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Sherri's Oral Ad-DICK-tion

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Sherri and I had been havving friend over very regulalry for a couple months and we had Jana and her husband Dale over three time in a row. Jana had Sherri had been folling around in secret, that is Dale didn't know it and Jana had not told him she like a little Bi fun. Dale was really a great guy and he had a way with his nature that would make him friends with anyone. Sherri liked him the first time she saw him and began fliriting as soon as she did. Letting him see her cleavage, spreading her legs in her short skirts with no panties and a variety of other little games she liked to play when she was after someone. She noticed him get hard a couple times and was very interested in finding out what his cock was like. Jana and Sherri had decided it wa time for Dale to discover their little secret so they were invited over this one night for supper and "Desert" after. We had drinks and all and since the girls wee planning to put on a show we had made Dale's a little stronger. He was feeling no pain and was also watching the way Sherri and Jana seemed to be showing a little extra skin and it was obvious he was aroused. Jana jumped up and said "We wanna put on a show, but you guys have to trust us." Sure said Dale, what do we do. The girls brought our some rope and sat us in chairs. Then they tied Dale to the chair and me too but I was loose and could get free. This is kinky dale said. It is gonna get kinker Jana told him as she kissed him. Then Sherri turned on some music and the girls began dancing together...the music was sultry and slow and Sherri and Jana were carressing each other as they dance...then they began kissing each others necks and shoulders...Dale sat opened mouthed and was watching without a word. Then they kissed, deep slow, tongues together, sucking each others tongues as their hands now went to the private places they had just been skirting around. THen Jana turned towards Dale and I and Sherri was behind her, their hips grinding sherri reached around and fondled her titties and Jana pulled her skirt off, Dale was really entranced. All he could say was "Damn, damn that is hot." over and over again. Then Jana undressed Sherri letting her nice round titties out and began sucking her nipples hard...Sherri moaning and they ladi down on the rug and began kissing and eating and making love...reaching a couple orgasms. This all took about an hour so it was really torture with my cock straining aginst my zipper and Dale was really sweating...Sherri went to Dale and said, "Is that poor cock needing to explode?" Yeh he told her, She freed it from his pants and it sprung in her face...Oh fuck Sherri cried out, it is huge. Jana you never told me how big it is. Jana laughed and did the same for my waiting cock. Suddenly Sherri took it in her mouth and maoned as she had an orgasm...soaking the rug under her...damn Girl, you fucking pissed on the rug Jana said. Sherri stopped, No, it was an orgasm..I can't believe how intense it was. She went back to work on Dale's cock and again orgasmed again soaking the rug. Jana and I had stopped and was watching them now, Jana had her grip on my cock and everytime Sherri orgasmed she would beging massaging it. Then I got out of my ropes as Jana laid under Sherri's pussy, she began sucking agin and this time deep-throating Dale she drove it deep in her throat. After a little Dale began to wince and say, I am gonna cum, look out, Sherri buried it deep in her mouth...His cum exploded as did her pussy, soaking Jana's face as she tried to lick it all up. Then Sherri was on my cock, sucking it fast making me cum in no time. Damn, she now was an animal, Give me more she demanded. Back on Dales cock again she got it hard. Sucking it down she was going faster and faster, buriyng it in her mouth. She was cumming about every 10 or so times it went in her throat and when Dale came she soaked the rug again. Then she was back on me, sucking like she was starving. I load up her throat agin and she went back to Dale, disappointed that he was still half hard. She went in and put on her bikini and said Come on, we put on suits and went to the pool, it was late and there were several couples and few guys there Sherri jumped in the pool and went over to one of the single men. She kissed him and the shocked look on his face told us her hands were doing someting under the water. They were talking and finally Sherri said, Steve, will you please tell him it is okay if I suck his cock? Sure I said, suck all the cock you want Hunny. See she said and he looked at me. Serious he said. Yeh, she is serious and she needs it. He got up on the edge of the pool and Sherri pulled out his hard cock and buried it in her mouth...again, voracious..sucking as if starving. He rewarded her with a full load of cum and it was obvious that she had cum as he did. A couple guys had gotten near and as she finished she told them, Well, who the fuck is next, let's have it." Another got on the deck and his legs in the water as she pulled his out. Sucking it like she had the other. Now there were six guys waiting their turns near her, the bikini long ago floating in the pool as she was naked and they wee fondeling and fingering her but she never had an orgasm unless there was a hard cock in her mouth. All of them took their turns, some three or more times and then finally began to leave. Sherri came over to me, "I don't know why but I have to have more cock" she said looking in my eyes. I need to suck it, it makes me hotter and hotter in my mouth and then it cums and I can't help swallowing it all and then I need more." Gene, one of the guys still left said, "well, if ytou need more I know where to go, the truck always has men wanting to get sucked off and there are usually some women there all the time, but the men outnumber them. We left, Sherri, Dale, Jana and Gene and I and got in the car. Sherri was sucking Dale again on the way and when we got there Gene pointed to the corner where the action was usually at. THere was a wooded area with tables and Sherri jumped out of the car and went rightto the tables. I asked Gene, so how does anyone know they are availeable for fun? Gene looked at the area and said, "I don't think there will be any problem knowing Sherri is hot. I looked as she had taken off her shirt she had thrown on and was on her knees as several men walked to her. She wasted not time taking out cocks and sucking them down. For over 3 hours Sherri sucked every cock that was offered to her and even some that took her pussy and ass. She told me later that she couldn't cum unless she was sucking a cock even if she was getting fucked. We went back home and she seemd sated but I woke up to her mouth on my hard cock....That was the beginning of an obsession that never ended as long as we were married. Of the 21 men in my office she sucked all of them at one time or another, sometimes in groups. We went to ball games and malls and she always disappeared into the back somewhere sucking cock. We never did find out what brought on her need to suck cock and swallow cum but it made a lot of men happy. I saw her suck up to 30 and more cocks in a row, looking for more all the time. THere was a steady flow of men and women at our place all times of the day and night as she tried as she could to satisify the need to have her mouth full of cock and her belly full of cum.

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