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We knew it would happen someday and in fact we had talked about it a lot. If we ever got caught. After all we are married to someone else the both of us and even though we did some really crazy things we both liked it the way it was. We had made 3 videos of Tess, myself and some friends over the 8 years of lust and she had them locked in a secret lock box she kept. ONe tape was just her and I all day at a hotel, naked, making love, getting a little kiny, all in all very tame sex but still in the wrong hands the end of our marriages possibily. Another tape had Tess basically getting r*ped by 6 good looking athletic guys and the other was very much a back to nature tape that had Tess and 2 cholate labs that a good frind let us keep for a weekend. She kept all 3 simply because she knew I would have them or at least one of them on-line and she was right. Well, anyway, Tess and her family had been in the middle of moving and she had taken a load to the nes house. It was just a bunch of stuff, cleaning things, some boxes of clothes and her strong box that she managed to sneak out without anyone seeing it. Well, I got a call and it was Tess, she was really upset. So what happened I asked her. The tapes are gone she told me. The tapes, all 3? I asked her. Yes, I took them to the new house and thought I hid them really good, but the next time I came back the front door was open and some clothes and a coule things were gone but the strong box was gone. What are we going to do she pleaded? I don't know sweetheart. I guess we have to wait and see what happens. What they end up at a web site or something she said. I don't kown sweetheart. Well, a week went by and finally she got a phone call. Right after she called me. They called She said, nervous. So what did they want, what did they say I asked her really nervous myself. Well, the man said he and some friends had been watching them all week and they really liked them. Yeh, is that all. He said that I had to meet them or my husband would get them in the mail at his office soon. What did you say I asked her. I asked him to let me think it over for a couple days. He gave me one day and he will call back and I have to tell him. I asked him what he wanted and he said just to have a little fun like on the tapes. I see, well, do we have a choice then I asked? I guess not, but I asked if I could bring you and he said it had to be just me. Well, I can follow from a distance I told her and maybe get close. No he said if I am followed he leaves and the tapes go to Donald. Well, guess we have no choice Hunny, I am sorry, but this looks like it will have to be their way. Yes, I guess so she said. He said he will call again and I have to give him a time and date to meet him. Okay, how about Friday at 10 AM I told her. Okay she said where should I meet him. At the mall by the Penneys exit in the back lot I told her. I can drive my car and stay close I hope. Sure enopough he called and she said what I told her, but the time was 9Am and it was at the Sears end near the auto repair stuff. She was to dress sexy and provocative, no bra, a tank top, and skirt that was tight and short and a string thong. She did and we met a little before she had to show up. She looked great I thought as she hugged me and told me how scared she was. I is okay Sweetheart I told her not really thinking so myself. We kissed long and deep then it was time for her to be at the Sears. She drove and I followed her and parked a good bit away. We waited for a half hour past the time and the man had told her even if he was late to wait. No screw ups he told her. Then she answered her cell phone, how he got that we do not know. She looked towards me and got out of her car with her keys and purse and stood next to her car. Suddenly a van drove up next to her car, the side door came open and a man reached out his arms and pulled her into the van. Now is what she told me about it. She was blindfolded right off and told to relax on the floor of the van. It had heavy carpet and was not uncomtable. There were at least 3 voices around her plus a woman driving. There were hands all over her body and her legs were spread and a rough set of fingers penetrated her pussy that made her wince and cry out some. Ouch she had told them, no forplay? Then one voice said, Yeh here is some forplay, suck this and a hard cock was put to her mouth and hands pushed he head onto it. The other two pairs of hands now held her down and the cock in her mouth humped hard and deep making her gag. Then a load of cum was in her mouth and shw swallowed all she could. I was following the van and it took a winding way out into the country south of Athens. Finally it pulled into a long gravel drive that was a couple hundred yards long and went through a gate that shut as it entered. I could not go further but had an address of where she was if she did not return at 7PM as had been promised. Where are we she asked her captors. No where that you need to know how to get back to one said. It is a nice little club we have out away from everywhere. The gates and fences keep out people we don't want and we can do anything here that we want to. Then a rough mouth was on her lips kissing deep, shoving a tongue into Tess's mouth. When it stopped it was the woman that had driven. She is okay I guess she said and then slapped Tess across the face, just hard enough to say who was in charge. Okay the woman said, we have the cameras set up? Good start them taping then. NOw it seemed there were more voices in the room they were in, all male except for a few females. Someone handed Tess a beer and commanded drink it all down baby, you are