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Shy Beverlys Private And Public Awakening Part 5 - Exhibitionist, Group

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Some New Friends

The readers of Part 4 in this series have come to know that Beverly’s has become comfortable at being publicly sexual if there are other girls doing the same thing. While she has yet to be touched by another guy and she only shows a mild bi interest, she has become accustomed to being undressed with others present.

Recently, we were sitting in a local bar just before closing time. The only other people present were two girls sitting with their boyfriends at the next table. What I noted first about the girls is that they were both big busted. In my estimation somewhere between a 36D and 38D. Beverly is a 34B, which is nice, but I do like large breasts at times. The other difference was the girls and their boyfriends were in their late twenties, which made them about twenty-five years younger than us. Other than these difference, the two girls were both petite like Beverly, about 5’3” weighing 110-120lbs and very shapely.

The girls were evidently engaged in a little game teasing their boyfriends by undoing a couple of their blouse buttons, showing off the tops of their breasts. Next I know Beverly turns to me saying “I can do that too”. Wearing a zip front top, next I know she unzips until she too is showing the tops of her lace bra covered 34Bs.

The second person to notice Beverly’s show was one of the girls at the next table. She then looks Beverly in the eye, smiles and undoes another of her buttons. Not to be undone, Beverly lowers her blouse zipper another couple of inches. As I glance over at the guys at the next table it becomes apparent from the smiles on their faces that this is all good news for us.

As I begin to turn back to Beverly I hear the sound of the zipper. It is now open to well below her breasts so that all can see her very sexy bra. As I glance back to the other girl she undoes another two buttons. I note that she too is wearing a very sexy bra that shows off her ample, now hard, nipples.

This other gal, Linda as I soon found out, begins to laugh saying to Bev, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but its nice to see that older gals like to play around.” Bev told her that no offense was taken, but that perhaps the boys were uninterested in my body as you and your girlfriend are so much younger. Again, Linda laughed saying, “If you ever saw how my boyfriend Brian looks at my mom you would have no worries. I actually think he has a fantasy about older women.

The mutual glances and smiles being shared across the tables were interrupted by the bartender. “I have closed the door so we are the only ones left here. If you don’t mind me watching, you can all continue to fool around. In fact, I’ll buy the girls and their respective boyfriend a drink of their choice for any piece of clothing you girls wish to lose.”

With that the third gal, Carly, who had been quiet up until now, stands up takes off her top and asks for two lemon drops. She was wearing this very sheer bra and like her girlfriend had great nips. As the bartender was leaving to make the drinks, Linda takes off her top, quickly followed by Beverly. “Might as well make it 6 lemon drops”, shouts Bev.

After we downed our shots, the bartender turned on some music. As we were each dancing with our respective partners, the bartender turned the lights down real low. As we danced very close Beverly whispered in my ear, “I know that you are enjoying looking at the other girls. That’s fine with me. If you agree to my “no touch rule” I will make sure you see a lot more of them.” (Now, we have discussed her no touch rule which applies to tits and pussy and for her to a guy’s cock. Though we have never done so she says she is okay with ass rubbing and body rubbing.) “The way Linda’s boyfriend keeps looking at me I think that she is right about his older woman fantasy and I have to say I like the thought of it. In fact, it’s making me hot to think I can turn on a young guy. I’m not sure how far the other two girls will go, but I’m going to take the lead and find out.”

The song finished, Bev suggested to the other gals that they go to the restroom. When they departed we guys were left alone sitting at the bar. Brian was first to speak. “If you don’t mind me saying so, Bev is very attractive and has a great body. While I would never do anything, Linda’s comment about my looking at her mom is true. While not as sexy as Bev, there are times I just fantasize about her. Last summer when I saw her for the first time in a two piece bathing suit I thought my cock was going to explode.” I told Brian that Bev likes the idea of a younger guy finding her attractive, so enjoy looking. The other fellow, Mark, then spoke up. “I agree with Brian, Bev is hot. What I really like is that both Linda and Bev are very playful and this seems to have had an effect on Carly. She is usually shy, so I was shocked when she was the first one to take off her top. “Well guys”, I said, “I think that we might very well be in for an interesting evening.”

