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She had "good intentions"

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Jill's intentions were good, very good. While her 35 year old handy man boyfriend was on a week end fishing trip with her father, her air conditoner went out. No dad, and no boyfriend to repair her problem.

It was hot, 99 outside, with a 109 degree index. Humidity was horrible. She took a shower, put on a pair of nice shorts, a light top, her sandals and went across the street to Stef and Hank's house.

Jill is 34, a set of 34 d's, five feet six or seven, and tan, turning the eyes of many a man, and woman, when she shops at the mall. Although promiscious in her 20's, she had been faithful to Gene in this three year relationship, their sex life was fantastic, she loves him very,very, much.

Stef was gone. She explained the a/c problem to Hank who said,"come in, make yourself at home, I'll go clean the condensers, see if that helps, will take about 10 minutes, anything in the fridge,help yourself, but lay on the couch and cool off. Stef will be back in a couple of hours, if a/c won't work you are staying here anyway."

Hank was no hunk, but he had on no shirt, and Jill did catch herself kind of fantasizing over his hairy chest, but took him up on the offer, poured herself a small class of cold wine, kicked of her sandals and lay on the couch to cool off.

She must have instantly dozed off. But she was awakened, of all things, Hank massaging her feet.

Now Gene, he is a great lover, but, never, ever does he touch her feet. Hank was making her suddenly very wet in the area of the pussy.

Jill couldn't let Hank no how heavily horny he was making her, but with him kissing, sucking each toe, rubbing both the tops and bottoms of her feet so sensually, she had to squirm.

Hank looked at her and smiled. "I never met a woman who didn't love a foot massage," he said.

"God, where did you learn that?," she asked, gasping for air.

"Well, I have a feeling I am doing more than making your feet feel good," Hank laughed.

"Yes, you are. Dammed it, you know Gene is gone and I'm vulnerable, you must have known I miss his hard cock in me," she blurted out as Hank ran his hand up her thigh to just underneath her shorts.

"I figured as much, you litle slut," he laughed, "now, let's go to the bedroom."

Jill was unable to say no. Pussy juice was running down her leg and she stripped what few clothes she was wearing quickly when she entered Hank's bedroom.

"What, what about Stef?," she asked her naked neighbor who had her not only hot, but horny as hell and dripping pussy juice, as she got on top of him and stradled him and began sucking his huge 8 inch cock.

"Don't worry about her, we have a couple hours," he said, "suck my cock you little slut," he laughed.

"Why do you keep calling me slut?," Jill asked when she removed her lips from his cock for just a couple seconds.

"You remember a party at Joe's about five years ago? You ate with, what was his name, George, he dared you to get up and stand on the table and strip, then let all 12 guys fuck you right there on the table?," her neigbor asked, his cock hardening while talking.

"Dayum. You were there? Shit, I intended just to go and get a free meal, instead I was the free meal," Jill laughed, "I had good intentions, just like now, I just got carried away."

Hank had her lay down he pounded his cock in and out of her hot pussy. "Fuck me Hank! Fuck me asshole," she screamed.

Hank obliged, gladly pounding her pussy not only on the bed, after she sucked him dry, they showered and he pounded her pussy again in the shower.

"Get dressed slut. Stef will be here soon. I'm going to go check you a.c. If she gets here, just tell her while you are here and keep you fucking mouth shut," Hanke commanded.

In a few minutes Hank returned saying her a.c was fixed, but she was welcomed to stay the night so the house could cool down. Stef came in and Hank explained how Jill's a.c had gone ot and he fixed it, but offered to let the neighbor spend the night so her house could cool down.

"Sure, I have never had a sexy lady spend the night here," Stef laughed.

Stef fixed supper for the three then sent Hank to the liquour store for more wine.

"So, Jill, how good a fuck was my husband?," Stef asked boldly.

Jill nearly choked on her wine."What?," she asked.

"You heard me! You came here with good intentions, I know Hank fixed your air conditioner, he left a manual out in the garage. But if you were here more than 10 minutes, I know he fucked you, so how was he?," she asked her young neigbor.

"Well, I should leave, this should have never happened, I only wanted to have my a/c fixed," Jill stammered.

"Nonsense you little slut! It's ok, he's wanted to fuck you for months. Now here's dessert, me and you, naked in bed, when he returns, then you get to see how hard his cock is this time," Stef laughed.

Well, Jill got fucked by Hank, eaten by Stef, fucked again by Hank, and yes, his cock was even larger, all because of her "good intentions."

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