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Skipping schoola day in my teen life

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This is a 100% true story of a day in High School......

I had just gotten out of 3rd period and ran into Stephanie and friend of mine. As freshman the day could get really long at our high school.

We got to talking about 5th period and how Miss Ronson was a total bitch. "You want to ditch the rest of the day" Stephanie asked.

"What the hell, where ya want to go.......the park?" I said

Cool.....let me grab my jacket" She said.

We quickly grabbed her jacket and slipped out the side door of the school walking around the bleachers to get to a side street which we cut up to cross the main road.

We had to be careful because Mr. Rosco had a bad habit of watching the corner to catch skippers. I had never been caught by him, but had heard the rumors that he was good at catching skippers. I glanced up toward his window and saw him standing there watching us.

"Crap, Mr. Rosco just saw us." I told Stephie

"Well hurry up and run" She complained.

"Yeah right........I don't freakin run" I laughed.

"I can't get busted my mom will ground me for life" Stephie whinnied.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind a old abandoned house and told her to sit down and shut up for a few minutes. I lit up a cigarette and got down behind some old bushes and waited. Sure enough a few minutes later we heard a car in the alley. I peeked around the bush and saw Mr. Rosco cruising by slowly and looking around.

We waited for a few minutes then snuck back out and walked quickly to the park. When we got there we saw a group of kids we knew and settled down and talk and hang out.

Unfortunately no one noticed Mr Rosco coming up the other side of the hill........when one of the girls saw him everyone scattered.

I ran quickly down to the womens rest room and slid in hoping he did not spot me. When the door opened I assumed it was Stephie or one of the other girls so I asked though the door if he was gone.

"Nope I am not gone" I heard in a mans voice.

"Shit" I whispered

"Yep, thats about what your in right now young lady, now get out of there RIGHT NOW" he demanded in a loud booming voice.

I pulled a couple more drags off my cigarette and debated on a way to get out of this........I was due to get off grounded in a week and mom was sure to ground me again when she heard about this! Dang, why could I not just say no and stay in class.

"I said NOW" He thundered

I quickly tossed my cigarette in the toilet and stepped out.

"Smoking as well......thats another white card" He said with a ticked off look on his face.

"Um, I am not on school property so you can't write me up for that" I said cocky like.

"Smart ass........I can write you up for anything I want. I am so sick of you little girls thinking you can get away with what ever you want and no body can do anything about it. If you was my kid I would bend you over and bust your ass"

He grabbed my arm and shoved me up against the wall of the bathroom. Stepping in so close that his chest was against my breasts he breathed down on me and gave me a look that told me he was very serious.

"Why did you run, I heard you were not a runner. Do I scare you?" He asked in a calm voice

"Well, I am about to get off grounded and I do not want to be grounded again" I said I felt his hand slide further down my arm gripping below my shoulders. His hand was brushing against my breast as he impossibly got even closer.......I felt his chest crush my breasts.

"Someone needs to teach you a little lesson, you think your hot shit, running around the school with your young ass hanging out of those short skirts and bending over in front of everyone. I should teach you how to be a good little girl.....maybe I will bust your ass now" He breathed on me.

He was so close I started to get scared and felt my arms shaking.

"Hum, looks like you are not so tough after all......huh little girl. You like acting like your one tough little cookie, but when a real man puts a little pressure on you, your shaking like a baby" He said with a laugh.

He grabbed my arms and turned me around with my face against the wall and held my hands behind me. "So, you have any cigarettes or drugs on you."

I felt his hands slide around and check my front pockets. He quickly pulled out my lighter and tossed it to the ground. "What else you have......I know your probably hiding drugs"

"No,........I have a pack of cigarettes in my back pocket but thats it" I told him.

Well I don't believe you, can I do a quick search, or should I just call the cops and have them search you before we go back to school" He growled in my ear so close I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

"No, please don't call the can check but I really do not have anything" I said.......lord knows I did not need to get in trouble with the cops. I had been caught skipping before and they take you home,my mom would kill me if that happened again.

