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The SS Pleasure Star cruises through the blackness of space. The passenger cruiser comes out of hyperspace in the Minara system to make a course change.

The Pleasure Star's First Officer sits in the command seat. It's the night shift, so he's the only one on duty. The ship's controls are automated so he just sit waiting for something to break.

Sitting, bored to tears, he does crosswords on a datapad. He completely misses the blinking light warning him of a closing ship.

The ship is rocked as it's strafed by blaster fire.

"What the hell!?!" The first officer jumps from his seat.

He brings up a screen, and sees the cruiser closing on the ship. They plan to dock he realizes.

He hits a comm button, "Captain Woodward to the bridge!"

The sound of metal against metal can be heard as the two ships dock. A control board lights up indicating airlock openings across the entire port side of the ship.

The bridge doors burst open and several armed men rush in. They are taken back and look somewhat disappointed to find one unarmed man on the bridge.

"Take him below with the others," says one of the more well groomed men.

"Yes, sir." The pirate gabs the barrel of his weapon into the officer's ribs.

They take him off the bridge.


Julie Starnova slept oblivious to the commotion occurring ten decks above her.

Julie, the daughter of the soon to be Governor William Starnova, is on the cruiser with her father. They are in route to the Mistaya system where her father is to become the colonial governor. .

To her father, with her slender frame, long flowing auburn hair and hazel eyes, Julie resembles her deceased mother more and more every day. This is the first time that he has brought her with him to a new colony, choosing to have her study in the best boarding schools Earth had to offer. But at 21, it was time for her to see what the rest of the universe looked like, besides there would be several eligible officer at the colonial barracks.

William Starnova slept in the bedroom across the living area from Julie in their suite.

Suddenly the doors to the suite burst open and four men storm the room. Two enter William's room.

"Get up...NOW!!" one of the men yells, jabbing him awake with the barrel of his rifle.

"What?" he sits up trying to clear his head.

"I said get up!"

But what completely awakens William is the blood-curdling scream coming from his daughter's bedroom. He leaps out of bed, only it gets a rifle butt to the back of his head. "Don't be in such a hurry, old man."

The man helps William up and guides him out into the living room, where two men are dragging Julie out of her room.

"Father! Help me!" Julie cries as she's pulled towards the suite doors.

"Do as you're told and no one gets hurt."

" Do as they say Julie. I right behind you." William says as they all heads out into the corridor.

In the corridor, they see the rest of the passengers in the same shape as the two of them. rousted out of their bed and being lead down the ships corridors.

They are lead to the ships main shuttlebays, where everyone is lined up as if in some sort of military inspection. William and Julie are place in the formation next to Captain Woodward.

"What do they want, Captain?"

"None, sir."

"SILENCE!!" one of the pirates yelled. the crowd falls silent.

"That's better." the voice came from out in the corridor. The owner of the voice strides into the bay.

A couple of the women scream and start crying. "My god, Raven," mutters the Captain.

"Ah, I'm glad my reputation has preceded me," Captain Raven says smiling.

Raven stands looking at the formation. His presence makes him seem larger than his five foot ten body actually was. He looks a bit theatrical, in his black long coat, ascot and thigh high boots. All he lacked was a hat with a skull and cross bone to complete the Errol Flynn pirate image. But this was one of the most feared men in this sector of space.

"Now, who is in command of this ship?" Raven asks.

"I am. I'm Captain Robert......" the captain is cut off by a rifle butt in the gut. He doubles over in pain.

"" Raven walks up to Captain Woodward.

"What do you want?" Woodward coughs out.

"Just picking up some cargo, Captain." Raven makes a gesture and half of the pirate crew leaves the bay.

"Take what you want and leave," William Starnova said.

"Oh, I plan to, Governor."

Raven starts to walk the formation line. He periodically stops, usually in front of a woman or young child. He nods and that person is dragged out of the bat, kicking and screaming.

He spends the next hour doing this. A few times a husband or father had to be knocked out as his wife or child is taken away. One even had to be shot.

Finally he returns to the front of the formation; to the Captain and Governor.

