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Sexy new Christmas traditions *wink*

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Ahhhh?..Christmas! For most of us it?s all about traditions. Jason and I haven?t established many traditions in our family of three because we are fluid like that. The only one really is BBQ ribs on Christmas Eve and this was established early in our marriage due to tiredness of turkey or ham this time of year. However last night, a new tradition was started. ;)

Our sexy friends Ross and Rachel came over last night for dinner and Christmas cheer. Dinner, wine, presents and teasing conversation was the order of the evening. I was patiently waiting for the adult playtime that we were all so desperate to start. The teasing glances and sly touching was all getting to us. I took it up a notch when I stole Ross to go to a nearby friends house to get my daughters new bike. As we were driving there, the desire was becoming more intense. After picking up the bike and heading back to the house, I quickly pulled off the road onto a vacant dirt road, killed the engine and pounced on Ross. My mouth suddenly found itself around his ever growing cock. His beautiful cock was standing so tall it was a pity it had to go to waste. Unfortunately the road I turned off of is very busy, so we didn?t want to draw any unwanted attention. Heading back to the house, I knew the night would end on a happy note.

After getting the kids all snuggled in their beds, the patient waiting began. ?Please let them fall asleep quick? is what we all were thinking. About 15 minutes later and a quick check on the now sleeping kids, I grabbed Rachel?s hands and guided her to the bedroom. As many of you have read in our blogs, we have been with Ross and Rachel many times, but believe it or not, I?ve never had any alone time with Rachel. When we got to the bedroom, we didn?t waste any time? Rachel and I exchanged soft kisses; letting them trail down the neck to the cleavage and back. She gentle removed my top and expertly removed my bra. Now when it comes to being with a woman, I am usually the aggressor. But tonight, Rachel was having none of that.

Rachel gently pushed me back on the bed and raked her fingers gently down my body. Every nerve of mine was on fire and begging for more. She lovingly caressed my body with her soft hands and planted little kisses all over me. Removing my jeans (no underwear, of course), Rachel caressed and kissed her way up my thighs making me groan and ache for more. Damn this girl was good! She teasingly licked with the tip of her tongue on my outside pussy lips; never touching the middle. This was driving me insane and she loved every minute of it. She gets this sexy evil knowing look that would make any person quiver with anticipation. Thoroughly enjoying her delicate touches, it took me completely by surprise when she forcefully used her whole tongue and licked me from my ass upwards and locked on my clit. OMG, I almost orgasmed right then! Knowing she found my spot, she worked her magic tongue all over and around; making me gasp and moan all at the same time.

While I love her fingers pulsing in my wet pussy, I knew she had brought a toy that I absolutely love. Men, here is a gift that keeps on giving; a glass dildo with gradually bigger bulges. I?ve learned to love this glass dildo; it?s an amazing feeling. Rachel warned me that it was cold from being in the car, but I was not prepared for ice. Holy shit the damn thing was cold, yet strangely arousing at the same time. Between the hotness of her mouth and tongue on my clit, and the cold glass dildo pumping in and out of me, it wasn?t long before I was pushed over the edge and screaming aloud. God, I love this girl!

After coming down, I jumped up anxious to bury my face in her sweet pussy. Rachel has a pussy that I could eat for hours. Mmmmm?. I wanted to do to her what she just did to me, so I kissed my way up her thighs, licked all around her swelling clit and then dove in. LOL, she had the same reaction I did; sheer delight. I worked her clit over real well for awhile and sensing her building orgasm, I reached for the glass dildo and gave her what she gave me! After screaming aloud and letting her relax for a minute, I dove at her pussy again. I myself normally can?t stand that because it?s too sensitive, but Rachel loved being pushed over the edge again. With a sly little giggle, I laid my body on top of her and we tasted each others pussy on our lips.

Knowing that Rachel had another toy with her made me get just a bit wetter. I?ve never used a double ended dildo before and was anxious to try. Rachel whipped this extra long dildo out and gave a little giggle. All the while I?m thinking, what have I got myself into. After applying a little lube, she inserted one end into my waiting pussy and inserted the other into hers. We got into a scissor position and started pumping towards each other. Heads thrown back, playing with our own clits as we pumped this pink dildo between us was one of the hotter moments in my life. It was like a porn movie come to life. After riding the pink dildo for awhile, I think it was silently decided that we needed the real deal. I ran into the living room to get our men toys and they were waiting patiently on the couch for us. Ross practically ran at me, tackled me on the bed and went straight for my pussy! As you can well imagine, the rest of the evening was filled with moans, yells, giggles and sexy sounds.

The night was one I?ll definitely remember for a long time to come. It was a very sexy night with very sexy friends. I think Jason and I found a new Christmas tradition. I love having friends like this? makes life so much fun!

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