He quickly let go of my hands and I felt his hands on my ass......gently feeling down. When he got to my pocket he tossed out the cigarettes and continued feeling. When his hands snaked around to my front I figured he would check my front pockets again.......instead I felt his hands slide up under my shirt.

"What are you doing" I gasped

"Searching.........I just told you! If you have a problem we can have the cops do it" He boomed "Just like a little slut, to imply otherwise. You think your so fucking hot that everyone wants a piece of you, well don't kid yourself little girl.......I'm just doing my job"

I quickly shut up and leaned a little away from the wall so he could finish up. When he crushed back against me I slammed into the wall.......

"Stop moving, little girl. Just hold fucking still" I felt his body grind up against me, and instantly knew what the hard object was pushing up against my ass.

His hands again strolled up and found my breasts.

"No Bra.......where is your bra? What kind of little whore runs around with no bra on"? He demanded

"I never wear one" I cried.

"Your nipples are hard as a like this? Boy you are a little slut, you like me searching those tits young lady" He said in a authoritative tone.

"No" I whispered

"Yeah you fucking like it! You like having a grown man play with your tits don't you, I bet your young little pussy is already wet" He whispered in my ear. I felt his fingers slowly start massing my nipples while his hips started thrusting against my ass. When I felt his lips on my neck I pulled away.

"Did I tell you to move young lady" He boomed. "Thats what I thought, act all hot and try to seduce a grown man then act like a tease and pull away. You better be glad I am not like other men and bend you over right here and fuck that little pussy of yours until you scream" He said with a laugh.

I felt my knee's start to shake, I had messed around a little bit with older guys, but I was always in control and Mr. Rosco was so big, he was almost frighting. I could not help but be afraid. At 6 foot 5 and bulky he felt like a line backer behind me.

"Your shaking again.....which is it little girl? Are you hot and wet, or are you shivering like a little girl? Maybe your a little in between huh, your body tells me your ready but you are still just a child"

I could not talk.....I was to intimidated to say anything. The next thing I knew he ripped me around to face him and grabbed my face......."Yep, still needs time to ripen" He said with a grin.

He shoved me against the wall and slipped his hand down to my pussy and started rubbing though my pants. "So what do you have down there young I need to take your pants off and check"

"No....." I said quickly

"Yep, still a know what you want, just to afraid to get it. Now come on back to the school so we can start the suspension papers.

I quietly followed him out to his car. He walked me to it holding onto my arm. Anytime I lagged behind he yanked me painfully forward. When he opened the door he shoved me into the car then bend over and buckled me up. When he got in the car he sat still for a moment breathing deeply and looking out the window.

"Don't you think for a minute that you can run to your momma and claim something happened that did not honey, cause I will expel your little young ass" He said in a hard voice.

We drove quickly back to the school and I followed him up to his office. When I walked in he locked the door behind me and walked to his chair. I started to go sit in the chair but before I got two feet away he was on his feet and shoved me into the wall.

"Why do you put on the innocent act huh, I know what your about. I hear the rumors around the school......your a little slut teasing all the boys. You had better not do that with a man, he might just teach you a lesson.

You need your ass whooped. I know you don't want to get into trouble at home, so I have a idea. Since your mother can not control you I will. You know what corporal punishment is?" He asked.

"Yes, thats where the teacher spanks you" I said with real fear in my voice.

"Yeah, well the state thinks its wrong so its been banned, but in some cases I give students a chance to choose. I can spank you, and it stays between us, or I can suspend you. Your choice. I find that spanking works far better. He said.

I thought about it for a moment, but hell this was perfect! I would rather he spank me then get grounded, so I nodded my head yes.

"Good, better this way. No paperwork for me. But I will warn you that your jeans are to tight so your getting it bare bottomed. He said as he walked back to his desk.

Bare bottomed..........that would hurt, but still better then a month of being grounded. I again nodded yes.