"What are you doing with these people," William asks.

"I told you, I needed cargo." Raven says with a grin.

"My god. you're a slaver."

"Only when I run short of cash, Captain."

Raven walks up to Julie, taking her chin in his hand. Julie breaks down, crying.

"No! You're not selling my daughter as a slave." William tries to get to Raven but is held back by three men.

"Take her to airlock four and wait for me," he tells two men.

Julie cries hysterically as she's dragged off. "Father, please help me!!!"

William struggles against the men holding him, but he can't break free.

Raven walks up to him, "Don't worry, I'm not going to sell her as some sex slave."

"Then what....?"

"You have been a thorn in my side for quite sometime. I have better plans.

You see, as you die I want you to know that I am going to keep her as my own personal slave," Raven sneers.

Raven turns and walks away his men slowly following. Starnova lies on the floor sobbing.

As the last pirate steps out of the shuttle bay, raven closes the doors. he pulls a blaster out shooting the door controls.

He walks to the airlock, cycling the doors. He dismisses the men, leaving him alone with a stunned Julie Starnova. He pulls out a communicator.

"Are we ready?" he asks.

"Yes , sir."


The popping sound of the airlock's release can easily be heard. the two ships separate.

Raven's ship stops in space and turns 90 degrees so that they can see the Pleasure Star move away. Julie gasps as she realizes the ship is heading straight for the Minara star.

She stands there and watches the cruiser plunges to a fiery death, with all the passengers, raven left on board, with her father on board. Tears streams down her cheeks and she watches the star's heat illuminate the cruiser's shields.

She stands transfixed as the shields fail and ship explodes. she forces herself to look, being temporally blinded by the sight, burning the image into her very core.

"Well, that was fun." Raven says like he just saw an entertainment vid.

He gestures to a man just outside of the lock. "Take her to my cabin. I have some work to do. I'll tend to her training tonight."

Julie is lead off, too much in shock to resist.


She couldn't remember the trip from the airlock to where she was now.

Nor could see remember being restrained, her arms above her head, outstretched.

She still wore the nightshirt and panties she was wearing when she was dragged from her bed.

Visions of the Pleasure Star's fiery death replaying in her mind as if on a recurring loop of tape. She hung there wondering what fate she had angered to put her in this time and place.

The room is empty except for an exam table, a chest of drawers, a chair and a stool. The entire room, including the floor and ceiling, were painted a Very light blue. Dark spots appear under the paint, the blood of pervious occupants.

Julie barely notices when the doors open and Raven walks in. He walks up to her, eyeing his new prize. He smiles.

"Good morning, dear. ready to start your new life." He asks in an almost fatherly tone.

Julie looks up at him, she barely chokes out a "Why".

"As I said, I needed the cash. But you were a bonus."

She looks at him confused. Raven continues, "Your father made a career out of hunting me down in the Centari system when he was governor. I barely got out of there with my skin."

Raven circles around her. "I had to start over, when I got away. I swore if I ever laid eyes on him again; I would kill him, which I did."

He stops in front of her, taking her chin in his hand; pulling her face over to look in his eyes. "But you were an added bonus. The great William Starnova's daughter my slave. I'm sure he's raging in hell at that thought."

"I'll never be your slave," Julie finding her voice, "you'll have to kill me."

"She has spirit, I like that." he smiles.

He goes to the chest of drawers. opening one of them. He pulls out a large knife. and walks back towards her.

Julie shakes her head, "No, please."

Raven smiles as she begins to tremble in fear. He runs the flat of the blade across her cheek. Tears wetting the cold metal. he runs it down her neck, between her clothed breasts. Down her stomach. He reaches down taking the hem of her nightshirt, cutting it with the knife.

He quickly rips the shirt, all the way up to the neck. having to use the knife again to cut the neck. Setting the knife down on the table, he steps back to inspect his work. Hanging there, in only her panties, Julie sobs in embarrassment and fear.

Raven reaches up and takes your breast in his hands. he squeezes the, feeling their weight. He runs his thumbs across her nipples, they harden slightly by the stimuli and the coolness of the room.

