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Sheneed Part II – The Bet

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?Would you make love to me my friend?? she then looked me in the eyes and said simply; ?I need you.? The question echoed into the depths of my being. The answer would be one of the most important sounds ever to come from my lips. Years of wanting her, years of using other women imaging it was she, hell my whole future rode on the how I answered her question.

I turned the pick-up my drink to steal some time. I found it empty so I look-up for the bartender and ?Sheneed? was suddenly there with me. ?What to bet her pussy is no different that all the others you?ve had?? The words angered me and without thinking I yelled, ?Yes?. ?Sheneed? smiled and the bar went silent everyone looking at me wondering what had prompted my loud excited affirmation.

It was then I realized an answer had also been shouted to my friend's question. I turned back to her and she was smiling at me almost laughing at the way I had sung out the loud answer. I smiled back and said in a whisper only she could hear; ?That would be a dream come true?????.

I was still resisting. Wanting to win needing to win. Still blindfolded, I heard movement and felt ?Sheneed? came close to me. ?I need you now, I?ll make you ready.? With that ?Sheneed? had my balls in her mouth again playing with them with her tongue. I felt my erection grow as she sucked them in and dominated me with her power and control. Take a man by the balls and he will follow you anywhere it a truism. After what seem like an endless time of beautiful delightful tourcher I finally felt ?Sheneed? surrender my balls to the cold air and mount me. I could no long resist, I erupted like a volcano into her pussy. Spilling my seed with both pleasure and sadness at my submission to her ploy. But wait. Hers was the right one the different one?. The perfect pussy

My eyes came open my body hot with excitement and need. I realized ?The Bet? dream had happened again. I felt sexually charged all over and pre-cum was leaking from the tip of my cock. I was in full need of her. She was next to me watching. She had my rock hard cock in her hand and was smiling at me.

?And what were you dreaming about? she asked shaking my skyward pointing trickling cum manhood.

?I was dreaming about the perfect pussy and how much fun I had looking for it. I was dreaming about you and the first time you told me you needed me. I was dreaming about the bets we make in life when we share ourselves with another. I was dreaming about the need I had for you for so many years before we became lovers. I had nicknamed it ?Sheneed? and you are her.

With that she took me fully into her mouth with a ?Guuurg? mmmmm?? moan.

Still excited from my dream I had no control and was instantly pouring my manseed into her warm mouth. She held onto my cock as I explored, squeezing it like the neck of a lunging snake, sucking the head like she was feeding on the juices it was spitting. I was sensitive beyond belief she was killing me with pleasure. I was holding her head and crying out my-cum song. I felt like an imploding star collapsing into a black hole as she pumps the last drops of me into her mouth, swallowing, drinking me in, sucking my cock head with obvious joy.

My woman, my "Sheneed", is amazing. She was holding her hand flat against my abdomen, squeezing my dick between her thumb and index finger still sucking up and down. She pulls her mouth up the length of me whipping her head side to side and swallows all of me again burying her head between my thighs.

At last she sits up and grins. Her face is covered with saliva and my cum. Her hand holding my dick, hard, purple, and swollen like a treasured trophy.

"My turn" I said as I rolled her onto her back slowly, continuously meeting her eyes to psychically prepare her to expect fun. Our eyes lose contact only in flickers as my head dips to kiss, suck and breathe on her naked gooseflesh. I could see tiny earthquakes spreading from each point of contact on her body. I had worked my way down between her legs and took a soft bite of her inner thigh. This triggered a ten-finger movement to my head and a "Oh Please Baby" for my ears. She applied no pressure she was just preparing herself for my next move. I froze over the lips of her beautiful shaved pussy breathing heavily building her anticipation. I then lightly nudged her wet spongy outer lips apart with my tongue and found my target standing erect and waiting.

I smelled the beautiful musky scent of her wetness. No perfume manufacturer will ever be able to create a scent that fires my soul like her pussy. It excites me and stirs my passions. The taste is wonderful and I suck it fully into my mouth along with the lips of her pussy. I use my tongue like a paintbrush flicking bold yet soft bushes of pleasure strokes against nub of her clitoris. Her pussy is made for cunnilingus and I am made to provide it.

I feel her fingers on my head become more insistent and pleading of "Please don?t stop" reward me with the knowledge she was being properly eaten. I keep up the action with my mouth, occasionally releasing suction to lick and suck the whole top half her pussy, inner and outer. I make lots of noise too, moaning noises, slurping noises, breathing noises, enjoyment noises engaging all of her senses.

Her fingertips pull though my hair encouraging me to stay in my current position. I do, stroking her with my tongue as her climax begins to approach. Her back arches her clit to my painting tongue. I sense her level of need building. I concentrate, focusing my efforts on the extraction of a masterpiece orgasm for her pleasure.

I feel her whole body tense and then her orgasm bursts like a water balloon spilling her secretions down her vagina canal and into my mouth. She bucks with pleasure and loudly sings her beautiful cum song to reward me. I feel her sensual energy surround me and know that we have painted another beautiful moment in our life distilled from our joining.

I hug her legs together gently kissing my perfect pussy careful not to irritate her still pulsing exhausted clit. I rest my face against my woman and best friend and wondered again at the Bet.

It is almost 2 years now since my ?Sheneed? bet to myself. I have never before felt this way about a woman nor felt a more perfect pussy for my pleasures. We have become not only the best of friends, the best of lovers but true soul mates living life out loud.

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