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She Loves A Big Weapon, Doing Two Policemen

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MY girlfriend and I were riding around one night last week. We had been talking over some fantasies that I had for us to do and she began telling me she had always wanted to be done by at least a couple policemen. Men with badges and uniforms and big weapons were a thing for her as long as I had known Tess. Well, we talked about it while we rode around and I decided to keep a look out for a patrol car in a store or the like. We went up to the interstate and rode some, the nice night air inspiring her to undo her blouse and let her 40DDs air out some. She had her panties off and her legs up on the dash as we passed a couple trucks with their horns approving the view. We drove over into South Carolina with my intention to stop at a road side area that was nice when I spotted two patrol cars at a convience store...I pulled off and up to the front of the store. Tess had sat up and gotten herself "together" and I looked at the store and said, "Well, if this isn't a chance for a fantasy to come true then I don't know what is." "Are you serious?" she asked me. "Sure as hell"..."It is all up to you." She blushed and we got out of the car, still not sure if she was going to go ahead with her fantasy. She is short, 5'0" with redish brown hair down to her shoulders, very sexy and a nice little BBW. She had no bra on and her panties were long ago in the back seat of the car. She had taken them off and tossed them there when we met that night. She was nervous I could tell because her face always gets red and she kind of walks around in a daze. Well, the police officers were talking at a little coffe area in the store where people could sit at a table and eat and drink...I walked to the other side of the store and she followed me. Are you sure she said...Yes, I told her again. Okay, then I will do it she said. I watched her as she went to a magazine rack near them and kept looking at them and the poilce...She stood there with her blouse part way unbuttoned so that her cleavage got the attention of anyone that looked at her. Well, the officers were really good looking guys, both very clean cut and well built. One was a light skinned black guy the other a rather husky white guy. Both were in good humur, talking and laughing. Well, they were getting up to go when Tess walked over suddenly catching them off guard, the white guy had a half cup of coffee still and she managed to collide just in a way that it spilled on her blouse. IT was enough to go all over the front and her nipples were hard and showing through really well. It was not hot coffee as she had calculated but still warm. He jumped back and so did she, "Oh, I am sorry mame, really." She looked very alarmed and looked at him, "Well, I guess so, this is the only blouse I have to wear and we were going out." I am really sorry he said several times. She began to smile, well, It was not on purpose so it is no big deal she said, at least not on your part it wasn't she said just so he could hear it. Huh? he asked. What do you mean. Oh nothing Tess told him. Just that I am sure you didn't do it on purpose...but I may have she added smiling. Oh really he said, and why would you do that? Well, I have always wanted to do a wet t shirt in front of the police she said laughing some. The other policeman was watching all this and was focused in on her nipples that were hard and very visible...Well, You have doe that he said. It is definitley wet...The guy at the counter was watching all this with a smile that would light up any city...Well, I guess I will have to take this off then, I can't wear it like this, have to get the coffee stains out. I thought you didn't have anything else to put on the other officer said. I don't Tess told him as she unbuttoned the blouse...anyone her eobject? I was standing near now and was watching and getting really hard and Tess looked at me, the guy at the register and the policemen. No one else was there...So wher is the rest room she asked. BAck around the corner he told her. With that she took off the blouse and stood there so that everyone got a good look at her titties that were standing out so nicely. Both the officers were obviously aroused and were looking at me. She is crazy guys, what can I might wanna make sure she stays out of trouble. They watched her go back around to the rest room...Really, she your old lady? Well, so to speak yes, and she is never happy till she gets what she wants...You really should go make sure she stays out of trouble. They looked at me and I was smiling. Finally the first took the hint, Yeh, guess you are right he said as he walked towards the rest room. Then his voice came back, she isn't here he said. What? we all said. She isn't here. Then Tess's voice came back, turn to the other way and the guy at the reister said "I have a small stock room back ther, maybe she is in there." Sure enough the other officer and I walked back and she was laying on a couch naked in the stock room. The officer was standing there, his face red and a bulge in his pants. Then Tess looked at him, I see you have nice size weapon there officer...wanna shoot me with it? He was still standing there when the black officer stepped up, unzipping his pants he pulled out a good size cock, what about this one lady, I would love to shoot you. With that Tess reached down and spread her pussy lips and they were soaked, Oh yes please. shoot me really good. He dropped his pants as he got to the couch and got on his knees...with no hesitation she guided him into her pussy...Oh yeh man, this is a hot one he moaned. He drove into her for a few min then tensed up, his load filling her pussy...the other officer had watched all this and he stepped up to the couch as his friend pulled out of Tess, a loud sloppy sound comeing from her pussy as his cock came out..on his knees she guided his cock into her pussy and wrapped her leggs around his hips pulling him into her. Oh yes she began moaning...give it to me...shoot me good. He was pumping her nice and slow..and she was pinching her titties really hard. Her nipples hard and erect. After a while he unloaded into her too...filling her pussy with more cum. The guy that was working was there with a good sized cock in his I have to be a police to have this...she looked up, Not with a weapon that size you don't and he dropped to his knees and drove into her also...she was moaning and almost shouting out loud...two policemen standing over her with cocks in hand and me with my cock in hand hard as a rock. The store guy shot his load and she looked at me, well , dear, you wanna fuck me too? Sure do Sweetheart...I drove into her with a hard cock like alomost never before...after the cum was dripping out of her and I unloaded too. she ladi there fingering her pusy and licking her fingers...Naked still she sat up and took the policemen in her hands and one first then the other to her mouth...sucking them hard again and swallowing their loads as they again cum. The store clerk had put up the closed sign and finally he too got his cock sucking...Tess was dripping cum down her legs as they all finished and she got up, taking the clothes in her hands she never dressed but we walked to the car her naked and the police with us. She gave them each a deep kiss...we got their phone numbers and promised to drive back into South Carolina again soon. The clerk told us his hours and that we could come back to the store anytime. We all agreed that it would happen soon...Thanks Russ and Daniel. Pull us over anytime.

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