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Sensually, I remember

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Chapter I

I well remember the first time I saw you on the computer screen, when you responded to my email. My heart literally pounding, I opened the mail you had sent, and thus, began a sensuous journey. In fact, the most sensuous of my life.

When we met, in person, I was so nervous, yet, excited, to finally meet this mystical dream that, before the night was out, would be mine, finally. Our gaze shyly touched, then, as the seconds passed, boldly delved into the recesses of each other's eyes, drinking in the fires that had been kindled for so long. That first touch of our hands was electrical, the feeling of sensuous skin to skin contact, so enormously magnified. This was a lover's touch, not just that of first meeting, but that of two people who had longed for each other for an eternity. The magic had begun....

Over Dinner, we talked away the time, each hesitant, yet expectant, to consummate the longing we felt. We laughed, and we smiled, and we touched, just the way new lovers do. Incessantly, expectantly, we touched, the fires building, fuel being added. Finally, I suggested that, perhaps we could go get more comfortable, back in our room...

Holding hands, we made our way to the car, and, on the way back, you gently caressed my face, telling me how much you had wanted to feel me, to know how I made love to you, and to realize that reality, which had been but a fleeting dream. As we pulled up into the parking lot of the hotel, we each turned toward each other, and lightly kissed, our mouths opening slightly, to gently flicker our tongues together...mmmmm, that first kiss, postponed for so long, was achingly sweet. My pulse raced, and my face was flushed, as we parted, temporarily, to make our way together inside. Pressed together, as close as we could be, we entered the room.

Turning toward me, you kissed my lips, pressing your breasts to my chest, and a slight moan escaped my lips. My knees felt weak, just with the first kiss in the car. How wonderful! I kissed you back and my tongue flicked out, and caressed your lips, before probing the inside of your mouth, with gentle teasing. Now, it was your turn to moan...ummmmm, this was good. I started kissing with more passion, and you responded, just a little shyly at first, yet, I could sense the excitement building, building, rising. Your body was already feeling like it was on fire, as was mine, and indeed, they were. The fiery lust, that had been denied for so long, was about to consume us both, and, we both knew this.

My breathing increased, both in depth, and in frequency, as did yours.

I held your face in my hands, and I gently started kissing you. first your mouth, then your cheeks, your eyelids, your mouth again, and to your neck. "Be careful" you whispered, "Don't leave any marks". I barely heard you, as I was so enthralled at the scent of you. I gently suckled your neck, going to different spots, taking your skin barely into my mouth, and running my tongue in little circles, as I gently suckled your neck.

You moaned again, telling me how good it felt. My mouth moved up, by your ear, and I quickly flicked my tongue around your ear, breathing heavily all the while.

Your pelvis brushed up against me, pressing into me, and again, you moaned. I could tell you were getting more excited.

Moving your hair to the side, I gently mouthed and licked around the back of your neck, causing you to react with increased passion to my butterfly kissing. You were holding on to my neck, urging my mouth to continue it's pleasure.

You told me how much you wanted for this time to happen, and how much you wanted to feel me buried inside you.

And You told me how much you wanted to take me into your mouth. It was such a turn on to hear you say these things, I had longed for, for so long.

I kissed you again, this time, probing deeply inside your mouth with my tongue, pressing urgently, yet gently, against your tongue, engaging in that "Duet of love" with you. Your tongue pressed into my mouth, and I gently sucked it, which brought another moan from you. And me. Our bodies pressed together, and the heat was tremendous, even with our clothes on.

I reached up, and undid the top button of your blouse, tantalizing you with my fingertips, as I slowly undid every button there.

My hand lightly touched your skin, as I reached back and undid your bra, freeing your breasts from their confinement. As my mouth strayed to your exposed shoulder, I removed your blouse, then your bra, and finally, I was able to kiss my way to your back. I kissed your shoulders, and I ran my hands around to your front, gently cupping your breasts, caressing them, underneath the nipple, as you pressed backward against me, reaching around and holding my head behind your shoulders, moaning again. With both hands, I lightly brushed your nipples, sending a wave of pleasure through your body, making your nipples erect and hard.

