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Swing Life 4

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Molly was on her hands and knees looking over her shoulder waiting. I was sitting in a chair watching my wife naked on her hands and knees. Her boobs hung down and her nipples stood out. She was really turned on. The guy behind her was Sam and he was about to fuck her in the ass. Anal was one of many things she loved to do. Sam had just met her an hour before and his wife was sitting next to me. He moved forward and his hard cock was poised over her butt ready to go in. His wife Jane whispered to me this is wild. I said yes. I whispered in her ear softly you know I will fuck you later and she flushed and said yes I know. She whispered back to me I am a very bad girl tonight. I smiled and said I hope so.

Molly and I had just met Sam and Jane this evening. Molly and I have been in the swing scene for about a month and they were our second couple. We were their first. Sam moved and entered her butt. He moaned oh she is tight and pushed in deeper. Molly grunted and her eyes were wide open as he went even deeper. Her facial expression changed to pure pleasure and she moaned oh yes give it to me. Jane said wow what a scene watching my husband. I said just wait till he watches you and me. She said that makes me very nervous.

Sam fucked Molly hard and fast and he kept saying oh so tight. Molly was close to giving it up. It had been awhile since anyone had been in there. She began to grunt and she got louder and she yelled fuck me and falling forward got off for Sam. Sam grunted several times and pulled out squirting all over her butt and back and fell to the floor. Molly stood up and walked over to me and kissed and said thanks.

Jane looked up to me and I could see the fear in her eyes. I liked it. She was about to get fucked in front of her husband for the first time. I reached out and unbuttoned her top. Sam stood watching me. When we had talked about getting together he had told me this was there first time trying this and they were both nervous, especially Jane. She wants to try it, but she is worried about doing it in front of me. I told it will be ok and she was to have fun.

Jane just stood there as I undressed her. She was a beautiful woman very stacked. She had her head down as she stood there naked. She looked up and her face was very flushed and she made eye contact with Sam watching her with me. I undressed and I was standing out. I am good sized and Jane looked down at my cock seeing what she was about to get. I saw her mouth silently big as I moved over to her. Molly and Sam moved to the side to watch. Molly was playing with his cock as they sat on the couch. Jane and I moved to the floor and I pushed her legs apart and slipped into her pussy. She was tight and I pushed in deeper. Her legs came up and wrapped around me and she moaned oh you are so big you fill me up. I looked over to Molly and she was down on Sam.

Jane began to enjoy what we were doing she whispered you are very good. I said you are a good fuck you bad girl. She said yes I am a bad girl and opened wide for me and gave me her all. I fucked her silly and she finally gave it up to me with Sam watching her cum. She was panting and when she opened her eyes I could see the lust in them. She smiled and said I am not nervous anymore. We looked over to Sam and Molly had gotten him up and had mounted him. She was sitting on his lap as he fucked her. You could see his cock moving in and out of her. Molly turned around and now was facing us. Jane watched her intently and I said well here is your chance if you really want to do it. Molly was moving up and down on Sam. You could see his cock moving in and out of her. Jane stood up and moved over to Molly and leaning down kissed her. Molly kissed her back. Molly had one experience with another woman and liked it. They had just done some kissing and using their hands on each other, but Molly had gotten off with her. When we had talked with Jane and Sam before we got together today Jane had mentioned she was curious about having sex with another woman. So here we are and something was going to happen.

Jane kept kissing and Molly reached up and played with her boobs hanging down in front of her face and then took them in her mouth and sucked her nipples. Jane was moaning and I heard her say oh you make me so hot. Jane dropped to her knees in front of Molly and leaned in and sucked on her nipples as Sam kept giving it to her. Molly was really hot and looked down at Jane sucking on her boobs and moaned oh yes. Jane went lower and Sam pulled out of Molly and Jane went down on him. He moaned and exploded in her mouth and on her face. Molly looked down and said now that was wild. Jane could taste Molly on his cock and without thinking went down on her. Molly jerked against her mouth and got off squirming and raising her butt in the air as she came. She fell back on Sam and Jane looked up at her with her face all wet from her with a surprised look on her face, surprised she just did what she did. Molly looked down at her and said that was incredible you really took me by surprise. Jane said I took myself by surprise.

