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Soccer Mom Surprise

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Title: Soccer Mom Surprise

Type: Couple; Male Dominant; Bondage

Description: Mom's gonna drop the kids off at school, then return home and get a few chores done...not today! She has a surprise visitor that, uh, changes her plans.

It was shortly after you returned home from taking the kids to school when the doorbell rang. Your trip to school was uneventful, which was good since you went in your housecoat and house shoes. Now, you look outside and see a middle-aged guy, not too bad looking, dressed in a sport coat and open collared shirt. He is carrying a brief case. Your mind races to consider why you might have such a business-type call on you. As you look out, you notice that your neighbor across the street is outside doing some gardening. This makes you brave and confident that if something were awry, you could easily call for help. You slowly open the door and are greeted with a charming smile and a confident, “good morning, ma’am”. You can’t help but smile in return and reply that it is a good morning, indeed. The next comment catches you completely off guard:

He says, “Dee, we have some very personal things to discuss about your internet activity and I can do it here, from the porch, if you wish. Since I have some things to spread out, the kitchen table would be better, I think. May I come in?”

You are intrigued and nervous because you know what you have been doing online and, well, let’s just say, Momma wouldn’t approve.

You tell him that you don’t have long but you can spare a few minutes and invite him inside. As he enters, you are struck by how he assumes control and closes the door and then turns to you and pushes you backwards against the now-closed front door. His hand is on your throat and very firm. It isn’t painful, but you are very scared. He looks you in your beautiful eyes and comments about their radiant beauty…too bad that you will be crying soon.

You don’t know what to think until he tells you that he knows about your internet activity because he is one of the contacts from and you know that you are in for something, but you are not yet sure, just what.

While holding your throat against the door, he drops the briefcase and he slowly forces you down – still with your back against the door – until you are both on your knees. At this point he reaches into his briefcase and withdraws some duct tape. He orders you to hold out your hands and when you comply, he binds them. Next, he tells you to stand. It is convenient for him that you are still in your housecoat. He reaches up from the bottom of your robe and grabs your panties and pulls them down and orders you to step out of them. You comply – like you had a choice – ha! He wads the panties up and stuffs them into your mouth and then using the tape again, he seals your mouth shut with the panties inside. You couldn’t say a word if you wanted to. You taste your dribbles from your last pee session. You are shocked when you see him withdraw something that doesn’t look familiar out of his bag. Quickly, you realize that he has a hood that will blindfold you and he puts it over your head. It covers your mouth again but leaves plenty of room for you to breathe through your nose.

Now you are blind, speechless and bound at the wrists. The next thing you feel is this person sliding something around your neck. It feels like a collar of some sort. Almost instantly after the collar – you think – is clasped, you hear a click and then, with a sudden jerk, you realize that he has attached a leash to the collar. Again, he forces you to your knees and tells you that you are not to stand in his presence. When the leash is attached, you are to act like the animal that you truly are and move on all fours. He frees your hands. He tells you to remove your housecoat. Upon seeing that you are still wearing your nightie, he cuts it off using what sounds like scissors. He tells you to get down on all fours and that you are now going to be leash-broken. You are not sure what that means until he jerks it and tells you to heel. Since you are blind you have no way of knowing where he is leading you and you promptly run into the door facing as you leave the entry foyer. Immediately, you feel a slap on your back with something that stings and your harsh voice says, “heel, you slut” and again you feel the jerk of your leash. Again you have trouble negotiating the doorway and again you feel the stinging sensation. This time it is on your ass and you feel it – twice this time. The stinging pain is almost unbearable. He was right. You are crying as you feel the tears well up and go…well, you don’t know where, since you’ve got this mask thing on. You reach your hand, almost automatically, around to rub your stinging ass and are greeted, almost immediately, with a sudden jerk on your leash and more pain on your back and your ass. “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH YOURSELF UNLESS I COMMAND YOU TO DO SO!!” are the words you hear.

You resign yourself to your situation, at least until you understand what is expected of you. At this point, you know that you are little more than an unwilling animal on a leash. He snaps your leash and you know that he expects you to follow. As the two of you move around your home, you are sensing that he is getting familiar with the layout of the rooms. Your knees are already hurting as you strive to keep up with your new “master”. You hate this as you have a strong Irish constitution and are nobody’s slave – until today.

Finally, you are aware that you’ve been all around the house and are now in the kitchen. He ties your leash to something, you can’t tell what, and you hear him closing your curtains and shades in the kitchen. You hear him looking through your drawers and are particularly concerned when you hear him in your knife drawer.

