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Study Partner

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Study Partners (c)

by nptnavas

I was young, sexually naive and experiencing my first days of college. While I was free from the regimentation of high school I was still living at home since finances did not allow me to live on campus. I had worked hard through high school to earn a scholarship spending my time studying rather than dating so I knew that my social life had been stunted and as all young inexperienced boys I had only unfocused dreams of what sex could be. Every day I found myself lost more and more in wild day dreams of naked bodies doing mysterious things to each other. I was a willing victim waiting for the right person and right moment. I was a nerd of the first order and sexual repressed but one ready to explore and little did I know that it was my studious side that would open that world to me! Who knew studying for a simple chemistry test would turn me into a sexual being.

Ron, one of my classmates had asked for my help in preparing for an upcoming test and since I had always found I did better with a study partner I agreed instantly. Ron was the normal skinny kid that lived down the block and a year younger than I so we made plans to meet as we road the bus home from college. The bus dropped Ron off while I road it the few blocks to my stop and hopped off barreling, into the house dumping my gear then raiding the refrig. My mom was there happy as always to see me and when it came to the "what's new question" I told her about Ron coming over to study for the upcoming test. An hour or so later Ron showed up and since it was ballet class Tuesday for my two sisters she headed off shortly after she met Ron leaving us to do our studying.

I grabbed a few snacks and led Ron upstairs to my room where we made ourselves comfortable at the foot of the twin beds in my room and spread out our stuff. This being the first time Ron and I had gotten together he looked around glancing at all my stuff. There on a night stand between the beds was a lamp with a small tin safe with a combination lock. Somehow it had attracted Ron's and glancing from it to me he asked. "Does it open?" Nodding a yes I crawled over to it spun the dial right, left and right again pulling the door open. The safe's only contents was a small box holding a childhood treasure... a Kennedy Half Dollar that my grand father had given me, sandwiched between two bits of cotton. Ron reached in and pulled that box from its depths opening the box and taking the coin from its resting spot.

Smiling mischievously he then jammed my half dollar into his shorts. Over the next minutes he giggled as I tried everything I could think of to get him to give it back. I poked and teased, I demanded and begged while obstinately he playfully refused to hand it back. Our play escalated into wrestling coupled with demands that if he didn't give it back willingly I go in after it. I thought that threat alone would get my coin returned as I definitely would not want some other guy rambling around in my pants but still nothing happened. Rod laughed at my words and struggled ineffectively as I tried to control his arms and body so I could enforce my threat.

I finally had Ron pinned and strangely his giggling had turned into an awkward muted silence. His arms were held against his sides with his hands clinched into fists, not in an aggressive posture but in a passive you've won kind of way. I was now sitting astride his legs and gave him my final demand. "If you don't give it back I get it myself!" Ron did nothing but wiggle roll his shoulders back and forth. His face was strangely contorted and his arms were still held tightly to his sides with his fists closed as I worked the buckle to his belt. Ron stopped his struggling completely and became even more silent as I pulled his belt through the loops one by one.

I tossed the belt to the side and looked down at him with a challenging 'well are you gonna give it back now?' Still nothing not a word, not a motion so my hands went to the button of his pants, I popped the button and grabbed the zipper lowering it all the way. I looked to his face for signs that he was giving up and only found myself more confused because I did now how to read the strange look on his face... So I did the only thing I could think of and that was to grab at his opened jeans and I struggled to pull them down off his hips so I could get into his shorts to find my coin. Ron not only didn't put up much of a fight he actually lifted his hips so the pants would slide down easily.

Now I had Ron's underwear exposed with his jeans down almost to his knees and then gave him a fiftieth or sixtieth final warning telling him, 'I'll reach in and get it myself if you don't give it back willingly.' Ron was frozen and I was at a loss so I took hold of the band to his little shorts and was shocked to hear him moan. An instant later I knew the true game we were playing. I tugged at the elastic band exposing his male parts only to be greeted by his young man erection. It was wildly exotic, his cock was hard, pale pink about five inches long and with a nice girth. What surprised me was how dumb I had been about the game he had playing on me and how excited I was by being tricked into this situation. The next thing that shocked me was how much seeing another guy's hardened member affected me. Deep inside my stomach I felt a tightness and of course my dick had decided to responded on its own.

In a heartbeat after I had exposed Ron the coin became far from the most prominent thing holding my attention. Instead I was fascinated by Ron's dick and desperately wanted to touch it. Sitting atop his legs I reached forward and took hold of it wrapping my hand around it finding it so warm, so wonderfully rigid and yet so silky smooth at the same time. Wickedly I gave it a few strokes while I bent it left and right keeping up the game of looking for my coin. Ron just laid there letting me do anything to him I wanted. Little squeaks of pleasure erupted from him as I moved his cock about as my other hand went to his groin and lifted his balls slipping the band of his shorts under them. What a sight it was with the band forced under his nuts it put his sex was on prominent display offering it to my hungry gaze. I could not begin to tell you how insanely sexy this whole scene was but looking down at his stiff shaft I knew I wanted him totally naked. I lifted myself from his legs and proceeded to pull his jeans all the way off.

