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Mr. Madonna was my sixth seventh grade English teacher. He was maybe in his early 30's, I was 13. He was married with kids and was one of the coolest teachers one could have. He made everyone feel like a friend. I remember one day when a couple of the guys were talking about some magazines that Mr. Madonna had stored in a file cabinet. I wasn't sure how they knew about it but several days later after class I was hanging with them when he asked, quietly, if they wanted to see something. From his class there was a walkway to the adjacent classroom but for some reason the door was locked to the other room. It was filled with class materials and file cabinets that only he used.

The three of us followed him and out of the cabinet he pulled out several magazines. He then showed us pictures of women undressed. They were standard playboy images of beautiful women dr*ped in robes and hats but we didn't notice since we couldn't take our eyes off their tits and pussies. As he thumbed threw the pictures I could feel my cock's hardness and wondered if I was the only one. I looked down and saw one of the boys rubbing himself down his pants. Mr. Madonna pretended not to notice as he pointed out all of the female attributes to three horny little boys.

The second magazine was more graphic then I had ever seen before with women together and threesomes of two men with a female. I found my eyes transfixed on the cocks and I remember him pointing at one and telling us that his own "penis" looked like that one. It was long and in the picture the second guy's hand was wrapped around it. I am not sure what the other boys were looking at but I remember thinking how interesting it would be to wrap my own hand around it and jerk it off. Would it feel the same as playing with my own cock? The boy with his hands down his pants seemed to gasp rather loudly and then stopped and looked at the rest of us. His eyes were wide opened and we all realized that he had sprayed the inside of his pants with cum. When he pulled his hand out it was covered in white creamy cum which he wiped on his pants and then quickly walked away. Mr. Madonna made mention that as we got older, it would be easier to control our jerking off but younger boys seemed to now know how to do that yet.

The third magazine was the best yet, at least for me it was. It was all young men in various positions and cocks in mouths and hands and shots of cum on faces. I was fascinated and didn’t even notice that Mr. Madonna had put his hand gently on my shoulder. He then asked me and the other boy if we wanted to show him our cocks. We both shook our head no! But I really did want to open my pants and jerk off but when my friend said no, I quickly agreed. The other boy then suddenly remembered something he had to do and ran off. I was alone and now very nervous but I wanted to see more pictures. He asked me again if I wanted to show him and again I shook my head no, as now I had lost my nerves being all alone with him. As he flipped the pages I could almost feel precum although believe me I didn’t know what it was back then. I then looked back at Mr. Madonna and his pants were open and he was jerking off while he leaned against the desk. I watched fascinated as he said nothing but worked his cock fast and furious. Five minutes passed, my eyes never leaving his cock and when he shot, he purposely landed it on the magazine. Without looking I then ran out the door.

I thought about that afternoon often but neither I nor either of the other boys ever went to see Mr. Madonna's pictures again. We use to talk about it and one of those boys, Jeff, became one of my good friends with mutual jerking off and sucking of each other’s cocks. We would talk about that day and it would get us both hard but I never told him how Mr. Madonna had jerked off in front of me and then spurted his cum all over the desk and magazine pictures of two guys blowing each other.

Flash forward five years to a warm summer afternoon in my local grocery store. "Hi Bobby" I heard which was a familiarity of my name I had left several years earlier. Both of us five years older but now I could appreciate how handsome he was. Square jaw and broad shoulders and gorgeous eyes were lost on that young boy but could be appreciated by a young man who now craved the look and feel of a mature, handsome man. "Wow" it’s been a long time since I have seen you" I said. Are you still teaching? "No, I have found another career line that takes me away from young boys". He smiled, "and that’s a good thing, I never got caught but I realize how wrong I was to do what I did that day. I am sorry". "No harm" I said, Jeff and I jerked off many times together talking about you and your pictures. I never told him that I had seen you cum though. I kept that to myself".

He went on to share, "I stick to legal ages now, my wife even knows and joins in when I play. She loves watching me play with my young guy friends. She doesn't know about anything else though." A few moments later as we moved to go on our way he asked, "You wouldn't want to come over would you?" I remembered what was at the time the biggest cock I ever saw, "hmmmm, when?". He smiled "How about now?" .