Again and again, I lightly ran my fingers around the nipple, causing you to hold me tightly against you.

Turning, we kissed again, this time with heat, as we pressed our bodies together, already knowing the coming explosions of heat, but not yet allowing that to happen. Not yet.

You gently guided my head between your breasts, and told me you wanted me to kiss them, and I was so looking forward to complying. My tongue, so hot with my passion, slowly circled your left breast, in an ever decreasing spiral toward the middle, accompanied by light kisses, as you tried to press my face closer. Finally, I reached your nipple, and gently took it into my mouth, running my tongue around the areola, first the tip of my tongue, then the top of my tongue. Gently, and then urgently. Soft, and then hard. Your passion was mounting, as I took the other nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, and teased it to hardness. I pinned your nipple between my tongue and teeth, and gently rolled it back and forth, which brought your hands to my head to hold me closer yet.

After a few minutes, you gently took my head, and moved it to your other breast, as your breathing got subtly faster and deeper. After what seemed an eternity, you pulled my head up, and again, we kissed, and held each other tightly, enjoying the heat our bodies poured forth. You began unbuttoning my shirt, planting little kisses as you went, and when you were through, our bodies pressed together again, and we kissed, probing each other anew.

With lights down low, we went to the bathtub, and filled it with warm water, taking the time while it was filling, to remove the rest of our clothes, and enjoying each other's bodies. I remember the sight of your naked ass, and the thought, that soon, I would be making love to you. It was crazy, but, I wanted that craziness to endure forever. I wanted you so badly, I thought I would explode, without ever laying a hand on you. My erection ached for your touch, the head engorged until it was throbbing with anticipation.

We got into the tub, and we caressed each other, and we kissed, as we sponged each other off, to be ready for the night ahead. Arising from the tub, we were inseparable, as we dried each other off, paying special attention to our erogenous areas, making sure that the extra attention was paid to each place that brought a moan of delight from us..

I took you by the hand, and led you to our love nest, and we lay down.

We kissed for another eternity, entwining our tongues, more urgently than before, starting to rebuild our fires of passion. It

was not long in building, until we were heated up to a point of flaming lust. I slid my hand slowly down your body, drawing small circles with my fingers as I went, downward, downward, to that area just above your pubic hair, which I gently pulled, and I traced around your triangle of love.

You arched your pelvis, so slightly, in anticipation for what was to come, but, I withheld, and brought my fingers back up, and caressed your breast again, teasing you ever so slightly with the thought of my hand touching your inflamed passion. Again, my fingers began their downward migration, and you trembled, lips parting slightly, breath coming quickly. And, yet again, I stopped short of the

top of your love triangle, teasingly playful, and you ached so much, you begged me to touch your wet heat. You took my hand, and pushed it downward, and yet, I drew my hand away. Up and down your body, my hands roamed, bringing a moan here, a sigh there, all the while, bringing you to higher levels of excitement.

I kissed your neck, and slowly, ever so slowly, started my mouth downward to your breasts, there to kiss and nuzzle them both, all around, and, finally, my hand stole down to your wetness, and just briefly touched the outside of your labia, which was soaking wet with desire. My fingers traced slowly around the outside of your vagina, making it swell with passion, and throb with desire. Your pelvis thrust up to meet my hand, over and over, only to be denied that feeling of penetration, that feeling you longed for, to know my touch. My hand traveled between your legs, and down slightly on your thighs, and you shivered with excitement.

Bringing my hand back to the center of your legs, I caressed the outside of your opening again, and yet again, pushing you closer to the edge of oblivion, ever closer. With my index finger, and my ring finger, I spread your lips slightly, and felt the heat, as I placed my middle finger on your wet hot opening, causing you to spasm. You begged again for me to touch you deeper, and I resisted, somehow finding the will power to delay for a little longer that which I have longed to touch for so long.