Next I removed his shorts and once the lower half of his body was naked I transferred his cock from one hand to the other so I could pull his tee shirt off his slim body. It was wildly wicked to be holding his dick in my hand while my other tugged that shirt off then once completely off I reached out to him letting that hand trace over the flesh of his torso. Deep inside I desperately wanted something but could not put words to my desire. All I could think of was how I wanted to feel his nude flesh against my own and I astonished myself as I heard my own voice begging him to undress me.

I thrilled as Ron's hands began the job! His touch along with the look of his naked form and the naughty feeling of being stripped by another had me squirming in a lust I had never known. I passively raised my arms in surrender to that lust and let my shirt part company with my body. I was beyond insane envisioning myself half naked as Ron's hands began to work the buckle of my pants. My hands reached out to his naked form and I explored Ron's body while his fingers opened my slacks. My own cock was as hard as I could ever remember it and I looked down as his hand disappeared under the band of my underwear. Mewing my pleasure I gasped when for the first time in my life I felt my cock being touched by another. The feel of someone else's hand on my dick was beyond description. My knees buckled as he closed his fist around my rod. Wonderful waves of delight crested over me when with a wicked smile he began to stroke my shaft while his other hand worked my pants down. Letting go of my cock both of his hands went into my shorts and together with my jeans down they went. Obediently I lifted one foot then the other so they both would come off. We were now naked in each others presence and I loved how dirty that made me feel. My cock stretched tight by the whole situation.

At last we were both naked and I drank in Ron's nudity. I was rigid beyond belief and I ran my vision hungrily over his body. Starting at his head and I could believe how intense his return gaze was as and thrilled realizing the look on his face was from him so obviously staring at my upright cock. That all by itself made me shake with need and as my ogling traveled over his moistened lips, the sweet curve of his neck, then over his slightly muscled chest and to the smooth flat expanse of his flat stomach I felt my cock heavy and hard between my legs. I was desperate for physical contact but with also torn by the carnal ardency of filling my eyes with Ron's flesh. My eyes traced the slim sides of his form lingering on the bony prominence of his hips and slowly allowing the lines of his hips to draw my vision to his sex. I had intentionally denied myself a direct look at his upright manhood until now and as I focused upon it a sexual warmth diffused through me. His cock was beyond marvelous, so pale compared to my own, with an elegant inviting curve to as in his excitement it stood parallel to his body slightly off upright pointing to his right nipple. The root of his dick rose from a small patch of light brown pubic hair and while I marveled at how sexy he looked with that sparse patch I also wondered how Ron would look if he were completely bare. Then my eyes traveled down the prominent vein of his shaft sliding over his sac noting how one testicle road a fraction higher that the other then finally leaving his organ and balls to follow the strength of his slightly parted strong legs. I don't know how long we stood there drinking in each others body but it as we did it time seemed frozen. Ron was the first to break the spell with a slight movement.

In a daze I caught the motion of his hand as he reached towards mine and I met him half way. Our hands met and in the instant they did I felt him pull me towards him. We came together our hands and arms comfortably sliding around the others waist, young male body to young male body. At first we met side to side then rolling into a full frontal embrace. It was everything I had imagined! Wildly erotic and oh so wicked as our dicks touched and I couldn't get enough of that sensation. Pressed together our hands caressed the others backs and roamed into the dip at the small of the back and then to bare bottom cheeks. We wiggled against each other in new found sensations as our excited cocks left thin slick trails of precum over dicks and tummies. Desperate to fulfill the same need we ground against one another as we struggled to bring the sensitive tips of our own cocks into contact with the flesh of our partner. It was nearly impossible dance as we both sought our own pleasure trying to match mushroom head against mushroom head as we held each other close. Almost in unison and bound by ithyphallic need we separated just enough to look down at our rods brushing over each other letting our vision fill with the eroticism of two rigid cocks pressing into the soft flesh of the other. His one year younger and smaller cock pale and perfect touching my longer thicker and slightly darker shaft.

Both of us stood there our vision darting back and forth between our dueling sex and then into each others eyes. It was so hot seeing Ron's gorgeous cock slid against mine. His dick stood rigid and pointing up parallel to our bodies. I loved that his excitement had his cock every bit as rigid and erect as mine knowing his stiff member shouted his lust for me while mine said the same thing about Ron. Then while we watched our pricks moving over one another he reached down and took hold of his own shaft pointing it towards my penis. My body shuddered as his hand and body guided his blunted missile into me pressing his soft head directly against mine. It was so fucking hot to see the soft pliable flesh of our two heads distend to accept the pressure of the other. Our little slits twisted open and closed from the contact letting little drops of pre cum bubble up. In that wild crazy moment I looked up into Ron's face and the lust I felt inside I saw reflected there. Almost in a dream he turned his face towards mine our heads tilted as our gaze jumped between our eyes and lips then his mouth opened and leaning forward he kissed me. Somehow, this multiplied our intimacy a million times making our closeness much more erotic. Our bodies melded back together as our mouths opened to allow tongues to explore one another. In that ribald instant my dick felt as if it would rip from the pressure of its further hardening. Naked and pressed tightly I managed to shuffle Ron backwards trapping him against one of my twin beds.