"Yes, you do nicely," he says as he quickly sucks a nipple in his mouth.

He releases it and picks up the knife from the table, slips the blade under Julie's panties at the hip. She jumps at the cold metal's touch.

"Now hold still, I don't want to cut you........yet." he lets the threat hang there.

He cuts the side of the underwear, then the other side. The piece of cloth drops to the floor. he bends over to look at her newly exposed pussy. He runs his fingers through the dense auburn hair.

"Hmmm, this will not do," he said walking towards the door. It opens as he approaches.

He snaps his fingers and two naked women enter; naked except for the collars around their necks.

"This new slave needs to be taught proper slave hygiene. I will return in an hour," Raven says to them. "Yes, my Lord," the two reply almost in unison.

Raven leaves the room.

The two women approach her. One was tall, with long blond hair, big blue eyes, that might have been innocent at one time, and a well-proportioned body.

Her companion was shorter, jet-black hair, olive complexion and small body.

My god, Julie thought, she can't be more than 17.

"I am Debbie, This is Sondra," The blond said. "Our master has instructed us to teach you how you should appear."

"Now that you are in his service," Sondra finished.

"Our master has decreed that none of his slaves shall have any hair except for on top of her head," Debbie said.

Julie looks at Sondra as she pulls out a small device. "This will not only remove the hair, but will also kill the follicle so you will never need to worry about it growing back again," Sondra explained.

"It will only hurt a little bit." Debbie said.

"No, please, don't," Julie pleaded.

But her pleads went unanswered as they went to work on her. It didn't hurt 'just a little'; it felt like they were taking a layer of skin off of her. The pain so overwhelming that she passed out, and just hung there by the chains and the two slaves went about their work, removing every strand of hair from her body.

Julie slowly regains her sense of being. Her wrists ache from taking all of her weight, she puts her feet back under her; standing. her entire body feels like one raw nerve, tingling.

Ah, I see your back with us." That voice, she knew it as the voice of her tormentor; her father's murderer.

Julie opens her eyes to see Captain Raven standing there. He had taken his coat and shirt off, standing there in his black pants and boots. She noticed that he had a well developed chest covered in dark curly hair.

Raven walks around her, reinspecting her. "Debbie and Sondra do good work, don't they?"

Julie doesn't answer, think it a rhetorical question. Suddenly his hand strikes her ass. She screams in both surprise and pain.

"Don't they?" he repeats the question. He smacks her again.

".....Yes," she says meekly.

"I'll let that slide, this one time. In the future, you will address me as Master, or my Lord. Understand?" lord," she says with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

This enrages him. He commences to spank her again, hard. blow upon blow hitting her bare ass cheeks. Julie twists trying to escape, but she can't.

Her ass turns from a light pink to a crimson red.

After about forty swaps, he stops and faces her. " Now, let's try this again.

Your answer slave."

Julie hangs there, tears flowing down her cheeks. her chest heaving in great sobs. "Ye..yes, Lord."

"That's better. Obedience is quickly rewarded, and the same is true of disobedience."

Raven takes her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, lightly pinching them. Despite her revulsion of this monster, her nipples harden. He pinches a little harder, a groan escaping Julie's throat. "You like that, huh." he says twisting them just a little.

Julie fought not to show any expression. She was shocked by the betrayal of her body, she was starting to enjoy it.

He takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it. It continued to get harder, by the attention of the Captain's mouth and tongue. He switched nipples, sucking and biting the young flesh.

Julie bites your lip not to let him know she was responding to his attentions.

But in the end, she lost that battle, as a deep moan escaped her throat.

Raven looked up, smiling at having won this first battle. He knew the others would come quickly. He kisses lower, kissing her stomach. he slowly tongues her belly button. It jumps as he tickles it.

He moves down farther, blowing on her naked mound. Julie moans. He orders her to spread her legs. she hesitates for a second. He hesitation is answered by a swift sway on the ass. She quickly shifts her feet, not wanting another example of what disobedience brings.