Holding you against my body, I slowly started to insert my finger into your wetness, only to withdraw again, making you arch your back in heated abandon, seeking that touch. Taking my index and middle fingers, I placed them at the opening, that was pulsing in time to your rapid heartbeat, and gently scissored them back and forth, stretching the opening ever so slightly, bringing you closer and closer. My mouth started wandering down your body, pausing every few centimeters to lick and nibble and suckle, working downward, to bring a new pleasure to you.

I slowly inserted my two fingers inside your wetness, and you greedily pushed forward for more, moaning louder. I stopped, and withdrew slightly, and then completely, to bring my fingers to my mouth, and I tasted your honey sweetness for the first time. It elicited a moan from me. You tasted so sweet, your juices like nectar. I licked off all of it, and then slowly placed my hand back down there, as my mouth worked closer and closer to the goal I sought.

Your breathing had picked up considerably since we started, and you were focused solely on the incredible pleasure I was giving you. My mouth slowly worked it's way down, until I reached your navel, and there, I paused for a moment, to tease and please you, darting my tongue around, which, in turn, made your hips buck and pitch. Then again, I moved downward, with my fingers, teasing your wetness.

At the top of your hair, I licked around, and gently pulled them with my lips, to which you pushed your hips forward. I stopped and repositioned myself between your legs, on my knees, with your legs up around my shoulders poised by my neck. I started kissing the insides of your feet, then your ankles, then your calves, and, pressing back your legs, I kissed the backs of your knees. Then, my mouth wandered slowly up your thighs, on the inside, then the top, then the inside again, as my tongue flicked closer and closer to your essence.

You reached down between your legs, and started rubbing the top of my head, trying to pull my mouth to your heated wetness, throbbing as you did so.

Finally, you felt the electrifying heat of my breath upon your clit, which caused you to spasm in delight. Yet, still You had not felt my mouth upon your wet opening, and you moaned with anticipation. I kissed to the side of your pulsing wetness, and licked just outside your opening. First, one side, and then the other. I spread your lips apart, and the scent is intoxicating to me. Slowly, my tongue came forth, and barely touched your wet opening, flicking up and down, back and forth, with just the tip of my tongue making contact. Your moans became louder, as you anticipated my next touch of my tongue.

With just the tip of my tongue, I flicked out, and caressed your clit, which made you shiver with heated delight. I spread the lips apart, and I slowly inserted my tongue, into your inviting opening, sucking it as I insert it.

Unexpectedly, and in deep arousal, you cum then, with cries of passion, you come, waves of pleasure pouring over your body, wave after wave, for what seems an eternity. The anticipation of waiting was too much. Just the touch of my tongue, inside your opening, opened the gates of passion, that had been held closed for so long, and you came, feeling the waves of pleasure that left you breathless.

Yet, it is only the beginning??.


Too sensitive to touch, you ask me to stop for a moment. I do, backing off, but still near enough to inhale the essence of your scent, gently kissing your inner thighs, up and down your legs, running my hands along the outsides, up past your waist, and over your tummy, and back down to the top of your thighs.

After just a few moments of rest, you are ready to continue. My mouth wanders back upward, leaving a little trail of kisses as I go, closer and closer to your wetness. You tell me "I want to feel your mouth on me again", and I slowly get closer and closer, until, again, I am able to kiss around the opening, pulling the hairs with my lips, teasing your heated pussy, as I watch it in the candle light, engorge and turn purple.

Your pelvis is moving, in a hypnotic rhythm to my tongue. You place your feet upon my back, and gently, yet urgently, try and press my mouth to your pelvis, telling me how much you need me to suck your clit. I reach up, with my hands, and gently open you further.

Your slippery wet opening is beckoning my touch, and I gently blow on your clit, and follow, by taking my tongue, and flicking it across the swollen end of it. You are moaning with anticipation, wanting my tongue to penetrate you.

I take your clit into my mouth, gently, and suckle it, moving my tongue up and down against it. You reach down, and take my head, and pull it to you, arching your hips rhythmically to the caress of my mouth.