As the backs of his legs met the bed he was pushed off balance falling onto it and instantly I climbed onto that bed stretching myself out beside him. He was laying length wise on his back, his pale fine rigid cock suspended a fraction of an inch above his belly. I rolled my body into his relishing in the silky smoothness of his flesh against my hard cock. I brushed a leg over him sliding it over his let and then slowly up until my thigh made the gentlest of contact with his tightened sac. I propped my head up with one hand as I ran the other slowly over his stomach and chest watching his face as teasingly I moved it down his body towards his stiff dick. Purposely I grazed finger nails over the open flesh of his hips running down the inside of each leg carefully denying his sex any direct contact. Oh how his cock twitched as my hand would near it. Desperately he would alternate from lying perfectly still to shifting his hips to bring his cock into contact with my hand. Deeply lost moans escaped from him and in a crazy desperate need for close physical contact I rolled the remainder of my body on top of him letting my weight press him into the bed. Our bodies reacted on their own as our cocks splayed off to the sides, our lips locked together, our legs parted and intertwined as our hips pistoned our pricks against the other. The hard fullness of our rods glanced over naked flesh in a discordant rhythm. If I moved to seek my pleasure the movement drew tension away from Ron's attempt to seek his and of course when he moved for his needed friction it was lost from mine. We kissed our frustrated passion into a boiling lust as our bodies slithered over one another in the most erotic instant of my life and I knew it that lustful moment I would forever want to feel this again.

Ron and I laid there arms around each other kissing one young boy to one young boy both knocking upon the door step of full maturity but still with a year or two to go and as we ground into each other we came. Spilling cum over each other as our dicks pumped creating a wickedly warm and sticky mess but one so nasty that I could barely believe it. I knew we didn't have much time till my mom and sisters would return home so I got Ron up and side by side we walked into the hall towards the bathroom naked as the day we were born. The thought of us being outside the safety of my room naked with the threat of being caught stirred me deeply and I felt it all the way into my spent sex. Once we made it to the bathroom I turned on the warm water, soaked a wash cloth then rung it out and knelt at Ron's feet my hands genially handling his cock and balls as I filled my eyes with the look of his sex. The two of us had spilled cum like crazy but even though we both had a massive sticky orgasm I still knew something was missing and as I heard the garage door start to raise I kissed the head of Ron's penis... Languidly I passed the cloth to Ron and stood so he could clean me up ignoring the danger allowing it to add a sensationally high-risk note to my first sexual experience.

By the time my sisters passed by my bedroom door on the way to theirs Ron and I were already dressed and back to studying. It was as if every trace of what we had done had disappeared except for that wash cloth. It was hidden in my closet. Ron waited till my second sister passed by and then leaned into me and kissed my lips as his hands traced over my groin. He left me with a raging hard on making me almost too dizzy to think clearly and that was when he said I should come over to his place later tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon I was lost and distracted because all I could think of was Ron's hard cock. Dinner came and went and bed time offered more opportunities to dream about what Ron and I had done. With the sound of my parents watching TV from down stairs I closed my bedroom door and felt myself growing hard at the thought of that cum covered wash rag in my closet. When I had stashed it there I had planned to jack off into it later but when I retrieved it I found it cold and damp and a bit stiff. While the cold and damp part wasn't any fun the knowledge of what made it stiff lit me up even more so I stripped off and ran my hand over my shaft and teased my balls. I was a bit self conscious since the dr*pes to my window were undrawn but since I was on the second floor I knew no one could see me and somehow that disappointed me. I wanted to be caught playing with myself by one of my friends. I wanted them to be driven as sexually mad as I felt earlier by the sight of me naked and touching myself. How wild would it be to know that one of them or even better that Ron had snuck onto the roof and was now just hidden a few steps into the shadows where I could not see him but he could see all of me.

The thought of him peaking in at me with the same lustful smile on his face as he had hours ago made my dick stand straight up and I stood there facing the window with my hands on my hip and my cock on rigid full display. The whole little image of being watched added a unknown dimension to my new found eroticism and I loved every little taste of my new wickedness. My hand went to my shaft and I took hold of it and stroked it towards the open window. If only someone was out there to watch me doing this.... I reached backwards and flicked my lights off and now stood alone in my darkened room lit only by the silvered moon light flooding in. The night air seemed a bit cool and I found my skin tightening about me and while the covers to my bed looked warm and inviting I flopped onto the top of the comforter still relishing in my open nakedness.

I felt lusciously depraved being so young and sexually naked. Eventually I pulled back the covers and climbed between the sheets. This was the first time I was naked in my own bed as I'd always worn PJs and once I was under the covers I pulled my hips ever so lightly and closed my eyes at the sensation of the tip of my penis gently sliding over the cool cotton sheets. Slowly I added more force pressing my hard member into the sheets. With each thrust or drag I let images of Ron's nakedness drift into my mind and in no time at all I was ready to cum. I jumped up and found the same wash cloth from earlier and dumped another load into it. The cold scratchy nature of it contrasted so wantonly with the silky sheets and I let go shooting spurts into it and over it. Suddenly I was struck by one wild thought.... What would cum taste like? In just a few short hours I had become some strange kind of sex freak and realized that I was really ok with that idea. More than just ok with this new image of myself I realized I got off on feeling like a sexual deviate.

