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Spanish Moss

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Day was in that quiet place between sleep and waking. It isn't a totally unpleasant state, but one that is uneasy, indecisive. Day did not tolerate indecision at all. When she made up her mind to do something, it got done pronto. There was never a regret; never a doubt. If it didn't turn out quite as planned, she would salvage something positive from the ruins and move on; storing the lessons learned neatly in a corner of her mind for use in the future. Day was unique in so many ways.

So, in that half-aware condition, Day raised her head from the luxurious feather pillow intending to forsake sleep at least temporarily.

Reflexively, she reached toward her eyes to rub away the grit, but was surprised to discover she could move them but a few inches. She tried to force them higher. Her arms would go no further. Day attempted to raise them again, but this time she clearly felt the resistance. The restraints around both wrists were slack enough to allow her some movement. And to her surprise they felt silken against her bare wrists; not at all painful when she tugged against them in a vain attempt to free herself.

Day's head fell back onto the pillow. Dazed but not stunned, she tried to assess the predicament she suddenly found herself in. It was not disturbing to her. The semi-conscious state she was in seemed to comfort rather than frighten her.

A cooling, night breeze sifted through the screen in the open window at the foot of her bed. It flowed over her feet, up her legs. The cool air caressed her inner thighs and as she squirmed beneath its sensual touch, she realized that her legs, spread wide, were also being loosely held to the bedposts. She tugged at the lower restraints, but her attempt was half-hearted. Her thoughts were now on the sensations the cool air was generating as it passed steadily over her exposed body. Along her fleshy, porcelain thighs it left a soothing tingle in its wake as it moved closer to the delta between them.

Day's eyes closed. The air wafting over her thighs became long, slender fingers with soft padded tips and long manicured nails. The nails moved leisurely between her legs; at times digging slightly into her bare flesh to provoke a wince of pleasure from Day. Her head lolled about, nearly lost in the sumptuous pillow. The nails gave way to the most delicate yet determined hands Day had ever felt. They kneaded her full, fleshy thighs and gingerly caressed them as they would break if pressed too hard. They skimmed Day's skin sending a wave of excitement through her legs and into the Venus mound spread wide. The unseen fingers and hands titillated as they moved purposefully along the curves of Day' sinner thighs. With each stroke, a paroxysm of thrills, like a thousands small pinpricks, electrified Days pussy and ascended upward into her full breasts, now rising and falling with each bolt of excitement.

Day knew where the mysterious appendages were going and did all that she could to make it easier for them to reach their destination. Unable to reach down and guide the silken fingers and velvety hands inside her, she arched her pelvis and pulled her splayed legs further apart.

Instantly the first long nail and finger slid into Days wet slit. While searching the inside of her moistened cavern, another finger gingerly moved along the full fleshy folds of Day's labia. So smooth; so pliant; so comforting were the finger's strokes along Day's lips that she could not help but fall more deeply into that plane between sleep and consciousness. It was now her subconscious at work; absorbing, living, relishing the sensuality awakened in her pussy.

Another finger joined the first inside her, then a third. Together they ravaging the cave. Pushing harder and deeper inside her, seeking, touching. While one finger plunged deep into her hole another felt along the slippery walls. The third reached upward to find the pink pearl nestled under the hood of her cunt. Day felt her clit growing larger, swelling, filling with lust so powerful it ached. The tip of a nail flicked the swollen clitoris. Soon all three fingers were tugging at the engorged bulb. The sensation was maddening but Day did not wish it to stop. If anything her brain and pussy both cried out for more!

Knowingly, the digits began to move furiously with Day's cave. Faster, harder, deeper they moved about inside her! More firmly they pulled and teased her hot clit! The wetness inside Day rose to a torrent, soaking her multiple stimulators.

Suddenly, without warning, Day could no longer feel the fingers nor the hand pounding inside her. Her cunt dripped its nectar onto the sheet and she could feel the pool growing larger beneath her. But before dismay or disappointment could overcome her raw passion, she sensed the same lean, sculpted digits combing through the fine, manicured hair above her slit. And she felt the fingers slathering the hairs with the juices they carried from her flooded pussy.

Just as quickly, she felt something else enter her. Something tapered and agile. And as it moved into her, probing her saturated box, she felt the unmistakable pressure of lips kissing her labial folds. Tender lips full of passion and sensuality. As they pressed harder against her pussy the tongue dove deep inside her and lapped at the ambrosia awaiting it inside her. Eagerly, frantically the tongue curled and twisted and swirled inside Day's orifice. It reached around her full clitoris and with the lips outside formed a vacuum that sucked hard on the glistening appendage. Day thought it would burst from sheer excitement!! Her head was feverish; her fulsome tits were filled with passion so intense they too burned; her nipples were erect and rock hard, screaming for attention!!! Day's body quivered with unbridled ecstasy!

She came with a fury and the mouth over her cunt drank all that she had. Again she shot a torrent of cum and the tongue engulfed every drop. Day's final burst came from somewhere deep within her, form a core she did not know she possessed. A mighty wave of fluid flowed from her boiling pussy into the voracious orifice awaiting it. It took it in and was no more.

Day lay limp and exhausted. Her senses; her body; her being, so enflamed but an instant ago, no succumbed to the tranquility of the night. Only vaguely could she detect the sounds of muffled voices and laughter and the clip-clop of hooves on the cobblestone street below. And only vaguely could she feel the breeze cooling her torrid skin. And only vaguely could she discern the Spanish moss hanging from her balcony before she descended into oblivion.


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