Slowly, I push my fingers inside you, and caress the top of your pussy, and then I scissor them inside you, all the while, sucking your clit. I feel your passion increasing, I hear your breathing speed up, and your moans of delight are getting louder. You moan loudly, telling me you are about to cum, and I take you right up to the edge of the spasms, and then, I back off. Moaning in frustration from my teasing, you tell me "I need to cum". I withhold my mouth and fingers for a bit, making you wait, anticipation on your face, mixed with anxiety that I have not finished what I started.

My hand goes back to your opening, resting lightly there, my mouth kissing the inside of your thighs. You moan, wanting, longing for completion, and I still wait. But, you feel my hand, and you thrust your pelvis up and down, trying to get the completion you are needing.

I move your legs up, holding them back, and I start to kiss the area just outside your opening, running my tongue up and down, and, at times, over to your lips, which are honey sweet. Each time I caress your lips with my tongue, you moan, begging me for more. The feel of my mustache hairs, against your lips is incredibly erotic to you, and it teases and tickles you, just a little. But, the heat of your passion is increased by my teasing, blood flowing into your vagina, engorging it until it is pouty. You wait, longing for more, and, finally, my mouth moves back to the swollen opening, and my tongue snakes it's way inside once again, caressing, seeking, finding, your heat.

I suck you while my tongue is buried deep inside you.

You reach down, and spread your lips so that I may penetrate even further, and I do. My hands steal up to your breasts, caressing them, teasing the nipples. I feel your pussy swelling and swelling, and getting hotter. The scent is overwhelming....sweetness, and so sexual. The rhythm of my tongue is constant, taking you higher and higher toward oblivion, until you are swept over the edge, yet again, in a climax that is better than any you have ever had. Your pussy pulses and spasms, repeatedly, washing pleasure over your body, wave after wave, and you moan out loud in heat that you are cumming, and you hold my head hard against your pussy, bucking your hips wildly against my mouth, cumming for me. For an eternity you cum, and I luxuriate in the feelings of pleasure that I have gotten from making you cum like that.

To be continued.....

Chapter III My Turn

Your unbridled passion subsides slightly, yet, your throbbing clit is a steady reminder of the incredibly erotic night we are engaged in. You push me back, away from you, and then, you pull me upward, towards your face, to engage in a kiss that lasts for several minutes, tongues darting into each other's mouth, caressing each other. Our bodies touch, with just a bit of sweat starting, the heat of our passion quickly evaporating that moisture. We hold each other for a time, kissing, my leg between yours, feeling the heat of you. After a thousand years of kissing, you look into my eyes, and say "Now, baby, it is your turn". And you gently push me to my back.

You start kissing me again, propped on your elbow, flicking your tongue inside my mouth. I greedily suck it inside. Your hand gently caresses my chest and neck, and then holds my head, as your tongue finds it's way inside my mouth again. And you kiss me deeply, and I respond back.

Your mouth goes to the side of my face, and you insert your tongue into my ear, breathing heavily, the moist heat of your breath tickling, and yet, turning me on incredibly.

"Oh baby", I moan, "that is so good." You tell me "

It is only begun", and you nibble my earlobe, while running your hand across my chest.

Downward you move, just a bit, and gently suckle my neck, which sends electrical charges down my body. You kiss my neck, and suck it gently, running your tongue in small circles around and around. Your mouth comes back to mine, and, we kiss again, a deep kiss, of passion and longing. "I want to suck your cock" you whisper, looking into my eyes. Oh baby, how I have wanted to feel your mouth around my cock. I have dreamed of it, and I have cum several times, masturbating while thinking of it.

You get on top of me, straddling my hips, and I look at your beauty. You turn me on so much, I want this night to last forever. I look up at you, and I beg you, "Please come straddle my face, just for a moment" You smile at me, and say "only if you will suck it good for me, and , only for a minute." You move your body upward, until, your legs are on either side of my head. Your pussy is so swollen, and I find it so exciting. Gently, and painfully slowly, you lower your hips to my mouth, and, I suck greedily at your opening, savoring the liquid honey of your wetness. You allow me to enjoy this for a moment, and then, before you cum again, you pull back, saying "That is all for now, maybe, you can suck it some more in a while", which brings a moan from my lips. You move back down, straddling my body, and you lean over, and again, we kiss passionately. I can feel your wet heat against my body, and you rock back and forth while pressing it against me. And we kiss. Again, your mouth touches my neck, and you gently suckle and tease it with your tongue. I reach up, and touch your breasts again, caressing them, teasing them, rubbing them.