"Well get your little young ass over here then" He growled. I slowly walked over to his desk where he was standing. He looked me over and quickly undid my jeans and pulled them down. When he knelled down to pull them to my ankles he paused for a moment and stared up at my pelvic area.

"You don't have underwear on" He gasped.

I was so embarrassed......I seldom wore them. They were just to uncomfortable. I quickly averted my eyes in embarrassment and waited.

He still did not move and when I peeked down he was staring at my pussy. After a few moments he stood up and told me to bend over his desk. He had moved everything to the side so I had room to bend over. But he quickly shoved me down so the top half of me was pressed down on the desk and the bottom half was hanging over with my ass in the air.

"Spread your legs" He demanded.

I quickly did so and held my breath waiting for the smack I knew was coming. After a moment I took a breath when nothing came. I started to pull up and look when I felt him again shove me forcefully against the desk. "Don't move young lady........I think anticipation is the worst part. Plus its embarrassing sitting with your tight little ass in the air.....pussy bared for everyone to see. Thats what makes it the worse huh." He asked.

"No" I whispered

" you like that. You like your ass in the air knowing I am back here? Boy you are a paradox of emotions, one minute your a scared little girl, and the next your telling me you like your ass in my face. I bet you want me to touch your ass don't cha?" He asked

"No........I just meant that the spanking is the worse part" I denied.

"Oh, your lying.......I know it. I see whats in your eyes. You want a man to touch you huh. Just like you wanted me to play with your cute little tities. Your a little girl that is begging for a little excitement huh.......half little girl..... half slut!" He complained.

"No" I again disagreed.

"Keep saying no, we both know what you want. I can see your hot little pussy from here and it is swelled up..........I bet its fucking hot and getting wet huh"

I again said no, though I knew deep down I was lying. As afraid as I was, my pussy was already getting excited. Deep down I knew how much it wanted to be touched.

When I felt his hot breath against my ass I quickly lost all train of thought and jumped.

"Calm down, just looking to see if I am right" He whispered

He spread my legs even further apart and shoved my ass forward and up so my pussy was even easier to view while he was on his knee's. His face was so close that I could feel his hot breath on my pussy lips..........instintly my pussy begin to throb in anticipation of being touched. My mind was going a hundred miles a hour, I was so embarrassed yet my body was begging to be touched!

After a few moments he stood up and told me to get ready. When I felt his hand across my behind it was not as hard as I had thought it would be so I did not need to cry out. After a few more slaps he stopped.

"What, that does not hurt.....I bet you like that huh" He asked.

"No" I whispered again.

"Yeah, you do like it, now I am going to have to find some other way to punish you" Again he pulled my legs apart and started slowly rubbing my ass.

"What is it about you, you like being touched" He demanded when I did not try to stop him.

"No....."I started to say

"Liar, you like it, just like in the bathroom you liked it when I touched you. You act like such a sweet little girl now, but I can tell your not. No bra and no underwear, just begging for the big bad wolf to come along and eat you". He said in a hard voice while grinding his hips and dick against my ass.

Before I could say no again he slapped my ass and told me to say yes........

"Yes" I quickly said.

"Thats what I do like it. Your a young little slut, but your still a slut. Do you know how many young little pussy's come in this office everyday begging for it. Fix my grades, get me out of many hot young girls needing good grades so they can get into a good school. Yet just want the dick isn't that right"

I again started to say no........when he twisted my arm around and again growled "say yes"

"Yes, yes.....I want the dick" I cried.

"Well you little slut, your not getting it. You think you can come in here and tease me, ask me to spank you instead of suspending you knowing you had no underwear on. This was all a little trick huh"

This time I knew to say yes and did so quickly. He continued to rub my ass with his fingers occasionally falling down and touching my pussy. I was so hot, my pussy was again throbbing and I could feel the heat start to build up between my thighs heading toward my wet throbbing pussy.

