but remember, you made me tell you. Okay, go ahead. Well, When I was in school I had a few friends that were black (this is Georgia rememeber folks) and there was a guy that I really liked and he liked me. Yes I told her, go on. Well, we kissed a few times when we could hide and once I felt his cock and he sucked my titties but we heard a noice in the hall and broke it off, then we met in the woods and almost did it but not quite. She was red faced now and got qiuet. So, you want to finish where you started Huh? I asked her. Well, yes, just once I would like to do it with a black man. Go all the way. Then I told her that I had been with a few black women and could understand the desire. We made love again and got up to go, the day had been really nice in the hotel together and I began planning how she could have her fantasy fulfilled. It took a couple months and when we met I had her bring her toy with her, a nice 9 inch dildo, and when we were at the park or elsewhere, I told her to close her eyes and pretend it was a black lover that was in her with me there and enjoying every bit of it. She always had some explosive orgasms but was shy afterwards. You know you really are keeping this black thing in my mond a lot, I think about it a lot she told me one day. Oh really? That is interesting I told her and smiled. Well, One day early I had arranged for two friends to meet us at the hotel. Jason was 6'2" and well built and when I asked him if he would like to join us he was more than happy to say yes. I asked him if he had a friend that would like to help out also and I told him, someone really hung. He thought for a little and told me he would get back with me and sure enough he said he had a friend that would be ready with a little notice. Well, the day came and Tess and I got tot the hotel at 9Am and I undressed her, we played a little rough as she liked and after a good spanking I ate her thru a couple orgasms. About 9 there was a knock on the door and she looked at me, Oh shit she said, who can that be? Get up and answer it I told her. What? Get up and answer the door I told her. Are you serious She said? Yes, totally, as she was getting her clothes. No dear, leave the clothes on the couch, go to the door just like that. She stood there stunned. Okay, then I will get it I told her and opened the door. There was Jason and a friend, both well built and good looking, smiling. We too late he said. Nope, just in time I told him. Come on in. They did, Alex was the other guys name and he was 6'0" tall and well built and he and Jason came in. Tess had no time to reach for anything to cover herself except a wash cloth which she held over her chest (42DD) that did not good. We laughed and said, that is not covering anything Hun. She dropped it and sat on the bed. What is this Steve? Your fantasy dear I told her, the rest of the day. She does look good Alex said as he sat on the bed and began massaging hershoulders. Yes she does Jason, I think we can really give her a nice time today don't you Steve. Yeh guys, that is what we are here for. But, Tess began then Alex leaned her back against his chest and kissed her neck, one of the weak spots I told them about. Shhhh, enjoy Tess, enjoy, it is going to better than you ever imagined. His hands came around to her breasts and took the nipples gently and began manipulating them, pulling and massaging. He kept kissing her neck as Jason moved to the other side of her and took her nipples in his mouth sucking then licking them. She began to moan and her eyes closed, Oh,I can't believe this is happening she moaned to me. It is dear, enjoy it, we have al day long. Oh my god, this feels so good. Alex was now laying her down on the bed with Jason on the other side of her, kissing her all over they both were kissing and sucking her spots that got the best results making her orgasm without even touching her pussy so strong was the fantasy in her mind. She was reaching for their bulging jeans when Alex stood up and said, I think it is time we got naked Jason, He smiled and stood up too and both stripped in front of Tess, her eyes growing wider as they exposed the largest cocks she had ever seen. Alex was a med. dark color and his skin was smooth and Tess looked at his cock, it was about 8 or 9 inches and very thick, about as thick as a beer can, Jason was longer and slimmer, he told us later 10 inches and the head ws thicker. She reached out and took Jason in her hands, massaging it slowly as Alex sat next to her and began sucking her titties again, she kept her eyes on the treasure in her hands as Jason watched her and smiled moving his hips with her hands. Then the pre cum began leaking from Jasons toy and she looked at it then me, a question in her eyes. Enjoy my dear I told her, do whatever you want to. She took it slowly to her lips and licked the pre cum, making her moan at the taste of his cock. She tne slowly began taking it into her mouth, inch by inch, until it was almost all the way down her throat. I moved to her pussy and was eating her slowly as her other hand found Alex and his thick tool, Oh my god she moaned, this is incrediable. I am going to die. Jason pushed into her mouth deeper and said, Steve tells us you like to suck and swallow.Yeh I love it she said. Then take it baby, I am close. MMM..yes she moaned. I was still eating her pussy when she took him