You hold my hands to them, urging me to be more firm at this time. "I love your touch" you moan. "I love to feel your hands on me. It makes me so hot for your cock. I have wanted you for so long, it has been unbearable" You breathe, in that sultry voice you have. You move your head slowly down to my chest, and you take my nipple into your mouth.

Sucking it, you run your tongue around in small circles, and I respond to you.

I feel it all the way to my balls, which are so swollen with cum that they ache.

Your hands trace light circles over my chest, your nails lightly scratching my skin. I am so turned on by your touch, I tremble.

Then, your hand slowly traces it's way down to my abdomen, lightly pulling the hair, gently caressing my body, and finally, your hand encounters my cock, which has been so hard, waiting for this.

There is a thin string of pre-cum from the tip of my cock to my abdomen, and, you run your finger around the head, spreading it around. Your finger is wet with it, and you bring it to your mouth, and gently suck it off of your finger. It is so erotic to watch you do this. Your hand moves back to my cock, and, I feel you tremble with the lust of knowing how good my cock is going to feel inside you. You move your hand lightly up and down my cock, and then, your fingers lightly caress my balls, and again, this elicits a moan from me. Your fingernails lightly pluck at the skin of my testicles, pulling them down.

My cock is throbbing, and the head is so engorged that the skin is taut. I feel like I am about to cum, just because I am so turned on. I tell you to stop, and you comply, reluctantly, but, understanding the need to. You come back and lay down beside me, and turn your mouth to mine, and our lips meet, parting to allow our tongues to speak the language of passion, together, once more. You feel my tongue pushing in and out of your mouth, virtually making love to your mouth, and you think of how it will feel to replace my tongue with my cock, and you shiver with the thought and anticipation of that feeling.

After a few moments, after the need to cum has subsided somewhat, you straddle me yet again, kissing me deeply, and you start to move downward, your lips barely touching my skin, your pussy leaving a trail of wetness as it slides down my body. When it touches my cock, for just a moment, you reach back, and grasp it, laying the top of the shaft along your opening, and we both feel the heated fire that awaits. You press it along that area, holding it and rubbing it, until the top of my cock is wet with your essence.

I look at your breasts, hanging, swaying back and forth, and I reach out to caress them briefly. Your nipples are so hard, and they are swollen. You continue to move downward, pressing the head of my cock toward my feet, feeling the head slowly slide across your slit, and when you have slid past my cock with your pussy, you hear it gently slap my tummy when it comes loose from being against you.

Your mouth, slightly open, continues downward, kissing and licking, and encouraging my response, and hearing it, as I moan my enjoyment. Your tongue teases the hair on my tummy, twirling it around. Your breasts lightly touch my skin, and I feel your erect nipples brushing against me. It causes us both to shiver, this feeling. You slowly make your way downward, toward my cock.

Finally, your mouth is kissing close to it. Your hand is holding my cock, and I feel you pause, just for a moment. I look down, and you are looking into my eyes. "I have dreamed of this moment" you breathe, and I watch, as you slowly open your hot mouth, and place the swollen purple head of my cock inside. You close your lips around it, and the heat is incredible, as I jerk my body from the sensation. I can feel your tongue moving around the head of my cock, as you suck it. I wait, breathing heavily, to feel your mouth descend, to feel my cock engulfed by your wet and hungry mouth. And slowly, so slowly, you do so, descending until I feel your lips at the base of my cock, and then you pause, just sucking the entirety of it for a moment, as spasms of pleasure fill my being.