Raven runs his palms across her bare mound. A finger running down the slit.

Julie moans, and her hips involuntarily move forwards. He slips his finger between your lips, getting it wet. he takes it and swirls it around her hardening clit.

Julie gives up any pretense of fighting what was happening. She openly moans and cries out in pleasure. "Oh God," she moans.

Raven is pleased by her response. He leans forward lightly licking her clit.

Her hips jump forward. He grabs her hips pulling her towards him. He licks her clit harder, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. He sucks it into his mouth, rolling the little bud of flesh with his tongue. She arches her back. openly moaning.

Raven lifts her hips up resting her legs up onto his shoulders. He moves his moth lower, parting his swelling pussy lips with his tongue. He licks her lips, tasting her juices. He pushes his tongue in her. Her hips moving against his mouth.

Pushing deeper, Julie's head falls back. her breathing coming in gasps.

She humps his mouth, unable to stop herself. And at this point, her body didn't care either. "Oh god, yes," she cries out.

This pushes him further on. He starts to slowly fuck her with his tongue.

pushing in deeper, licking the walls of her pussy. Then his tongue hits something, something that resists anymore forward movement. He smiles to himself, he realizes that his new slave is still a virgin. It keeps getting better and better he thinks.

He moves hi tongue in and out of her, feeling her trying to move her hips so that he can't get his tongue out of her. He takes puts his thumb against her asshole, gently rubbing as he services her dripping pussy.

Her body twists and rocks on the chains. Panting, she can't believe that her body is responding to this man's touch. She can feel a tightens building in her gut.

She feels her release coming. Her mind not wanting to give in and let him win;

her body doesn't give a damn what her mind wants.

Raven can feel his new slave building up to a climax and he pushes his thumb into your ass. Slowly, he begins to pump it.

Suddenly, her body shutters, and spasms. muscles tightening and relaxing, then every muscle tightens leaving her stiff as a board. Julie cries out as she is rocked by a powerful orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure wash over her, each stronger then the last. She feels like she would lose her mind, if she didn't stop cumming soon.

Raven releases her, letting her swing on the chains. He smiles, watching her twitch and spasm from her orgasm. After a moment, the spasms subside and her breathing steadies.

He walks back up to her, stroking her hair. "There, that wasn't so bad was it, Julie?"

She looks up, as if in a haze. "No." He decided to let the lapse in procedure slide this time.

"In fact, you enjoyed it, didn't you, slave?" Reinforcing the master/slave conditioning.

"Yes....master," still hesitant about her new life.

"Good. This is the end of lesson number one. Tomorrow we move to lesson two.

But first...."

He walks over to the cabinet pulling out a helmet. She looks at it through a haze that is quickly clearing. It is covered with wires and lights; a small control box hangs from one side on a cable. Raven places the helmet on her head, tightening the chinstrap.

"This is.....shall we call, homework. Setting one will condition your mind to accept your lessons better. It will slowly strip your will and make you more obedient." He adjusts some of the controls.

"Don't fight it, Julie. It will make it easier for you. Believe me you don't want a higher setting." Raven leans over and kisses her cheek, "Good night slave."

He turns it on, and her eyes snap close, as she is plunged into a deep hypnotic trance. She doesn't even realize that Captain Raven has left her alone in the dark. She can feel the machine going through her mind, knocking down barriers. She can feel her will slipping away. She tries to fight it, which only caused her pain. She uses the image of her father, to anchor herself. Knowing it will be a long night.


It was probably the longest night of Julie's life. The device kept her in a hypnotic trance, but would not let her go to sleep. She was conscious of the entire process. I felt like a snake had coiled itself in her head. squeezing her mind. and spitting venom onto her thoughts; corrupting them. She fought to keep the image of Captain Raven from being turned into a sympathetic person, into a person that she would love and obey.

OBEY! The machine kept droning into her mind. She wanted desperately to shut that voice up. And in the cruelest twist, the device projected that voice as the Captain's. How she wished he would get out of her head. A couple times she caught herself repeating the mantra with the machine. She screamed in her mind in rage at letting herself slip like that. As the night went on, she found herself slowly losing the fight.