We all took a break. The girls went to the bathroom to clean up and I got Sam and me a beer. I said a wild night and he said it is that for sure. I was surprised how much Jane got into it and am glad she did. I want to get into the swing lifestyle. I said me too.

Jane and Molly returned looking beautiful hand in hand. They had gotten dressed and so had we. We decided to go out for dinner. We were all much more relaxed with each other. Molly leaned over at the dinner table and whispered something to Sam and he smiled. I asked her and she blushed and whispered to me I told him I liked him in my ass. I said you bad girl and she smiled and said yep. After dinner we went back to our house and I put an adult video on and we all sat watching. Molly had told me she was thinking about what she wanted to do with Jane since Jane had gone down on her.

I asked are you going to. Molly said I think so I liked it very much when she did me and maybe it is time for me to find out how much I like it. Jane is a lovely girl and is willing to let me do her. She told me when we were in the bathroom she wanted the experience and Sam wants her to do it. I said I want you to do it. She smiled and said I know you bad boy and I said yep.

The two women in the video were getting it on and one of them was down on the other. Molly watched how much she liked it. Molly whispered something To Jane sitting next to her and Jane nodded a yes. Molly had decided. She slipped off the couch and sat in front of Jane. Jane made eye contact with her and you could see how flushed she had become knowing what Molly was about to do to her. Sam and I moved to the sides of the couch to give them room. Molly made her move on Jane by pushing her skirt up above her waist. Then she reached up and pulled her panties down and off. She noticed they were damp and smiled up at Jane and said oh you are ready. Jane said more than I can say.

Jane leaned back waiting for Molly to do her thing. Molly bent forward and slipped a finger into Jane. Jane gasped at the first intimate touch from another woman and moaned feels good. Molly pulled her finger out and tasted it, her first taste of another woman and then put it back in Jane and fingered Jane. Molly had done this much before and liked the feel of her wet pussy and the sound of her finger moving in and out. She could also smell the odder of how wet she had become and that turned her on even more. She put two fingers in and fingered fucked Jane. Jane was pushing forward against her fingers and her butt was hanging off the couch a little. As Jane started to peak out Molly pulled her fingers out and replaced them with her tongue. She had her first full taste of another woman as she licked and sucked on Jane. Jane was twisting and turning and Molly had to hold her down. Molly sucked on her clit hard and Jane lost it and thrusting forward gave it up to Molly moaning and jerking against her mouth. Jane had gotten very wet and started to gush and covered Molly with her juices all over her face and boobs. Molly rose up and said good girl and Jane smiled and said oh no bad girl. Molly leaned forward and kissed her and said but a very good bad girl. Jane laughed.

It was time for us guys to get ours. Sam took Molly by the hand and I moved on Jane. She was still spread out on the couch exposed. She looked up and said oh as she watched me unbuckle my pants knowing what I was about to do to her. I moved between her legs and leaned forward and whispered I want to fuck you hard. She spread for me opening the door wide and I went in and went deep. Her legs came up in the air and around me pulling me all the way in. She said oh yes fuck me.

I heard Molly moaning and looked over to her and Sam was giving it to her hard and fast. She was on her back with her legs on his shoulders. He was in deep. I made eye contact with Jane and could see the pure lust in her eyes as I fucked her. I said you are such a good fuck give it up to me. She moaned and shuttered and said yes and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she got off crying out oh yes fuck me. She collapsed under me as I squirted deep inside her.

I looked up to see what Molly was doing and Sam was in her ass again and then her pussy and back and forth. She was as hot as I have ever seen her. Suddenly she lost all control of her body and jerked and twisted around and was shaking all over as she had her cum. Sam pulled out and was squirting cum all over her. The room got very quiet as we came down.

We were all sitting together fully dressed as they got ready to leave. The girls kissed each other promising to get together again soon. Jack and I waved our good bye and they left. It had been a night for the books.

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