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Surprise for You Waiting at Home (the Best BJ I ever gave!)

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I've been waiting for you to get off work. You ditch your shoes and take your shirt off. I cannot keep my hands off of you, and I rub your chest, massage your back and neck, and reach down to squeeze your buns through your jeans. I take your jeans off and reach for that hard-on you were talking about earlier.

Mmmmmm.... there it is! YUM!

I kneel in front of you and begin to squeeze your pole. It's growing bigger as I hold it in my hands, inching it towards my mouth. The tip of your cock starts to glisten with a big drop of pre-cum that swells up and slowly runs down the shaft to my hand. I lick it off of you and my hand and it tastes of salt, and I like it. I continue licking your cock, starting at the tip and sucking gently as it fills my mouth. I proceed on to the little y-shaped fold that is your Frenulum, just below the tip on the bottom side of your cock head, nibbling gently at the stretchy part of your foreskin with just my lips, pulling on it. I let my tongue dance teasingly around that y-shaped spot, tickling it and then rub it lovingly with my tongue flattened out into a wider area. I like how tight the skin is becoming as your cock grows in girth and length.

I want to pay particular attention to the shaft of your penis; it's almost at full attention now! I grab it roughly, way down at the bottom of the shaft and I jerk it like my 5 speed stick shift - just because I love to drive you crazy! I drop it into low gear and crank on it a few times (yes, I'm having fun!) and let it flail in a circle-like pattern, flapping like a huge water balloon that can barely support its own weight. I slap your hard cock quickly across my lips several times and it makes a loud smack; I do it again and again because I like the feel of it on my mouth and I am enjoying the sound, too! And so is my pussy, as it fills up with juices of anticipation.

I take your big purple penis into my mouth again, and it fills it up as it rolls over my tongue, hot to the touch, but so very alive as my tongue makes it jerk and pulse like a live wire. You're rock hard now, and I lightly graze my teeth across your length, just to tease you. You stiffen your back and catch your breath with a quick jerk as I hungrily gobble the whole length of your shaft in one quick movement, all the way to the hilt, your soft, trimmed pubic hair meeting my nose at the bottom. I can smell the soap you used that morning, the aroma still lingering on your skin. I apply a forceful suction to the whole thing and my mouth rises up the shaft, slowly. The farther up the shaft I go, the more the suction increases. Without letting your cock leave my mouth, my tongue twirls around your head a few times, and I descend. At the bottom again, I pause for just a brief moment, and I look up into your face. I see both pleasure and torture on your face, and I love that, so I can continue now.

Slowly at first, and with a quickening pace, I pump my mouth up and down over your cock's length, from tip to stump, my lips holding on tightly around your shaft. At the bottom of the stroke, your cock head pushes up against the tight part of my throat, but let it stay there only a moment. Up comes my mouth, up your cock's shaft, my tongue plastered to it and my head twisting a half turn from side to side, never leaving contact, till I reach the tip. I will not let your cock free from my mouth, and down we go again, sucking and twirling and bottoming out. When I reach the bottom strokes, I want to gag because your cock is so big! But I maintain coz I'm loving this so much! I hope you can feel it as a vibration on your cock when I moan and purr...

Now I'm in a nice rhythm; down to the bottom, suck, twirl, rise, spin, suck, and down again. My saliva is building and freely dripping down your cock and past your balls to the floor. Increasing the speed, I can feel your torso stiffen and sway. Your eyes are closed and you start to moan almost breathlessly. I feel you are close to coming so I reach my arms around to your ass, parting your cheeks. With one hand I cup your balls, and with the other I catch some of my saliva that's dripping down, and I firmly inch my finger into your sphincter, rimming the tightness in a circle. All the while, I am sucking up and down your shaft, never letting your cock out of my mouth... I know you're so close when you put your hands on my head, for guidance or for support, I cannot tell, and you're moaning gets louder. I pull down firmly on your balls to try and stave it off but it seems inevitable.

You start to cum and I push my finger all the way into your asshole, hard, and it tightens even more on my finger. You are jerking in spasms and you're pumping your love tool in and out of my mouth. With a gutteral yell, you pull your cock from my mouth and grab it with your hand as it starts gushing your juice. I try to cover your cock with my mouth, but it's escaping and you are exploding! I let your cum land on my face, in my hair, and on my tits... It's hot and sticky, and I want it all! When you finish cumming, you help me lick it all up! Mmmmmm mmmm, it tastes so good!

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