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Starting out with great teachers

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We have been in the swing of things for two years, meet several very nice couples. We started out she would play with the girls only, one of my fantasies fulfilled. The girls would squirm and scream in ecstasy it?s amazing how many times she would cum with a girl that really likes to lick and suck on the clit like she does, (they know just where it feels great). She, my wife of twelve years is gorgeous looks like Marilyn Monroe, wow, when she gets ready for work or gets ready to go out she exposes the birthday suite to drive any man hard ready to pounce. Fun stuff to go out with swingers or vanillas and have the other men salivating over the thoughts and sights, she likes to show off her assets.

One of the couples that we met, Michael with a rock hard upward turned 7 inch cock, ,(he went to the gym four times a week and it showed ,from the other times we have played I could tell Anne wondered what that would be like) and Susan who is very bi and were into light bondage. They had a room off their house set up for the nights of play and teasing. The first night we were introduced to this side of their play, we went when out for diner and they asked us what we expected and wanted, (we were new to this), We told them, we are into the girl on girl but are getting more comfortable with the idea with more. From that we went to a strip club after a great diner, the girls where having a ball, my wife picked one dancer out and had her for at least five table dances and Susan had one that I swear had her hand in her slit several times, I could smell the girls getting wet. We,(the men), were hard the whole time just watching the two of them getting molested I?ll bet the dancers had to be excited as well, the way they went at it. Michael had popped the suggestion to go back to their place to finish off the night with play. That didn?t take very much arm twisting as much as the girls were worked up. It was not too far to the next stop on this erotic night Anne my wife took my hand and put it on her spot, I was driving, it was steamy and soaked. She admitted she had not been this horny and turned on in a long time. We parked and the first thing, Anne did was come around the car gave me a big hug and said whatever happens tonight, ?I love you?, looking straight in the eyes, I knew this, but what I did not know was the girls had talked already in the restroom about what was to transpire. I have had a fantasy of being tied up, to be used as a sex toy and watch her get used, I?ve told her this. Well, the girls rushed to get together kisses and hands all over each other before we got to the room. As we stepped in there was the swing, a table OBGYN would use, and several oversized ottomans and couches. Susan led Anne over to the table clothes came off and had her lay down. As she did Susan ran her hands on down the sides of Anne from her shoulders to her feet when she got to her feet the stirrups had Velcro straps ready and they were put to use. Michael was at Anne?s head and her hands were put in the straps at the top with out too much resistance, Anne knew what was going to happen but not to the extreme that was about to happen. I was sitting on one of the ottomans stripped down, with a hard on standing straight up, Susan got right down to business planted her face right into Anne?s honey pot nibbling and sucking on her clit with force like she hadn?t had any thing to eat in two weeks, it was not long and Anne?s hips were bucking and the juices flowed, screaming and grunting I could tell she had just a great orgasm, Susan didn?t stop she kept feasting on the flowing juices and the clit and Anne was ready in no time again, this time even a bigger orgasm, as if that was not enough she stayed at it till the third came. Anne was panting after that trio like it was one continuous long orgasm, she raised up and voiced WOW that was Awesome, Susan just smiled at her and looked around at me and said your next but we?re not done with her yet, I could see the glistening juices she had just extracted from my wife on her lips as she licked her tongue in a circle around her mouth. I could see Michael had a rabbit vibrator, in his hand and handed it to his wife she put it down only to pick it up later, (Anne loves this thing), they switched positions Michael was between Anne?s legs posed and ready. Anne gasp as she stuck her four fingers in my wife?s steamy soaked pussy ran them in and out several times, only to take those and wet her husbands? rock hard cock, she looked up at him with a lust look, licked her lips, then looked over at me with a please question look and I gave her a nod. That is all it took and Susan griped harder on Michaels cock and spread Anne?s lips and guided him right to her opening, gave him a few more strokes and then Michael rammed into her without hesitation, there was as soaked pussy that was getting wetter, she was gasping and had the I?m ready to cum look on her face right away, Michael was trusting upwards as well as forwards, Susan started sucking on Anne?s rosy nipples, then Anne started trusting in to meet him she was Cumming and hard, harder then I ever remember. As Michael pulled out but only for a second, I could see the white cum from my beautiful wife all over his still rock hard member. Then he started the just in and out just in two inches and out, this gave his wife the opportunity to stop sucking on Anne?s nipples, which she was doing the whole time and put the rabbit on her clit. WOW, I could tell Anne was building to another monster orgasm, Michael pushed in harder and farther about every ten short strokes, Then here it came Anne started bucking again this time harder and with more force into Michael I could see a flood of liquid on Michael?s balls and it was not sweat. Anne just squirted for the first time ever, I could see the intensity of Michaels stokes that he was going to blow. With the force of his pounding her orgasm turned into many, then he let lose, I could tell if she had her hands free she would grab his butt and pull him into her, Susan must like this too because she grab his butt and pulled. Anne had a wide eyed lust look like this was her new found lover, I had moved over earlier to get a better view and Anne reached her head up to give me a kiss and by all means I leaned down to meet her and a passionate kiss ensued. We broke and Michael leaned down to do the same.

