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Swing house party

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We were invited to a couples home for a swingers party. Now the wife and I hadn't been to this couples parties before but we decided to go with another couple whom had been. We were told that many of their bedrooms were set up for "specialties" such as all girl, all guy, BI, DOM/sub, as well as several rooms that could be either 1-1 or couple play. There of course was the open room and the dance area. This was a HUGE house. It was explained that this couple loved to swing and had never elected to have kids. They bought this house out in the middle of no where so that they could entertain once a month.

Well that night came around and as I'd been in the sun alot of the day, wasn't feeling great that night. But being the good husband, went with the wife for 2 reasons, one to allow the wife to play whom she'd been looking forward to doing so, and 2 to check out the house.

When we got there, Jon and Mary showed us around to each room. Now they explained that folks have been offered to spend the night so that they don't have to drive home, but the rule is that the "play" rooms are available till 2am. We agreed and through our bags in the storage room and went to have a good time. Well during the night, wife and I both found folks that we wanted to play with and did so. Mostly 1-1 sessions but there was one that I had that was a mfm. After going back to the lounge and finding the wife, one of the gals that I'd played with 1-1 was talking to the wife. I learned later that she had told my wife that her husband wanted to know I "swung both ways". Wife said I did but was selective on what I did and the size of the person. Well I got to the table and told the wife that I wasn't feeling good and was going to try to find a place to lay down and get over the headache. I went to find the hostess and she gave me something for my headache and told me that there wasn't going to be anyone using the GUY room tonight as that couple hadn't showed up. Now keep in mind by now, all the guys were down to their boxers and the gals were barely in their bra and panties and there was lots of petting going on openly.

I found the "guy" room and laid down. Shortly there after I felt my boxers being taken off and my cock being sucked. I just figured that the wife was doing her part to get me back to playing and didn't think anything about it till I started to feel lube and a finger probing me. Well of course I responded as I love when she sucks my cock and fingers my ass. *I should have mentioned that all the rooms had a basket of condoms and lube in the rooms.* Well with the sucking of my cock and the fingering...I got aroused and again, without opening my eyes, made a comment that this felt good. What happened next got my eyes open. I felt my legs being put on shoulders and a cock poking my ass. I opened them in time to see the guy who's wife I'd fucked earlier working his cock into me and another guy sucking my cock. Now the combo of lube, fingering and rubber, the guy managed to get in me without too much problem as he wasn't thick at all but was about 5-6" in lenght, the size I like. Well it didn't take me long before I was moaning how good this felt and how I wanted it harder. I barely got the words out of my mouth when I filled Tom's mouth with my cum. Carl, whom was fucking me asked if I wanted cum in my mouth and I nodded yes. He pulled out of me and we all moved into postion so that I could suck his cum.

Now I was bent over some sucking Carl and didn't give another thought to Tom but he had thoughts about me. Now Tom is a good 7" long and he'd lined his cock up with my ass and proceeded to fucking me while Carl was cuming in my mouth. Tom was doing me good and hard...during this he commented that he didn't think anyone was going to be using this room and he was glad I was in here. Otherwise he'd just had done Carl. With that said, he lunged one more time before tensing up and filling the rubber.

Well they got "dressed" after we'd cleaned up some and they learned that I like to top as well as bottom. It was agreed that later, if I had the energy, Tom would let me do him as his wife already was wanting to do me before I went to "rest". She'd really look forward to doing me as she likes to use strap-on toys some.

Well they guys went to the lounge and then I followed and the wife asked if I'd gotten rid of my headache, and with a smile on my face, I told her that I had a good "dream" and was ready for more playing. My wife pointed to a couple that she was interested in and after talking to them briefly, told her to go have fun. With that, I walked over to Tom's wife and asked her if she'd like to play.

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