As the girls returned, it was Beverly who said, “Anyone up for another drink?” We three guys almost responded in unison, “Hell yes”. Without hesitation, the three girls took off their jeans and handed them to the bartender. What a great site! The girls all wore thongs, so there three equally attractive asses were on display. As we downed our Jello shots, I could not believe my ears when Linda shouted out, “I need another drink!” As I glanced at Beverly, she gave me a wink and quickly turned to Linda saying “Let me help you with that.” As she faced Linda she slid her bra straps down, moved her arms around her and undid her bra clips. Ever so slowly, she brought Linda’s bra forward letting it drop to the floor.

Linda, then just as sensually began to remove Bev’s bra. As she was bringing it forward, she let her hands cup Bev’s breasts for a few seconds. Two down, with what I was to find out was the best to come. Linda and Bev moved behind Carly. They raised her arms, undid her bra clips and each reached a hand under her bra to caress Carly’s tits. Gently, they continued Carly’s tit massage making certain that they squeezed her nips until they were red and hard.

Without removing their hands from Carly, Beverly said “So, are you boys enjoying our little show? Would you like us to continue?” Again, as if in a chorus we responded in the affirmative.

“Then you will all need to show us what good sports you are. We want you boys stripped to your shorts, but we don’t want you to take off your own clothes. By the way bartender, this includes you. So, boys get to it.”

We looked at each other a little hesitant, but after a quick huddle, we decided the benefits would far outweigh Beverly’s request. I stripped Mark and who did the same for me and Brian and the bartender took care of each other.

Now it was me who spoke. “Okay Beverly you girls got what you wanted, now we expect a great show.” Linda and Bev then walked Carly over to a post by the dance floor. With her hands still over her head and wrapped in her bra, they tied her hands to the post. “One more drink bartender” yelled Linda as the girls took off their thongs and the two removed Carly’s thong, using it to partially blindfold her.

I was not to be disappointed in the show. Beverly and Linda began rubbing their bodies against Carly. They continued playing with her breasts, massaged her legs, humping themselves against her thighs. Carly was going crazy! She was hanging there by her arms, being teased by the two gals. Linda left for a minute, returning with a vibe she must have had in her purse. The body rubbing continuing, Linda began working the vibe on Carly’s clit, then slowly inserted it. Taking it out after a bit, Carly screamed, “For Christ’s sake put it back in and fuck me already.” “I think we all need a drink first”, Bev said. “Since we have no clothes left to trade, we’ll just have to think of something else. Bartender, is it worth a round of drinks if we let you work the vibe on Carly?” Without even answering, he began to fix a round of drinks, passing them out, then bringing Carly’s drink to her lips.

Getting down on his knees, he began working the vibe on Carly. Slowly at first, then increasing his pace, he worked the vibe. Stopping or slowing down when he sensed that Carly was about to cum, he kept her going for a good ten minutes. In a shout that filled the bar, Carly had one of the most vocal orgasms I had ever witnessed.

As the girls untied Carly, she told them that she needed a drink and that it was now their turn to earn a round. Beverly and Linda then flipped a coin, with Beverly being the loser. “So”, Carly said “What can Bev do to earn those drinks? Bartender, it’s your bar, so you decide.”

We guys huddled again, with Brian saying that he would love to somehow live out his older woman fantasy. “Let me play with Beverly and you can play with Linda when it is her turn.” I told Brian that he should go for it and that I thought that Bev might go for anything other than being fucked. “So”, our friendly bartender said, “Just how far do you think she’ll go?” Well there is only one way to find out I told him, “ask her”.