"Is your pussy hot yet, lets see" I felt his fingers slowly go down and begin massaging my pussy. He quickly got down on his knees and shoved my legs apart exposing my pussy more to his fingers.

I could not help but jump when I felt his wet tongue slid across my pussy.

"Hum, you taste very good......your hot little pussy smells good too" He said.

Again I felt his tongue slid over my pussy as if he was tasting it for a moment. "Do you want to be eat you up little girl" He asked

I wasn't sure if I should answer so I pushed my pussy a little further down toward his face.

"Um, you do want the big bad wolf to eat you up" And then his mouth was sucking on my pussy and shoving his tongue deep into me. I could not help but push my pussy further onto his face, it felt so good. He continued to lick and suck on my pussy until I felt a orgasm rip though me. When I started moaning he quickly pulled back and told me to be quite.

After a few more minutes of him licking and teasing my pussy he pulled up and told me to turn around. He quickly pulled me off the desk and shoved me to my knees. Where he yanked my shirt off and begin fondling and playing with my tits. After a moment he stood up and pulled his own pants down then sat down in his chair.

"Your turn honey, suck my dick good and I will never suspend you again" He ordered.

I quickly got up in front of him and sucked his big dick into my mouth. I could feel his dick getting harder as I slowly started sucking on the tip of his dick. When I felt his hands on the top of my head he was guiding me further and further onto his cock.

"God yes, suck my dick young lady. All you little girls are just want to act like women, but when a man reacts you want to tease. Not you baby, your a good little cock like sucking my dick don't you"

I continued to suck while he ordered me to go faster and slower guiding my head where he wanted it. After a little while he yanked me up by my hair and pulled me up so I was leaning above him. He quickly grabbed my tit and slowly begin sucking on my nipple as his other hand begin playing with my pussy getting me hotter and hotter until I again had a orgasm.

"Time to see what you can do with that hot little pussy of yours" He gasped after a few minutes.

At that point I decided it had gone far enough. I started to pull away and tell him no,

"You will do it, or I will expel your ass right now you little slut. What you thought you could come in here and tease me and walk away without me fucking that tight little cunt of yours?"

"No, I will suck your dick again if you want" I offered

"Fuck that, I had your mouth, now I am going to fuck that tight little slit between your legs. And your gonna fucking like it" He ordered.

He quickly grabbed my arms and again shoved me against the desk. When he grabbed my hips and put me in position I tried to wiggle free. I felt one hand press against my back keeping me in place while his other hand reached down and begin finger fucking my pussy again.

I quickly felt my pussy heating up again and lost all my fight, grinding my pussy against his hand.

"Thats right, you want it don't you" He whispered

"Yes, god yes please don't stop" I cried out.

When I felt his hard dick shove its way into my pussy I gasped because it hurt a little bit. He grabbed my hips and thrust himself even deeper into my pussy.

"Oh sweet lord, your fucking little cunt is so tight, oh fuck your pussy feels so fucking good" He gasped.

He begin shoving his hard dick even further into my pussy faster and faster as his own excitement mounted. I quickly felt my body tense up as his hard dick brought me to a hot over whelming orgasm. I felt my pussy contracting against his hard dick.

"Oh fuck yeah baby, cum on my dick......your pussy is so fucking tight and hot. Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuck this pussy all year baby, come on.......fuck me hard baby" He moaned.

I quickly grounded my pussy even further against him and started thrusting back as he was thrusting forward........I felt his hands tighten up on my hips in a painful grasp when his body shook. He quickly pulled his dick out and shot cum over my back.

After a few moments I felt him wiping quickly with something to clean me off.

When he pulled away I took a deep breath and pulled my pants up quickly. By the time I had my shirt on he was back in his chair and had my file in his hands.

"I don't care how often you skip, but in the future if you get know how to get out of it. Now take your young little ass back to class and behave!" He demanded in his official no nonsense voice everyone feared.

I quickly walked to the door and headed to my next class....

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