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My swing life.

True stories

My first experience > I went to an adult book store many years ago and > bought my first swingers magazine filled with > couples looking for other couples wanting to have > sex with others. The lady my life at the time was > sherrie and she was beautiful and sexy in every way.

> We had a great time together.

> I was nervouis showing her the magazine,but she > found it interesting so we talked and decided to > explore which at the time surprised me.

> It took awhile to finally actually meet a another > couple and they invited us to go to San Francisco to > a party house.

> So we drove to the city and found the House, to say > the least we were alittle nervous, but willing and > excited about what we were about to do, have sex > with other people we hadn't met yet.

> We entered the house and were met by the couple > hosting, paid our $25 and had a seat in the living > room. There were about 10 couples sitting around the > room talking. I went upstairs to look around and > over in the corner behind a curtain I could hear > noises and finally realized that for the first time > I could hear two people having sex, it was amazing > and immediately I was as hard as a rock.

> I went back down to find Sherrie and we sat > together not having any idea what to do. Finally a > guy approached Sherrie and asked her if she would > like to go upstairs with him, she asked me and I > said go ahead if you want and she went upstairs with > him and i knew what was going to happen and was > really turned on by the idea.

> Slowly but surely the people in the begin leaving in > two's three's and four's and I was alone with this > absolulely beautiful young girl in her 20's. I knew > that sherrie was upstairs fucking this guy so I went > over to the girl and we both laughed that we were > the only two left. So we moved toward each other and > began the dance toward having sex. we introduced > ourselves and talked awhile. We had a kiss and I > began to undress her and she had a great figure and > was very willing. i asked her what she wanted and > she said she wanted me to go down on her and so I > did. /she was very wet and excited and climaxed > quickly and than again and than a third time and > than she went down on me until i was ready and than > we fucked.

> Her favorite position was be behind her and we had a > great time together.

> I went upstairs looking for sherrie and found her > with this guy and they having sex of course. This > guys wife was sitting next to them watching and > rubbing sherrie's thigh, sherrie was really into it > with this guy and i watched her get off, very > exciting. i took the wife's hand and we moved > alittle away and she said she was on her period but > would give me a BJ if I wanted, Of course I wanted > and she did and was very good and when I came she > swallowed and wow.

> The evening came to a close and we left and I asked > sherrie if she had had fun and she said "oh yes" > that the guy had been very good.

> We agreed that fucking for fun was ok with us.

> So began our swinging. This is a true story as it > actually happened.

We talked about our experience at the swing house and I asked Sherry how she felt about the trip and what had happened.

She said she was real nervous and real wet by the time they got upstairs. Surprised his wife was waiting for them and he introduced her to me as Diane and that she wanted to watch and would that be ok with me. I wasn't too sure but wanted to have this guy. So i said just watch and he said she would like to undress you if that was ok. I just wasn't sure and asked just undress me and he said what ever you want. I knew what he meant and said I didn't know about anything else but undressing me would be ok but just that.

So She moved over to me and unbuttoned my blouse and tool it off ,wow what a feeling I had knowing that I was about to fuck this guy in front of his wife. Never thought something like this would happen to me, surprised at my willingness and desire for it to happen, I was really hot by this time and ready. His wife removed my bra and accidently brushed one of my nipples and I knew it wasn't an accident and it increased my breathing. I had never thought about sex with another woman. She removed my skirt and than my panties and moved away. George began to undress and when he released his cock I could see what I was going to get and I was ready, real ready. He moved over to me and kissed me and I could feel his tongue pressing against my mouth and I let him in with the feeling that it was like letting him put his cock in me. Hr laid me down on my back and I looked up and said , fuck me, I couldn't believe I said it, never had before but that was what were going to do, fuck. I had never fucked a guy I had just met before and had always wondered what it would be like and here I was with this guy over me with his wife watching ready to give it to me. He looked down on me and said ask me to fuck you again and I said fuck me and he entered me at that moment and I came instantly to my surprise. He went deep and I could feel his hardness and his movements. We did the age old dance and I was so hot and excited. His wife moved closer to see better and he began to increase his movements and she leaned in and kissed him. He continued to slow fuck me for along time and I felt his wife's hand on my thigh and was alittle startled, but she was rubbing and it felt good and so I just allowed the moment. Than I came again and shuddered it was so good.

I was laying there fucking my brains out and I hear jim come in and he was standing there watching me and for the first time I got doubtful but he smiled at me and said having a good time and I said Oh yes. George's wife told jim she was on her period but would a BJ be ok. so i watched a full blown BJ Happening for the first time and when Jim came I came again with George and could feel him come as well. Afterwards I realized I hadn't gone down on George DARN maybe next time. I had a great time.

The next swing time was a week later when we heard from a couple who wanted to meet us for coffee, we agreed to meet them.

They were waiting outside and asked if we were Jim and sherry and we said yes and went inside. They were Bill and Sharry, she was stuning, Long blond hair to her waist and he was very good looking, both about 30. We talked for awhile and I went to the men's room and a minute later here he comes and asked me did we want to swing with them. That Sherry was beautiful and his wife agreed. I was alittle surprised because Sherry and I hadn't really talked about doing anything that evening. So I asked Sherry in private if she wanted to swing with them, After talking about it for awhile she said hell why not let's do it. Sherry had surprised me again. So off we went to there house.

They wanted separate room. so Sherry went off with him and me with his wife.

Sharry and I went into their bedroom and turned to me and kissed me and said she was real nervous as this was there first time and she was worried i would hurt her. So I pulled her close and kissed her and told her that would never happen. She seemed to relax alittle, obvously still real nervous. With some reluctance I asked if she really wanted to do this, That she didn't have to if she really didn't want to. She said she wasn't sure, her husband was with my Sherry and that she and her husband had talked about and she had agreed with some doubt. Then she said could we just do some kissing and see what happens i said sure Thinking oh well. So we layed on the bed kissing and I asked if I could put my hands on her and she said ok. So I started feeling her boobs thru her clothes and her breathing increased. I asked how she was doing and she smiled and said it felt good so my hand slipped down to her panties and she moved alittle closer to me and said good. Than she said to my surprise "you are a really nice guy and I think I want too." I said do what and she said have sex. So I said you want to fuck me and she hesitated and said yes that is what it is isn't it fucking, like the word was a usual word for her to use. She was really hot and we got it on in several positions, once she decided she was going to she didn't hold back anything accept she couldn't cum. Afterwards i asked if she was ok and she said she had had a really good time and she was glad i was her first and that I was the second man she had had sex with and was glad she did. We went out to the living room to wait for sherry and her husband to return.

It was quite awhile and long enough that I was ready to do her again as we could hear her husband and Sherry in the other room making alot of noise. So off we went and she asked me to come into her from behind as we hadn't before so I slipped into her and gave it to her hard and fast and she came with me. She said she hadn't before because she was concerned her husband wouldn't like her to climmax with another man, but had decided she didn't have to tell him and wanted to cum with me. I asked her if she had liked her first swing and would she do it again and she said probably because her husband wanted to and she had had a good time.

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