“Alright Beverly”, the bartender began, “I would like to see you sit back on that sofa over there while Brian and I take turns licking your clit.” Now, I know that Beverly likes nothing better than to be licked, but this would be her first contact with other guys. Knowing that this would be another step forward in our play with others, she glanced over at me seeking my okay. I gave her a quick nod and she smiled.

Brian and the bartender went over to Beverly each taking hold of one of her hands. They escorted her over to the sofa, knelt in front of her and spread her legs. Brian was first to have a go at it. Judging by Bev’s reaction, his tongue was definitely hitting the mark. Without saying a word, Linda and Carly joined Bev on the sofa, sitting on either side of her. As Brian continued his licking and tongue probing the girls played with Bev’s tits. With Mark and me left as observers, we each seemed to have the same idea, playing with our cocks while watching the show. When Bev began to shudder I knew she was cumming hard and fast. As she reached orgasm, Brian pulled away, letting the bartender have his turn. It was not long before she was ready to cum again, but as with the vibe on Carly, the bartender kept her on the edge for over 15 minutes until she had her second orgasm of the night.

I know that once Bev has cum from having her clit massaged, that she likes to be fucked. Since she seemed so accommodating to Brian and the bartender, I told Mark to get the dildo and fuck her. I also told him that while he is at it, he should suck her tits.

With Bev’s legs still spread, Mark knelt in front of her, working the vibe. Her only reaction to this additional play was to look at Mark telling him, ‘Fuck me hard.” As he thrust the vibe deep, he began massing her tits. Sensing that Bev was having a good time, Linda, then Carly, began feeding her breasts into Mark's mouth. Watching her being fucked with that vibe while the girls played with her tits and with Mark sucking them was the most erotic experience I have had. I was not the only one who felt this way, because before long Bev came as loud and strong as I have ever witnessed.

As Bev’s turn at play ended, we all sat at the bar having another shot. Once again, its was Carly who informed the bartender that it was now Linda’s turn and that he should make the suggestion. As we guys were about to huddle again, Linda spoke up. “You guys can come up with a plan for me or I can come up with my own plan. I promise that you will not be disappointed.” What the heck we thought, let’s see what she has in mind.

“Since I seem to be the show’s finale for the evening, why don’t we all get involved? So far Hank has just observed so it’s his turn. I want to 69 with him till he cums in my mouth. After we go at it for a couple of minutes I want Brian to fuck me in the ass while Hank and me continue. Beverly and Carly, you girls should tongue fuck Hank’s and Brian’s asses. Bartender, you and Mark can finger fuck Bev’s and Carly’s pussies and asses.”

As Linda and I lay on our sides my mouth came to Linda’s very wet and warm pussy. This girl was nicely shaved and soaked. Going right for her clit and labia, my tongue began its work. At the same time Linda began using her tongue to lick my cock from base to tip while caressing my balls. When she finally took my cock in her mouth, she took it all the way into her throat. This was a first class cock sucker.

It was not long before I noted Brian laying next to Linda jamming his cock up her ass. As I continued to enjoy Linda’s pussy while being sucked, I felt my own asshole being licked. It was Carly doing the action and her tongue was not shy. I assumed that Bev was doing the same to Mark, but between having my faced buried in pussy and the ecstasy of having my ass licked, I really could not tell.

After the bartender and Mark joined in, it was not long before each of us in turn came. As I shot my load into Linda’s mouth she sucked it in like a vacuum cleaner. Almost at the same moment, I could feel her juices release. She was a squirter. A big time squirter!

Each of us in turn separated and took seats at the bar while the bartender poured some coffee and Baileys. The whole bar had the scent of sex and we all looked more than a little disheveled. After quick trips to the restrooms to tidy up, we all got dressed and finished our drinks.

As we departed, hugs and smiles were shared. An invitation from the bartender to return anytime was made and we all exchanged phone numbers and emails. Not sure if we will ever do this again, but it sure makes a great memory.

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