Slowly, you start moving up and down with your mouth, greedily sucking me, moving your tongue around on my shaft, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. After some minutes, I have to get you to stop again, before I explode. I place my hands upon your head, and reluctantly pull you away. You watch as my cock throbs and pulses, with minor spasms of muscles clearly visible along the shaft. The head of my cock is a deep purple, made deeper from the candle light.

My balls are pulled up tightly to my body, in pre-orgasm position. After I have settled back down for a few minutes, during which we passionately kiss, you once again, descend and take my testicles, one at a time, into your mouth, sucking them. I cannot take much more, as I am literally aching to cum.

You turn around, laying on top of me, with your wet hot pussy in front of my face. For a moment, you raise to a sitting position, and settle over my mouth, grinding your heat into my questing tongue, crying with pleasure. You then bend back over, and taking my cock in your hand, engulf it once again in your mouth, sucking deeply, going up and down, and masturbating me in rhythm with your mouth.

I reach around your legs with both of my hands, and caress your ass with them, squeezing your cheeks, unable to get away from the mounting pleasure you are giving me. Spreading the lips of your pussy, I hungrily eat your pussy, sucking all around it, sticking my tongue in and out, fucking your wetness.

The feel of your mouth vibrating on my cock as you moan, drives me insane with lust for you, and I suck you harder and faster. The pre-cum fluid is steadily flowing from my cock, I am so turned on.

Again, just as I am about to cum, I make you stop, the spasms of ecstasy/pain shooting through my body. I settle down after a few minutes, and we turn around and you kiss me, over and over, both of us tasting the fluids of each other. We are both so hot, the room itself feels like it is on fire. After kissing for an eternity, you straddle my cock, squatting over it, poised on your feet. You take it in your hand, and rub the head on the opening to your love canal.

Back and forth, in a circle, you slowly rub the head of my cock, telling me how hot you are for it, and how much you want to fuck me. I can only moan in response, as I am beyond words. Then, slowly, you put the head of my cock at your opening, and slowly, painfully slowly, you descend, until my cock is buried deeply inside you. You remain motionless for a time, just enjoying the sensations of being filled with your lover's heated cock, pulsing your muscles in your pussy, milking my cock.

I have wanted to be like this for so long, it is overwhelming. I beg you to remain still, and you do, but, for a moment only.

Then you start moving your hips in a small circular motion, then up and down, fucking my cock. You start to moan, and we move together, in unison, my cock moving in and out of you, your pussy sucking up and down my shaft, begging for release. Waves of pleasure grip us both, as we consume each other in Passion. Up and down, circling, grinding, your pussy surrounding me with heated wetness like I have never felt before. It is overwhelming in it's intensity.

You lean forward, hungrily kissing me, and my tongue probes your mouth in unison with our lovemaking. You start sucking my tongue, and you reach down with your hand, and start rubbing your clit, bringing yourself forward to begin that steep climb to orgasm. Our breathing picks up, our hearts racing, as we get closer and closer to the inevitable.

I stop one final time, to keep from cumming, and I make you lie down, spreading your legs. I kneel between them, and look down at the swollen lips of your labia, those lips that have been surrounding my hardness, and I shiver with passion. "Fuck me" you beg. "I need you! I need to feel you inside me, please" you cry!

I take the head of my cock, fluid just oozing out, and place it to your open, yearning wetness. You arch your hips, to take me in, and I thrust inside you, no longer able to tease you. I start pushing and pulling my cock, in and out of you, reaching toward my climax. You wrap your legs around me, urging me deeper and faster, and you reach up and start tweaking your nipples. You are moaning, talking about how much you want to feel me explode in you, and I start to feel that little tickling feeling, down deep in my belly, that is the very beginning of my orgasm.

I can sense your building orgasm also, as your pussy heaves against me, clenching and unclenching, obviously searching for that ultimate release that is coming. Together, our bodies clash, over and over, and over, yet again.

Pumping your pussy, my orgasm builds, my testicles pulling up to my body, waiting for my climax. Your breathing quickly accelerates, becoming ragged, and your moans become louder, as mine do. We start rapidly toward the finish. I can feel you clamping my cock as you spasm in orgasm, which in turn, starts mine. "oh!, Dennis, Fuck me harder!!!"

you cry, as your hands clinch against my back. "Fuck me, make me cum", and you cry out, and the spasms increase.