Suddenly, he orders you to stand. As you do, you feel his powerful hands forcing you onto you kitchen table. You are naked, now, except for your hood and the collar. As he forces you onto the table, he positions you so that you are lying on your back. You feel him busily strapping (or is he tying?) your legs and arms over the edge of the table. You realize that you are now tied spread-eagled on your own table with your legs bent at the knees and the bottom part of your legs are hanging off of the table and your feet are secured. As well, your hands are also secured. You cannot move but you know that you must be quite a sight.

He begins to talk to you again. He tells you that your aren’t much of a challenge. You are after all, here, now, naked and available for him to do anything he wishes. With that, you hear him open your refrigerator. You hear him rummaging around and then you hear the fridge close and suddenly you feel his hands spread your pussy lips and shove something that is very cold up your cunt. You recall that you had some cucumbers and what is now up your sweet pussy is, it has to be, one of them. He shoves it in and out and rotates it and then removes it and wipes it on your tits and then puts it back again. He fucks you with the cucumber and brings you near an orgasm before he quits. He pinches your clit and plays with it with his fingers. Again, he brings you close to orgasm and leaves you hanging when he stops just short of giving you relief.

He wants to know if you have been to the bathroom lately. You shake your head in the negative. As you do you realize that you do have to pee. He asks you if you need to go. You nod yes. He tells you to do it. Now. He wants to watch as this unruly animal pisses all over herself on the table. As you do, you hear something that sounds vaguely familiar. Clicking. What could it…you suddenly realize that he is photographing you. Taking pictures of you pissing all over your own table.

After you have finished, you smell your odor and are sickened that you remain in the puddle of pee that you have made. You hear him return to the knife drawer. What is he doing? You are frightened when you realize that he is running the blade of a knife all over your immobile body. He comments how a good sharp knife can cut and you won’t even feel it until you feel the blood oozing from the open wound. You swear that you feel your own warm blood pouring forth from fresh wounds. You are so scared that you suddenly jerk and spasm trying to release yourself from your bindings. Just as suddenly you feel the pain of the whip, or whatever he is using, slap your exposed mound. You can’t believe the stinging pain. You squirm again. Again the sting! You stop. It stops.

So, here you are: speechless with your panty-gag stuffed in your mouth, immobile with all arms and legs secured somewhere under the table, nasty dirty with your whole body now lying in your own piss, bleeding from wounds from which you can only feel your own body’s life blood oozing out of your body, naked and photographed. He asks you bluntly, “do you know who your master is?”.

You are a stubborn lass and don’t answer right away. Again, the pain on your exposed mound. Again the question. Do you know who your master is? Again, you are too slow to answer.

Next you feel something on your pussy and it is wet and oozing down toward the table along the crack of your ass. Again the question…do you know who your master is? Again, your stubborn attitude makes the answer slow to come. This time you feel something hard and firm slide abruptly into the pucker of your asshole. There is no relenting. The – whatever it is – is up your ass and then the cucumber is up your cunt. Your are being fucked by ‘things’ and they are driving you crazy. You are cumming and cumming and you are in pain but it is wonderful pain as you are fucked and fucked until you finally pass out.

When you wake, you realize that you are no longer on the table and you are no longer tied down. There is no gag and there is no hood but you are still naked and unable to see. You cannot see any blood or anyplace that would have been bleeding…you weren’t cut at all. As you reach up to remove whatever is blinding you, your hands are slapped and you are not permitted to do so. His voice asks again, who is your master? You respond: “you are my master”.

He says, “if that is so, take my cock into your mouth and suck me until I cum.” You satisfy your master’s need and when he has filled your mouth with his sperm, he kisses you deeply. He kisses you with all the love and emotion of a life mate. You love how he kisses you and you are loathe to stop his romantic attentions. He tells you that you are fine and that no real harm has come to you. He tells you that the scenario you devised is too dangerous and if somebody were to see him kidnap you from work, he could end up in jail. He cannot risk such a situation and that is why he came to see you, today. He expects you, as his sub-slut and slave to be understanding and to devise situations that do not place him at such great risk.

With that, he removes your blindfold and looks deeply into your green eyes. Again he kisses you deeply and lets his hand wander over your body, sliding a finger inside of your cunt. He tells you that next time, he will expect you to come to him. You tell him, “yes, master”. He promptly turns, grabs his briefcase and leaves through the front door.

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