Little drops of cum had dribbled onto my hands and I brought it to my mouth flicking my tongue to take the smallest of tastes of that milky goo. The thought of what I was doing instantly caused a re-stirring in my groin and I felt my cock starting to thicken again. I couldn't believe I was becoming aroused so quickly after cumming and about then I heard the TV shut off so I threw the thrice soaked wash cloth into one of my shoes in the closet and scampered back between the sheets of my bed. Lying there with my prick coming back to life I heard my parents pass by on the way to their room and then wondered what it would be like to have a body in bed with me for an entire evening. One I could hold and caress in very intimate places and one I could press my hardened member against. One to kiss in the dark, one to whisper naughty commands to and one that would make me do dirty things to them. In the darkness of my room I was back to wiggling my cock over the sheets and soon I was climaxing yet again. I had moved to the edge of my bed and this time I just let it shoot into my sheets. If I closed my eyes I'd see Ron naked and I couldn't seem to cum enough. I fell asleep trying not to touch myself again and knew even then I be back with Ron as soon as I could arrange it.

I slept fitfully that night and in the first moments of my waking I almost believed the previous days play was just a dream yet I smiled like a fool all morning. So much so that as I waited for the bus that Friday morning the others waiting with me kept asking me what I was thinking about. Oh if they only knew what Ron and I had done to each other and I somehow, the thought of them being aware of the two of us naked and together caused my dick to harden within my pants. I loved how erotic the thought of them catching sight of the bulge in my pants added to my heightened sexual state. Oh if I could tell them but the thought of how they might withdraw and judge me for being in a sexual situation with another guy only made me keep my peace. The bus showed and as I boarded Ron was already sitting there next to a little ol' lady ending the question of whether or not I should sit with him. Ron gave me a curt nod and half smile as I passed and I knew in an instant he didn't want to acknowledge him any differently that I had in the past As I passed him I wondered if anyone else here knew that he liked playing with boys. I couldn't be the only one he had been with and suddenly I looked at the other guys one by one trying to catch any hidden glances or tell tale signs of their intimacy. Could Ron have seduced any of them as he had done to me? The trip to school was uneventful and in some kind of unspoken understanding we went our separate ways at school and kept any hint of what we had done a secret. Neither of us wanted our excursion in to same sex play to become the fodder for anyone else's gossip.

We went through the day we managing to meet between a few classes and I tried to act as normal as I could every time we stumbled into one another. However, every time Ron showed up he was with one of his friends. We joked and laughed in the few minutes it would take for us to walk the campus but I had a tough time keeping the point of our conversation locked. I found myself drifting off wondering if he was doing the same naked things with the friend that was walking with us. Oh what nasty visions that led to and it made my pants very confining. I saw every one of his friends as his lover and imagined them naked and doing wonderfully naughty things. I had become obsessed with the idea of sex and soon I saw Ron and his regular friends all naked together in a young gay orgy of stiff cocks and who knew what else. I found my cock shifting with my imaginings and within seconds of meeting Ron and his friend I'd have to wiggle to give my rod room enough to elongate. I'd try to be subtle about it but one time I looked up to find Ron with a silly smirk whispering to his friend. Had Ron just told his friend what we had done? That thought send a shiver of concern through me but strangely also added fuel to my already overloaded dirty mind. Through out the rest of the day I did my best to stop the flood of naked day dreams but wasn't very successful so my day consisted of attempting to keep from going from hardon to hardon. Thankfully, my class schedule came to an end and as I stretched out under a tree to wait for the bus I found myself lost again in those wicked day dreams. It was a voice whispering, 'your dick is hard isn't it?', that brought me back. Looking up I smiled into Ron's face knowing he had caught sight of the tell tale thickness in my pants. We both began to giggle as we stood at the sound of the approaching bus. The ride home was uneventful except for Ron looking into my eyes and saying 'come by after dinner tonight I know a game we can play'. That little something was exactly what I wanted to hear and it made me smile from ear to ear. I nodded an agreement instantly.

Never before had a Friday night held such promise and as dinner was ending I announced that I was heading over to Ron's house to study. I had to stifle a full grin at the thought of how different that word had become. Just yesterday it meant head deep in books and notes while now it meant a naked body with a hard dick. Oh how much had my focus changed and how it had changed in the shortest time possible. The walk to Ron's house was filled with dancing images of Ron naked and us doing wonderful nasty things together. I just hoped we would have enough time alone to do some of them. The walk became a pleasured torture because my cock had hardened and was trapped in an uncomfortable position. I could have adjusted myself but I left it bent and confined mostly because it seemed to heighted the depraved visions cycling inside my dirty mind. Ron's door loomed and it was answered on my first knock.

Almost as quickly as it opened Ron pulled me inside and deliberately closed the door before he wrapped his arms around me. His kiss was firm and I realized so was his penis as he pressed himself into me. The house seemed deserted and guessing my question he said, 'Mom is on a date, she and my dad divorced years ago and now she dates on the weekends. This was better that I could have hope for and being alone I kissed Ron's boy lips again letting my pent up lusting loose. I tried to work my hand into his pants to feel his fleshy velvet covered manhood while the taboo of a man touching a man heighted the forbidden nature of what we were doing and served to excite me all the more. Ron's pants barely had room enough to allow the passage of my hand... it was fucking hot. My arm and hand twisted at awkward angles but I wanted to work for my fun and refused to loosen his belt or buckle.