into her motu and sped up and when he shot his load she struggled to swallow all of it. Her pussy squirted my face as she had her orgasm and I did all I could to lick it all up. Jason got weak and sat next to her after she let his cock go and he began kissing her again, I got up and said, Alex, I think this pussy is ready for you man. Sure looks like it he said. Then they moved her up on the bed and Alex got between her legs, taking them and spreading them so that they were over his shoulders he put the head of his thick toy to her pussy lips and began pushing in. Tess almost fainted as it spread her wider than she had ever been spread before. Oh my god it is huge she moaned. Yes baby and all yours. With that he pushed all the way in and Tess cried out. Oh, oh it is so huge, oh yes, damn, oh yes. He buried it in her pussy till his low hanging balls slapped her bottom. Oh my god, yes, fuck me please. Jason moved so that Alex could have full control and he began punding her pussy deep and hard. Her titties were boucing as she was devouring his cock into her pussy. She had three orgasms in quick order and was going for another when Alex tensed up, Oh shit, it just got bigger Tess moaned, Here it cums baby, he filled her with cum and it seemed like he unloaded for 15 min but it was not. Tess later told me she had orgasms in a row, one after the other as he filled her. He finished and moved over, Jason was hard and he laid her legs down and got into her pussy, sliding it slowly in he came to the point that she was moaning again, oh yes, fuck me again, please. He did and she became frantic. Harder harder, please, fuck me harder. He did, ramming all the way into her every stroke. He became to cum and she cried out, No not yet, fuck me, don't stop please, more. Somehow he put it off for a few more strokes but then he burst inside her pussy making her try to catch up. She reached over and grabbed Alex and began sucking him as if starving, get it hard again, please, get it hard she begged. Fuck me again, please. she was in tears, frantic to get one of their cocks in her again. Alex managed to slid into her and she by her pussy massaging his toy got him fully hard. Then she told him, fuck it hard, really hard, ram it in please. She reached out and grabbed my cock taking it into her mouth, sucking deep, again telling Alex fuck me, really fuck me. She saw that Jason was hard again and stopped. She sat on his cock taking it into her ass then took Alex baack into her pussy and grabbed my cock, again sucking it deep...she was lost in passion with cock in every hole, then she began having orgasms over and over again soaking Alex and Jason with the juices squirting from her pussy. I filled her mouth as they again filled her pussy and now her ass. We all collapsed on the bed, her still trembeling and shaking with aftershocks of her orgasms. Damn man, that was wild jason said as he slipped out of her, she moaned, please stay in me, don't get out yet. He pushed his half hard cock back in and she just laid there enjoying the feeling. She was moving her pusy and ass slowly around the tools deep in her making them slowly come back to life. Alex said, Damn woman, how much you need? Tess looked at me and said, AS much as I can get, remember this has been a fantasy for a long time. alex was hard first and he began moving in and out of her, she moaned, oh yes, that is good, just like that, Jason had begun pinching her titties and I was slowly coming back to life near her face in her hands. She was moving slowly, taking advantage of the cocks in her and then after a long time Alex was saying he was going to cum again. Wait she said, wait this time, please. She took the cocks out and took them in her hands in front of her near her motuh, then bagan sucking one while massaging the other two. okay, now when you are ready fuck my mouth, cum in my mouth. We all were on our knees in front of her on the bed, she would suck one and then as it got there swallow the load and then the next one and the next until she had swallowed all three of our loads. She laid on the bed content after that. Jason and Alex got up and began to dress. Tess got up, No please stay. We would if there was anything left Alex said. Tess smiled, I can get one more from each of you I bet, just stay and let me try. Okay they said and sat on the bed. Tess went to work one at a time on us. She got Alex hard forst and after sucking him for more than a half hour she was rewarded with a mouth full of cum shich she swallowed. Jason next gave in to her magic mouth and filled her throat with a load then she took my cock and managed to suck the juice from it again. Now if you want to you can go she said, but be available again in a coule weeks. Okay? Sure enough they said and she kissed them bye and sat on the bed, dripping cum from her pussy and ass. Thank you for the surprise she told me with a kiss. Oh, I enjoyed it as much as you did I told her. You liked seeing me get fucked then. Yes, it made me harder than usual. You enjoyed seeing your lover get fucked all day by these two studs? Yes, we will again in a couple weeks I told her. Only it will be more this time. She got wide eyed again. How many? Oh, 6 plus me should be enough to take care of you for the day I told her. She fell back on the bed. damn, 7 men, oh yeh.

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