To anyone who would walk into the training cell, they would not know that a battle raged for control of Julie Starnova's mind. She hung limply by her restraints, unmoving, her eyes closed; breathing steady.

This is how Captain Raven found her the next morning, when he walked into the room. He checks some of the readings on the helmets display; smiling his approval.

He hits a switch that lowers her onto the floor. She crumples on to the floor on her stomach, still lost in the machine. He picks up the control box and switches it off. a low moan escapes from Julie as she comes back to the real world.

It takes her several minutes to realize that she is not hanging the air. She feels the helmet being removed from her head. She opens her eyes and looks straight into a pair of black boots. Julie looks up, to see Captain Raven smiling down at her.

"Good morning, slave. Ready for your next day of training?" He asks.

"Yes, My Lord." What! did that just come out of my mouth Julie thought.

"I see you have learned some new found respect."

"Yes, Master," was her reply. In her mind, she wanted to scream out in fury, to damn him and his machine to hell.

Raven could see that flash of rage in her eyes. He leans forward looking in her eyes. He smiles. "You are strong willed, but that will be over by the time we're done today."

He reaches down and undoes the shackles. He steps back and orders her to stand. She complies without hesitation.

He walks around her, feeling her ass, then her breasts. He pinches her nipples. She moans openly, not trying to hide her response.

In her mind, she cries. Feeling herself being violated and it seems her own body is now an accomplice to the crime.

Raven rolls your nipples in his fingers. Feeling them get harder and harder.

Julie thrusts her chest out, giving him better access to her tits. He bends down and takes her left nipple in his mouth, sucking. Julie gasps and holds his head tighter against her breast.

She can feel a dampness forming between her thighs, as The Captain, her master, bites her swollen nipple.

She feels one of his hands slide down her stomach, towards her mound.

No. No, she thinks, using all her will to keep her legs closed, but she feels them parting for him.

He takes the whole mound in his hand, possessing her womanhood. He takes a finger and runs it down the length of her slit. Her head falls back, moaning.

Raven pulls his mouth off her tit, as he swirls a finger around her clit. "I see the homework has taken effect." he says. She stares at him dreamily as he strokes her swelling clit. "The conditioning you received makes you want to obey me, and it also heightens your sex drive and responses." He notices that she is humping his hand, as he speaks to her.

He slips two fingers in her and she grabs his shoulders for support. He begins to pump his fingers in her. She begins to pant as she fucks his hand.

"Look me in the eyes, slave. don't take them off of me," he orders her. Her eyes lock onto his as he continues to fuck her with his hand. Her mouth hangs open, panting. He smirks watching her reactions as she gets close to an orgasm.

"Want to cum, my little whore?" he asks sarcastically.

"...Yes... Master," she get out between gasps.

"And what will you do, if I let you?"


Raven knows he's got her. "Then cum, slave."

He winces a little in pain, as she cums, as her cunt muscle contracts and pulls his fingers deeper into her. They twist just a little. Despite the pain, he was impressed by her muscle strength. He pulls his hand free as she comes down from her orgasm.

The whole time, she never took her eyes off of his. "That was good wasn't it, slave."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Good. Now its time to pay for that orgasm, slave."

Her head lowers, "Yes, my Lord." No, he made you do it she thinks.

He walks over to a large chair, sitting down. He eyes his slave.

"Crawl over here," is all he says.

Julie drops to her knees and then gets on all fours. She crawls over to him.

Kneeling in front of him, when she gets there.

He strokes her hair, almost affectionately. He then orders her to open his pants. She quickly does so.

"Reach in and pull my cock out, slave."

"Yes, master," she says as she pulls his hardening cock out of his pants. She stares at it.

"You've never seen one before, slave?"

She shakes her head no. "Then touch it, stroke it."

She takes it in her hand, feeling its heat. She starts to stroke it, feeling it gets harder and larger by her contact with it. She hears a soft groan coming from Raven.