going to need it. What are we going to do she asked and again the woman slapped her, shut up is what you are going to do if you want the tapes back not close the mouth till you are told to say something. Okay, we are all set someone said and then the woman said, take off her blindfold. They did and Tess looked around a room full of men mainly, maybe 3 or 4 women. Okay the woman was saying, this is what you are going to do, role play Dear, ever do that, yeh of course you have. Anyway, you are going to step outside with this fellow here and he is going to tape you coming up the walk as if your car broke down and you are loooking for help only then when these guys here come to the door they are going to grab you, tear off your clothes and begin the r*pe scene. YOu are to resist (even though we all know you do not want to and love it) and they are going to bring you in with your clothes torn to shreads and throw you in the middle of the floor on the cusion and r*pe you. It will all be taped I will edit it so it is a movie that we can have here for us. YOu got it she said. Yeh, I thik so Tess told her. Okay guys, lets get going, we have all day to tape this. Tess was led out of the house which was a good size cabin and then pointed to the door, Okay now walk to the door and know and tell them your car broke down could you come in to use the phone. Make it look real. Tess walked up and did as she was told. Yeh lady, we have a phone you can use, for a price. What is the price she asked. Then she was grabbed and pinned betwen 2 big men, he clothes were ripped off and she stood naked in a room that had men and women all around her. Shit man check out the tits one said as he twisted her nipples hard making her cry out in pain. Damn man, let me have one and another grabbed her agan making her cry out in real pain. Suddenly she was bent over, man a nice shaved pussy too a man behind her said, then his fingers rammed into her, she was not even ready yet but was still mostly dry, she cried out again, then the hand sank all the way into her...ow, oh please, that hurts. YOu think you are the one that is going to enjoy this lady said one guy. She was led to the central room and thrown on the mattress. hold her down someone said and hands wer all over her holding her and grabbing her, then a naked man dropped between her legs and spread them and drove into her pussy that was still dry, ouch, damn it hurts she cried out. Shut the fuck up a woman screamed in her face. Then leaned down and began biting her titties till there were little drops of blood coming from teeth marks. The man shouted he was cumming and he did, then got up as another dropped in his place and rammed his cock home. THis began the day, man after man fucking Tess, first the pussy, then turning her over and her ass being taken, then her mouth was treated to more than a dozen cocks as she was forced to swallow all their cum one after another. Sudedenly she was lifted and placed over a sort of bench, her ass in the air and her titties hanging on the other side of it, her legs were tied so they were wide apart and her hands to the other side of the bench. Then she heard a whistle, Come on Jack, come on, your turn boy, come on, get up there, mount up. Then shaps nails scratched her sides as she was mounted and pounded without mercy as a large knot forced into her pussy from behind her. It lasted for a long time and she lost trakc of all time, finally that part was over. The then woman, her tomentor was behind her, Now time for some disciple dear she asid as a paddle came down on Tess's ass, again it slapped her bare skin, again and that is noce and red, anyone want to go next. Another cock was in her again and this time it felt good, Tess began moaning with pleasure now, the spanking bring her almost to orgasm..her mind was lost in lust and she was spinning deeper. The cock unloaded in herand she moaned again. I think she is enjoying it said the woman. Do it again, give her a good hard one this time. Another man stepped up and entered her without any prelimenary play. IT went on, man after man, cock after cock for hours. Finally Tess woke, realizing she had passed out, now she was on her back spread out and a man was under her in her ass amd another on top of her in her pussy...She was building to an orgasm when suddenly the two men had theirs at the same time.The slid out and were replaced by two more then it drove Tess over the top and she screamed out to "Fuck me, fuck me good and hard, make me cum, all of you make me cum. Her free hands grabbed cock now, hungry for her own lust to be quinched. Sucking fast it shot into her throat..she grabbed another and another...I was sitting in my car waiting for the gates to open and after dark they di, The van came out and drove to the mall, The door opened and a man carried out a naked Tess and put her into her car. They drove off. I went to the car and covered her up with a blanket I had and the three tapes were on the seat next to her. A noye read, "You can have these back we have better ones now. We will call again.

Your friends in Lust. I drove her to a place to shower and we did together I was holding her up. Two days later when she left her job at a school there was a package in her box at school. She opened it and it was 5 tapes, she rushed home before anyone could get there and put them in, they were all that she did at the house, everything that had happened was on tape. The note said This is your copy, we may need to make another soon.

Well since then we have heard from this gtoup one more time and they seem to be busy now, too busy to have Tess over again but one neer knows.

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