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Taking care of business The third story of our First Time Bi guys adventures

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Busines meetings. They usually arent much fun, but today I had one that topped all meetings I had ever had or ever will have. Arriving at work, I logged on to the local net and found that late this afternoon I had to meet with the representatives of a civic group. I was to explain the company policies concerning hiring and treatment of minorities. Since I was the new guy at work, I was assigned this onerous task. Not something I looked forward to. But I studied up on the company policy and was certain I could handle any questions asked.

Telling my boss I was going to lunch then on to the meeting, he told me to just go home from there. I had already planned that as it was a weekend coming up. I had plans to meet with some friends for some boating. My friends were extremely sexual and we always had fun together, sometimes with others along also. Fucking and sucking all weekend would be great.

I arrived at the address for the meeting, surprised to find it was a residence. And quite a residence it was. Huge actually, complete with butler at the door. I was led into a dining room and asked to please wait. Soon, I was shown into the meeting room, a large living room with several people sitting about. It was a mixed crowd, but mostly, as I had expected, women in their middle thirties to mid fifties. Most looked quite affluent.

I introduced myself and started talking about our policy at the company concerning minorities, of which there were only three present. One very well groomed black lady, one outright beautiful asian lady and one South American looking man. They were all attentive and when I was finished, they asked the usual questions. "How many blacks are employed?" "How do you treat the women when you interview them?" "Do you expect more work, or less from women? From men?" "Are your starting salaries commensurate with actual abilities or do you expect women/asians/blacks, etc. to start at a lower scale?" All of these and many more were flowing forth and I did my best to answer all of them honestly and fully. After that, I felt quite drained and would be glad to get off for the weekend and start fucking and sucking pussy and cock all weekend.