Susan then leaned over and kissed me and I could taste Anne on her lips, Yummy, I love that juice, she told me to go back and sit down where I was the show is not over.

As Michael pulled out a slosh sound was made and Susan wasted no time in cleaning up, she grabbed the now going flaccid cock of this stud and licked and sucked it clean, all the while one hand was caressing the slushy pussy of my wife, then she turn her attention to clean Anne up and out. Her tongue was three inches long because as she was pushing her face hard into Anne and pulled out she kept it extended I could see the size and then flicked it up to the clit this made Anne?s? butt flinch. After five minutes of a good cleaning, Susan got on the table over Anne?s face and let her just flick the clit a few times and then a good hug and tweak of her nipples and Michael released the constraints. Anne weak laid there for a few minutes, with a smile on her face glancing over at me I could see that glossy eyed satisfied love of my life that just got used in more ways than one, I was hard and realizing that there was something in store for me. Susan made her way over to me and told me to lay back as I did Michael had move over another ottoman over behind me this one had Velcro straps on the sides that is where my hands got strapped for the next half hour my feet were strapped to the bottom of the one I was on, funny I did not see those before, but I was not looking for that, there was a show going on and now I was the show. Susan grabbed my now red headed cock and rubbed the main vein in the back and forced the precum up and out, ?Oh you are excited aren?t you, did you like that show, this is a nice one your wife must enjoy this, and now I?m going to ride this to my bliss?. Michael was behind her rubbing her clit as she was doggy style over me, rubbing and stroking me, one hand cupping and massaging my balls. She could tell I was getting close so she stopped and held a firm grip on the main vein for what seemed to be a minute. Anne had finally got up and over to us, Michael had let her know that it was her job to get Susan ready for me. With that said Anne got down to feast on the already wet box, Anne does know what to do and loves it as Susan already know from the previous meetings. After a good four minutes of assault on her pussy she started Cumming and then strokes on my cock started again, I think out of lust, just lost in oblivion, I was loving it, Susan got up and ask Anne if she was ready, So she put her hand inside Susan?s soaked box pulled out, in again pulled out and announced ?Yes you are ready I?m sure of it? then looking me in the eye grabbing my throbbing member rubbing the juices on it and letting me know that Susan was going to fuck me till this thing spurts. Susan got up and got ready to mount and then stopped, Michael reminded her what her job was, with that she spread the lips with a few other rubs and grabbed my cock and guided me to the entrance rubbed it back and forth right on the lips and clit five times and then pulled on me up to penetration, God this is warm and wet went through my mind, there was no friction at all, she was wet. Susan road me like a rabbit for about three minutes and started to cum. Anne was cupping my balls and when she could licking my cock and balls getting Susans juices and keeping me at the edge. Michael was hard again and mounting Anne. This got Anne in a more kinky mode she got that tongue in spots I didn?t think it could reach, and drove me to shoot like I haven?t in years, I must have spurted ten times, good hard ones, forcing me to drive deeper and harder into Susan. With that Susan went into more spasms? of orgasm. Anne getting pounded again doggy style, he was hitting spots with the upturn I just couldn?t get to and it drove her to another mind blowing moment. Now I?m spent and Anne still getting pounded and commenced to cleaning up and out my protein from Susan, lots more ahhhs and ohs, I got up and leaned over to kiss Susan and let her know I thought her husband was a stud, she let me know that he has been salivating on the idea of having his way with Anne. Well I?m sure Anne is not minding that at all!!

All this leads to an even more exiting and erotic night with a group of couples Michael and Susan have been with for some time.

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