Ron's moans added so much to my enjoyment and he sucked in his tummy as much as he could so my searching fingers could find passage to his organ. I wiggled my hand past the elastic band of his shorts and thrilled as I found his warm hard member and glanced over the sensitive tip of his prick. We were standing there with one of my arms around his back and the other deep into his pants. His whole body shuddered in my arms as I played with his penis, the first cock other than my own I had become familiar with. He was so responsive as I tuned into my wild sexual joy letting my sexual animal take over my actions. Boldly my hand went deeper into Ron's pants and I pressed my fingers then my palm over the shaped tube of his cock on my way to his balls. I managed to find them but in these confined quarters I had no hope of being able to cup them.... A finger reached out to trace over those soft orbs. Coming back to his shaft I closed my hand around it. Still holding his dick I pivoted my hand and body around his shaft till I was facing away from him and asked, 'where is your room'. Ron could hardly speak and only managed to nod towards the stairs. Feeling nastier than I had ever felt I held him tight in my fist and with my arm bent at a bizarre angle I started up the stairs leading him like some kind of sexy pull toy.

I couldn't wait any longer and with Ron still on the stairs a step or two behind me I let go of his dick. I turned and sat on the landing facing him. His belt line was level with my eyes and I hungered to see his genitals. I was in a daze as my hands worked his belt then his zipper. Roughly I took hold of both his jeans and shorts and tugged them off his hips. I could have eased their passing over his erect penis but I didn't. Instead I watched them trap and pull unmercifully at his member in a shared parody of how wickedly twisted I was in my jeans. A new realization came to me as I found that bit of discomfort some how heightened my lust and from how Ron's hips bent and gyrated to his loud moans I knew he shared it too.

With a deep bass thump his member sprang free and thudded itself in to his belly. I worked his pants and shorts all the way down and off his stocking covered feet then took the socks too. There he stood nude from the waist down with a short sleeved button shirt over his torso. Ron took the last steps past me turning and crooking a finger to beckon me onward. The shirt was the kind with tales and the long bits hanging down front and back served to inadequately hide his bottom or cock and testicles providing teasing glimpses at those parts. Each of his steps caused the tails to wave letting me see flashes of his cock or balls or even his pale white bottom. Best of all he knew how almost hidden he was and purposely added a bouncing sway to his walk. I found myself lost in his coy seductive walk filling my hungry eyes with his young half nude form. I devoured Ron's sexy body as it disappeared into his room. Once again he was mostly exposed and I was clothed. Smiling to myself I decided to surprise him and quickly stripped all the clothes from my body. It felt so lewd to be so erect and naked in a common area of someone else's house and I looked down to see my own sex engorged and rigid.

I strutted into Ron's room and found Ron turned away from me focusing on powering up his stereo system. He was too engrossed to notice me so I came up behind him and I reached around his half bent body to find his dick. Holding him this way I pulled his body to mine. He pressed himself back against my hardness and my dick settled into the valley created by his ass cheeks. One of my arms wrapped around his chest holding him upright against me while my other hand fondled his sex. The thin fabric of his shirt slid up and down between us as I ground my hips making my cock ease over him. The silky friction stimulating the sensitive tip under my mushroom head all the while I had Ron's shaft in my hand. Locked in a sensual rhythm I felt my cock dance over the fabric of his shirt with his butt cheeks the merest fraction of an inch away. I pressed my penis into him while my hand around his member pulled him back. Ron's bottom was so soft and the shirt scandalously thin images of me and him together brought me close. It was bewitchingly delinquent. I could have cum so easily and had to struggle to stop that addictive pleasure.

Instead of shooting all over Ron's backside I purposely pulled the tip of my cock away from that sensitive pleasure and held myself still until the climax receded. Stand there totally still I spun Ron around to face me. Now with the fabric of his shirt soft and thin between us I realize my dick had parted those tails and my cock was now held behind the curtain of his shirt lazily resting across Ron's hard rod. I knew that they had met soft heads mushing together in a kind of penis kiss. The erotic nature of that image every bit as carnal as the physical feeling. Ron's body pushed against mine and he rose up wrapping both his arms around my head pressing his lips to mine. He kissed me hard and with equal passion drove his manhood into me, his dick delivering too much pressure to my balls. I wanting to drink up every bit of our sex yet at the same time I had to withdraw my soft parts to safety.

I fell backwards onto his bed bringing him with me as we found a less hurtful way for him to slide over me. With his weight pressing into me I gave myself to him allowing him to chase his bliss using my body as his sexual toy. He was driven, his kisses deep wet and passionate as he wiggled atop me. I could feel his need for release as he passed his cock all over my lower body it was insane and as he squirmed his cock left little wet trails of precum where ever he drag it. I spread my legs feeling him drop into the hollow it created feeling nastier than at any other point in my life. I allowed him access to any part of me he wanted to explore and would have let him stick his cock into my ass if that had been his whim but he had other ideas. His kisses rained over my lips, his tongue probed deep into my mouth and then he nuzzled my neck, my cheeks, my eyes just before he began to kiss at my soft neck. His attentions went to my ears as his tongue probed my ear lobe. I felt cool air hit the curve of my ear after his tongue left a moist trail only then realizing that coolness was from him softly blowing the coolness of his breath over me. That made my whole body shiver as the wetness he had left behind cooled actually making me dizzy. It was then he leaned into me and as he gently expelled a warm moist breath over my ear he whispered. 'You know there is something else we can do. Have you ever heard of a blow job?'