I feel my orgasm start in the base of my cock, and from my balls, which need relief so desperately. You cry out that you are cumming, which brings mine to a head also. I feel the cum, as it starts down deep in my testicles, and the head of my cock swells even more, as the orgasm starts. Pumping your pussy furiously, I can feel my cum start up from my balls, and then, into my shaft, and finally, crying out in ecstasy , we both feel my cum, spurting forth from my cock, as wave after wave of orgasm shakes us both, to the roots of our souls. I can count the pulses of my orgasm, each time shooting my heavy load inside you?.1?.2?.3?.4?..5?..6, it just seems to last forever! Even after the cum stops, the orgasmic spasms continue for some time.

Your pussy is still clenching me, milking out every drop of cum that I have, sucking my cock dry. Finally, I can stand no more, and I collapse, exhausted, into your waiting arms, and we snuggle together, in the heated afterglow of what we will remember as the most incredible sex of our lives. And again, as lovers, we kiss?.

Chapter IV A New Beginning?

Having fallen asleep, within your embrace, I awaken to the feeling of a wet warmth upon my lower body. I open my eyes, and see an angel, caressing my skin with a sponge, kneeling with a bowl of water next to me. Ahhh, it is you, and though more of a naughty devil than angel, still, your form, backlit by a dim light in the room, appears angelic in innocence.

?Sir?, you playfully whisper, ?You are now, and forever more, my master, and I, at least for this night, am your slave, to do your bidding, that I might bring you the great pleasures as you have brought me this day! I desire to be your willing slave for the rest of the night, and hereby present myself unto your power, to have your way with me. I only ask that you not hurt me.?

Taken aback just a bit, as I am still not fully awake, my master?s lance realizes the new game afoot before I do, and responds with passion to your ministerings. ?Ah, wench?, I manage to say, ?You shall then please me, again, as no other has before, and if you are worthy, I shall allow you to partake in the release of your own passion. As for hurting you, if you prove to be a good slave, I shall reward you properly. But, be warned, should you be a bad slave, there will be just rewards for that as well.? Visions of your sweet derriere, red with passionate swats, might have crossed my mind right then??

Dipping your hand in the bowl of warm, soapy water, you gently cleansed my body, stopping here and there, to inspect the progress, as if you needed to make sure there wasn?t some small bit undone.

?Come my master?, you breathe, ?follow your adoring wench into the bath, so that I may properly take care of you?. You lead me by the hand into a candle lit bath, perfumed with the scent of cherry blossom, which immediately reminds me, I loved cherries!

Though clothed in white robes, I imagine the delightful sight of your derriere, as you precede me. I want you so very much. I want to rip that robe off, and take you right here and now. Someone once said, Patience is a virtue, but alas, I am not a big believer in philosphy right now. In fact, after this night, I believe I might be more philosophical than they anyway!

You turn the water on, making it just the right temperature, as the water sleepily fills the tub. We kiss, awaiting the beckoning bath, and our tongues dart back and forth, building our desires even more. Together, standing, we kiss each other, and my breathing quickens until a slight moan escapes my mouth of it?s own accord, for you continue to surprise me with your sexy ways.

Reaching towards you, I undo your belt, and slowly slide away your robe, revealing your breasts to my gaze. They hang, tantalizingly in front of my lips, and yet, I refrain. After all, I am the Master here! You see the want to in my eyes, and tell me ?Please Master, give my breasts some attention! I need to feel your mouth on my nipples!?.

?Not yet you vixen!? I claim, as I reach forward, and tweak the left one, which causes you to inhale sharply, half in slight pain, half in slight pleasure. Seeing this, I am obliged to repeat my effort upon the right one as well.

I ring you to me, close, and kiss you, deeply, as your arms wrap around my neck, returning my passion with a blistering exchange of heated lips. Our lips part, and we french kiss deeply, each sucking on the other?s tongue as we await our bath.