Her hand strokes him faster and her other hand moves to hold his large balls.

She looks up to see Raven smiling down at her. "Very good, slave," he tells her. The complement washes over her, reinforcing the conditioning. Making her want to please him more.

He tells her to rise on her knees. he guides her head towards his erect cock.

"Lick it, slave," he says pulling her face closer.

Her tongue comes out of her mouth, taking a tentative lick. the salty, musky taste surprises her. She takes a second, more confident lick. She licks the head and shaft.

"Put it in your mouth," Raven says. She looks up at him, in both surprise and a little disgust. Raven sighs, knowing that he has hit a wall of 21 years of "conditioning" from society. "It's all right, you will like it."

She slowly takes his cockhead in her mouth, and rolls her tongue on it.

"MMMmmm. That's right."

She starts to suck, feeling her confidence rising as an almost genetic knowledge tells her how to proceed.

She sucks more of him into her mouth. Licking the shaft, and stroking the part that was still outside of her. She swallows more, hearing her master groan. She ignores the little voice in her head, pushing it all the way in the back of her mind.

He pushes her head farther down on his rock hard cock. She hesitates as the head starts to trigger a gag reflex. Raven holds her heads still as she adjusts. She makes the next attempt to get more cock. He is impressed when she swallows his entire length.

Her head starts to bob on his cock. he can more feel then hear her moan on his manhood. He tells her to play with herself while she sucks him. He looks down to see her hand snake down between her legs. Disappearing into her pussy.

He can't hold his hips still as he begins to buck on her face. He holds her head as he fucks her mouth. Slamming his cock down her throat. His balls slapping her chin. He moans loudly as he uses his slaves face.

Julie is lost in the sensation of a rock hard cock in her throat, fucking her face. She has three fingers buried in her own pussy, fucking herself. a feeling of total wanton lust sweeping over her entire being. She would be moaning loudly if there wasn't a cock on her mouth.

He grabs her head, thrusting his cock down her throat as he cums.

She hears her master grunting and suddenly feels his cock begin to get lager in her mouth. "Get ready, my little whore," he tells her. When his cock begins to twitches and jerk in her mouth and throat. A hot sensation hitting the back of her throat. A hot fluid shoots out of his cock and down her throat, triggering her own orgasm.

Her body shakes and spasms under the force of her cumming. driving a stronger need for the salty fluid from her master. She sucks harder, not wanting to miss a drop. Soon, the cock's twitching subsides and it begins to soften.

.He pulls his cock out of his mouth., he orders her to lick it clean.

She licks his cock and balls, making sure that he is clean, and that she hasn't missed a drop of his cum.

She comes down from the sexual high, her mind get a chance to regain focus.

She is outraged by the things he made her do. Again that flash of rage is noted.

Raven stands and puts his cock back in his pants. He walks over to a table.

He pats the surface, "Get on the table, slave."

Julie rises and climbs on the exam table. Raven quickly straps her wrists and ankle down.

"Slave, I am allowing your mind to have control of your body again"

And with that, she struggles against the bonds. "You sonofabitch! I'll kill you!"

Raven can only laugh at her.

"I will see you...."

He cuts her off. "satisfied in every way, shape, and form."

He pulls that damnable helmet out again. she twists her head trying not to let him put it on her again. "No. No, please."

He finally forces it on her head. Tears flowing down her cheeks, as she know she can't resist it another night.

"Now, I know that you fought setting one, so sadly we go to setting two."

Julie's eyes widen in terror.

"This time there will be no resistance. Tomorrow, when I come back in, you will be my loving obedient slave. You will not only give me your virginity, but you will beg me to take it."

Julie openly sobbed, knowing that everything he said was going to be true and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

He rubbed her stomach. Idling thinking out loud. " I wonder what 'Daddy'

would say, if he knew that his bloodline would continue through me?"

He laughs as her sobs turn into screams.

He switches the machine on and every muscle in her body contracts. Screams of pain escape her throat.

"I told you higher settings would hurt," he says as he turns the lights out and walks out the door.

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