The meeting degenerated into a gab-fest and drinks were served. I mingled with the guests for a bit and was surprised to find that they all found me knowledgeable on the subjects. Almost to a man, or a woman, they were pleased. As I was sipping a martini I heard a familiar voice say that "I would like to question you in private about some personal observations, if you dont mind." Turning around, I saw the voice, low and husky, belonged to Tom. Tom was his name, but he looked like no Tom you would ever imagine. Tall, brunette hair, big tits, tight skirt and blouse, Tom was dressed in drag attending the meeting. Tom was also one of my friends weekend guests and fuck partners. He and his lovely wife Sandie had shared many a pussy and cock, including mine. In fact just the week before, I sucked his nine inch cock and ate his cum from her pussy. They were quite the couple. I had enjoyed their company before and was looking forward to it again. Tom asked our hostess if there were a private room we could use for uninterrupted business. She had the butler show us to the study and we were assured that we would be left alone unless we rang for something. In fact the hostess winked at us and smiled when she told us that she would provide "anything we want". Tom thanked her and told her we would certainly let her know if we needed anything at all-"anything you can do for us dear, we will certainly call on you." Just as the door was closing, the South American looking gentleman stepped in and introduced himself. "I am representing some interests from south of the border" he said, would we mind if he asked a few pointed questions first? I thought "oh oh here comes the hard stuff" and told him to go ahead as we would wait a bit to get to our own business. He smiled at us, and sipped his drink. He put the glass down and asked "So would you like to suck my cock?" Stunned, we both looked at each other not knowing what to say. "Oh come on now, you stand there looking like you dont know the lady here is really a man and probably has a huge cock. That makes "her" a cocksucker. I also think you would eat a cock too senor." With that, Tom started to protest, but he stepped up to him and reached out to his crotch and grabbed. "See, you have a huge cock hiding in those panties." He reached up inside her skirt and pulled down the panties and Tom's cock sprung out. Looking embarrased, Tom started to pull away when the gentleman pulled his own cock out and told her to suck him. Tom then just looked down at the cock he was being offered and looked at me. I was too far gone to protest. Seeing Tom was a surprise, but now this guy had his cock in his hand, Toms cock was growing hard and all I could do is think about sucking both of them at once. I nodded to Tom and told him to go ahead, suck his cock. Tom knelt down and started to suck. The man held his head as he rammed the long thin cock into his mouth. Soon he was pounding Toms mouth and groaning. Cum shot out into Tom's throat and he swallowed as fast as he could. The man pulled back to shoot some on the face and I started to move to him to help Tom eat the cum. I licked Tom's face clean and looked up as the man was grinning at us. "You cant fool me, I knew at first glance that you were not a woman. And you, he pointed to me, as soon as you came in here with him, I knew you would suck my cock. I was right, you are both very good at it. Then he asked "do you like the ladies too? Do you eat pussy?" We assured him we did. Then please let me introduce you to a couple of ladies here that love to eat cock as much as you do. Of course they also love pussy." He picked up the phone, rang for the help and soon was talking to the lady of the house. She started smiling at us and told him to wait right there. Before long the well groomed black lady was in the room with us. Soon after, one of the wimpy looking men joined us. Then the butler came in and was told to stay by the lady. "Of course madam" was his only reply. Looking over each other, the Latin gentleman told the others, "what you see here ladies and gentlemen, are two very good cocksuckers. They have just shared my cock, with great enthusiasm I may add and assure me they love pussy too. How about we find out how much?" All in the room, smiled and started undressing. Tom and I followed suit. The lady of the house looked at Tom and exclaimed that she would love to feel that hard dick in her right now. Tom smiled, pulled out his nine inches and bent her over to ram it home. She fairly fainted when it went into her cunt. The black lady went to the butler, grabbed his head and forced him down to his knees to eat her snatch. It was shaved clean and was wide open. Her open hole revealed the pinkness inside as the butler probed it with his tongue. She started moaning as she immediately came. The wimpy looking man that had joined us started to disrobe. I was shocked as he disrobed. Taking off his shirt, revealed a smooth girl like chest, his breasts were a bit enlarged but mostly flat. His arms were weak looking and hairless also. His face, I now noticed was clean shaven, like a young man's that virtually never shaves. When he turned his back to us to drop his pants, the buttocks curved out slightly giving them an inviting girlish look. He had a beautiful ass. Dropping his shorts, still turned from us, I could not see his cock, I figured it was much too short to dangle between his legs far. Finished undressing, he faced us nude. My jaw dropped as he stood there legs slightly apart. He was clean shaven all over. But the surprise was that he had no cock, only an engorged red lipped pussy! He was a She. The opposite of my friend Tom who was trying to be a she. They looked at each other, then laughed at the turn of events. She walked over, took his cock in her hand and said, "I wish I had one of these", Tom replied that she could use his anytime she wanted. She smiled and looked at me. "Well how about now? I could use it now?" Thinking she wanted to fuck or suck he said sure, use it any way you like. She motioned to me to come over. I did, and she said "He will let me use his cock, would you mind?" Puzzeled, I said "no I guess not" to which she simply smiled and pulled his hard cock upwards and told me to "open my mouth". She was going to use his cock to fuck my face. I smiled and bent to the task. I started sucking it with a great enthusiasm. She smiled again and told me to stop. "We wouldnt want to make my cock shoot too soon without fucking now, would we?" I replied that the sooner he shot his cum in my mouth the better. Laughing, she bent over and opened her pussy. Shove it in boys. was all she said. Her open cunt, Toms huge cock and my own hard on could wait no longer. Tom laid down and she straddled him, shoving his cock up her tight cunt. I moved behind her and started poking her ass. She wiggled and told me to go ahead. I leaned down, licked them both a moment, then up to her asshole licking it till it was sopping wet. Then standing I shoved the head of my prick up her butt. She squealed with delight and we rocked back and forth feeling each other inside, feeling the hard cocks rubbing through the thin layer of skin between her cunt and asshole. Feeling it so good. Feeling the cum starting, I shoved deeper and shot my wad into her butthole. Deep inside her I came, pumping a full load in her ass. Tom, feeling my cock rubbing his and knowing Iwas cumming, shot his deep up her cunt. Filled to overflowing from the pricks shooting inside her, she moaned and joined us in cumming. After a few seconds, I looked about and saw the entire room was watching us. They broke into applause as we pulled free of the lady and our cocks dripped with our combined cum. The lady laid down on her back to rest. Legs up and knees bent, she spread herself open for all to see. Her sopping cunt was leaking cum onto her asshole, which was leaking cum down her cheeks to the floor. The latin gentleman whose cock was being sucked by our hostess commented that it looked good enough to eat. The butler, who was still munching the cunt of the black lady, lost his balance as she walked over to look for herself. She practically drooled as she saw the cum dripping out of the cunt and ass. Kneeling down, she raised her own ass up and spread her legs so we could see her black box opened wide and started to lick the cum off the ass of the lucky girl. The butler moved under her and continued eating her box. The lady sucking the latin cock pulled him over to her and taking his hard prick in her hand, guided it into the black cunt. He started stroking in and out as the butler ate her cunt. Soon he was shooting his second load of the day into her. Her cunt dripping now, he moved back and the hostess took his place and began eating his cum from the wide open pussy as her butler licked his way up to join his mistress in eating the cum. Tom, his cock hardening fast, moved behind the hostess and shoved his cock up her pussy. Making gulping sounds, she came almost immediately. She rolled off his cock and laid on the floor, exhausted from the cum. The black girl reached back and fingered herself to a hard cum. She too rolled over next to the he/she that she had been licking clean. The butler, looking about saw no one to help him out so he stood, dropped his pants and started jacking off on his mistress. She smiled and told him that he was welcome to use her if he wished. At that time, he shot cum all over her tits and open cunt. Smiling and rubbing it in, she thanked him for the cum. The he/she moved over to her, took a look at how she was splayed open and moaned as she ate pussy like it was manna from heaven. Licking cum from his fingers, the butler asked if anyone at all needed anything. I jokingly announced that I would like some cock to suck. He came over and offered me his prick. I smiled and started sucking. I sucked and sucked, thinking he would not cum again so soon. Suddenly he told me "sir, I must cum now, would you like it in the mouth or other places?" I smiled around his cock and told him the mouth would be fine. He immediately shot a load into my mouth. I swallowed it all and thanked him. He smiled and said, "of course sir, thank YOU" then walked away.

Soon after that everyone had a drink in hand and I assured them that sucking and fucking was not our companies policy. That if they worked for us, they were in no way obligated to tell their sexual preferences, whether they were gay or bisexual, whether they liked cock or pussy or both.

We all agreed that it was a very productive meeting.

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