We stood in his kitchen and continued to chat about the goings on of classmates etc. During a pause he asked gently if I minded him touching me. Without a word he went to my pants and slid his hand down to begin to rub me. I stood there, legs wide, as he stroked and massaged my cock and balls in my pants. My hands leaned back against the sink as my pants finally fell to the floor. He pulled down the top of my underwear and slowly, with each licking of the head of my cock, it throbbed and pulsated with anticipation of his warm mouth. I could feel his one-day growth of a beard on my shaft as he licked and stroked my cock. I had been with other boys before but not a man such as him. One that I had fantasized over for so many years and whom I had always wanted to explore my sexuality with. I was 18, he was twice my age and it was perfect... for both of us. Neither of us could get in trouble like we might have in junior high.

I was overwhelmed with his stroking and tongue action and announced I was about to cum. His movements surprised me as his grip got tighter but went so slow as to almost choke off my orgasm. He knew exactly how to control it and did until he told me, "I want you to cum on my face, can you do that?” I looked down at this gorgeous guy on the kitchen floor worshiping my cock and nodded yes. He continued twisting my cock his mouth sucking tightly its head. I breathed heavier and at the right moment, his grip quickened and I blew the most cum I had ever cum; all of it landing across his face, mouth and chin. I kept cumming, letting out a scream as I did, all the pressure now being released.

He smiled at me, "Like? he asked. "Oh Yes!" I said.

As he relished my cock and all the cum it had given to him. He sat on the floor and closed his eyes for a moment. I rubbed my cock over his face leaving all the residual cum around his lips and chin. He moaned for a moment before he got up and picked me up in his arms and carried me to the couch. He lay me down and then climbed on top of me. His weight pressing me deep into the cushions. I felt all his weight on top of me forcing me to give into what ever he wanted from me. As I lay on my back he moved up my body until his cock rubbed on my chin and then all over my face. It was my turn to moan, the smell of his cock releasing memories of long ago when he pulled and stretched his cock in front of my wide-eyed face.

He was still soft when he began to push his cock against my lips. I opened quickly wanting to taste him. He began to move in and out of my mouth as he pressed my body into the cushions. I couldn't resist and didn't want to, allowing him to have his way with my wet mouth. I liked the thought of my seventh grade teacher fucking my face and couldn’t wait for the cum that was bound to arrive. I decided to lie there and let him do what he wanted.

He came three times during the next 45 minutes. Each time seemed to be more cum then the last. The first was in my mouth with most of it dripping out my mouth. The next time was on my own cock, jerking off on it and the third time he was slipping between my ass cheeks until he shot his cum up my back. It was all good.

We rested for a while lying on the couch, his hands playing with me. "My wife is on her way home". I looked at him sideways when he went on to say, "I already called her to tell her about you. She wants to meet." We headed to the shower to clean up. After soaping and rubbing each other he grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me. I was surprised and tried to pull back but he wasn’t going to stop and I gave into it as my cock stiffened between us. It was then I felt a new set of hands wrap around me. I jumped but Mr. Madonna's hands were tight on me and Mrs. Madonna's body pressed against mine. I turned around and there was a woman as beautiful as he was handsome. She then grabbed my head in the same way that he had and kissed me too. The three of us shared a kiss and I knew then that my afternoon was far from over. She grabbed my cock and began to go down on me. His hands probed my ass using the soap as a lubricant to begin to enter my ass.

They had double-teamed others and they were adding me to the list. She pulled me out of the shower and towel dried me taking extra time on my cock. He dried off my back and ass before they took me and placed me on the bed. She climbed on top of my cock, her pussy warm and wet. My hands went to her tits and she asked me to squeeze her nipples. "He is so cute honey, a beautiful young boy for us" she told her man. Madonna got behind her and began to push her down on my body so he could have access to her ass. He asked me to separate her ass so he could enter her there. She moaned louder and louder as he moved deeper into her ass. I could feel him inside her, our cocks rubbing together. I stayed still so he could move at his pace as he smacked her ass. We came together, in her at her request. My balls ached as they expelled its cum.

We rested for a moment smiling wide when I learned Becky was a HS teacher. I laughed at the thought in fact. What a twosome they were and what fun!

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