He pulled back and looked into my eyes as I shook my head no. Smiling down at me he watched my expression as he told me what it was. The next thing I knew was that Ron was dragging his erect member up my tummy taking hold of himself as he moved higher. Just when I thought he was going to make me do what he had just explained he surprised me by rubbing the soft tip of his penis over each of my nipples as he straddled my body. I couldn't get enough of him and tried to look down to watch but the angle was impossible. With his hard prick so close to my mouth the thought of what he had told me ran around and around in my head and in those microseconds I also realized I was eager to try it. Oh no I was so much more that eager! His fist was still around his cock moving it over my chest and suddenly I was desperately hoping he was going to make me do it. To my wild excitement his body scooted up while his free hand went around my head and in one magical moment he brought his manhood to my face. I couldn't wait to take him into my mouth, the whole idea lasciviously filthy. His dick was right in front of me and I loved how used it made me feel to have him forcing his cock against my lips. Nearly blind with desire my hands found the cheeks of his ass and with just his tip touching me I pulled him nearer to me and opened my lips to accept him. I thrilled with the feel of his warm thick hardness pressed to my face and then he slid up missing my mouth.

I held his ass cheeks as I rubbed my face all around his prick feeling its tip, its shaft on my cheeks, my chin, glancing lightly over my closed eyes. Ron pushed himself up my face till I felt his balls roll over my lips and I flicked my tongue over them. Then he slid back down as I traced the path of his shaft with my tongue. The second his tip brushed my lips I twisted my head kissing it and then taking it into my opened mouth . I can't begin to describe how impure and feral taking his penis entering my mouth made me feel. It ignited a hunger I never knew I had and I could not get enough of his dick. I licked, I swirled my tongue over all of it and I sucked him as deep into my mouth as I could. He moaned and whined as he held my head and pushed himself down my throat. I gagged and in an uncontrolled carnal desire I tried to take it even deeper. I was lost in an ithyphallic gluttony between gobbling Ron's organ and my own unattended upright shaft all I could think of was his fine, hard male parts. My own swayed with each of Ron's thrusts. It seemed stretched to an impossible hardness and I drank up every little movement as it bounced under its own ponderous weigh.

I was so conflicted by the desire to satisfy my dick's demand for physical contact while at the same time I swam in the shear masochistic pleasure of denying myself that very same need. I was rocketed higher by delaying my own satisfaction and knew that I was so charged that I would blow massively when the release finally came. Thinking of my release brought me full circle back to the wonderful presence of Ron's young body, his inflamed penis, the musky smell of a man and of course the power of his rutting that shaft in and out of my mouth. Ron was fast approaching his ejaculation and even though this would be my first taste of cum I could not wait for it to happen. It started with a symphony of moans and 'ahhhhhs' the sounds so deep. His cock guided itself in my mouth seeming to seek its own pleasure and the correct friction for its most sensitive bits.

If I could have smiled it would have been one of malicious teasing because the second I realized what he was doing I tried to deny his penis the very caresses it needed. His vocalizations shouted of frustrated ravage and when it happened it was spectacular. Some how his body froze but his penis still moved in quick truncated thrusts and the first spurt hit with a driven force. I had to taste it and had to see it at the same time so my hand shot to his shaft milking it for all I was worth. I don't know if it was the thick sexual taste of his maleness or the image of his cuming in copious bursts but untouched I was too near my own climax so I clamped my free hand tightly around my own dong to keep from cuming.

Ron's next milky burst rained over my face and just the thought of seeing his hard dick shoot that milky bit and the warm feel of it streaming over me added a deeper lusting to this pornographic moment. Ron's hands held my head and in his lost lust he pushed his hard member up my face and through his mess. I traced my tongue over his goo covered member as it moved. His movements slowed and as he looked down into my face I saw reflected in him the same grimace of sexual excess I felt deep inside. In short order he broke away from me leaving me there with his essence dripping down my face. I felt so wickedly used and loved that feeling. From the other room I heard running water and just as I had done yesterday he brought a warm wash cloth to me and cleaned me up. I sat there passive to his ministrations and let that warm cloth sooth my heightened passion. I knew we had many more hours to play and didn't want it to end too soon. I was greedy and wanted to fill as many hours as we could with the same kind of hot sticky sex we had just created. I hoped Ron was 'up' for the task. That unspoken pun made me giggle out loud and Ron looked at me puzzled. My caress of his nuts erased his questioning look.

Once cleaned I relaxed as Ron gently dried my face with an overly fluffy towel. His attentions were heaven and as he finished he knelt down our bent knees entwined and he kissed my lips with a wondrous tenderness. My hands finally worked the buttons to his shirt and once open my arms went inside and around his fine young frame. Our two bodies came together in a kneeling hug and I relished the feeling of Ron's bulging genitals resting against my folded knee. Never in my dreams had I imagined such an erotic sensation as that of my rigid penis brushing against the flesh of his leg. My need had me gently swirling my dick over his leg in small micro movements designed to bring my sensitive tip over his silken skin. It was insanely sensual and as we kissed my hands caressed the smooth flesh of Ron's back. He in turn ran his fingers through the hair of my head then down my back and into the depression at the small of my back. My hands slipped under the roundness of his bottom and I pulled and lifted him bring him closer and also used the leverage that position offered to press my cock harder against him.

