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Stranded motorist

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I was out for a Sunday afternoon spin on my motorcycle, when I rounded this curve and there was a vehicle stalled in the middle of the country road. I pulled up, got off the bike, and walked around to see what was the matter. There was this young guy, about 20, looking under the hood like he was looking at a nuclear reactor. He obviously had no clue what was wrong, so I offered to take a look. It was a simple matter of a wire off the distributor cap, but I poked around while I chatted with him, and suggested we get his car out of the middle of the road since it was blocking traffic, we pushed it over to the side. I learned he had just broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago, and had been on the prowl. I finally put the wire back in the cap, had him start his car, and he asked how he could repay me, for my trouble, I told him he didn't owe me anything, but would like for him to come over to my place for a drink, I didn't like to drink alone. He said it was the least he could do.

Once we got to my place, it was getting dark, with daylight savings time just having taken place, I ordered a pizza, brought out some beer, and we sat to watch some porn. It wasn't long till I lit up some weed, and Brian took a few hits, and I noticed with the porn, he was getting aroused. I leaned over to get my beer, and as I sat back, my hand went to his leg, as if I had lost my balance, and I brushed his crotch. I apologized, and said to him that it must have been a while since he had gotten any, since his cock was so hard. He said it had been a while, and I offered to take care of it for him. He was shy and said he wasn't sure, he had never done anything like that, so I said, relax, and I rolled over and raised his shirt, and licked his nipple, and started to undo his belt, and unzip his fly, I sucked on his nipple like a vacuum cleaner, and reached into his pants and pulled out his hard cock, stroked it a little, and lowered my head to it. I sucked it into my mouth for a while, and finally, got up to remove his pants so I could get to his nutsack better, and knelt between his legs, I inhaled his cock, I was slamming the back of my throat with the head of his cock, withdrawing just to the point where the ridge was still inside my lips, I could taste the precum, he was leaking like a faucet, and he started to hump my mouth, Brian was moaning, and reached for my head, and started to face fuck me, bucking and hunching, he finally stood, grabbed my head, reinserted his huge cock, and drove the head into my throat, I was almost gagging, but slowly breathed thru my nose, and I felt his cock swell, and the blast of cum was hot, I pulled back to be able to work his cock with my hand, and pumped the whole load into my mouth, there was so much cum, it was drooling out of my mouth, finally his cock went soft, and I used my tongue to clean off all the cum, and let him relax. I got us a couple more beers, and returned to the couch. Brian said he was feeling dizzy, so we went to the bedroom where we could undress and lay down, I lay there stroking his cock, and Brian said he wanted to try sucking on mine. He turned around, and slowly licked at it, and before long, he was taking me into his mouth, and stroking me like a madman. I was now as hard as a rock, and had Brian's cock in my mouth, and had reached back and gotten the lube, and was lubing up his crack, I got my fingers in there, in his ass, and dove deep for his prostate, I gave it a couple of good flicks, and his cock pulsed, there was a shot of cum, but I backed off, I didn't want him to shoot yet. I raised up, rolled him onto his back, his rockhard cock waving in the air, and straddled him. He looked at me and smiled, I had him right where I wanted him. I reached back, took his cock in my hand, aimed it right at my lubed ass, and eased down on it, I felt the head pop my sphincter, rested a moment, and slid down his pole, he groaned, and I started to ride him up and down, squeezing his cock like I was milking him, as I bounced up and down, I could feel the head of his cock hitting my prostate gland, and there was cum flowing out of my cock onto his stomach. Brian rolled me over, onto my back, and placed my legs on his shoulders, and began to rock in and out of me, slamming my ass hard, I could soon tell he was ready to unload, and boy did he ever, there was a hot blast of cum deep inside me, he was humping, and leaned over me, and our mouths met, his tongue deep inside mine, our lips crushing each other, his panting finally sounding in my ear, as he was still hard, and fucking my ass, I squeezed his cock to keep him hard, and kept humping away at him, till we both finally collapsed. Brian spent the night, and before it was over, I had deposited a load deep in his ass too, and he loved it, said he had found a new joy in his life, and it would not be so bad now if women were fickle, and he was done with their game playing, when he wanted to fuck or be fucked, he would come over to my house.

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