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Summer of exploration

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As the summer passed, it was apparent that I now considered myself bisexual, and I was ok with that. Even an innocent fishing trip with Ken normally resulted in both of us coming back satisfied.

Setting out on a camping trip sounded like a good idea, so we packed up the boat and headed out to a nice lake we'd had good luck fishing on. Once at the camp spot, we unloaded the boat, cracked a beer and started setting the tent up, built a fire and waited for the onslaught of bugs in the evening. As soon as the sun set, it was like a blanket of biting, irritating flies. Even the best bug repellant couldn't stop the little bastards, so we retreated to the tent until dark.

Shuffling around the tent, I decided that I would change into sweats and a light sweater in order to go back out and tend the fire without being carried away. Stripping off, I felt Ken cup my balls, slightly tugging them. Without asking, he pulled the front of my briefs down, and engulfed my rising cock in his warm, wet mouth. Looking down, I held the back of his head lightly. My cock was hard in an instant, swelling in his mouth. He pulled back and ran his tongue along the underside of my cock, swirling around the head before sliding his lips all the way down to the base. "You have a nice cock Brian" he said, as he took my balls one at a time into his mouth. I replied, telling him that his was nice as well. I said, if you keep that up, I'm going to cum really quick. I felt his hands slide my underwear down to my thighs, as his hands grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me deep into his mouth. Holding he there, I felt the resistance of his throat as he tried to relax enough to take it all the way in. Relaxing, I felt my cock going deeper, slowly, and tighter as I entered his throat. I could feel his hot breath on my pubic hair as his attempted to deep throat me. I groaned as finally, my cock was all the way in his mouth. I looked down, liking the look of his lips wrapped around my shaft, the sides of his mouth glistening with saliva. Pulling out, he said he was almost ready to cum, and he hadn't even touched his cock yet.

I told him that I would help him with that problem. Laying back, Ken worked his shorts off, along with his underwear, his 7" cock springing free and slapping against his stomach. Grabbing his cock, I stroked it slowly, lightly squeezing the head as I reached the tip. The head of his cock was engorged and was leaking pre-cum over my fingers, and down the shaft. Sucking in one of his balls, he gasped, thrusting his cock up. His hand stroked my head in encouragement. I licked up his shaft, tasting his pre-cum and savoring it. As my tongue licked the underside of his cock head, I could feel his shaft pulse in my hand. Taking the head in my mouth, I slowly slid my lips down his shaft until I reached my gag reflex. I had been trying to overcome this and was going to give it a determined effort this time. Ken, looking down at me, said " Man I love your lips wrapped around my cock, I just want to unload right down your throat!" Taking him deeper, I fought the urge to gag, and felt the spongy head begin to open my throat, but it wouldn't go!. Back off him, he suggested we 69 and see if we could do it at a different angle. I was game for that, so we shifted around. I liked sucking his balls and began to take them alternately in my mouth, rolling them around and slightly sucking them into my mouth. Kens cock was rigid as he thrust, wanting my mouth. Lifting his cock, I again engulfed his cock deep in my mouth. Groaning, I felt Ken's wet mouth slide over the head of my cock and down my shaft. He kept going, my cock in his throat, and his hot breath exhaling on my wet balls. I pushed my mouth deeper, feeling his cock begin to slide into my throat. Relaxing, I loosened up as Ken pushed his hips into me. I did it!. I felt my nose against his balls. We both began to fuck each others throats slowly, our shafts pulsing wildly with excitement. I moaned first ,as I thrust into his throat. My cock pulsing wildly as I came hard in his throat. He began fucking my throat then. I felt his cock head swell and his hard shaft pulse in my mouth as he came in my mouth. I greedily swallowed his come as well. We broke free of each other then, grinning and laughing. " guess the fire's out", he said. Yup, and that beer's calling my name I said. Sitting around the fire that night, we were talking about things, thought we might be gay, but I told him I was attracted to women, and that this was just release for me. He agreed with me, if we had a woman there that was willing, we'd be all over her.

The next morning, rising early, we cooked breakfast and headed out in the boat for a morning of fishing, and it was going to be a hot one. Around lunch with a few fish in the live well, we headed back to camp. I was scorching out and too hot to be sitting in a boat. Arriving back at camp, I stripped off and dove into the lake off the rocks. The water was cold at first, but a refreshing break from the heat. Ken wasn't far behind. We stayed in the lake for a good 30 minutes until sufficiently pruned and cooled off. Laying in the sun to dry off, it was complete freedom, it was all hanging out and warm in the sun. Laying on my stomach, I decided to have a little nap. Just as I was about to doze off, I felt a shadow over me and a wet tongue running up my ass. This was new territory and wasn't sure I was up for it. Kissing and licking my ass, Ken spread my ass cheeks apart, running a finger over my anus. I jumped a little, but it didn't feel bad. He asked if I thought about it, and I did. I had put a finger in a couple times while masturbating and it actually heightened my orgasms. I said it was alright, and immediately felt his wet, warm tongue on my tight hole. It felt really good. He pulled my hips up a little and began rimming me. My cock immediately sprang to life, almost instantly hard. i felt his saliva running down my ass and dripping off my balls, turning me on further yet. Up on his knees now, I felt Kens cock sliding up and down my ass crack, he was pushing his cockhead on my anus. I could feel the pressure and was very nervous. He asked me then if he could fuck me. I told him i was a little nervous, so take it really slow. He made my hole really wet with spit, and lined his cock up. I felt the head of his cock begin to penetrate me.

Trying to relax, his cock felt huge, and that was makeing me tense up again. Bending over furtherKen spread my ass cheeks, commenting that his cock looked good in my tight ass. I forced myself to relax and told him to stay still. Pushing back into him, I really felt his girth as his cockhead pushed through. Slowly I went back and forth, a little at a time. It felt huge and as a little painfull, but \i kept working my ass back. He was gasping and i felt his hands on my hips. "almost there" he said, his voice strained. I pushed back once more, feeling his balls against mine. Finally, he began fucking me. It went from feeling painfull to making my cock pulse with each thrust. Ken grunted loudly then and thrust into my filling my ass with his come. The rest of the trip was still to come.......

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