My cock stirs, touching your leg, pressing against you, straining for your feminine glory, reacting to your kisses. You feel the pulsing heat from my loins, and you quiver in expectant delight, knowing what must lie ahead.

?Master? you sigh, ?I am yours as you will me to be! I give myself to you, and only ask that you have your pleasures of me, that I may be the one who turns you on more than any other!?

?Thou art indeed mine wench tonight!?, I say, ?And before the morn, thou shalt know what pleasures are to be had together. This I promise you!?

Picking you up, I carry you to the tub, and step over the edge, settling you in my lap, and then lying on top of me, and we kiss yet again. Slow passionate kisses, feeding the fires within our bodies, longing for our yet to come release.

The tub is filled with wet warm water, and lying there, you can feel it tickle your clit, and your lips, as it laps hungrily at your opening, a tantalizing hint of what is to come. As we move in response to each other?s kisses, the water gently slaps your pussy in rhythmic waves, as you tingle with excitement. My hardness separates us, like a log. I too feel the water tantalizingly sweet engulfing my hardness, and I imagine it is your wetness there, that you are stroking me up and down with your heated passion.

Everything about this time together is so perfect. Candles lighting the room, a gentle scent of some kind of fruit; is it cherry? Whatever it is, it is intoxicating, just as your scent is intoxicating to me. Inhaling deeply, I luxuriate in the sense of eroticism that surrounds me. Your skin literally glistens in the candle?s dim light.

In my mind, I see it glistening with sweat, from having overpowering orgasms??what an arousing thought!

Straddling my hips, you sit up, your breasts swaying for a moment, hanging there like ripened fruit for the taking. I can feel my cock touching your wetness, and the maddeningly sweet heat which is present. You cup your breasts in your hands, teasing me, caressing them underneath.

I watch, mesmerized, as you slowly caress first one, and then the other, stretching them, playing with them, over and over as you touch yourself. You know how this affects me, and you shiver in expectation of what is yet to come.

Your thumbs and fingers pluck lightly at your nipples, then you roll them in your fingers, which makes them stand out, as the area surrounding them wrinkles from the pleasure. Babe! This is such a turn on to watch you caressing yourself.

You stand, and turning, sit back down, your back towards my face, and you lie down on top of me, laying your head next to mine and placing your feet upon the end of the tub. My cock is now lying upon your open slit, and again, I feel the heat! It is hard to tell which is you, and which is the hot water around my cock! It doesn?t matter, as the whole experience is so unique and so wonderful! The tub is full, and we bathe in it?s encompassing warmth, snuggling, as we become more and more aroused with each passing minute.

Reaching around your chest, I take both of your breasts in my hands, and try to replicate what you have been doing for the last few minutes. I love your breasts lover??those glorious mounds are so beautiful to my eyes. The nipples in particular draw my attention, as I caress you slowly, losing myself to the moment. Your skin is so supple, and it feels so warm, even in the bath.

Taking a sponge, I pour some fragranced wash upon it, and move it around your chest and tummy, caressingly. I am not sure if I am cleaning your body or not, but the sensations of my touch elicit a purring moan, subtle yet distinct, from your mouth. You feel the light touch of the sponge as I run it across your body, and, though it tickles, it also tingles, in just the right places. Small charges of electricity flee along your body, stopping here and there, in response to my touches.

I circle your left breast, spiraling inward to your nipple, which I circle and then, spiraling outward again. The warm, soapy water feels exquisite to you, and your breasts heave in response, as if by themselves, they stretch to enjoy the sensations.

The sponge moves to the right breast, as it is replaced on the left by my hand. I continue caressing your left breast with my hand and fingers, while teasing you on your right one. How delicious you are to me! Briefly, I think upon how your wet pussy looks in the dim light, remembering the tastes, the fragrance of your natural wetness, and it intoxicates me, yet again. My hips push forward, unconsciously as I remember, and dwell on that which I desire so much. Mmmmmm! Thou art sensuality incarnate, my lover!

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