One of Ron's hands began to caress the side of my face, then my neck and slowly traced imaginary lines over my torso. His fingers found my dime sized nipples and he teased one then the other pinching and pulling. My whole body seemed alive as each spot he tweaked ignite new erotic auras. The aroma of Ron's recently cleaned away cum hovered in the air muted but still there and I thrilled wondering if he could taste himself on all the bits he had sprayed or could at least scent himself upon my naked body. It was exceptionally wild to think of his sexual use of me and I really got off as his lips grazed over me. Backing away from our kiss I watched him look down at my hard member. His eyes dilated and the skin of his face tightened as he watched my member move over his leg. He glanced at me quickly and then returned his gaze to my penis as his hand took hold of the meat of my sex. I was dizzy with carnal desire and following his vision I thrilled watching my rod slipping through his closed fist. It was deliriously delicious in a disjointed kind of way.... I mean the seeing and the feeling were two different things. My balls were gently dr*ped over his knee while sparks of electric sex shot through me as the friction of Ron's hand built and built. This coupled to the homo erotic vision of a naked man in front of me holding my penis powered a sensual lewd rhythm which moved me deeper into my sexual sea.

Ron's fist tightened on my shaft and with a firmer pressure he not only stroked me but tugged my cock moving it forcefully left and right. Ron was possessed his vision as well as his lust focused completely on my sex. I would have had to reach out and physically lift his chin to shift his focus from my groin to my eyes. My hardened cock throbbed within Ron's grasp as I drank with abandon the simmering fluid sensations of his sexually torrid manipulations of my dick and nuts. My carnal beast had taken over and I too was focused on fulfilling my own need as I filled my eyes with his wicked fondling, thrusting myself with in his grasp. With a quick look up he gave me a mischievous half smile as he froze me in place by clamping down evilly upon my shaft and stopping all of my motion. His commanding control shouted that he, not me, was in charge of my pleasure. My whole being shook as I realized how hot that had made me feel. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he pressed his free hand into the middle of my chest and pushed me backwards. With me kneeling upon my own legs, naked ass resting atop the heels of my feet his push bent me backwards at an almost impossible angle but with the flexibility of youth my shoulders met the floor. My legs were still folded beneath me and the tension in that position made my body bow causing my erect manhood to stand high and proud above the rest of me.

I'll never forget the look of lust on Ron's face as his tongue wet his lips and he bent to take me. He still had a borderline painful hold of my rod and with a maliciously playful smile he watched my face with his upturned eyes as he came closer and closer to the mushroom head of my prick. His smile broadened into a lusting grin when he heard a gasp escape from me. Then his lips met the tip of my penis. First in a kiss then with his tongue darting out he sampled what taste I had to offer. His tongue ran over its head and forcefully traveled through the small slit at its peak picking up a drop of pre cum. He pulled that bit of me into his mouth and accessed its taste. Next he came back up and in a deep passionate kiss and forced his tongue deep into my mouth letting me sample my excitement on his lips and tongue. My eyes rolled back into my head as I wondered how insanely arousing that bit of wicked play was... as we kissed I tasted a hint of myself while his hand continued to pump my cock. And in the midst of that thought he broke away and went back down on me his warm mouth surrounding just the soft pliant flesh at the tip of my dick. My eyes shot open wanting to see my cock in his mouth and again in a slightly out of phase instant I watched my dick disappear into his mouth. The wonderful feeling of warm moist bliss surrounded my sex and I know my heartbeat slowed as I gave myself over to that feeling for the first time in my life.

I tried to register each sensation but they came too fast and way too strong to record separately. Just when I thought I had reached a level plateau I felt Ron's tongue moving over my shaft. I tried to associate each wonderful frenetic burst of pleasure with each spark of contact from Ron's tongue. Thankfully I quickly gave myself over to the cravings that Ron's knowing touch inflamed. I strained the bow of my body as I felt his suck bringing my meat deeper into his mouth the enjoyment of his attention fueling my burning lust as I tried to drive my tool deeper into Ron's mouth. However with his fist around my shaft he had all the control. I loved how much like a sexual toy I felt under his manipulations of my body. I was just a part of his sexual fulfillment and that made me feel like I was Ron's object to play with, Ron's to tease, his own little sex toy I just hoped he'd let me cum since he was in control of that too. Ron's free hand pressed between my legs and I succumbed like a wanton whore and savored the sexual indulgences about me by spreading my legs as wide as I could. That opening of my legs made me feel like a slut and again I realized that I loved how dirty that made me feel.

Ron then cupped my balls as he sucked. That sensation along with all of his other attentions brought me close to popping. Ron was lost in his own lust of sucking me off and I was getting off on how deeply swept away he was as he lavished all his attentions on me. That was when I began to shoot. My own moan sounded foreign to me as it was so deep and I found myself groaning over and over again 'I'm cummng, I'm cumming'. Ron never released his grip and I saw and felt it as he tasted my jizz. So many firsts but then I twisted my face in a sexual grimace as the excess leaked from Ron's lips and then slid down my shaft like some thick oil based paint. I really got off on that image and as I saw my cum on his lips and my shaft I knew I want to kiss him so I could taste my own cock on his lips. What a stick mess that kiss was, erotic and repulsive in the same instant. At the pinnacle of this sexual adventure I knew I would forever want to do this again with others.

