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Secon Session in a Hotel

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Barb and I, Dick, had been with Don and Anne for a wife swap, and had a wonderful time but only oral exchanges with each others spouses. Anne was listed as Bi-curious on their profile but we saw no sign of her wanting to explore that side of the equation with Barb when we met, talked and played strip cards to get naked and give oral pleasure to one another.

This was our second encounter and while setting up the date we had mentioned doing more than oral for the night activity. Full swap explanations and descriptions were exchanged as well. We all arrived in the hotel room, and poured drinks all around when they offered a different game for breaking the ice. Don shuffled the deck of cards and spread them randomly on the edge of the table in the corner of the room. He told the girls to sit on the edge of the king sized bed and we could begin. I was directed to sit at the table and observe the party’s beginning on the bed.

The rules are the boys each pick a card, and high card wins, and the winner gets to tell his women what to do with the other woman. Anne reached over to Barb’s hand and told her this was going to be fun. Don turned over a 5 and a 3 so Don won the first draw. “Anne please give Barb a nice kiss to show her you mean no harm.” With that Anne stood up moved to in front of barb sitting on the bed and held her head in place and kisses her gently with a long soft wet kiss. Next Don pulled a 10 and I an 8, Don spoke again “Anne help Barb off with that top” Anne stood again and pulled the silky blouse up and off barb torso revealing her skimpy bra and lack of tan lines. Don drew a 3 and I a Jack, so I said “Honey, help Anne with her skirt”. Barb didn’t hesitate as Anne stood in front of her to allow my wife to unbutton unzip and slide the short skirt to the floor. Anne was wearing a red thong and it caused my blood pressure to jump ten points.

This went on till the girls we only wearing the red thong and Barb only had her black thong to shed. Don said “Why don’t you two girls just finish the game for us and we can join you when we can’t stand it not to. The boys chucked and the girls got seriously quiet. The kissing started between the girls, hands touched up and down each other’s bodies and soon Anne’s hand slid under the black thong. Barb stood up the give Anne better access, and the thong went down her legs to the floor. Anne pulled barb closer and began kissing all around her belly, pubic area and then Barb raised one foot to place in on the bed next to where Anne was sitting. Barb held Anne’s head and lightly ran her fingers through her hair as Anne dove deeper and deeper with her tongue. Barb then pulled back and sat down on the bed next to Anne. Anne then stood up and the process was repeated for Anne’s thong, the kissing but then Anne lay back across the bed legs spread and barb delivered oral attention to Anne with a vigorous style. Anne was moaning as Don stood up and started to undress. That was my cue too.

Everyone naked now, Anne had slid up to rest her head on the pillow and Barb was on her knees on the bed face between Anne’s legs still working on her with that vigorous tongue. Don, now hard and ready knelt behind barb, felt her pussy and commented on her wetness as he worked his hard manhood into my wife’s willing pussy.

I saw opportunity with Anne’s mouth and moved into a vantage point for some oral attention from Don’s wife. The girls were breathing very hard now and trying to give as good as they were getting..till…Barb pulled her face back from Anne’s pussy (only a few inches) and gave out several moans, then an OH YES and reached in desperation to steady herself against Don’s pumping cock. I put my hand between Anne’s legs to play with her while she sucked me hard and faster. Barb made Don stop rolled over onto her back and gave claim to one great orgasm.

Don lay down beside Barb and held her while they both watched me move to between Anne’s legs to put myself into her hot wet pussy. I’m a little bigger than Don and Anne commented on that fact as I entered her. Barb added that there was nothing wrong with Don’s cock as far as she was concerned. I slowed down the pace of my thrusts to make the evening last a little longer when Anne said she wanted the same treatment that Barb got. Well we wanted everyone to be happy so Barb got her head on the pillow Anne wend down on her I got in the doggy position with Anne and Don offered his cock to Barb’s mouth.

It was like a chain reaction, almost comical when we thought about it later; Don came in Barb’s mouth, Then barb arched her back and experienced another orgasm at the tongue of the talented Anne, then Anne let out with moans and requests for faster and harder till she yelled with joy and a hearty “That’s It, Oh Yes”, then guess what; that’s right I let go into Anne with my load. Now we were all spent in a sort of pile on the bed. We rested; well deserved I must add and then got up to have another round of cocktails.

We all agreed that that was way too much fun. Then Anne claimed that next time it needed to be her and me with the cards at the table and Barb and Don sitting on the bed with clothes to be removed for starters….we laughed and thought about that scenario for a bit. Now that’s how you have a special second session.

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