We still had hours alone so naked and free we ran down a hall way headed for the shower. Nude and oh so sensuous Ron leaned in and turned the water on as I looked over his fine frame tracing my eyes from his head down with a lingering gaze over his back side and over his sparsely haired pubis. Then together we stepped in and let the hot water pour over us. We embraced under the flow as little rivulets of water ran between us trickling over our sex as we held each other tight. Body to body our lips locked in a deep kiss and our tongues playing with the others. In no time we were both hard again. I'm sure the lust I have today for sex with a guy was born from the feeling of my first days of play with Ron. I can't begin to describe how much I love the feel of a naked man's body pressed to mine when his dick is thick and hard. Ron and I ground our manhood over each other and when our press became too tight our dicks would splay off to the side with just the dark red mushroom heads of our cocks poking out from between us. Ron reached out and took a soft bath sponge and added soap to it he then stepped back and looked at my nakedness. He looked hard at my sex and his scrutiny of my genitals rocketed my excitement higher. I loved the thought that my body was powering his lust. His eyes drank in my nude form as he languidly washed every bit of me. The hot water, the gently scratchy sponge and his knowing touch had put me into a hyper-erogenous state. I gorged on the attention he paid to my whole body but moaned and writhed at his lush care on my stiff member and soft sensitive sac.

He supported much of my weight with one arm around my back as he soaped my shaft in warm, long, slow strokes. I needed his support as I gave myself over to how his touch stimulated my body. Ron soaped my torso, drew the sponge over my nipples and torturously soaped a trail back to my cock and as he made contact with it again he leaned in and kissed my ear lobe and whispered. 'Cum for me Mike I want to see how high you can make it shoot. I want to see how much you cum and I want to feel it splash onto me.' His touch became much more direct as he stroked my shaft like only a man knows how to do and then I felt his tongue explore my ear. I couldn't take it and grabbed his head to bring his mouth to mine. Each second he brought me closer and I broke the kiss long enough to tell him I was oh so very close. He smiled a naughty smile at me then turned and focused his attention to my penis increasing the pace of his stroke. I looked over at his rigid cock standing proud and in seeing him started to spurt. Ron pumped and moaned a deep 'oh yeah' and then leaned in for another kiss as my last spasms add my cum to the spray of the shower.

It was Ron's turn and I positioned him in the spray then slowly pressed my body into his forcing him against the wet tile. We kissed deeply and as we did I detached the shower head backing away slightly. His body arched with his shoulders on the tile. What an erotic sight as his stiff cock stood rigid, hard and upright. I kissed and licked my way down his neck, his chest and over his tummy on my way to it. Once there I took him into my mouth and aimed the spray from the shower head against his nuts. An errant spray went up my nose and I had to withdraw from his dick so instead I masturbated him with the spray from the shower head. I adjusted it to a harder spray tracing it over his magnificent tool, so hard, so pale and such a wonderful signal of his lever of arousal. No other touch did I give him and watched as he tried to keep the tip of his cock in the hardest part of the spray. I loved his lost look as well as his desperate attempt to seek satisfaction and when he looked like his need was beyond his control his hand went to his own tool. I slapped it away and knowing that it was a more intense friction that he needed so cruelly I went to my knees in front of him and let only my tongue touch him. I kept the brush of it over his penis too light to offer any substantial pleasure knowing it was only a tease of what he really wanted and needed.

His standing body offered his sex as a wondrous ripe fruit and I sampled it with a lick. Far too gentle to give him the touch he so franticly needed and I loved it as his only response was a whimper. Another glancing brush had him mewing in desperation and I relented taking just the tip into my mouth. I closed tightly around it swirling my tongue over the fleshy tip and down the head. I devoured him as I would a Tootsie Pop, licking away the candy coating to reach the gooey prize at its center. I drove my tongue as hard against the sensitive underside of his penis as I could, adding suction as I drew him in. Down his shaft I traveled and then back up increasing my pace with his need and my own, only my mouth and tongue pleasuring him. I don't know how long or how many strokes it took but in this way I brought him to his ejaculation. Even though he had cum a short time before he still shot a massive load and as it came I swallowed some and let the remaining spurts cover me. It dripped on my face, my chest and looking down I managed to let some of his squirts cover my still swollen member. The water disguised the warmth of his cum so since I could not feel it I just watched it again feeling dirty beyond description and relishing every twisted bit of it.

With the taste of him on my lips I came up and kissed him like before. Wondering if the taste of his cock on my lips and in my mouth excited him as it had done to me? The water started to cool so we rinsed quickly and then grabbed towels. We stood side by side giggling and laughing in the joy of our sexual bonanza. I reached for my watch and sighed as I realized it was time for me to get back to my house. Once dried and redressed I headed to the door but before Ron would open it we kissed and groped our good-bye adding... "My mom is heading out of town on business next week! Do you thing you can find a way to stay with me while she is gone? I might have a surprise for you because Randy, you know Randy he was with me to day after your Art History class, is going to come over. She'll be gone Tuesday through Friday." My world was rocked as brilliant pornographic images of three naked bodies rocketed through my head and of course said yes immediately.

While the walk home was a short one it was filled with ribald visions of our tryst and the one to come. Over the next few months Ron and I hooked up every chance we got. This was a time of concentrated and wildly free sex. The freest most intense sexual experience of my life and it heavily influenced my future choices and even though I would soon discover heterosexual sex I have never lost my thrill of seeing, touching and being nasty with another man.

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